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Freedom's Battle - Mahatma Gandhi

Freedom's BattleMahatma Gandhi

After the great war it is difficult, to point out a single nation that is happy; but this has come out of the war, that there is not a single nation outside India, that is not either free or striving to be free.

Freedom’s Battle
Mahatma Gandhi
PATTERNS IN HENNA - Marguerite Thoburn Watkins

PATTERNS IN HENNAMarguerite Thoburn Watkins

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The poems in this book are divided into three sections and include the poems from Music on a Mountain Path. In Section I the author recreates impressions from her childhood, growing up as an American in the forties in India, much of it dur… more

Marguerite Thoburn Watkins
Xlibris , English
MEDICINAL PLANTS: Conservati... - Premendra Singh

MEDICINAL PLANTS: Conservati...Premendra Singh

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Local health traditions cannot be revitalized without ensuring the health of their medicinal plants resources base. For along term and sustainable utilization programme for medicinal plants, it is imperative that medicinal plants are not on… more

MEDICINAL PLANTS: Conservation, Cultivation and Utilization
Premendra Singh
Daya Publishing House - A division of - Astral International (P) Ltd , English
Saraswati's Way - Monika Schroder

Saraswati's WayMonika Schroder

If the gods wanted Akash to have an education, he is told, they would give him one. But Akash has spent his entire twelve years poor and hungry. So he decides to take control of his own life and try for a scholarship to the city school wher… more

Saraswati’s Way
Monika Schroder
Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR) , English
Survival Hindi: How to Commu... - Sunita Mathur Narain, Madhum...

Survival Hindi: How to Commu...Sunita Mathur Narain, Madhum...

This one small book provides all the simple Hindi words and phrases you need in India or in Hindi-speaking environments. From shopping and dining to travel, business, counting, and money, Survival Hindi shows you how to enjoy speaking Hindi… more

Survival Hindi: How to Communicate without Fuss or Fear - Instantly! (Hindi Phrasebook) (Survival Series)
Sunita Mathur Narain, Madhumita Mehrotra
Tuttle Publishing , English
My Journey to Escape Rebirth... - Liam Martin

My Journey to Escape Rebirth...Liam Martin

The uniqueness of this book is to treat the Buddha’s notion of rebirth not as a spiritual phenomenon, but literally as the repeat or purity of birth in the same line that is motivated by prejudice. The eighty-five lessons address the pain … more

My Journey to Escape Rebirth: A Modern Buddhist Experience
Liam Martin
Highlands , English
Project Bloom: A Yogi's Wisd... - Kevin Wilson

Project Bloom: A Yogi's Wisd...Kevin Wilson

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Can meditation play a role in business? Can it be the secret to maintaining a proper work-life balance in today’s competitive marketplace? Can you find happiness at work regardless of what kind of work you do? This is the story of how a For… more

Project Bloom: A Yogi’s Wisdom for the Workplace
Kevin Wilson
BookBaby , English
Freedoms Battle - Mahatma Gandhi

Freedoms BattleMahatma Gandhi

After the great war it is difficult, to point out a single nation that is happy; but this has come out of the war, that there is not a single nation outside India, that is not either free or striving to be free.

Freedoms Battle
Mahatma Gandhi
Classic Ruskin Bond: Complet... - Ruskin Bond

Classic Ruskin Bond: Complet...Ruskin Bond

A collection of Ruskin Bond’s six novels evoking nostalgia for time gone by This collection of six novels sparkles with the quiet charm and humanity that are the hallmarks of Ruskin Bond’s writing. Evoking nostalgia for a time gone by, thes… more

Classic Ruskin Bond: Complete and Unabridged
Ruskin Bond
Penguin , English
Unknown - 365 Foreign Dishes - Unknown

Unknown - 365 Foreign DishesUnknown

An excerpt from the book - Boil 2 calves’ heads in salted water until tender; then cut the meatfrom the bone. Fry 1 dozen small peeled onions and 3 potatoes, cutinto dice pieces; stir in 1 tablespoonful of flour and the sauce inwhich the me… more

Unknown - 365 Foreign Dishes
Calculus And Analytical Geom... - narayana dash

Calculus And Analytical Geom...narayana dash

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This is part 3 of my book “Calculus And Analytical Geometry In 2D And 3D”, the part deals in integral calculus and introduces differential equations through the examples of uniform circular motion, simple harmonic motion, planetary motion… more

Calculus And Analytical Geometry In 2D And 3D Part 3 (Rediscover Mathematics From 0 And 1 Book 5)
narayana dash
narayana dash , English
Chronicles of Anglo Indian Life - Elizabeth James, Henry Wadsw...

Chronicles of Anglo Indian LifeElizabeth James, Henry Wadsw...

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The Anglo Indians were a distinct community in India and I have tried to chronicle the way of life, the houses in which they lived, the cuisine and so on during the first half of the twentieth century.Having said this there was a diversity … more

Chronicles of Anglo Indian Life
Elizabeth James, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Elizabeth James , English
Your Dream Will Come True, S... - Toshimi Nakai

Your Dream Will Come True, S...Toshimi Nakai

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What is your dream? Start your own business? Travel around India? Talk to that cute soneone you secretly admire?My dream 20 years ago was to translate a book. Using some of the tips I have gleaned from this book, I approached the publisher … more

Your Dream Will Come True, Sample Edition
Toshimi Nakai
Valley Field Corporation , English
Calculus And Analytical Geom... - narayana dash

Calculus And Analytical Geom...narayana dash

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This is a preliminary treatment of topics in functions, limit, continuity, differentiation and theory of equations, and applications of differentiation like Taylor’ theorem, Piccard’s iteration, conic sections,circle,ellipse, parabola, hyp… more

Calculus And Analytical Geometry In 2D And 3D Part 2 Differential Calculus, Conic Sections And Theory Of Equations (Rediscover Mathematics From 0 And 1)
narayana dash
narayana dash , English
Materials Management: An Int... - P. Gopalakrishnan, M. Sundaresan

Materials Management: An Int...P. Gopalakrishnan, M. Sundaresan

This book comprehensively deals with the Integrated Materials Management functions in India. It covers the policy aspects of materials management including the concept of management by objectives. The various aspects relating to the purchas… more

Materials Management: An Integrated Approach
P. Gopalakrishnan, M. Sundaresan
PHI Learning Private Limited , English
Fast And Easy Ginger Recipes... - SpC Books

Fast And Easy Ginger Recipes...SpC Books

What is Ginger?

Ginger or ginger root is used in cuisine as spice and in medicine as cure against headache, poor blood circulation and against inflammatory processes.

Ginger has strong peppery taste, with somewhere deep lemon aroma and it… more

Fast And Easy Ginger Recipes: Easy Recipes For A Healthy, Natural Diet Using Nature’s Spice (20 Recipes Broken Into Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Desert For Every Occasion)
SpC Books
Get The Most Out Of Yoga: A ... - KMS Publishing.com

Get The Most Out Of Yoga: A ...KMS Publishing.com

Yoga has roots in India and has a 5,000 year-old history. It started out as a spiritual discipline but the yoga we commonly know and practice today is purely for health and fitness benefits. Though there is some form of spiritual meditation… more

Get The Most Out Of Yoga: A Beginners Guide To The Fundamentals Of Yoga To Facilitate A Successful Yoga Experience
KMS Publishing.com
Samuel the Arranger: An MFM ... - Sarah Blitz

Samuel the Arranger: An MFM ...Sarah Blitz

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Elizabeth has come to terms with her relationship with Samuel, although she still finds it maddening that he has so much power over her. Nonetheless, when he calls her at work, she dutifully meets him. She’s excited to learn he wants her … more

Samuel the Arranger: An MFM Threesome Erotica Story (Sarah’s Fantasies Book 6)
Sarah Blitz
Red Hot Explicit Erotica Press , English
The Teachings of Babaji - Vladimir Antonov

The Teachings of BabajiVladimir Antonov

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This book presents the readers with the Teachings about the Path to spiritual Perfection by Avatar Babaji from Haidakhan (India). Babaji is the One Who of His Own Will incarnates on the Earth from age to age to help seekers of the Truth and… more

The Teachings of Babaji
Vladimir Antonov
Advanced Yoga - Anonymous

Advanced YogaAnonymous

In India, the Candidates for Initiation into the science of “Raja Yoga,”when they apply to the Yogi Masters for instruction, are given a seriesof lessons designed to enlighten them regarding the nature of the RealSelf, and to instruct them … more

Advanced Yoga