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Never let your guard down - Sim Travers

Never let your guard downSim Travers

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Can you constantly be on guard against all forms of evil? Of course not, but the point is to try and better yourself and abilities. The same is true of the magical world, if you ignore the dark magic and practice only the light you will wea… more

Never let your guard down
Sim Travers
The end is the beginning - Armond DeGasperis

The end is the beginningArmond DeGasperis

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It was said to be one of the most dreadful cases of abuse to a child. I am Armond the 13 year old male survivor of the darkest, most disturbing violations and experiences imaginable. Take a chilling look into my early childhood that was fil… more

The end is the beginning
Armond DeGasperis
createspace , English
How To Start A Catering Business - Joseph  Strong

How To Start A Catering BusinessJoseph Strong

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This book provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of the kind of steps to perform in order to start a catering business. It covers a wide range of areas including the methods for identifying which particular niche within the myria… more

How To Start A Catering Business
Joseph Strong
My NewCareerMove.com , English
Love Bound in Ice: 3 (Werewo... - Marisa Chenery

Love Bound in Ice: 3 (Werewo...Marisa Chenery

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Book three in the Werewolf Sentinels series.Finding his mate on an Alaskan glacier, in need of rescue, is the highlight of Ketah’s day. Having that mate reject him outright after a scorching kiss is not. Getting her to agree to see him agai… more

Love Bound in Ice: 3 (Werewolf Sentinels)
Marisa Chenery
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc. , English
Stung by "B"s - Theresa J. K.  Drinka, Jeni Synnes

Stung by "B"sTheresa J. K. Drinka, Jeni Synnes

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Did you ever have a coworker tell you they want your job and they want you to fail because they know they are far superior to you? It is possible, but not likely. Instead, you might be the recipient of an attack that is much more subtle, … more

Stung by “B”s
Theresa J. K. Drinka, Jeni Synnes
Bbalm Publishing , English
The Dog Crusoe And His Maste... - Robert Michael Ballantyne

The Dog Crusoe And His Maste...Robert Michael Ballantyne

This eBook will be an enjoyable read for any dog lover. The story takes place in the early days of the American West, where Indians and whites were beginning to sign peace treaties. It is about a young man who loves the outdoors and joins w… more

The Dog Crusoe And His Master : The Adventure in Westernland [Illustrated]
Robert Michael Ballantyne
Alaskan Malamute Dog Breed Profile -

Alaskan Malamute Dog Breed Profile

Choosing A Dog Breed - The Dog Breed Guide For The Pure Breed Dog BuyerWant to know more about the dog you own or plan to acquire? Obviously, not all dog breeds are the same… A good dog breed guide will help you in choosing pure breed dogs… more

Alaskan Malamute Dog Breed Profile
All is Lost (Me VS Zombies Book 6) - Sharon Lee Johnson

All is Lost (Me VS Zombies Book 6)Sharon Lee Johnson

Zombies are at the bottom of the boulders, waiting for us.

At the moment I am sitting on a boulder with Johnny and a ten year old, Sunshine. I am always running from the Zombies or killing them. It is getting annoying. I miss my old l… more

All is Lost (Me VS Zombies Book 6)
Sharon Lee Johnson
Sharon Lee Johnson , English
Dark Pleasures: Master of De... - Amanda McIntyre, Charlotte F...

Dark Pleasures: Master of De...Amanda McIntyre, Charlotte F...

Guard well your desireswhat ere’ they may befor the Dark Lords scour the nightlooking for thee…Centuries-old legends tell of enchanted forests, said to house otherworldly beings who hold court in the deepest, darkest part of the woods. Duri… more

Dark Pleasures: Master of Desire\Wicked Temptation\Midnight Sins
Amanda McIntyre, Charlotte Featherstone, Kristi Astor
Harlequin Spice , English
Bye Bye Blackbird - Lawrence Cada

Bye Bye BlackbirdLawrence Cada

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Bye Bye Blackbird takes you to your limit, by not letting your guard down for one second. It starts up your defense mechanism to guard and protect you against danger. Little do we know about protection, but it is brought forth one last time… more

Bye Bye Blackbird
Lawrence Cada
This Dreadful Deed - Paul H. Kogel

This Dreadful DeedPaul H. Kogel

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Lightning flashed and thunder rolled through the night as I cinched up my cloak against a sudden bitter-cold gust and halted in my tracks. I stared at the entrance to the crypt. My heart leaped, and then stopped beating for a chilling momen… more

This Dreadful Deed
Paul H. Kogel
Amazon Shorts , English
Dare to Live Without Limits:... - Bryan Golden

Dare to Live Without Limits:...Bryan Golden

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Volume 1 covers:- The Power Within- You are what you think about- Set goals- Plan how to reach your goals- All we have is today- Never ever give up- Education never ends- Control your own emotions- Guard your time- Have an attitude of grati… more

Dare to Live Without Limits: Advice Volume 1
Bryan Golden
Bryan Golden , English
REAPER (Jade) - David A Hale

REAPER (Jade)David A Hale

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Conscripted into service as a member of the city watch to avoid going to jail, Jade is reasonably content to serve her time without complaint. It is far better than spending the next several months in a cage. Being a guard does little to in… more

David A Hale
Doggie Style - Angelicka Wallows

Doggie StyleAngelicka Wallows

Helena and her boyfriend are deeply in love, but he is always out of town on business. He truly cares for her and worries about her safety when he is gone for days at a time. His concern increases with the rising number of break-ins in the … more

Doggie Style
Angelicka Wallows
My Pouty Lips , English
The Reset: Reclaiming The Li... - DAVID STEVENS

The Reset: Reclaiming The Li...DAVID STEVENS

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If you suddenly discovered a RESET button that if pushed would immediately undo all of your past mistakes and failures and would restore your current life to better circumstances, would you be tempted to give it a try? Most of us would, bu… more

The Reset: Reclaiming The Life You Should Be Living In 28 Days
WestBowPress , English
Doppelganger Tragedy: A Shor... - Michael Hunter, Scream Chamber

Doppelganger Tragedy: A Shor...Michael Hunter, Scream Chamber

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“The beginning of what looked to be a particularly good dream was just starting when the tapping sound echoed through the room again. He was awake just enough to hear the direction it came from this time though. It was coming from the hal… more

Doppelganger Tragedy: A Short Horror Story
Michael Hunter, Scream Chamber
Scream Chamber , English
Avenger (Unsettled Book 2) - Su Halfwerk

Avenger (Unsettled Book 2)Su Halfwerk

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Luke has two purposes, hunting spirits and avenging his own death.Pru has one goal, to return to her body, especially now that Luke is interested in her. Her memories of his shady past haunt her and keep her on guard around him.Ignoring his… more

Avenger (Unsettled Book 2)
Su Halfwerk
Devine Destinies , English
Scouting For Girls, Official... - Girl Scouts of the United St...

Scouting For Girls, Official...Girl Scouts of the United St...

She is not satisfied, either, with keeping the letter of the law, when she really breaks it in spirit. When she answers you, she means what you mean.Nor does she take pains to do all this only when she is watched, or when somebody stands re… more

Scouting For Girls, Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts - Original Unabridged Version
Girl Scouts of the United States of America
In The House Of The Enemy (R... - Bea Carlton

In The House Of The Enemy (R...Bea Carlton

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This novel is a romance mystery. Linn Randolph, an amnesia victim, returns to her home, Grey Oaks, to find she has a husband who doesn’t want her, and is about to marry another woman. In fact, no one wants her at Grey Oaks. What has she don… more

In The House Of The Enemy (Randolph Family Book 1)
Bea Carlton


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It was my turn to distract the guard so my dorm mates could stay out past curfew. I was just supposed to flirt, but the flirting wasn’t working so I decided to let the guard with the big hat and the cowboy boots know he could have a hell o… more

BENT OVER BY THE COWBOY GUARD (The Young College Student’s Backdoor Surprise): A First Anal Sex Erotica Story (Taken By Cowboys)
Jane Kemp
Naughty Daydreams Press , English