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Ancient Aliens Exposed: Debu... - Vernon Macdonald

Ancient Aliens Exposed: Debu...Vernon Macdonald

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              Ancient Aliens Exposed! A Skeptical Look At The TV PhenomenonOr otherwise titled A Critical Look at Ancient Aliens and other Galactic BunkAncient Aliens is an American television program that premiered on the so-called His... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00KK4340E/#editorial-review">more</a>
Ancient Aliens Exposed: Debunking UFOs, Ancient Astronauts And Other Unexplained Mysteries (ancient aliens, ancient astronaut theory, ufo Book 1)
Vernon Macdonald
The Ark of Millions of Years... - Brooks Agnew, E.J.  Clark

The Ark of Millions of Years...Brooks Agnew, E.J. Clark

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The Ark of Millions of Years Volume Three: Unlocking the Secret is the book that puts the light of hope onto the history of doom and gloom that is the 2012 End Times. There is a way out of this alive. Pouring through this book is like the H… more

The Ark of Millions of Years Volume Three: 2012 Unlocking the Secret
Brooks Agnew, E.J. Clark
The Men on the Sixth Floor - Glen Sample, Mark Collom

The Men on the Sixth FloorGlen Sample, Mark Collom

The Men on the Sixth Floor has charted a new course in the research of the JFK assassination. Containing fascinating, never before seen documents, the book was a major focus of Nigel Turner’s History Channel Documentary - “The Men Who Kille… more

The Men on the Sixth Floor
Glen Sample, Mark Collom
Sample Graphics , English
Ragnar's Exile (The Ragnar C... - Mr E

Ragnar's Exile (The Ragnar C...Mr E

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Following Ragnar’s successful and blood drenched quest for revenge in Book 1 of THE RAGNAR CHRONICLES, RAGNAR’S EXILE picks up right where RAGNAR OF BLACK FJORD left off.Covering A.D. 797-816, RAGNAR’S EXILE is filled with even more hair ra… more

Ragnar’s Exile (The Ragnar Chronicles Book 2)
Mr E
Mr. E , English
A Story of God and All of Us... - Mark Burnett, Roma Downey

A Story of God and All of Us...Mark Burnett, Roma Downey

Scripture’s greatest stories and most compelling characters come to life in this sweeping new novel by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett. Beginning with the creation of man and ending with the revelation of a new world, readers will revel in thi… more

A Story of God and All of Us: A Novel Based on the Epic TV Miniseries “The Bible”
Mark Burnett, Roma Downey
FaithWords , English
How to Get Abducted by UFO A... - Ann L. Probe

How to Get Abducted by UFO A...Ann L. Probe

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So you want to sleep with an alien?You’re a brave (read stupid) soul, but if you could film your encounter and post it on your porno site and send us a link, we would be eternally busy … I mean grateful.  You’d be providing valuable sights … more

How to Get Abducted by UFO Aliens: A Short and Stubby Guide to Having Sex with Extraterrestrials
Ann L. Probe
Horny Alien Press , English
Ida: Missing Link Missing Ev... - Gregory Koukl

Ida: Missing Link Missing Ev...Gregory Koukl

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A scientific discovery 25 years ago recently came to light that rocked the Darwinian establishment and prompted an avalanche of unfettered derision, disparagement, and contempt for “religious ideologues” still clinging to any notion of spec… more

Ida: Missing Link Missing Evidence (Solid Ground)
Gregory Koukl
Stand to Reason , English
In the Doghouse of Justice - Kyell Gold

In the Doghouse of JusticeKyell Gold

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If you’re dating one of the superheroes of the elite League of Canids, it’s not all glamour and adventure. Your partner might teleport away at just the wrong intimate moment…or go off for some private time with herself (literally). After … more

In the Doghouse of Justice
Kyell Gold
Jesus!  His Birth, Death and... - Charles S. Brown

Jesus! His Birth, Death and...Charles S. Brown

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This booklet purposefully offers the revisionist view simply because there are clear and very disturbing discrepancies between the “official theological standpoint” surrounding the life and death of Jesus, and that which The Bible states. T… more

Jesus! His Birth, Death and Resurrection - A Revisionist Analysis of the “Sacrosanct” Christian Viewpoint
Charles S. Brown
An Unauthorized Guide to Son... - D. Carter

An Unauthorized Guide to Son...D. Carter

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This article examines the movie Son of God, a life story of Jesus Christ. This Biblical film comes from Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, the same husband-and-wife team that brought the successful 2013 TV miniseries The Bible to the History Cha… more

An Unauthorized Guide to Son of God: The Mark Burnett and Roma Downey Movie about Jesus Christ [Article]
D. Carter
Treat them Mean and Keep them Keen - Gerry Stergiopoulos

Treat them Mean and Keep them KeenGerry Stergiopoulos

I look at the way some women behave when they’re dating, and I’m sorry girls, but it’s an absolute car crash. The rules of successful dating are simple, but I bet you’ve been breaking them all.’After seeing too many of his female friends l… more

Treat them Mean and Keep them Keen
Gerry Stergiopoulos
Vintage Digital , English
Beyond the Temple of the Gre... - Don Cambou

Beyond the Temple of the Gre...Don Cambou

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Lew thinks Cara is the hottest girl who ever strode into Chester Junior High. His infatuation with her, along with a nasty habit he picked up from a werewolf assassin, plunge him and his friends into their greatest adventure in this final … more

Beyond the Temple of the Great Serpent (The MOG POG Saga Book 3)
Don Cambou
Weight Loss - Twenty Pounds ... - Lt. Col. Bob Weinstein USAR-...

Weight Loss - Twenty Pounds ...Lt. Col. Bob Weinstein USAR-...

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Weight Loss and weight management book with a ten week exercise and eating plan to lose twenty pounds. Full of easy-to-use tools to organize and implement the program: exercise photos, ten week exercise chart, 1,200 and 1,600 calorie menus,… more

Weight Loss - Twenty Pounds in Ten Weeks - Move It to Lose It (The Health Colonel Series)
Lt. Col. Bob Weinstein USAR-Ret., Joseph R. Weinstein, Bob Weinstein
Health Colonel Publishing , English
Ragnar of Black Fjord (The R... - Mr. E

Ragnar of Black Fjord (The R...Mr. E

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Long ago, in a strange and terrible land, a young viking king rose to power in the midst of horror and bloodshed and became one of the greatest Viking legends of all time!The year is A.D. 794. Untested by battle and uncalloused by the sea, … more

Ragnar of Black Fjord (The Ragnar Chronicles Book 1)
Mr. E
Mr. E , English
The Medieval Python: The Pur... -

The Medieval Python: The Pur...

This is a collection of essays by diverse hands engaging, interrogating, and honoring the medieval scholarship of Terry Jones. Jones’ life-long engagement with the Middle Ages in general, and with the work of Chaucer in particular, has sign… more

The Medieval Python: The Purposive and Provocative Work of Terry Jones (The New Middle Ages)
Palgrave Macmillan , English
Sealed In - Jacqueline Druga

Sealed InJacqueline Druga

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Following a distress call from the state police, Dr. Edward Neil and his team from the Centers for Disease Control enter the small town of Hartworth, Montana. Immediately they encounter a man in a pickup truck holding a quarantine post. Hi… more

Sealed In
Jacqueline Druga
ALIEN: Examining Jesus Chris... - Jeff Bennington

ALIEN: Examining Jesus Chris...Jeff Bennington

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If Life Exists on Other Planets, Where Does Jesus Christ and His Angels Fit in a UFO Universe? Is he connected to the UFO phenomenon? According to the Bible, the answer is YES. Discover what the Bible has to say about UFOs in this detailed… more

ALIEN: Examining Jesus Christ in a UFO Universe
Jeff Bennington
Nexgate Press , English
Crabby and Calm: Fifteen Essays - Clay Wirestone

Crabby and Calm: Fifteen EssaysClay Wirestone

A writer, cartoonist and editor whose work has appeared in mental_floss magazine and The Concord Monitor and on the History Channel, Clay Wirestone knows variety. In his first collection of essays, Wirestone takes on the craft of writing, j… more

Crabby and Calm: Fifteen Essays
Clay Wirestone
Cointower Creative , English
A Rifleman Went to War - Herbert McBride

A Rifleman Went to WarHerbert McBride

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Not a history of World War One but a fact filled thesis on the use of rifle, pistol and machinegun in combat. This is the book mentioned on History Channel by Capt. Ed Land in relation to starting the USMC sniping program in Vietnam. “The … more

A Rifleman Went to War
Herbert McBride
Lancer Militaria , English
Daddy's Girl (Daddy Dearest,... - Chelsea Lyle

Daddy's Girl (Daddy Dearest,...Chelsea Lyle

Katie’s mom up and leaves her and her step dad, John, when John loses his job. Now it’s just the two of them, and after a weekend of binge drinking and an interesting show on the History Channel, Katie and John find a way to “come together”… more

Daddy’s Girl (Daddy Dearest, Volume 1)
Chelsea Lyle
Light of the Moon Publishing , English