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WE HAVE COME...TO TAKE YOU..... - Martin Wilson

WE HAVE COME...TO TAKE YOU.....Martin Wilson

Tristram, Roland and Spenser are identical ten year old triplets. They live with their father who home schools them and two of their friends. Tristram befriends Ethan, a boy from the neighbouring council estate, and with his help plots to p… more

Martin Wilson
Martin A Wilson , English
Enough Time (Stratum Series) - Zach Collins

Enough Time (Stratum Series)Zach Collins

Average wait: N/A

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains wording and actions some may find offensive. Sexual explicit content. M/M Trent is pulled into the Wizard Stratum by his best friend, Ian. He was fired from his job because of standing up for hi… more

Enough Time (Stratum Series)
Zach Collins
JK Publishing, Inc. , English
Fetch (Father Ian Mysteries) - Scott Roche

Fetch (Father Ian Mysteries)Scott Roche

Average wait: N/A

Father Ian promised his parishioner to investigate a mysterious sighting at the nearby cemetery. When he does and finds nothing out of the ordinary, he arrives at the man’s house only to find him dead. Evil is roaming the Irish countryside … more

Fetch (Father Ian Mysteries)
Scott Roche
The Apprentice Mage: A Warlo... - Jason Kyle

The Apprentice Mage: A Warlo...Jason Kyle

Average wait: N/A

Set in Reaper Miniature’s land of Taltos, Ian is a teenage boy living in the relatively peaceful lands protected by the Crusaders. When slavers from a bordering realm rip his family apart, Ian decides to join the ranks of the Knights of th… more

The Apprentice Mage: A Warlord Story
Jason Kyle
The Jinx! - Bob Curby

The Jinx!Bob Curby

Average wait: N/A

Marie is heard to call herself ‘The unluckiest woman in the World’ as she relates tragic events in her life. Once happily married, with two pretty daughters, her world is turned upside down when Ian, her husband, leaves her for another woma… more

The Jinx!
Bob Curby
Steve Goodings , English
Feed - Jerry McKinney

FeedJerry McKinney

Average wait: N/A

This is a short story.Saved by the hunger of a child, Ian is changing … transforming into something not human. Something Old and undead. He struggles between two lives — the side that still breathes, and the side that must feed on the li… more

Jerry McKinney
Jerry McKinney , English
The Beast Within (The Beast ... - Melissa Crowe

The Beast Within (The Beast ...Melissa Crowe

Karina’s world is turned upside down when she meets the sexy and mysterious Xavier. Something powerful and sensual is unlocked from inside her that she cannot explain and seems to have little control over. With Xavier’s help, Karina discov… more

The Beast Within (The Beast Within novellas)
Melissa Crowe
Ian's Way - Reese Gabriel

Ian's WayReese Gabriel

1 rating
Average wait: 7h

Nikky can’t wait for her high school reunion to end. That is, until she’s approached by a totally gorgeous man. The revamped version of her old friend, Ian the geek. The guy who had always been there for her when she needed…anything.After a… more

Ian’s Way
Reese Gabriel
Ellora’s Cave , English
Juggler's Blade - Rob Ross

Juggler's BladeRob Ross

Average wait: N/A

What if the gift of magic marked you as damned? Ian is a young juggler apprenticed to his uncle, until he develops powers that brand him Accursed. Hunted by the immortal Heralds, he is taken underground by other Accursed with the ability to… more

Juggler’s Blade
Rob Ross
A Few Good Books Publishing , English
Le Secret des Simples (Frenc... - Marie B. Schroeder

Le Secret des Simples (Frenc...Marie B. Schroeder

Et si certaines épidémies avaient pour origine des erreurs de vaccination ? Et si notre dépendance aux médicaments nous rendaient plus fragiles face aux épidémies ? Hannah souhaite élucider les circonstances de la mort de sa mère. Un ancien… more

Le Secret des Simples (French Edition)
Marie B. Schroeder
Syllabaire éditions , French
Ten Inches - AJ Hardcourt

Ten InchesAJ Hardcourt

1 rating
Average wait: N/A

Ten inches of snow has fallen…and so has Nick…for his sexy as hell best friend Ian. Nick would do anything for him…to him. Too bad Ian’s straight.When a snowstorm strands them at the ski lodge, Nick and Ian choose to get a room. Can a cold … more

Ten Inches
AJ Hardcourt
Demanding Romance , English
High - heidi jacobsen

Highheidi jacobsen

Three young women have one thing in common: Their husbands play in a band. They have their own issues such as suicide, alcoholism, weight gain and depression to deal with, besides their husbands egos. These young women are going places, on … more

heidi jacobsen
Ian Thorpe: Cook For Your Life - Ian Thorpe

Ian Thorpe: Cook For Your LifeIan Thorpe

Ian Thorpe has long been known for his incredible swimming achievements. Less well-known is that he loves to cook. But Ian has learnt through years of competition that he can’t just eat anything and achieve the elite level success that he h… more

Ian Thorpe: Cook For Your Life
Ian Thorpe
Hardie Grant Grp , English
A Mate For Two - Penelope Rivers

A Mate For TwoPenelope Rivers

Average wait: N/A

Luke and Ian have been together for ages. Even though Luke is a werewolf and Ian is a human, Luke feels that they have a perfect life. He has a job that he loves, a great house, and a lover that he would die for. Until he meets Connor. Conn… more

A Mate For Two
Penelope Rivers
Amira Press , English
Fondest Love-Yours, Ian - Louise  Hamm

Fondest Love-Yours, IanLouise Hamm

The 1940s were a time of extraordinary heroism, shattered lives, dashed hopes, long periods of absence, never-ending days and nights of worry, unfulfilled dreams, chance encounters, unexpected bonds between strangers, unanswered questions, … more

Fondest Love-Yours, Ian
Louise Hamm
PublishAmerica , English
Hiring Worthless Heroes - Mark Forrest

Hiring Worthless HeroesMark Forrest

Like you and other normal, well-adjusted people, the author of this novella wanted to read a story about a Superhero with the ability to pass out glow-in-the-dark flatulence.Since he couldn’t find such a story, it was time to make one. This… more

Hiring Worthless Heroes
Mark Forrest
Mark Forrest , English
Gems From Heaven - Ian Johnson

Gems From HeavenIan Johnson

Average wait: N/A

Ian Johnson has written this little book to encourage you in your walk with Christ. In his time as a Christian he has had much encouragement along the way and they have built into his life and helped him find my way to the throne room of Go… more

Gems From Heaven
Ian Johnson
His Amazing Glory Publishing , English
Frankie - H.A Holmes

FrankieH.A Holmes

Average wait: N/A

Frankie lives in a spacious family home in a popular suburb with her mum, Ruth and dad, Ian. Everything would seem perfect to the passer by, but her mum and dad’s constant arguing causes Frankie to become unhappy and she starts to withdraw … more

H.A Holmes
Everything's Fine - Socrates Adams

Everything's FineSocrates Adams

Average wait: N/A

Ian is a salesman. He never hits his targets.Ian wants to go on holiday, but he can’t afford it.Ian’s boss is a powerful and well-respected man.Ian’s daughter is a tube.A statement of defiance against passive, unquestioning existence, Every… more

Everything’s Fine
Socrates Adams
Transmission Print , English
Romancing the Beard - Sarah-Jane Lehoux

Romancing the BeardSarah-Jane Lehoux

Average wait: N/A

Julia is sexy, stylish and sophisticated. But her perfectly designed life has one serious downside. Her only romance comes from the gay men for whom she acts as a beard. Hurt too many times, Julia has given up on love.But love hasn’t given … more

Romancing the Beard
Sarah-Jane Lehoux
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English