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What Writers Need to Know Ab... - Nina Munteanu

What Writers Need to Know Ab...Nina Munteanu

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The fifth of a series of short books on writing craft and publishing for writers. Learn the tools to successfully start and finish your project. International author Nina Munteanu provides great advice through several articles on how to get… more

What Writers Need to Know About Starting and Finishing
Nina Munteanu
Pixl Press Canada , English
Magnificent March Munchies - Marshella Goodsworth

Magnificent March MunchiesMarshella Goodsworth

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Mangificent March Munchies. The title describes itself! A wonderful cookbook with delightful and nutritious recipes you are sure to enjoy. Happy cooking! Get the book now!

Highly recommended! Get the book now!

This book makes an ideal gi… more

Magnificent March Munchies
Marshella Goodsworth
Secret Powerful Positive Quotes - Colin Wyatt

Secret Powerful Positive QuotesColin Wyatt

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International Author Colin Wyatt (Author of the Very Popular Book ‘Who You Are - The Truth’), brings you another ‘very affordable’ YET ‘Very Inspiring’ Book Packed Full of 100% Original Quotes. With his… more

Secret Powerful Positive Quotes
Colin Wyatt
Colin Wyatt , English
God's Abiding Love - Carla Julington

God's Abiding LoveCarla Julington

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God’s love is with you in the good times, but it is comforting to know God’s love is with you in the bad times. This book will remind you of God’s great love and will encourage your faith.

You will be drawn closer to God and delightfully … more

God’s Abiding Love
Carla Julington
Singing in Times of Difficulty - Carla Julington

Singing in Times of DifficultyCarla Julington

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Carla Julington, a born again Christian, who has served God as a missionary and who is an international Christian author, shares her real life story of how God gave her joy and caused her to sing in great times of personal tragedy and sever… more

Singing in Times of Difficulty
Carla Julington
What's Really Wrong With Chr... - Greg  Vanden Berge

What's Really Wrong With Chr...Greg Vanden Berge

Product DescriptionOne of the most difficult things a Christian will ever encounter will be to accept the fact that there are things wrong with Christianity.It’s difficult to accept sometimes, but the truth isn’t always going to come from t… more

What’s Really Wrong With Christianity
Greg Vanden Berge
Greg Vanden Berge , English
The Nostradamus Bible Code - John Michael Pocock

The Nostradamus Bible CodeJohn Michael Pocock

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In direct communication with the heavenly deity, Nostradamus had been chosen to reveal the hidden mysteries of time and the times. Yet while most works about Nostradamus focus in on specific contemporary interpretations of his individual pr… more

The Nostradamus Bible Code
John Michael Pocock
Get The Girl: A Hot Chick's ... - Vanessa Cade

Get The Girl: A Hot Chick's ...Vanessa Cade

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Are you ready to finally get the hot girl you want? You are in the right hands. It is time to throw out those tragic books by the so-called “pick up artists” out there. Finally, the ultimate how-to guide for men is here. Get The Girl, writt… more

Get The Girl: A Hot Chick’s Guide for Men - How to Attract, Meet and Keep the Hot Girl You Want.
Vanessa Cade
When People Let You Down--A ... - Carla Julington

When People Let You Down--A ...Carla Julington

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People let us down, when we desire and need love. It hurts. But God is there for us in such times. The author Carla Julington shares some of her own disappointments with people who have let her down. She has suffered the hurts and betrayal … more

When People Let You Down—A Book in Honor of Valentine’s Day
Carla Julington
Am I Ready For A Relationshi... - Jim Rogers

Am I Ready For A Relationshi...Jim Rogers

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Do you wonder if you’re ready for a relationship?Am I Ready For A Relationship is a book that answers the question that so many are often asking. This book will help you clear up your own questions, easily and once and for all, concerning y… more

Am I Ready For A Relationship (Relationship Series Book 4)
Jim Rogers
Master Your Mind, Master You... - Graham Bibby

Master Your Mind, Master You...Graham Bibby

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How I outperformed the leading private banks in the aftermath of the GFC and how you can too.

International Author, Entrepreneur, and Investment Expert Graham Bibby shares his Global Investing Secrets along with how a change of mindset ca… more

Master Your Mind, Master Your Money: How to Successfully Invest in Turbulent Times
Graham Bibby
Global Publishing Group , English
Success Mindset (Personal Gr... - Jan Marie Mueller

Success Mindset (Personal Gr...Jan Marie Mueller

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There´s no secret to success but there are principles that can speed things up… The trick is knowing what they are. And making a commitment to follow through.

If you´re truly interested in reaching your full potential – whether personal o… more

Success Mindset (Personal Growth Book): A 4-Step process of effective success principles to develop your mindset for personal and professional success (Live Your Best Life! Series)
Jan Marie Mueller
What Makes Relationships Wor... - Jim Rogers

What Makes Relationships Wor...Jim Rogers

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Do you want to discover the relationship skills that will bring you happiness?What Makes Relationships Work was written to help you understand the relationship principles that can make your relationships work and flourish too. Written as a … more

What Makes Relationships Work (Relationship Series Book 2)
Jim Rogers
When the Pastor Hates You - Carla Julington

When the Pastor Hates YouCarla Julington

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It is discouraging to be abused by pastors and church leaders. Carla Julington shares her own personal story of being abused by pastors in the church to help and encourage you and show that you do have worth and dignity in Christ, even when… more

When the Pastor Hates You
Carla Julington
Breaking Generational Curses - Marilyn Hickey

Breaking Generational CursesMarilyn Hickey

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Take the Test!Do you or someone in your family… * Exhibit high levels of anger? * Suffer from mental illness? * Have a history of abuse? * Experience a high number of personal failures?This could be a Generational Curse…Now is the time … more

Breaking Generational Curses
Marilyn Hickey
Harrison House LLC , English
When Things Go Wrong - Carla  Julington

When Things Go WrongCarla Julington

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Things can go wrong for all of us. But God has not forsaken us in such times. God is there for us. God loves us. He will see us through as we trust in Him. .Get the book now!Highly recommended! Get the book now!This book makes an ideal gi… more

When Things Go Wrong
Carla Julington
How To Become a Millionaire ... - Bruce Goldwell, Bruce Goldwell

How To Become a Millionaire ...Bruce Goldwell, Bruce Goldwell

Would you like to know a sure fire way to become a millionaire in less then 12 months? Bruce Goldwell is an International Author and Success Coach. In this first book of Goldwell’s Mini-book series, Goldwell explains how you can become a mi… more

How To Become a Millionaire in 12 Months or Less Guaranteed! (Goldwell Mini-Book Series)
Bruce Goldwell, Bruce Goldwell
Jesus, Lord of Hope - Carla Julington

Jesus, Lord of HopeCarla Julington

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Life can be hard, difficult and frustrating. But Jesus draws near to us to uplift us and comfort us in all things. He is the Lord of hope. Read the book now!

Highly recommended! Get the book now!

This book makes an ideal gift. Get the b… more

Jesus, Lord of Hope
Carla Julington
How To Get Through Your Divo... - Jim Rogers

How To Get Through Your Divo...Jim Rogers

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Do you want to get through your divorce with as little pain as possible?How To Get Through Your Divorce is a compassionate and comprehensive guide of divorce coping and divorce support that will help you get through the difficult emotional … more

How To Get Through Your Divorce (Divorce Series Book 1)
Jim Rogers
Ultimate Betrayal - Cala Julington

Ultimate BetrayalCala Julington

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Carla Julington, a born again Christian, shares her real life story of how a pastor betrayed her unexpectedly.

But Carla encuorages those who have been abused or betrayed by pastors, church leaders and churches to keep their faith strong … more

Ultimate Betrayal
Cala Julington