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Because I Go Like That and F...Gary Ikari

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Because I Go Like That and Fall Down in the Water is a touching novel about decency and deep friendships in an awakening agricultural Hawaii. It is a story depicting the era, the character of the people, and the changes to an enchanting la… more

Because I Go Like That and Fall Down in the Water
Gary Ikari

ParadiseMark Cahill

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What if you were given a free ticket to Paradise today? Would you go? But of course, that begs the question: Where is Paradise and what would you find when you arrived?Josh expects to find Paradise as he sets out for a relaxing trip to Hawa… more

Mark Cahill
Mark Cahill , English

Blackanese (A Chasin' Tale)Rod Platinum

The Tale |When I crossed to my hotel window, about to block out all that amazing Hawaii sunshine, so I can get down to business, 3 floors down, in the pool, as clear as day, what did I see but the most exotic lady I have ever seen in my lif… more

Blackanese (A Chasin’ Tale)
Rod Platinum
XAMBooks , English

Darkness Comes before the Da...Terry Umphenour

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Fifteen-year-old Karina’s life has changed dramatically in the last year. After losing both her parents in an airplane accident, she is now living in a facility known for using adventure education to turn troubled adolescents into responsi… more

Darkness Comes before the Dawn: Book Four of the Karina Series
Terry Umphenour
iUniverse , English

Canis AstraMary Ann Shires Montgomery

Character and integrity are at the heart of this high adventure story that spans some fifty years, beginning in Hawaii and traveling around the world with the six main characters. Their lives are woven together with the threads of life as e… more

Canis Astra
Mary Ann Shires Montgomery
PublishAmerica , English

Little Known Tales in Hawaii...Alton Pryor

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Hawaii was not always a paradise. Hawaii’s history was turbulent and soul wrenching. Taboos placed on commoners by Royalty were harsh and cruel. But Hawaii also has its wonderful historic lore, such as the Menehunes, or Hawaii’s “little peo… more

Little Known Tales in Hawaii History (Little KnownTales)
Alton Pryor
Stagecoach Publishing , English

Sweet Home AmyAmy Green

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Life after divorce is an animal all its own. Especially when you’re as young as I am. They say on TV that divorcees are rowdy and always up for a good time. Well, I’m here to tell you that they’re right. I went buck wild. I even had a tiny… more

Sweet Home Amy
Amy Green

Whyzits (First Edition)David L. Rose

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A compilation of 62 questions about life’s amusing little inconsistencies.Sample: “Whyzit that Hawaii has interstate highways?”

Whyzits (First Edition)
David L. Rose
David L. Rose , English

Hawaii by James A. Michener ...BookRags

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The Hawaii lesson plan contains a variety of teaching materials that cater to all learning styles. Inside you’ll find 30 Daily Lessons, 20 Fun Activities, 180 Multiple Choice Questions, 60 Short Essay Questions, 20 Essay Questions, Quizzes/… more

Hawaii by James A. Michener Lesson Plans

In the tub, restaurant, and ...J.L. Union

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Katie has just been dumped by her boyfriend right before their romantic getaway to Hawaii. Instead she spends time with a couple. She didn’t mean to catch them in the act the first night of her trip. Now she owes them dinner but they pay he… more

In the tub, restaurant, and on the beach
J.L. Union

The House Without a KeyEarl Derr Biggers

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The Charlie Chan series #1 The novel, which takes place in 1920s Hawaiʻi, spends time acquainting the reader with the look and feel of the islands of that era from the standpoint of both white and non-white…

The House Without a Key
Earl Derr Biggers

Blue Water (Legends Unleashe...Heather Beck

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Beautiful, independent and living on the shores of Hawaii, Mandy’s life should be perfect – too bad it’s not. Things are about to change for the seemingly cursed Mandy. All it takes is the love of a wealthy man and a very close encounter wi… more

Blue Water (Legends Unleashed Vol.3)
Heather Beck
Diamond Dust Books , English

Taboo Business TripJean-Luc Cheri

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An erotic short story. Mindy accompanies Jeremy on his business trip to Hawaii. While he works during the day, she spends her time on the beach meeting sexy new friends. But when she witnesses Jeremy having an intimate moment with one of … more

Taboo Business Trip
Jean-Luc Cheri
Eradygm Publishing , English

The Secret Science Behind MiraclesMax Freedom Long

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Most New Thought proponents look to Western esoteric traditions, or possibly to second-hand Hindu or Buddhist concepts. Max Freedom Long, on the other hand, was fascinated with the shamans of Hawaii, the Kahuna. While this is not, by far, a… more

The Secret Science Behind Miracles
Max Freedom Long
Evinity Publishing Inc , English

Homeless in Hawaii (The Golden Sky)EC Stilson

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Running away from her past, Elisa finds herself homeless in Hawaii. The streets aren’t what they seem, though, and cops make her stay in homeless park. She’s only seventeen and with a man she hardly knows. They must work together if th… more

Homeless in Hawaii (The Golden Sky)
EC Stilson
Wayman Publishing , English

Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse...Terri Farley

1 rating

Ever since Darby rescued her wild filly mustang, she’s been having a tough time at her grandfather’s ranch. And after she accidentally endangers one of his loyal and steady horses, she can’t help but wonder if she really belongs on a horse … more

Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island #2: The Shining Stallion: Bk. 2
Terri Farley
HarperCollins , English

Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse...Terri Farley

Darby is nervous about starting at her new school in Hawaii, and when she gets there it’s even worse than she thought. Within the first week she’s made an enemy—her stuck-up cousin from the other side of the island.At least Darby has a new … more

Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island #4: Castaway Colt
Terri Farley
HarperCollins , English

To Hawaii, with Love (Spy Go...Michael P. Spradlin

So, it turns out I’m this reincarnated goddess. Whatever that means. Of course, being a goddess apparently doesn’t come with perfect hair or flawless skin or even any neat-o superpowers. Nope. the only thing I get is one stark-raving mad ne… more

To Hawaii, with Love (Spy Goddess, Book 2)
Michael P. Spradlin
HarperCollins , English

25 Reasons Why He Won't Date...Amanda Barton

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Whether you’ve dreamed of a ridiculously hot dude carrying you away to his castle (or his huge vacation home in Hawaii) or not, most girls figure they’ll “settle down” at one point or another. So if you’ve been eyeing the same guy (or type … more

25 Reasons Why He Won’t Date You (And How to Fix Them)
Amanda Barton
Talent Writers , English

For the Love of Lilly: Livin...Mary Lu Kelley

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Animal lovers unite and join with this author to discover together the magnificent breed of dogs called the Alaskan Malamute. Enjoy this series of delightful stories, mostly set in Hawaii, about seven Malamute dogs. Get to know them from pu… more

For the Love of Lilly: Living with Malamutes in Hawaii
Mary Lu Kelley
AuthorHouse , English