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Eccentric Preachers - Charles Spurgeon

Eccentric PreachersCharles Spurgeon

Profiles of Protestant preachers by a 19th century English Baptist, known as “the Prince of Preachers”. Chapters include: 1. What is Eccentricity? 2. Who have been called Eccentric? 3. Causes of Eccentricity 4. Hugh Latimer 5. Hugh P… more

Eccentric Preachers
Charles Spurgeon
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Boston: Historic Town by Hen... - Henry Cabot Lodge

Boston: Historic Town by Hen...Henry Cabot Lodge

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Written in 1891 by well known author Henry Cabot Lodge, this is fascinating for those interested in Boston, Lodge, and/or history in general. To give you an idea of the contents here are the outlines for the first three chapters: CHAPTERmore

Boston: Historic Town by Henry Cabot Lodge
Henry Cabot Lodge
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