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A Brief History of India - Alain Daniélou

A Brief History of IndiaAlain Daniélou

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Due to the continuity of its civilization and the diversity of its cultures, India is like a history museum. Daniélou’s observations of India create a thoroughly engaging and readable journey through time, with a marvelous level of detail a… more

A Brief History of India
Alain Daniélou
Inner Traditions , English
Yoga For Your Health -

Yoga For Your Health

The ancients who formulated the science of Yoga were way ahead of us in our modern world of stress and hurry. Recognizing, thousands of years ago, man’s basic need for discipline to counteract the physical and spiritual deterioration caused… more

Yoga For Your Health
The Bhagavad Gita (World's C... -

The Bhagavad Gita (World's C...

`I have heard the supreme mystery, yoga, from Krishna, from the lord of yoga himself.’ Thus ends the Bhagavard Gita , the most famous episode from the great Sanskrit epic, the Mahabharata . In its eighteen short chapters Krishna’s teaching … more

The Bhagavad Gita (World’s Classics)
Oxford University Press , English
2 States - Chetan Bhagat

2 StatesChetan Bhagat

Love marriages around the world are simple:Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy.They get married.In India, there are a few more steps:Boy loves Girl. Girl loves Boy.Girl’s family has to love boy. Boy’s family has to love girl.Girl’s Family has to… more

2 States
Chetan Bhagat
The Farewell Ride and Other Stories - Chandra Shekhar Bhatnagar

The Farewell Ride and Other StoriesChandra Shekhar Bhatnagar

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The Farewell Ride is a story that depicts cut-throat corporate competition with a realization that even the best technical minds in their race for success cannot capture the true essence of living, which is simple and therefore beautiful. A… more

The Farewell Ride and Other Stories
Chandra Shekhar Bhatnagar
Radical Essence , English
Manual General de Hinduismo ... - Carlos Agesilao Verdaro

Manual General de Hinduismo ...Carlos Agesilao Verdaro

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En el presente trabajo he desarrollado un manual muy completo del Hinduismo, desde sus orígenes hasta nuestros días. En una primera parte introductoria hago una breve reseña de la historia de la India, defino y caracterizo al Hinduismo y, f… more

Manual General de Hinduismo (Nueva Versión) (Pensamiento y Espiritualidad de la India) (Spanish Edition)
Carlos Agesilao Verdaro
Carlos Agesilao Verdaro , Spanish
Things as They Are - Amy Carmichael

Things as They AreAmy Carmichael

The early chapters bring out with vivid, striking, almost startling reality the wayside hearers in India. One can almost see the devil plucking away the words as fast as they fall, and hear the opposers of the Gospel crying out against it.

Things as They Are
Amy Carmichael
Right Fit Wrong Shoe - Varsha Dixit

Right Fit Wrong ShoeVarsha Dixit

‘Right Fit Wrong Shoe’ is an Indian urban read about contemporary love, laughs and loyalties. The protagonist of the book Nandini Sharma is a passive-aggressive, emotional eating, twenty six year old working girl. Her life could be simple b… more

Right Fit Wrong Shoe
Varsha Dixit
Rupa Publishers & Co. , English
Swami Vivekananda an Intuiti... - T.G.K Murthy

Swami Vivekananda an Intuiti...T.G.K Murthy

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Swami Vivekananda was a multifaceted genius. While his spiritual imminence and the profound understanding of India and her culture, history, and future are well known, his insights in physical sciences are lesser known. Swamiji was well-acq… more

Swami Vivekananda an Intuitive Scientist
T.G.K Murthy
Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai , English
Freedom's Battle - Mahatma Gandhi

Freedom's BattleMahatma Gandhi

After the great war it is difficult, to point out a single nation that is happy; but this has come out of the war, that there is not a single nation outside India, that is not either free or striving to be free.

Freedom’s Battle
Mahatma Gandhi
The Classic Works of John P. Jones - John P. Jones

The Classic Works of John P. JonesJohn P. Jones

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India’s Problem Krishna or Christ India, Its Life and Thought

The Classic Works of John P. Jones
John P. Jones
Peace - Book 4:  Hidden Pred... - Ronin Schtihl Daire, Trisha Lindsey

Peace - Book 4: Hidden Pred...Ronin Schtihl Daire, Trisha Lindsey

Welcome to India! Book 4 is all about growth. Life has changed for the family, and Greg digs deeper into James’ past, determined to prove he was responsible for countless vigilante deaths. The return to India is filled with new experiences … more

Peace - Book 4: Hidden Predilictions (The Peace Series)
Ronin Schtihl Daire, Trisha Lindsey
Trisha A. Lindsey , English
Essential Hindi Words And Ph... - Shalu Sharma

Essential Hindi Words And Ph...Shalu Sharma

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This book contains both Hindi words and phrases which will be a useful asset for trips to India. The book also contains conversational Hindi, a tourist might find useful for instance when they are shopping, booking a ticket, at the hotel, d… more

Essential Hindi Words And Phrases For Travelers To India
Shalu Sharma
The Supreme Yoga - Swami Venkatesananda

The Supreme YogaSwami Venkatesananda

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The Yoga Vasistha has been a favourite book of spiritual seekers in India these several centuries. Its special appeal lies in its thoroughly rational approach, and in its presentation of Vedanta as a philosophy to bridge the gulf between th… more

The Supreme Yoga
Swami Venkatesananda
MLBD , English
The Classic Works of Laurence Hope - Laurence Hope

The Classic Works of Laurence HopeLaurence Hope

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India’s Love LyricsLast Poems

The Classic Works of Laurence Hope
Laurence Hope
¿Qué son los Vedas? (Manual ... - Carlos Agesilao Verdaro

¿Qué son los Vedas? (Manual ...Carlos Agesilao Verdaro

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Con este muy sintético volumen dedicado a los Vedas, continúo la nueva colección de textos que he titulado Breviarios.En la colección irán apareciendo, a intérvalos regulares, obras referidas a distintos temas relacionados con la Filosofía … more

¿Qué son los Vedas? (Manual Básico) (Breviarios) (Spanish Edition)
Carlos Agesilao Verdaro
Carlos Agesilao Verdaro , Spanish
The Source Book of Hindu Mythology - Krishna Sarma

The Source Book of Hindu MythologyKrishna Sarma

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This book describes the figures of the Hindu Mythology, why they came and what they have done. It is not the author’s intention to offer any commentary or explanation. That is the philosophical part and it is not attempted here. This work i… more

The Source Book of Hindu Mythology
Krishna Sarma
www.ebookmarketingplus.com , English
Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, I... - Travel On  The Dollar

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, I...Travel On The Dollar

Largest group of medieval Hindu and Jain temples, famous for their erotic sculpture, a complete guide to Khajuraho - one of the most visited tourist destinations in India.

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India (India Travel Guides)
Travel On The Dollar
Travel On The Dollar , English
Dark Grey Smoke (Stuart Phil... - Peter Francis

Dark Grey Smoke (Stuart Phil...Peter Francis

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Ex doctor and soldier turned private eye has survived into the 1980s. He is asked to find out what happened to the body of a young woman after a gasline digger exposes an empty coffin in a churchyard. This means going back into his favourit… more

Dark Grey Smoke (Stuart Phillips Crime)
Peter Francis
Manual General de Jainismo (... - Carlos Agesilao Verdaro

Manual General de Jainismo (...Carlos Agesilao Verdaro

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El presente trabajo aspira a presentar un panorama muy general pero completo, imparcial y científicamente riguroso sobre el origen, el desarrollo, el contenido doctrinario y la praxis del Jainismo. Para alcanzar dicha meta he recurrido a l… more

Manual General de Jainismo (Pensamiento y Espiritualidad de la India) (Spanish Edition)
Carlos Agesilao Verdaro
Carlos Agesilao Verdaro , Spanish