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2 States - Chetan Bhagat

2 StatesChetan Bhagat

Love marriages around the world are simple:Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy.They get married.In India, there are a few more steps:Boy loves Girl. Girl loves Boy.Girl’s family has to love boy. Boy’s family has to love girl.Girl’s Family has to… more

2 States
Chetan Bhagat
Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, I... - Travel On  The Dollar

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, I...Travel On The Dollar

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Largest group of medieval Hindu and Jain temples, famous for their erotic sculpture, a complete guide to Khajuraho - one of the most visited tourist destinations in India.

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India (India Travel Guides)
Travel On The Dollar
Travel On The Dollar , English
The Anglo-Indian Genome Project - Warren Brown

The Anglo-Indian Genome ProjectWarren Brown

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The numbers of Anglo-Indians in India are lessening, as a number of them leave for greener pastures abroad. With their known spirit of industry and hard-work, these members of the community make a success of their lives in other countries. … more

The Anglo-Indian Genome Project
Warren Brown
Warren Brown , English
The Sun Sings and the Birds Shine - Ishika Goel

The Sun Sings and the Birds ShineIshika Goel

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This book is a collection of poems written from a perspective of two school going siblings as they progress experiencing all seasons through the year. It captures moments throughout the day and the year in simple, funny, engaging manner. Ki… more

The Sun Sings and the Birds Shine
Ishika Goel
Ayurveda - The Power to Heal - Paul Dugliss

Ayurveda - The Power to HealPaul Dugliss

This book provides an understanding of the vast potential we hold for creating health from within. Healing is not the purview of doctors and nurses – it is the power inherent in each of us, hidden deep in the essence of our beings. This tru… more

Ayurveda - The Power to Heal
Paul Dugliss
MCD Century Publications , English
Demonio Blanco (Spanish Edition) - Jane Alice Cardo

Demonio Blanco (Spanish Edition)Jane Alice Cardo

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El destino de la pequeña Carolina fue decidido por el grupo de matronas-viudas, vestidas de saris blancos que habitaban en el ashram, en la India. Viviendo en un país diferente al suyo, sin apoyo y sin casta reconocida, las opciones eran po… more

Demonio Blanco (Spanish Edition)
Jane Alice Cardo
The Legend of Mahaduata: A T... - Buddhist Text Translation Society

The Legend of Mahaduata: A T...Buddhist Text Translation Society

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In ancient India, youth learned about morality from Jataka tales, engaging stories about right and wrong and the consequences of one s actions. The Legend of Mahaduta is the story of a rich jewelry merchant and his slave who encounter a wis… more

The Legend of Mahaduata: A Tale of Cause and Effect (Spanish Edition)
Buddhist Text Translation Society
Buddhist Text Translation Society , English
When The Spirit Lives On - Sylvester Richards

When The Spirit Lives OnSylvester Richards

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In a mansion in ancient India all servants and guards are murdered in one night. Rani is the girl who lived in the mansion surrounded and cared for by these people. While wandering in the corridors on this fateful night she comes across a… more

When The Spirit Lives On
Sylvester Richards
Essential Hindi Words And Ph... - Shalu Sharma

Essential Hindi Words And Ph...Shalu Sharma

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This book contains both Hindi words and phrases which will be a useful asset for trips to India. The book also contains conversational Hindi, a tourist might find useful for instance when they are shopping, booking a ticket, at the hotel, d… more

Essential Hindi Words And Phrases For Travelers To India
Shalu Sharma
Things as They Are - Amy Carmichael

Things as They AreAmy Carmichael

The early chapters bring out with vivid, striking, almost startling reality the wayside hearers in India. One can almost see the devil plucking away the words as fast as they fall, and hear the opposers of the Gospel crying out against it.

Things as They Are
Amy Carmichael
The Classic Works of John P. Jones - John P. Jones

The Classic Works of John P. JonesJohn P. Jones

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India’s Problem Krishna or Christ India, Its Life and Thought

The Classic Works of John P. Jones
John P. Jones
Dark Grey Smoke (Stuart Phil... - Peter Francis

Dark Grey Smoke (Stuart Phil...Peter Francis

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Ex doctor and soldier turned private eye has survived into the 1980s. He is asked to find out what happened to the body of a young woman after a gasline digger exposes an empty coffin in a churchyard. This means going back into his favourit… more

Dark Grey Smoke (Stuart Phillips Crime Book 4)
Peter Francis
Subhash Chandra Bose - Renu Saran

Subhash Chandra BoseRenu Saran

The inspiring life stories of great personalities of India have left unforgettable impressions on Indian history and civilization. Their lives, work, thoughts, sacrifice, courage, commitment and achievements will act as a source of inspirat… more

Subhash Chandra Bose
Renu Saran
Diamond Pocket Books (P) Ltd. , English
Manual General de Jainismo (... - Carlos Agesilao Verdaro

Manual General de Jainismo (...Carlos Agesilao Verdaro

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El presente trabajo es la Segunda Edición, corregida y ampliada, de mi anterior Manual General de Jainismo, que presenté en 2012 como libro digital en Amazon.com.

En esta nueva versión he mantenido el mismo criterio y el mismo objetivo que… more

Manual General de Jainismo (Nueva Versión) (Pensamiento y Espiritualidad de la India nº 7) (Spanish Edition)
Carlos Agesilao Verdaro
Carlos Agesilao Verdaro , Spanish
Life's Lessons - Princess Anne

Life's LessonsPrincess Anne

India Richardson is a strong willed driven young woman who is determined to put her mark on the world. She is a Business Pre-law grad, but working, at least for a corporation is not on her list of things to do. She loves the spoils of being… more

Life’s Lessons
Princess Anne
Princess Cut LLC , English
Water Law for the Twenty-Fir... -

Water Law for the Twenty-Fir...

In the face of growing freshwater scarcity, most countries of the world are taking steps to conserve their water and foster its sustainable use. Water crises range from concerns of drinking water availability and/or quality, the degradation… more

Water Law for the Twenty-First Century: National and International Aspects of Water Law Reform in India
Routledge , English
The Tribes and Castes of the... - R.V Russel

The Tribes and Castes of the...R.V Russel

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This is a complete work of the Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India. It is not complete with pictures.

The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India
R.V Russel
Visible Gods: The Brahmins of India - Shivesh Thakur

Visible Gods: The Brahmins of IndiaShivesh Thakur

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As the book’s subtitle says, ‘Visible Gods’ truly does give revealing glimpses into the ancient heritage of the Brahmins of India. Combining scholarly narrative, delightful stories depicting legends and stereotypes about Brahmins and brief … more

Visible Gods: The Brahmins of India
Shivesh Thakur
Shivesh Thakur , English
Routledge Handbook of Indian... - K. Moti Gokulsing

Routledge Handbook of Indian...K. Moti Gokulsing

India is the largest film producing country in the world and its output has a global reach. After years of marginalisation by academics in the Western world, Indian cinemas have moved from the periphery to the centre of the world cinema in … more

Routledge Handbook of Indian Cinemas
K. Moti Gokulsing
Routledge , English
Blood Red - F.C. Malby

Blood RedF.C. Malby

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This short story set in India reveals the hidden tension in the mind of a young boy as he has to let go of the girl he loves for an unknown young bride chosen by his parents. But as the wedding day approaches, will he be able to follow his … more

Blood Red
F.C. Malby