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Best Easy Day Hikes Hawaii: ... - Suzanne Swedo

Best Easy Day Hikes Hawaii: ...Suzanne Swedo

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Best Easy Day Hikes Hawaii; Oahu includes concise descriptions of the best easy day hikes on the island, with detailed maps of each route. The 20 hikes in this guide are generally short, easy to follow, and guaranteed to please.

Best Easy Day Hikes Hawaii: Oahu (Best Easy Day Hikes Series)
Suzanne Swedo
FalconGuides , English
Hidden Mysteries: ETs, Ancie... - Joshua David Stone

Hidden Mysteries: ETs, Ancie...Joshua David Stone

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The Essenes, the Kahunas of Hawaii, Pan and the nature kingdom, the angelic kingdom, the Vedas and Upanishads, the Kabbalah, the Yoga sutras of Patanjali, the Egyptian mysteries, and The Keys of Enoch — These profound spiritual teachings, … more

Hidden Mysteries: ETs, Ancient Mystery Schools, and Ascension (Complete Ascension)
Joshua David Stone
Light Technology Publishing , English
WETTER: An Erotic Romance - Jorja Tabu

WETTER: An Erotic RomanceJorja Tabu

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This is how I like it,” he said softly, and leaned down to kiss her.  The tenderness in his touch was abrupt and almost unsettling.  ”This is how you taught me to do it, Lena,” he whispered, and she felt his hands creep beneath her and pul… more

WETTER: An Erotic Romance
Jorja Tabu


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Most Esoteric authors look to Western occult traditions, or possibly to borrowed Hindu or Buddhist concepts. Max Freedom Long, on the other hand, was fascinated with the shamans of Hawaii, the Kahuna. This book is not, an ethnographic accou… more

Max Freedom Long
Murine Press , English
Whyzits (First Edition) - David L. Rose

Whyzits (First Edition)David L. Rose

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A compilation of 62 questions about life’s amusing little inconsistencies.Sample: “Whyzit that Hawaii has interstate highways?”

Whyzits (First Edition)
David L. Rose
David L. Rose , English
The Baby-Sitters Club Super ... - Ann M. Martin

The Baby-Sitters Club Super ...Ann M. Martin

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The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters!It’s the coolest school trip ever: a week in Hawaii! And almost all of the BSC members are going.Since Mallory can’t go to Hawaii, the Baby-sitters resolve to b… more

The Baby-Sitters Club Super Special #13: Aloha, Baby-Sitters!
Ann M. Martin
Scholastic Paperbacks , English
Shenyati's Gift - Rashana

Shenyati's GiftRashana

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When Shenyati went to Hawaii to visit her grandparents she discovered something very special. She learned what it means to follow your intuition.

Teaching your children to trust their innate feelings is a valuable skill that is gently br… more

Shenyati’s Gift
Inner Nature Publishing , English
The REAL Facts About Moving ... - N Francisco

The REAL Facts About Moving ...N Francisco

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Find out what it’s REALLY like to move to Hawaii - Oahu specifically. Here you’ll find the lesser known facts about island life. Stuff that the other books don’t tell you because it’s not rainbows and ocean paradise all the time.Get inside … more

The REAL Facts About Moving To Hawaii
N Francisco
Through The Years - Z.A. Maxfield

Through The YearsZ.A. Maxfield

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Reedited and Updated version of a free series written in 2008 Ethan Holmes and Barry Moffit have been in love since they were kids. These stories — re-edited for quality content and given a Winterheart Designs cover — were written in … more

Through The Years
Z.A. Maxfield
Maxfield Publishing , English
The Volcano of Doom (Acciden... - Sigmund Brouwer

The Volcano of Doom (Acciden...Sigmund Brouwer

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Postcard-perfect Hawaii proves to be anything but paradise when Ricky and the other Accidental Detectives stumble on an active volcano. This one threatens to destroy the hiding places of immigrants. What can the Accidental Detectives do to … more

The Volcano of Doom (Accidental Detectives Book 15)
Sigmund Brouwer
The Secret Science Behind Miracles - Max Freedom Long

The Secret Science Behind MiraclesMax Freedom Long

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Most New Thought proponents look to Western esoteric traditions, or possibly to second-hand Hindu or Buddhist concepts. Max Freedom Long, on the other hand, was fascinated with the shamans of Hawaii, the Kahuna. While this is not, by far, a… more

The Secret Science Behind Miracles
Max Freedom Long
Evinity Publishing Inc , English
Exit Here. - Jason Myers

Exit Here.Jason Myers

1 rating

Enter apathy. Travis is back from college for the summer, and he’s just starting to settle in to the usual pattern at home: drinking, drugging, watching porn, and hooking up. But Travis isn’t settling in like he used to; something isn’t… more

Exit Here.
Jason Myers
Simon Pulse , English
Gender Swap Spring Break (MF... - Catherine DeVore

Gender Swap Spring Break (MF...Catherine DeVore

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When Hideki decides to spend spring break with his friends in Hawaii, he thinks he’s prepared for a week of drunken, debauched fun. What he didn’t expect was an ancient curse from the goddess Pele—a curse that turned him into a woman! “Mai… more

Gender Swap Spring Break (MFM Threesome)
Catherine DeVore
Catherine DeVore , English
Kevie Keanu's Walk With Nana - Elizabeth Streb Parks

Kevie Keanu's Walk With NanaElizabeth Streb Parks

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Two generations enjoy the serendipitous walk of a lifetime on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. A boy and his nana are serious sunset and rainbow chasers, but this walk of wonder leads them to experiences they never expected, which wil… more

Kevie Keanu’s Walk With Nana
Elizabeth Streb Parks
Telemachus Press, LLC , English
For the Love of Lilly: Livin... - Mary Lu Kelley

For the Love of Lilly: Livin...Mary Lu Kelley

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Animal lovers unite and join with this author to discover together the magnificent breed of dogs called the Alaskan Malamute. Enjoy this series of delightful stories, mostly set in Hawaii, about seven Malamute dogs. Get to know them from pu… more

For the Love of Lilly: Living with Malamutes in Hawaii
Mary Lu Kelley
AuthorHouse , English
Hawaiian Beach House Fuckers - Dallas Sketchman

Hawaiian Beach House FuckersDallas Sketchman

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Sketchman wins a raffle for a three week vacation in Hawaii. It turns out the owner of the beach house is also a hot black stud who hangs around to entertain his guest!

Hawaiian Beach House Fuckers
Dallas Sketchman
Dallas Sketchman , English
Rod Platinum - Blackanese (A... - Rod Platinum

Rod Platinum - Blackanese (A...Rod Platinum

22 RELATED PHOTOS INCLUDEDRod Platinum’s ‘Chasin’ Tale’ Series is both short story and related photo series. The title contains Mature Content, and is suitable for Adults Only!The Tale |When I crossed to my hotel window, about to block out … more

Rod Platinum - Blackanese (A Chasin’ Tale)
Rod Platinum
XAMBooks , English
Hawaii a' La Trivia - Japane... - George Jakubauskas

Hawaii a' La Trivia - Japane...George Jakubauskas

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Hawaii a‘ la Trivia will entertain and fascinate you with the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Hawaiian Islands. Within these pages, you will find 130 challenging trivia questions including historical sights,… more

Hawaii a’ La Trivia - Japanese (a’ La Trivia Publications) (Japanese Edition)
George Jakubauskas
A’ La Trivia Publications , Japanese
Until The End - RJ Astruc, Andy Astruc

Until The EndRJ Astruc, Andy Astruc

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Someone is yelling at you.You open your eyes and see your alarm clock framed in blue wallpaper. You were just surfing in Hawaii with a circus strongman, but now you’re awake. It is 7:13 am on Saturday morning, the sunlight is shafting thoug… more

Until The End
RJ Astruc, Andy Astruc
Detective D.O.G. & The Case ... - Ariel Leslie

Detective D.O.G. & The Case ...Ariel Leslie

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D.O.G. is going on vacation to Hawaii. He is hoping for some time of relaxation and fun, but that is not what happens …. an evil black Labrador traps him a crate. Will D.O.G. escape or stay locked up forever???

Detective D.O.G. & The Case Of The Ilio Lahui Treasure
Ariel Leslie