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The Classic Works of T. S. Arthur - T. S. Arthur

The Classic Works of T. S. ArthurT. S. Arthur

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All’s for the Best Cast Adrift After the Storm After a Shadow, and Other Stories Danger - Wounded in the House of a Friend Finger Posts on the Way of Life Grappling with the Monster Hair Breadth Escapes Heart-Histories and Life-Pictures Hom… more

The Classic Works of T. S. Arthur
T. S. Arthur
The Housekeeper - Theo Fenraven

The HousekeeperTheo Fenraven

It’s part of the housekeeper’s code: Never fall in love with your employer. But sweet Jamie does exactly that when he enters into sexy celeb Will Crawford’s employ. Jamie carefully keeps his feelings to himself, until one fateful day…Afte… more

The Housekeeper
Theo Fenraven
MLR Press,LLC , English
Room and Board - Sara Desmarais

Room and BoardSara Desmarais

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James, a college grad student takes a job as a housekeeper for an older, very attractive woman, who pays him a salary, plus room and board. He discovers that his employer is unlike any woman he’s ever met and, as he later learns, prefers he… more

Room and Board
Sara Desmarais


SAVE WHEAT_REASONS WHY OUR GOVERNMENT ASKS US TO SAVE WHEAT, WITH PRACTICALRECIPES FOR THE USE OF OTHER GRAINS_A slice of bread seems an unimportant thing. Yet one good-sized sliceof bread weighs an ounce. It contains almost three-fourths o… more

ebook , English
Good Morning Glory - Shaunna Sanders

Good Morning GloryShaunna Sanders

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Kit Quinn plans to grow old and singularly boring as a housekeeper on Mr. West’s estate. It doesn’t sound like much fun, but at least it’s respectable. And she would have stuck to that plan, if Mr. West hadn’t turned out to be wonderful — … more

Good Morning Glory
Shaunna Sanders
Convenient houses, with fift... - Louis Henry Gibson

Convenient houses, with fift...Louis Henry Gibson

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Convenient houses, with fifty plans for the housekeeper …..A public domain treatise on house plans in the late 19th century.

Convenient houses, with fifty plans for the housekeeper (1889 )
Louis Henry Gibson
Ebookgalaxy , English
The New Housekeeper - Rosalina Shaw

The New HousekeeperRosalina Shaw

The New HousekeeperOlga is Mr and Mrs Davies’ sexy new Russian housekeeper. Mr Davies is instantly attracted to Olga and over time, they become very fond of each other. One night, Olga asks Mr Davies to help dry her hair using her blow drye… more

The New Housekeeper
Rosalina Shaw
Duel With The Werefrog (The ... - J Bennett

Duel With The Werefrog (The ...J Bennett

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Sparkly vampires and sexy werewolves are so passé!

Even Undead Hearts Can Fall Prey To A Canny Gold Digger When salacious 70-year-old gold digger Silvia starts batting her astigmatic eyes and flashing her pearly dentures at Nathanial over … more

Duel With The Werefrog (The Vampire’s Housekeeper Chronicles)
J Bennett
J Bennett , English
A Thousand Ways to Please a ... - Helen Cowles LeCron & Louise...

A Thousand Ways to Please a ...Helen Cowles LeCron & Louise...

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BETTINA’S FIRST REAL DINNERSAY, isn’t it great to be alive!” exclaimed Bob, as he looked across the rose-decked table at the flushed but happy Bettina. “And a beefsteak dinner, too!” “Steak is expensive, dear, and you’ll not get it often,… more

A Thousand Ways to Please a Husband With Bettina’s Best Recipes
Helen Cowles LeCron & Louise Bennett Weaver
Library of Alexandria , English
Almost Forgotten (Contempora... - Carey Decevito

Almost Forgotten (Contempora...Carey Decevito

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Jake had it all: women, money, great looks. For all intents and purposes, he was happy.

A series of women and an unexpected appearance by a ghost from his past cause him to re-evaluate his life.

She’d broken his heart, all those years ago… more

Almost Forgotten (Contemporary Erotic Romance) (The Broken Men Chronicles Book 2)
Carey Decevito
Emberlust Press , English
Moll - John B. Keane

MollJohn B. Keane

Moll is a hilarious and highly successful comedy about life in an Irish country presbytery.’When a presbytery gets a new housekeeper it becomes like a country that gets a change of government, or like a family that gets a new stepmother’. … more

John B. Keane
Mercier Press , English
The Jewish Manual by Lady Ju... - Anonymous

The Jewish Manual by Lady Ju...Anonymous

Among the numerous works on Culinary Science already in circulation,there have been none which afford the slightest insight to the Cookeryof the Hebrew kitchen.Replete as many of these are with information on various importantpoints, they a… more

The Jewish Manual by Lady Judith Cohen Montefiore.
The Femdom Conquest of Larry... - Will Schavis

The Femdom Conquest of Larry...Will Schavis

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For Larry it started as just another night after work at the pub until she appeared. There was a dark corner meeting and an invitation to her apartment. When Larry finally moves in, he finds his life is now much different. He has to eith… more

The Femdom Conquest of Larry into Slavery: Male Erotic Training
Will Schavis
Eric Blue LLC , English
A Guide To Jewish And Modern... - Wesley Beck

A Guide To Jewish And Modern...Wesley Beck

A Collection of Valuable Recipes & Hints Relating to theToilette.Among the numerous works on Culinary Science already in circulation,there have been none which afford the slightest insight to the Cookeryof the Hebrew kitchen.Replete as many… more

A Guide To Jewish And Modern Cookery
Wesley Beck
The Cougar's Housekeeper - Jill Gates

The Cougar's HousekeeperJill Gates

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Jennifer is a married, hot yet lonely cougar. Monica is a sexy eighteen year old housekeeper from down the street, still a virgin despite her looks. Will Jennifer be able to seduce the virgin into having lesbian sex? This is a short story, … more

The Cougar’s Housekeeper
Jill Gates
The Market Basing Mystery: A... - Agatha Christie

The Market Basing Mystery: A...Agatha Christie

Previously published in the print anthology Poirot’s Early Cases.A man has apparently committed suicide, but things are not always as they appear. The housekeeper points out that the gun was in the victim’s left hand, yet he was right hande… more

The Market Basing Mystery: A Hercule Poirot Story (Hercule Poirot Mysteries)
Agatha Christie
Witness Impulse , English
The Inferior - The Illustrat... - Kurt Steiner

The Inferior - The Illustrat...Kurt Steiner

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The illustrated version of Kurt Steiner’s classic femdom tale of a failing English writer and his descent into a life of service and humiliation at the hands and, more importantly, feet of his own Indian housekeeper.A young Indian housekeep… more

The Inferior - The Illustrated Volume
Kurt Steiner
FDC Publications , English
Black Is White - George Barr  McCutcheon

Black Is WhiteGeorge Barr McCutcheon

ExcerptThe two old men sat in the library, eyeing the blue envelope that lay on the end of the long table nearest the fireplace, where a merry but unnoticed blaze crackled in the vain effort to cry down the shrieks of the bleak December win… more

Black Is White
George Barr McCutcheon
The Lord's Lover (Regency Triad) - Jenna Rose Ellis

The Lord's Lover (Regency Triad)Jenna Rose Ellis

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He’s willing to risk all, even death, for the man he loves…Marcus is the son of a marquess. Race is the son of the housekeeper. Their relationship should only be one of master and servant, yet they defy the strictures of Society and becom… more

The Lord’s Lover (Regency Triad)
Jenna Rose Ellis
Chained Hearts Publishing , English
The Desert King's Housekeeper Bride - Carol Marinelli

The Desert King's Housekeeper BrideCarol Marinelli

Housekeeper Effie, a practical yet slightly frumpy virgin, has been summoned to the desert to serve the sheikh!Ruthless Sheikh King Zakari had gone to seek solitude in the sands, but nights alone are not something this ruler is used to. How… more

The Desert King’s Housekeeper Bride
Carol Marinelli
Harlequin Presents , English