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The Blood of Free Men: The L... - Michael Neiberg

The Blood of Free Men: The L...Michael Neiberg

In The Blood of Free Men, acclaimed historian Michael S. Neiberg provides a thrilling new history of the Liberation of Paris, showing how a host of brave fighters, commanders, and officials saved the city and, in the process, shaped the out… more

The Blood of Free Men: The Liberation of Paris, 1944
Michael Neiberg
Basic Books , English
The Interspecies Sex Bundle ... - Aster Zhen

The Interspecies Sex Bundle ...Aster Zhen

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Read all three Interspecies Sex stories! Over 14000 words (56 pages) of impregnation, hot monster sex and more tentacles than you can handle!Warnings: tentacle monster sex, impregnation, multiple penetration, breeding, erotic horror.1. Inte… more

The Interspecies Sex Bundle (The Interspecies Sex Series)
Aster Zhen
Wolfpack Alpha's Mate (paran... - Stella Hayne

Wolfpack Alpha's Mate (paran...Stella Hayne

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Part 2 of Wolfpack’s Lust.After Shawna’s breathtaking experience in Part 1 at the hands of the two sexy and dangerous wolfmen, she wakes up to find herself still with them. They use her whenever they wish, and she willingly submits to their… more

Wolfpack Alpha’s Mate (paranormal erotica, M/f) (Wolfpack’s Lust)
Stella Hayne
The Robert Campbell genealog... - Frederic Campbell

The Robert Campbell genealog...Frederic Campbell

INTRODUCTION. This Genealogy of the Robert Campbell family is not intended for a literary production. Nor does it aim to indulge, to any extent, in biographies of the individuals named; otherwise the book would have been larger than a dicti… more

The Robert Campbell genealogy: a record of the descendants of Robert Campbell of County Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland
Frederic Campbell
Where in the OM Am I? - Sara DiVello

Where in the OM Am I?Sara DiVello

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Sara has invested years dutifully climbing the corporate ladder to become head of PR at a major financial services company, but can’t shake the feeling she’s not where she belongs. When her latest boss, a wine-guzzling, drama-loving diva, f… more

Where in the OM Am I?
Sara DiVello
Worcester Square Press , English
Poolside Submission (Light B... - Lucinda DuBois

Poolside Submission (Light B...Lucinda DuBois

For as long as they’ve been friends, Dalton has had a thing for Ally. But he’s been labeled as a “nice guy” and that is Ally’s one major turn off. She isn’t looking for a boyfriend and she’s afraid that is what Dalton will turn into. But a … more

Poolside Submission (Light BDSM Erotica)
Lucinda DuBois
Amid the Recesses: A Short S... - J.A. Crook

Amid the Recesses: A Short S...J.A. Crook

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Amid the Recesses: A Short Story Collection of Fear” is the break-through book from the indie horror author J. A. Crook.  ”Amid the Recesses” explores human fear at its most primal source, with stories of tragic loss, murder, psychological… more

Amid the Recesses: A Short Story Collection of Fear
J.A. Crook
Deranged (5 Star Publication... - Amanda Lee

Deranged (5 Star Publication...Amanda Lee

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Hell bent on upping her body count, Nikki takes Nicole on a psychotic rampage against her will. After a life full of devastation, crazy thoughts invade Nicole’s head and she can no longer save Jeremy or herself from what she’s about to endu… more

Deranged (5 Star Publications Presents)
Amanda Lee
5 Star Publications , English
Utopian Orgasm - 20 Pack Col... - Lexi Voss

Utopian Orgasm - 20 Pack Col...Lexi Voss

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Utopian Orgasm contains 20 Excitable Fantasies That will Make Your Bed Rock…..Enjoy the 20 story Collection of hot, steamy, quality erotica. All 20 stories contain toe curling, leg quivering, titty hardening sex! Sit back and enjoy all va… more

Utopian Orgasm - 20 Pack Collection of Hardcore Erotica
Lexi Voss
Blade Bunny: Volume 1 - Eric Kimball

Blade Bunny: Volume 1Eric Kimball

This story all starts with one ditzy but decidedly deadly ninja girl by the name of Bunny. Bunny takes a job to assassinate the head of a rival clan, an easy task for the adorable sociopath. But things go downhill from there. Soon Bunny … more

Blade Bunny: Volume 1
Eric Kimball
Gashu-Group , English
Fire Crotch - Does The Carpe... - Jen Jacobs

Fire Crotch - Does The Carpe...Jen Jacobs

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I hope you enjoy this romantic story of two lovers….Caution: this story will make your bed rock!Excerpt:His tongue darted out and tasted her lips. He placed his hands on either side of Savannah’s head and held her there. Savannah tilted h… more

Fire Crotch - Does The Carpet Match The Drapes M/f Seduction
Jen Jacobs


Published, 1921. “The Humorous Ghost INTRODUCTION The humorous ghost is distinctly a modern character. In early literature wraiths took themselves very seriously, and insisted on a proper show of respectful fear on the part of those who… more

The Hour of the Dragon (1935... - Robert Ervin  Howard

The Hour of the Dragon (1935...Robert Ervin Howard

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Chapter 1: O Sleeper, Awake! THE LONG TAPERS flickered, sending the black shadows wavering along the walls, and the velvet tapestries rippled. Yet there was no wind in the chamber. Four men stood about the ebony table on which lay the green… more

The Hour of the Dragon (1935), Red Nails (1936), Shadows in Zamboula(1935)
Robert Ervin Howard
Daddy Likes it Tight & I Lik... - Christian A. Turner

Daddy Likes it Tight & I Lik...Christian A. Turner

DESCRIPTION: A young virgin girl was feeling very upset that her friends has been mocking her for being a virgin. She wants to get it over but she would like to have it with someone with a very big cock. When she comes home, she realiz… more

Daddy Likes it Tight & I Like it Big (Stepdad & Stepdaughter Wild-in-Bed) - A Short Erotic Story
Christian A. Turner
Good Vibrations - Sex With t... - Kate Vaunn

Good Vibrations - Sex With t...Kate Vaunn

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I meet a man who doesn’t view the toy as competition!Excerpt:I moved further back on the bed and lay back. Tony watched while he removed the rest of his clothing. “Come and get ‘em,” I said. He crawled up over me and began planting kisses a… more

Good Vibrations - Sex With toys - Hardcore Sex/Anal Penetration/Seduction-Erotica
Kate Vaunn
Kassandra's Song - Bruce Bretthauer

Kassandra's SongBruce Bretthauer

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Undercover cop Kit Cameron has problems. Not only has she identified the head of the local drug gang, but she’s been shot and left for dead. When she awakens in the home of a voodoo priestess she is plagued by troubled dreams of her hazy pa… more

Kassandra’s Song
Bruce Bretthauer
When Sorrow Comes: Reflectio... - S.J. Daniel A. Lord

When Sorrow Comes: Reflectio...S.J. Daniel A. Lord

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HEAD in hands, he sat amid the wreckage of his life. Another Job he thought himself, ironically, and gritted his teeth as he contrasted Job’s patience and his own fierce resentment. Why, why, why all this ruin? If it involved only himself, … more

When Sorrow Comes: Reflections on the Problem of Pain and the Mystery of Suffering and Sorrow
S.J. Daniel A. Lord
Claiming Kira (Daddy's Girl) - Tasia Winters

Claiming Kira (Daddy's Girl)Tasia Winters

PLEASE USE THELOOK INSIDEFEATURE FOR MORE DETAILS With Tasia’s nipple still sore from being pierced, one of Victor’s other girls tells her how she needs to be Tasia’s slave. Tasia can’t quite get pretty Kira out of her mind, even as Mas… more

Claiming Kira (Daddy’s Girl)
Tasia Winters
Wild Sex & Porn Stories Volu... - Macy Alexander, Drake duBois

Wild Sex & Porn Stories Volu...Macy Alexander, Drake duBois

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Enjoy these naughty excerpts from Wild Sex & Porn Stories Volume 4! From The Farmer’s Daughters Watching them, made me so fucking hard again! I told them both to get on their hands and knees. Once they did, I got behind them, got the head o… more

Wild Sex & Porn Stories Volume 4: Fantasy & Revenge Sex
Macy Alexander, Drake duBois
Almost Free Sex Books , English
The Trial of William Tinkling - Charles Dickens

The Trial of William TinklingCharles Dickens

This beginning-part is not made out of anybody’s head, you know. It’s real. You must believe this beginning-part more than what comes after, else you won’t understand how what comes after came to be written. You must believe it all, but you… more

The Trial of William Tinkling
Charles Dickens