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Humorous Ghost Stories (Anno... - Dorothy Scarborough

Humorous Ghost Stories (Anno...Dorothy Scarborough

The humorous ghost is distinctly a modern character. In early literature wraiths took themselves very seriously, and insisted on a proper show of respectful fear on the part of those whom they honored by haunting. A mortal was expected to r… more

Humorous Ghost Stories (Annotated Edition)
Dorothy Scarborough
amazon.com , English
The Teflon Queen PT 3 - Silk White

The Teflon Queen PT 3Silk White

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The Teflon Queen is back and better than ever. All Angela wants to do is disappear and live a quiet life. All is well until she bumps into an innocent eight year old child by the name of Ashley. Before witnessing her father’s head get blown… more

The Teflon Queen PT 3
Silk White
Good2go Publishing , English
The Promised One (A 10-week ... - Nancy Guthrie

The Promised One (A 10-week ...Nancy Guthrie

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This first volume in the Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament Bible study series guides women through a Christ-centered study of Genesis. The Promised One provides a fresh look at the book of Genesis, leading women in discovering how its stori… more

The Promised One (A 10-week Bible Study): Seeing Jesus in Genesis (Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament)
Nancy Guthrie
Crossway Books , English
Jackson Jones, Book 2: The T... - Jennifer L. Kelly

Jackson Jones, Book 2: The T...Jennifer L. Kelly

You never know just where your story will take you.All Jackson had to do was clean the pool. Just that one simple task. It would have been simple, anyway, if that freak storm hadn’t come and carried him away. Now Jackson is trapped in the b… more

Jackson Jones, Book 2: The Tale of a Boy, a Troll, and a Rather Large Chicken
Jennifer L. Kelly
Zonderkidz , English
Lassoing Lisa - K. Lyn

Lassoing LisaK. Lyn

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On a dare one night, Jenny does the unthinkable, and as a result she somehow ends up in a wheat field. When the owner of the land finds Jenny hiding in his prized crop, he calls her by name, but by the wrong name. For some reason, the man t… more

Lassoing Lisa
K. Lyn
Romancing Erotica Books , English
A Survival Kit Shelter, The ... - Mors Kochanski

A Survival Kit Shelter, The ...Mors Kochanski

The topic of bush survival shelters can be extensive and complex. To some, shelter simply means a roof over one’s head, a place to get in out of the rain or more generally, something that provides protection from the various discomforts imp… more

A Survival Kit Shelter, The Super Shelter and Some of It’s Variants
Mors Kochanski
Karamat Wilderness Ways , English
Her New Rock A Gender Bendin... - Amie Heights

Her New Rock A Gender Bendin...Amie Heights

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Jamie thought of herself as a normal girl with a normal pussy until this morning. It’s amazing what waking up to find that you now have a giant cock will do to a girl. Now rather then go to work, Jamie decides to explore her new cock, and… more

Her New Rock A Gender Bending Threeway
Amie Heights
Amie Heights , English
A Woman's Place: The Crucial... - Ann M. Dugan, Sharon P. Kron...

A Woman's Place: The Crucial...Ann M. Dugan, Sharon P. Kron...

The authors explore the changing role women play in today’s family business—from the head of the firm to the quiet yet powerful role of “influencer without authority,” women are increasingly active in all parts of today’s business.  This bo… more

A Woman’s Place: The Crucial Roles of Women in Family Business (A Family Business Publication)
Ann M. Dugan, Sharon P. Krone, Kelly , PhD LeCouvie, Jennifer M. Pendergast, Denise H. Kenyon-Rouvinez, Amy M. Schuman
Palgrave Macmillan , English
Take Me Fast (Four Ever More... - Zenina Masters

Take Me Fast (Four Ever More...Zenina Masters

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Nisa has been working with the priests to host weddings at their abbey and bring joy to newly wedded couples. When a bride asks Nisa to formalize her vows instead of head of the order, the clone is honoured but a little confused. The confus… more

Take Me Fast (Four Ever More Book 8)
Zenina Masters
eXtasy Books , English
Taken by the Minotaur God - Adriana Rossi

Taken by the Minotaur GodAdriana Rossi

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Mary is a typical young woman, preoccupied with applying to colleges and lusting after boys. One summer evening, a strange boy crashes into her backyard. She quickly realizes that he is not a boy at all—he’s Bacchus, a minotaur god from an… more

Taken by the Minotaur God
Adriana Rossi
You've Got Mail (Part 3) -- ... - Susie Taylor

You've Got Mail (Part 3) -- ...Susie Taylor

****!!!!!!PUBLISHER WARNING!!!!!!!******The contents of this book are known to cause spontaneous wetness in women and hardness in men.This story contains shockingly explicit and sexually charged scenes.It is NOmore

You’ve Got Mail (Part 3) — BDSM Kinky Sex Male Domination Female Submissive (You’ve Got Mail — Letters 5 & 6 — Threesome & Tied Up)
Susie Taylor
A Garden of Delights (Servin... - Sera Belle

A Garden of Delights (Servin...Sera Belle

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Angeline’s dalliances with the servants has opened her in new and exciting ways to the pleasures of the flesh she had never before dreamed of. But her new sexual needs are no longer fulfilled by a mere two servants. After her husband yet ag… more

A Garden of Delights (Serving At Her Pleasure Book 3)
Sera Belle
Joseph... The Heart of the Father - Fran Riedemann

Joseph... The Heart of the FatherFran Riedemann

More than four hundred years had passed since God had spoken to his people through the prophet Malachi. Generations had come and gone, and few were left who understood God’s covenant promises or looked for the promised Messiah. The law had … more

Joseph… The Heart of the Father
Fran Riedemann
Tate Publishing , English
Apostolic - Prophetic Messages - Art Katz

Apostolic - Prophetic MessagesArt Katz

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Table of ContentsApostolic and Prophetic FoundationsAn Apostolic ManifestoProphetic Reflections Prophetic Reflections for the Last Days What ought we to be about in God in the Last Days? True and False Prophets”As we enter a decade of enorm… more

Apostolic - Prophetic Messages
Art Katz
The Every Woman's Fantasy Se... - Rick Barry

The Every Woman's Fantasy Se...Rick Barry

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This exciting series is a collection of Life Stories with an explosive touch of erotica. Follow May, Celeste, Shanquelle and the others as you find one after the other - deep stroking it out on conference room tables at the local college, l… more

The Every Woman’s Fantasy Series Introduction
Rick Barry
Rick Barry , English
Rocket Up Your Class!: 101 h... - Dave Keeling

Rocket Up Your Class!: 101 h...Dave Keeling

Are you looking for a creative opening, energising middle or big finish to a lesson? then just pick out a relevant game, exercise or idea from this wonderful book and watch the fireworks go. Failing that, just leave the room as you found it… more

Rocket Up Your Class!: 101 high impact activities to start, end and break up lessons (Independent Thinking Series)
Dave Keeling
Crown House Publishing , English
Polar bears for kids : Amazi... - Brandon J. Ferrer

Polar bears for kids : Amazi...Brandon J. Ferrer

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Polar bears for kids : Amazing Pictures & Fun Facts on Animals

Learn more about this amazing Polar bears! Polar bears live along coasts and sea-ice in the freezing Arctic cold. When the sea ice forms on the ocean in cold weather, many pol… more

Polar bears for kids : Amazing Pictures & Fun Facts on Animals (Include amazing picture bonus)
Brandon J. Ferrer
In Confidence: Essays in Bol... - Betsy Talbot

In Confidence: Essays in Bol...Betsy Talbot

The author of Strip Off Your Fear: Slip Into Something More Confident returns with a collection of essays on confidence for busy women.In her signature ‘friend-to-friend’ style, she tackles tough subjects with just the right blend of wisdom… more

In Confidence: Essays in Bold Living
Betsy Talbot
Blood Brothers (Rocky Mounta... - Susan Arden

Blood Brothers (Rocky Mounta...Susan Arden

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As wolf shifters and Marines, Tristen and Fin’s loyalty knows no bounds. Yet these hardcore shifters lack the ability to speak from the heart. Their pervasive silence leaves them without the means to overcome problems plaguing their relatio… more

Blood Brothers (Rocky Mountain Shifter Book 2)
Susan Arden
Decadent Publishing Company, LLC , English
The Doll - Cricket Starr

The DollCricket Starr

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A paranormal contemporary, a modern tale with a bit of magic in the air In an old curio shop, Jenny buys a wooden figure that reminds her of a favorite toy from her childhood, a male fashion model doll. One difference is that the figure is … more

The Doll
Cricket Starr
Ellora’s Cave , English