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Anal Delight - Anal Sex - Sunny Knight, Lexi Voss

Anal Delight - Anal SexSunny Knight, Lexi Voss

Yet it is still vivid in my memory - the only affair I had with a married woman. It ultimately cost me their friendship, but the pleasure is what I remember………This Story will make your bed ROCK!Excerpt:I kissed my way back down her ne… more

Anal Delight - Anal Sex
Sunny Knight, Lexi Voss
Inside the head of a compute... - Valerie Sztrausberg

Inside the head of a compute...Valerie Sztrausberg

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You’ll all know at least one computer geek, but I’d bet you’ve never met any like Dave.Meet Dave. Tall and gangly, clumsy and paranoid to the extreme, he has the programming skills to change the world. Welcome to the topsy-turvy world of Da… more

Inside the head of a computer geek. A funny little book full of humor and Davisms
Valerie Sztrausberg
Great Outdoor Games for Kids... - Peter Jenkins

Great Outdoor Games for Kids...Peter Jenkins

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In this book you will find great outdoor games for kids of all ages that will provide lots of challenge, fun and excitement. Some are new and others are unforgettable favorites.These games are all simple and require minimal items, if any at… more

Great Outdoor Games for Kids: The Ultimate Collection of Fun Kids Games for Any Outdoor Occasion
Peter Jenkins
White Lotus (The Lotus Serie... - Catherine Richards

White Lotus (The Lotus Serie...Catherine Richards

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When the first Outlander found herself falling into the twisted landscape of Wonderland, she caused a disturbance that would last for generations. Now, it’s Alyce Aerion who finds herself in this wondrous but tainted place years later. As h… more

White Lotus (The Lotus Series Book 1)
Catherine Richards
When Mothers Pray: Bringing ... - Cheri Fuller

When Mothers Pray: Bringing ...Cheri Fuller

When Moms Pray, God ListensAs a mom, you can’t always be there as your children stroll the hallways as school, head for the college campus, or occupy a seat in the corporate boardroom. Yet a part of you goes with them when you pray…prepar… more

When Mothers Pray: Bringing God’s Power and Blessing to Your Children’s Lives
Cheri Fuller
Multnomah Books , English
Bent Over at the Country Clu... - Geena Flix

Bent Over at the Country Clu...Geena Flix

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Hollie has a big crush on Grady, the senior frat boy, but she’s only a freshman and doesn’t think he likes her. So, she’s very surprised when he invites her to a party at his country club. She gets even more surprised when he abandons the… more

Bent Over at the Country Club: A Public Sex Short
Geena Flix
Polaris Erotica Publishing , English
TG Transformations: 'Purity'... - Lyra K.

TG Transformations: 'Purity'...Lyra K.

After driving off the Succubus, Landis is relieved to arrive safely in town and ready to return to his old form - until a chance encounter puts him at the mercy of a wicked cardinal. What perverse machinations does he have in mind for our h… more

TG Transformations: ‘Purity’ (Landis and Helia, #2)
Lyra K.
Lyra K. , English
Joseph... - Fran Riedemann

Joseph...Fran Riedemann

More than four hundred years had passed since God had spoken to his people through the prophet Malachi. Generations had come and gone, and few were left who understood God’s covenant promises or looked for the promised Messiah. The law ha… more

Fran Riedemann
Tate Publishing , English
The Blank Slate - Rusty Ellis

The Blank SlateRusty Ellis

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Hitting his head in a church basketball game, John loses his memory and has to rediscover who he is, or was. John goes on to learn that he was not the kind of person he had hoped and has to decide whether to return to his old ways or embark… more

The Blank Slate
Rusty Ellis
Rusty Ellis , English
Spoken Word: Urban Journal (... - Stanley Alston Oliver

Spoken Word: Urban Journal (...Stanley Alston Oliver

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This is the awaited follow up to Poetry In Song.

Just like in the last book you have a collection of poetry that talks about various topics. The difference between Spoken Word and Poetry In Song is the introduction of characters. Every po… more

Spoken Word: Urban Journal (Poetry In Song Book 2)
Stanley Alston Oliver
Poetry In Song Ent. , English
How To Escape From A Headloc... - Jerome Mackey

How To Escape From A Headloc...Jerome Mackey

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When a bully traps a victim’s head in a headlock, his intention is usually to squeeze that kid’s head until’ it hurts. A good headlock will quickly immobilize its victim with pain. Most kids don’t have any idea of how to escape from a hea… more

How To Escape From A Headlock (BULLYING ESCAPE ARTS.)
Jerome Mackey
Jerome Mackey , English
Rough Interview: A Rough Fir... - Morghan Rhees

Rough Interview: A Rough Fir...Morghan Rhees

Liz thinks she can do the job, but Sean doesn’t think so. She’ll do anything to convince him, so it isn’t long before she’s on her knees with her lips wrapped around his shaft. It’ll take a lot more to convince Sean, though, and things ge… more

Rough Interview: A Rough First Anal Sex Short
Morghan Rhees
Happy Hardcore Erotica Publishing , English
Babysitter Confessions: An E... - Jewel Zahn, Jade K. Scott

Babysitter Confessions: An E...Jewel Zahn, Jade K. Scott

Babysitter Confessions is a collection of three wildly sexual erotic stories from two of today’s hottest erotica writers! Stories include: Consolation An Invaluable Babysitter* My Babysitter the WhoreEXCERPT:He pushed the head of his cock… more

Babysitter Confessions: An Erotic Story Collection (Taboo Smut)
Jewel Zahn, Jade K. Scott
TabooSmut.com , English
Voyeur (Early Monday Moaning... - Sankofa

Voyeur (Early Monday Moaning...Sankofa

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As the unexpected house guest lay on the couch unsure of what erotic activities were taking place above her head in the upstairs bedroom sounds began to reverberate off the walls. The unmistakeable creaking of a bed frame crying under the p… more

Voyeur (Early Monday Moaning Book 6)
Falling Hook, Line and Sinke... - Helen Bailey

Falling Hook, Line and Sinke...Helen Bailey

Electra’s head over high heels in lurve! She’s fallen hook, line and sinker for a testosterone-packed hunk. He’s cute, he’s cool and he’s been expelled from school. What more could a girl want? There’s only one minor problemo: she already… more

Falling Hook, Line and Sinker: Crazy World of Electra Brown 5
Helen Bailey
Hodder Children’s Books , English
Old Habits - Christopher Taylor

Old HabitsChristopher Taylor

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A fortune in lost gems.

A man on the run from his brothers.

A dread secret in Castle Dornica.

Stoce grew up alone on the tough streets of Farport to become an exceptional street thief, but nothing in his life has prepared him for this…. more

Old Habits
Christopher Taylor
Kestrel Arts , English
Passion Model - Megan Hart

Passion ModelMegan Hart

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Protect and Serve just took on a whole new meaning.For Recreational Intercourse Operative Gemma, patrolling Newcity’s Lovehuts and Pleasurebots isn’t much of a pleasure. But it’s work she clings to after an accident destroyed her marriage a… more

Passion Model
Megan Hart
Samhain Publishing, Ltd. , English
Laura Interracial Sexual Story - Angela Minx

Laura Interracial Sexual StoryAngela Minx

He moved to my other breast and did the same thing. My head was spinning. And then he moved down my torso until he came to my suit bottoms. He slowly pulled them down and off and then returned to the same spot. He kissed me everywhere down … more

Laura Interracial Sexual Story
Angela Minx
Bighousepub,LLC , English
Something Bad - Dab10

Something BadDab10

(Short story) Have you ever had the feeling that something bad was going to happen. So have I, and every time I’m right and I felt how bad it was going to be. Join me when I feel the worst bad thing is coming.

Something Bad is a psycholog… more

Something Bad
Dab10 , English
Broken (The Zagzagel Diaries) - Bryl R. Tyne

Broken (The Zagzagel Diaries)Bryl R. Tyne

Following the traumatic events of LOST, the angel Zagzagel is more determined than ever to stand by his charges and do things his own way. Until now, Big Poppa has allowed Zag to follow his heart, but He’s about to lay down the law with his… more

Broken (The Zagzagel Diaries)
Bryl R. Tyne
Untreed Reads , English