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For the Love of Lilly: Livin... - Mary Lu Kelley

For the Love of Lilly: Livin...Mary Lu Kelley

Animal lovers unite and join with this author to discover together the magnificent breed of dogs called the Alaskan Malamute. Enjoy this series of delightful stories, mostly set in Hawaii, about seven Malamute dogs. Get to know them from pu… more

For the Love of Lilly: Living with Malamutes in Hawaii
Mary Lu Kelley
AuthorHouse , English
To Hawaii, with Love (Spy Go... - Michael P. Spradlin

To Hawaii, with Love (Spy Go...Michael P. Spradlin

So, it turns out I’m this reincarnated goddess. Whatever that means. Of course, being a goddess apparently doesn’t come with perfect hair or flawless skin or even any neat-o superpowers. Nope. the only thing I get is one stark-raving mad ne… more

To Hawaii, with Love (Spy Goddess, Book 2)
Michael P. Spradlin
HarperCollins , English
X-Files - Vol.2 - Chris Carter

X-Files - Vol.2Chris Carter

NIGHT LIGHTS PART 1: Volume 1, Number 18, June 1996The mysterious dissaperance fo three scientists lead Scully and Mulder to investigate a bizzare phenomena that no one wants to discuss.NIGHT LIGHTS PART 2: Volume 1, Number 19, June 1996Scu… more

X-Files - Vol.2
Chris Carter
Devils Due Digital - A Checker Digital Company , English
Jobsearch Resources USA: Haw... - Internal Arts

Jobsearch Resources USA: Haw...Internal Arts

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Comprehensive directory of Jobsites for US Jobseekers looking for employment in the state of Hawaii.

Jobsearch Resources USA: Hawaii Job Search Directory. Jobsites, newspapers & staffing agencies.2014 Edition
Internal Arts
Internal Arts , English
The House Without a Key - Earl Derr Biggers

The House Without a KeyEarl Derr Biggers

The Charlie Chan series #1 The novel, which takes place in 1920s Hawaiʻi, spends time acquainting the reader with the look and feel of the islands of that era from the standpoint of both white and non-white…

The House Without a Key
Earl Derr Biggers
Little Known Tales in Hawaii... - Alton Pryor

Little Known Tales in Hawaii...Alton Pryor

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Hawaii was not always a paradise. Hawaii’s history was turbulent and soul wrenching. Taboos placed on commoners by Royalty were harsh and cruel. But Hawaii also has its wonderful historic lore, such as the Menehunes, or Hawaii’s “little peo… more

Little Known Tales in Hawaii History (Little KnownTales Book 2)
Alton Pryor
Stagecoach Publishing , English
Hawaii a' La Trivia - German... - George Jakubauskas

Hawaii a' La Trivia - German...George Jakubauskas

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Hawaii a‘ la Trivia will entertain and fascinate you with the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Hawaiian Islands. Within these pages, you will find 130 challenging trivia questions including historical sights,… more

Hawaii a’ La Trivia - German (a’ La Trivia Publications 4) (German Edition)
George Jakubauskas
A’ La Trivia Publications , German
The Red Bogals (Secret Force... - Angela Stewart

The Red Bogals (Secret Force...Angela Stewart

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In this second book in the series Josh has been staying with his dad in Hawaii during his summer holidays. On their last day together they take a boat and a picnic and head out on the ocean to the nearest remote island for some quality ti… more

The Red Bogals (Secret Forces Book 2)
Angela Stewart
Angela Stewart , English
Hawaii's Past in a World of ... - James M.  Bayman, Thomas S. Dye

Hawaii's Past in a World of ...James M. Bayman, Thomas S. Dye

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The book “traces how archaeology and its concepts have developed in the unique cultural and social milieu of twentieth- and early twenty-first century Hawaii.” It covers Hawaii’s history from an archaeological perspective: from historical … more

Hawaii’s Past in a World of Pacific islands (SAA Contemporary Perspectives)
James M. Bayman, Thomas S. Dye
The Coconut Club - Super Powers Unlimited

The Coconut ClubSuper Powers Unlimited

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Kevin moves to Hawaii in desperate need of money. He takes a job at an exclusive gentleman’s club that features the most beautiful women in the world. The girls use magical items to transform themselves into each client’s unique fantasy — … more

The Coconut Club
Super Powers Unlimited
TG World Books (www.tgworldbooks.com) , English
Dog Days - Emery C. Walters

Dog DaysEmery C. Walters

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Aiden is sent to Hawaii to stay with his father, whom he has never met. But when he arrives there he discovers there is no one to meet him. He has no money, and his mother and stepfather do not want him back.

Devastated at their betrayal, … more

Dog Days
Emery C. Walters
Queerteen Press , English
Dreamed Destiny - Courtney Breazile

Dreamed DestinyCourtney Breazile

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Kayla goes to Hawaii looking for an escape from her divorce and impending thirtieth birthday.� She gets an awakening of a gift of dreamed foresight her grandmother claimed to have, and Kayla had always shunned.� When Kayla dreams of her des… more

Dreamed Destiny
Courtney Breazile
eXtasy Books , English
25 Reasons Why He Won't Date... - Amanda Barton

25 Reasons Why He Won't Date...Amanda Barton

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How’s your dating life going? Horrible you say? No dream guys are knocking on your door right now? You probably haven’t even sat down and wondered why that is, maybe you think that they are just out of your reach.

Well, I’m here to tell yo… more

25 Reasons Why He Won’t Date You (And How to Fix Them)
Amanda Barton
Talent Writers , English
Damned in Paradise (Nathan H... - Max Allan Collins

Damned in Paradise (Nathan H...Max Allan Collins

On leave from the Chicago police department, Nate Heller goes to Hawaii to help family friend Clarence Darrow by investigating the rape and murder of a bride only to uncover a morass of bigotry, lies, and revenge.

Damned in Paradise (Nathan Heller Novels)
Max Allan Collins
Thomas & Mercer , English
A Hawaiian Holiday With Tent... - E. Davies

A Hawaiian Holiday With Tent...E. Davies

When Sam gets an invite to an old college friend’s wedding in Hawaii, he reluctantly agrees to go. When he’s stuck by himself at the reception, the new couple introduce him to another shy single, Liam. The two hit it off, but Liam has a sal… more

A Hawaiian Holiday With Tentacles (Gay Tentacle Erotica)
E. Davies
Gifted - Matilda Marshall

GiftedMatilda Marshall

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Ever is an ordinary girl enjoying an ordinary summer in Hawaii. But, five years after her father’s mysterious disappearance, she finds out the truth about herself. Ever is the key to saving a secret world hidden within our own. A world in t… more

Matilda Marshall
Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse... - Terri Farley

Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse...Terri Farley

Darby is nervous about starting at her new school in Hawaii, and when she gets there it’s even worse than she thought. Within the first week she’s made an enemy—her stuck-up cousin from the other side of the island.At least Darby has a new … more

Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island #4: Castaway Colt
Terri Farley
HarperCollins , English
Canis Astra - Mary Ann  Shires Montgomery

Canis AstraMary Ann Shires Montgomery

Character and integrity are at the heart of this high adventure story that spans some fifty years, beginning in Hawaii and traveling around the world with the six main characters. Their lives are woven together with the threads of life as e… more

Canis Astra
Mary Ann Shires Montgomery
PublishAmerica , English
The Bottle Imp - Island Nigh... - Robert Louis Stevenson

The Bottle Imp - Island Nigh...Robert Louis Stevenson

The story is about a working class native of Hawaii, Keawe, who buys a strange bottle from a sad, elderly gentleman who credits the bottle with his wealth and fortune, and promises the imp in the bottle will also grant Keawe his every wish … more

The Bottle Imp - Island Nights’ Entertainments
Robert Louis Stevenson
Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse... - Terri Farley

Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse...Terri Farley

1 rating

Ever since Darby rescued her wild filly mustang, she’s been having a tough time at her grandfather’s ranch. And after she accidentally endangers one of his loyal and steady horses, she can’t help but wonder if she really belongs on a horse … more

Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island #2: The Shining Stallion: Bk. 2
Terri Farley
HarperCollins , English