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Taken by the Minotaur God - Adriana Rossi

Taken by the Minotaur GodAdriana Rossi

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Mary is a typical young woman, preoccupied with applying to colleges and lusting after boys. One summer evening, a strange boy crashes into her backyard. She quickly realizes that he is not a boy at all—he’s Bacchus, a minotaur god from an… more

Taken by the Minotaur God
Adriana Rossi
A Garden of Delights (Servin... - Sera Belle

A Garden of Delights (Servin...Sera Belle

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Angeline’s dalliances with the servants has opened her in new and exciting ways to the pleasures of the flesh she had never before dreamed of. But her new sexual needs are no longer fulfilled by a mere two servants. After her husband yet ag… more

A Garden of Delights (Serving At Her Pleasure Book 3)
Sera Belle
Joseph... The Heart of the Father - Fran Riedemann

Joseph... The Heart of the FatherFran Riedemann

More than four hundred years had passed since God had spoken to his people through the prophet Malachi. Generations had come and gone, and few were left who understood God’s covenant promises or looked for the promised Messiah. The law had … more

Joseph… The Heart of the Father
Fran Riedemann
Tate Publishing , English
Shelby Gets Caged: An Erotic... - Jael Long

Shelby Gets Caged: An Erotic...Jael Long

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Shelby knew not to disobey her Master John, that there would be consequences. Maybe she was counting on the punishment. Apparently she likes the rough treatment and abuse that only John can dish out. She actually looks forward to it. On… more

Shelby Gets Caged: An Erotic Tale of BDSM and Rough Double Penetration
Jael Long
BJ Hardcore Erotica Press , English
Reckless Promise - Jenny Andersen

Reckless PromiseJenny Andersen

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Fun on the range. A hot redhead, a susceptible rancher, and an inconvenient promise that has to be kept make for an extremely satisfying read. Prop your feet up for a few enjoyable hours because you won’t want to put this book down!” Ja… more

Reckless Promise
Jenny Andersen
Jenny Andersen , English
Secrets - Bali Rai

SecretsBali Rai

JIT can’t be bothered with school. His mum’s new boyfriend is doing his head in, and the last thing on his mind is dealing with lessons and homework. He needs the gang’s help, and fast … SUKY and Imi have been going out for ages. But th… more

Bali Rai
RHCP Digital , English
The Prisoner (Gay Soldiers) - Lyle Doux

The Prisoner (Gay Soldiers)Lyle Doux

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This is the story of a gay American soldier whose assignment is to find a prisoner in one of the many camps set up by the Germans. The person is of great importance to the Allied forces. If he is killed, it could change the outcome of the w… more

The Prisoner (Gay Soldiers)
Lyle Doux
The Werewolf's Master - Alina Howell

The Werewolf's MasterAlina Howell

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Mike is house sitting over summer break when he finds a dog and decides to keep it. But when the dog turns out to be a werewolf with a voracious sexual appetite, will Mike be able to tame his new pet or will he be the one tamed instead? (M/… more

The Werewolf’s Master
Alina Howell
Face Fucked at the Club: A R... - Paige Jamey

Face Fucked at the Club: A R...Paige Jamey

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Maggie dreaded going to work since she hated her job and her boss was a complete asshole. On one fine Tuesday, after a long day of paying bills at work, she needed to let her hair down and get totally freaky. Well once she hit the club in… more

Face Fucked at the Club: A Rough Stranger Sex Erotica Story (Throats Filled Up Book 1)
Paige Jamey
BJ Hardcore Erotica Press , English
Gladiator : Book 3 (A BBW BD... - Freya Isabel

Gladiator : Book 3 (A BBW BD...Freya Isabel

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Denise is walking with her head in the clouds as she measures her success in how many private meetings she has with her new employer, who is also secretly a warrior of an underground gladiator arena. Her desire and her passions drive her t… more

Gladiator : Book 3 (A BBW BDSM Erotic Romance Novella Series)
Freya Isabel
Chronicles of Silvercrest - Bob  Cravener

Chronicles of SilvercrestBob Cravener

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This epic novel follows the adventures of The Traveler through the Kingdom of Silvercrest. Anyone who has played classic role-playing games will appreciate the depth of character and richness of storytelling that Bob brings to his tale. The… more

Chronicles of Silvercrest
Bob Cravener


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She’s got it made. She’s working hard on her master’s degree, and she gets to live right on the beach, so when it comes time to reward herself by going to a beach party, why not? After all, the college boy she met while she was jogging is… more

BENT OVER BY THE BONFIRE: A Public Beach Gangbang Short (Bouncing Beach Babes)
Julie Bosso
Naughty Daydreams Press , English
A Public Spectacle: A Book A... - Johannes Amritzer

A Public Spectacle: A Book A...Johannes Amritzer

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Paul uses the words “a public spectacle” to describe the ministry of the apostle. Today, almost 2000 years later, that description still seems to hit the head of the nail. The apostle is often slandered, jeered at and strongly questioned. F… more

A Public Spectacle: A Book About The Ministry Of The Apostle And Apostolic Christianity
Johannes Amritzer
The Fisherman - Mark D. DiRienzo

The FishermanMark D. DiRienzo

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Another crossroad…. Forget the past and attempt to find my final peace or continue down the road I was already so deeply vested? Maybe I would finally find the truth I created in the justice I served. I had to make a snap decision. Silenc… more

The Fisherman
Mark D. DiRienzo
Mark D. DiRienzo Books , English
Tonya Teaching Me (And My Te... - Stacy Reinhardt

Tonya Teaching Me (And My Te...Stacy Reinhardt

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My roommate Tonya was surprised to learn I was almost completely inexperienced sexually, and she decided she’d make sure I got proper training. That’s how I ended up hiding in her room while she went down on her boyfriend. Tonya was going… more

Tonya Teaching Me (And My Teacher Was On Her Knees!): A Younger Woman Deepthroat Erotica Story
Stacy Reinhardt
Polaris Erotic Publishing , English
Cabo Ho! (The Daniels Advent... - Joel Mumey, CRASH DAVIS

Cabo Ho! (The Daniels Advent...Joel Mumey, CRASH DAVIS

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The Daniels Adventures continue as the head for Cabo San Lucas Mexico in search of another treasure. Cabo Ho, the second book in the series, brings back the original cast of colorful characters and adds a few more. Cabo Ho will keep you gue… more

Cabo Ho! (The Daniels Adventures Book 2)
Affirmation: Everything Is I... - David Redshaw

Affirmation: Everything Is I...David Redshaw

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“Affirmation” chronicles progress through means of inter-woven themes, to the liberation of personal demons also reflecting the shadow side of this liberation. It is ultimately a “Positive Affirmation” chronicling my life’s experiences, per… more

Affirmation: Everything Is Illegal And I Am Alien
David Redshaw
David Redshaw , English
Monster Violations:  Three B... - Hannah Wilde

Monster Violations: Three B...Hannah Wilde

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Collecting three tales of hardcore, beastly gangbangs, Monster Violations is the perfect bundle for anyone looking to walk on the wild side. These stories include rough sex, mind control, gangbangs, double penetration, double anal, dubious… more

Monster Violations: Three Beastly Gangbangs (Violated By Monsters)
Hannah Wilde
HWP , English
Mona's Second Chance - Dinah McLeod

Mona's Second ChanceDinah McLeod

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They had grown up together. Childhood friends, one-time sweethearts, buddies, then eventually they grew apart. When they met again later, it was love, followed by marriage… followed by divorce. But somehow, even a year after the divorce, … more

Mona’s Second Chance
Dinah McLeod
Blushing Books , English


Everything comes to a head in this action packed finale’ of the Black Wedding Cake Series. It’s all or nothing for Kquanasia and she’s pushed all her chips in the middle of the table. Will the house win or will she survive the game of death… more

Sadie Morris