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Boy Wife 4: Wife On Fire - Layla Laguna

Boy Wife 4: Wife On FireLayla Laguna

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Cindy’s newfound confidence as an in-demand call girl has been shattered by a phone call. A simple hello from the man of her dreams turns her back into Chris, a scared and confused young man, rather than the beautiful girl he’s become.When … more

Boy Wife 4: Wife On Fire
Layla Laguna
iPhone Photography for Beginners - Imagine Publishing

iPhone Photography for BeginnersImagine Publishing

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Filled with handy tutorials, iPhone Photography for Beginners will teach you everything you need to know about taking great photos on your iPhone as well as showing you how to get creative with your images, from editing in iPhoto to creatin… more

iPhone Photography for Beginners
Imagine Publishing
Imagine Publishing , English
Pink Shuffled Multiplication... - Kenny Dill, Art Hawking

Pink Shuffled Multiplication...Kenny Dill, Art Hawking

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You are never too young (or too old) to master your multiplication tables!This eBook includes over 10,000 pink multiplication flash cards covering all the basic facts in a standard multiplication table (from 1x1 to 12x12).A simple and exten… more

Pink Shuffled Multiplication Flash Cards — Over 10,000 Questions & Answers
Kenny Dill, Art Hawking
Flash ‘n Learn , English
The Entrepreneurial State: D... - Mariana Mazzucato

The Entrepreneurial State: D...Mariana Mazzucato

This book, which builds on the author’s work for a high-impact DEMOS report, debunks the myth of the state as a large bureaucratic organization that can at best facilitate the creative innovation which happens in the dynamic private sector…. more

The Entrepreneurial State: Debunking Public vs. Private Myths in Risk and Innovation (Anthem Other Canon Economics)
Mariana Mazzucato
Anthem Press , English
Anal Girl Gets Fisted! A Fis... - Tiffani Lusk

Anal Girl Gets Fisted! A Fis...Tiffani Lusk

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After enjoying anal, Leah discovers fisting … and the pleasures with the fist she wants to make her fantasy of a fisting threesome a reality – she’s sure it would be hot . . She gets wet just thinking about it … but how exactly would … more

Anal Girl Gets Fisted! A Fisting Menage (erotic/erotica)
Tiffani Lusk
How to Master the Iphone 4/4... - Ayeeha INC, Phone Guides

How to Master the Iphone 4/4...Ayeeha INC, Phone Guides

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Welcome to the iphone guide!In this guide, I will show you different tips, tricks, hints, and everything else you need to master your IPhone (4,4S, or 5). I will also show you different apps you can get that are needed to make your life eas… more

How to Master the Iphone 4/4s/5: Updated July 2013
Ayeeha INC, Phone Guides
iPhone & iPad App Cash - Diane Hamel

iPhone & iPad App CashDiane Hamel

Here are many people who are making millions of dollars with applications for the iPhone and iPad. Fortunately, many iPhone apps will also work for the iPad, so you can kill two birds with one stone.There is never going to be a better time … more

iPhone & iPad App Cash
Diane Hamel
Diane Hamel , English
The Motivation Hacker - Nick Winter

The Motivation HackerNick Winter

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“Moderation in all things,” they say. That may keep a society together, but it’s not the protagonist’s job. The Motivation Hacker shows you how to summon extreme amounts of motivation to accomplish anything you can think of. From precommitm… more

The Motivation Hacker
Nick Winter
Nick Winter , English
iPhone 3 Programming Templat... - Norman McEntire

iPhone 3 Programming Templat...Norman McEntire

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This book provides you with three key benefits:- You’ll learn what iPhone OS 3 application template to select when you start a new Xcode project.- You’ll learn how the Xcode generated code works. - You’ll learn how to enhance the Xcode gene… more

iPhone 3 Programming Templates Explained
Norman McEntire
Servin Corporation , English
Lost Connection (LEFT Field 2) - Fergus Harrison

Lost Connection (LEFT Field 2)Fergus Harrison

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A :LEFT Field Thriller.Mike has two new loves, his beautiful new girlfriend, Kat, and his shiny new iPhone. When one starts playing up and the other goes missing, frustration turns to worry and ultimately into crisis. How does an ordinary g… more

Lost Connection (LEFT Field 2)
Fergus Harrison
Daddy's Desire - Selene Childs

Daddy's DesireSelene Childs

Maria’s mom and her step-dad have been married for the last ten years. Maria and her step-dad always got along good but were never very close. But after Maria turns eighteen she learns just exactly what her “daddy” likes. Wanting to be a… more

Daddy’s Desire
Selene Childs
The Fox and the Goat (Junior... - Aesop

The Fox and the Goat (Junior...Aesop

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This eBook is originated by Aesop.The junior or less children can read and help to understand for each situation through this eBook.* Read To Me and Interactive eBook versin can be read on iPad/iPhone through iBooks.

The Fox and the Goat (Junior Classic Series of Aesop Book 14)
OrangeDigit , English
App-Cash - Hsin Chih Chang

App-CashHsin Chih Chang

There are many people who are making millions of dollars with applications for the iPhone and iPad. Fortunately, many iPhone apps will also work for the iPad, so you can kill two birds with one stone.There is never going to be a better time… more

Hsin Chih Chang
Cool Minecraft Pocket Edition Mods - Minecraft Pocket Edition Books

Cool Minecraft Pocket Edition ModsMinecraft Pocket Edition Books

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This book is a must-have to impress your Minecraft friends! Includes step-by-step instructions to get awesome Pocket Edition Minecraft mods on your iPhone!

  • 25 of the best Pocket Edition Minecraf… more
Cool Minecraft Pocket Edition Mods
Minecraft Pocket Edition Books
iPhone Unleashed:  Take Your... - Harold Howard

iPhone Unleashed: Take Your...Harold Howard

If you are one of the millions of people who have been suddenly enamored with the iPhone craze, this is the book for you. Loaded with tips and tricks, as well as reviews of some of the most amazing iPhone apps, you will be using your iPhon… more

iPhone Unleashed: Take Your iPhone Off The Chain & Release It’s Full Power With These Apps, Tips & Tricks
Harold Howard
All I Want for Christmas is ... - John Stroud

All I Want for Christmas is ...John Stroud

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True Story and written on an IPhone and then read out loud in a hospital room.

All I Want for Christmas is A Bedpan
John Stroud
Ninety Nine Cent Publishing LLC , English
iPhone 5 Portable Genius - Paul McFedries

iPhone 5 Portable GeniusPaul McFedries

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Make the most of everything your exciting new iPhone 5 has to offerNow that you have the latest and greatest iPhone, it’s time to find all the best and most fun ways to use it. This quick and handy guide presents all the important stuff you… more

iPhone 5 Portable Genius
Paul McFedries
Wiley , English
20 Must Have IPhone Educatio... - James Nicholas

20 Must Have IPhone Educatio...James Nicholas

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Life is an education, no matter where we are, who we talk to and what we see.

Simply put, provided our five senses function normally, we take in so much information every other day, and this works for adults as well as children.

Speaking… more

20 Must Have IPhone Educational Apps For Kids Aged 0-4 (20 Must have App Series Book 6)
James Nicholas
Blueye Media , English
iPhone 4 For Dummies®, Mini Edition - Bob Levitus

iPhone 4 For Dummies®, Mini EditionBob Levitus

Discover all the cool things your iPhone can do!The iPhone continues to get better, and this handy guide helps you figure out all the basics. Browse the Web, send and receive e-mail and text messages, watch movies and TV shows, make video c… more

iPhone 4 For Dummies®, Mini Edition
Bob Levitus
For Dummies , English
The Unofficial Guide to iOS 6 - Romuald Jay

The Unofficial Guide to iOS 6Romuald Jay

All you need to know about iOS 6 for your iPhone. This book gives you tips & tricks for all iPhone ( from iPhone 3 G to iPhone 5). New 2013 edition. In this book you will find more than 50 illustrated tips to make best use of iOS 6. It’s ea… more

The Unofficial Guide to iOS 6
Romuald Jay
Procraste and Nobel , English