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A Victim of Her Own Paranoia - Tina Brown

A Victim of Her Own ParanoiaTina Brown

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Tenika badly wanted to forget her horrible experience. However, it was very difficult to forget the past. Sleep eluded her. She was torn between the love she felt for a man that had broken her heart and the memory of the immeasurable pain … more

A Victim of Her Own Paranoia
Tina Brown
Xlibris , English
Black Russian Terrier Dog Br... -

Black Russian Terrier Dog Br...

No editorial review available.
Black Russian Terrier Dog Breed Profile
Digital Products Mall , English
Sons of Baal (Forgestriker) - Alan Place

Sons of Baal (Forgestriker)Alan Place

Lost in deep space after an attack on a foreign world, the men of the battle-ravaged Baalite 7th Guard fight to get back home in the Exploator vessel, Forgestriker.

Sons of Baal (Forgestriker)
Alan Place
Alan Place , English
Dark Pleasures: Master of De... - Amanda McIntyre, Charlotte F...

Dark Pleasures: Master of De...Amanda McIntyre, Charlotte F...

Guard well your desireswhat ere’ they may befor the Dark Lords scour the nightlooking for thee…Centuries-old legends tell of enchanted forests, said to house otherworldly beings who hold court in the deepest, darkest part of the woods. Duri… more

Dark Pleasures: Master of Desire\Wicked Temptation\Midnight Sins
Amanda McIntyre, Charlotte Featherstone, Kristi Astor
Harlequin Spice , English
Slacker Manifesting - Jeannette Maw

Slacker ManifestingJeannette Maw

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Some of us have been misinformed about what it takes to succeed.We were taught to work hard, never give up, and pay our dues with blood, sweat and tears in order to get what we want.And lots of us have been practicing that – slowly but sure… more

Slacker Manifesting
Jeannette Maw
Dare to Live Without Limits:... - Bryan Golden

Dare to Live Without Limits:...Bryan Golden

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Volume 1 covers:- The Power Within- You are what you think about- Set goals- Plan how to reach your goals- All we have is today- Never ever give up- Education never ends- Control your own emotions- Guard your time- Have an attitude of grati… more

Dare to Live Without Limits: Advice Volume 1
Bryan Golden
Bryan Golden , English
Scouting For Girls, Official... - Girl Scouts of the United St...

Scouting For Girls, Official...Girl Scouts of the United St...

She is not satisfied, either, with keeping the letter of the law, when she really breaks it in spirit. When she answers you, she means what you mean.Nor does she take pains to do all this only when she is watched, or when somebody stands re… more

Scouting For Girls, Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts - Latest Edition 2010
Girl Scouts of the United States of America
All About The American Bando... - Youssef Sherief

All About The American Bando...Youssef Sherief

The American Bandogge Mastiff isn’t а purebred dog, aѕ we’d nоrmally perceive thе term. Bandogge describes аny mastiff breed оf thе bulldog type, аnd cоmeѕ frоm а Saxon word - banda - meaning chain. This iѕ bеcausе thesе dogs werе commonly … more

All About The American Bandogge Mastiff Tips, Advice And Care
Youssef Sherief
Soul Betrayed (The Life Afte... - Katlyn Duncan

Soul Betrayed (The Life Afte...Katlyn Duncan

A Life for a LifeThe battle between Shadowed and Guard has brought destruction and terror to Gate Seven and now Maggie wants revenge. As the only after-life being who can save the souls from ultimate death Maggie comes face to face with her… more

Soul Betrayed (The Life After trilogy - Book 3)
Katlyn Duncan
Carina , English
Great Dane Dog Breed Profile -

Great Dane Dog Breed Profile

Choosing A Dog Breed - The Dog Breed Guide For The Pure Breed Dog BuyerWant to know more about the dog you own or plan to acquire? Obviously, not all dog breeds are the same. A good dog breed guide will help you in choosing pure breed dogs … more

Great Dane Dog Breed Profile
Digital Products Mall , English
Black and Tan Coonhound Dog ... -

Black and Tan Coonhound Dog ...

No editorial review available.
Black and Tan Coonhound Dog Breed Profile
Digital Products Mall , English
Cursed (The Guardians Book 2) - Wendy Owens

Cursed (The Guardians Book 2)Wendy Owens

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RE-EDITEDAs of 8/23/2013 Cursed has been completely re-edited.Book2 of The Guardians SeriesSome people are born into love, some people are born into war, when Gabe discovered he was a Guardian Angel, his life was suddenly thrust into … more

Cursed (The Guardians Book 2)
Wendy Owens
Four Bean Publishing , English
The Devil: And How to Resist Him - Fr. Gerald Vann

The Devil: And How to Resist HimFr. Gerald Vann

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Satan is very real, and he is bent on your damnation. Are you prepared to resist his attacks?

While most people aren’t possessed — or even harassed by Old Scratch the way some saints have been — the Devil does try to gain power over ever… more

The Devil: And How to Resist Him
Fr. Gerald Vann
Sophia Institute Press , English
Develop Daily Habits And Fin... - John Williamson

Develop Daily Habits And Fin...John Williamson

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From the very first moment we are born, we arrive in this world free of habits and with a natural happiness state built in. Then guess what, life comes along and gives us trials, experiences, challenges, joy, pain and anxiety. So as we gr… more

Develop Daily Habits And Find Your Happiness - Fast !! : Practice These Easy Habits Each Day To Attract More Peace, Love And Happiness To Your Life
John Williamson
John Williamson , English


Traditional roles in the society are blurring.This is due to the contraceptives.Contraceptives changed the paradigm of sex from procreation to liberation.The confusion due to lack of guard by the role play is the cause of sexual identity cr… more

A Friday Foursome: A Wife Sw... - Amy Dupont

A Friday Foursome: A Wife Sw...Amy Dupont

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I couldn’t believe what happened! I was enjoying a nice dinner with new friends, and right out of the blue Allison kissed me! The next thing I knew, she was having sex with my husband and I was having sex with hers! Warning: This ebook co… more

A Friday Foursome: A Wife Swap Erotica Story
Amy Dupont
Red Hot Explicit Erotica Press , English
The Scandal That Never Was - Amanda Bixby

The Scandal That Never WasAmanda Bixby

He lured her into the darkened garden, intending only to steal a few kisses, hopefully gaining another man’s mistress only to find she’s not who he thought. Too late to turn back, too interested to want to, he gets a whole lot more than he… more

The Scandal That Never Was
Amanda Bixby
Yielding to the Merman (Mons... - Mandoline Creme

Yielding to the Merman (Mons...Mandoline Creme

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The ocean was quiet, peaceful, and beautiful all at once.Soon, for one young woman, that would all change.Caught off guard by a creature of the deep, a monster she’s never encountered before, Siena realizes she’s in no position to battle a … more

Yielding to the Merman (Monster Hunter Conquest)
Mandoline Creme
Missy Fox is a Snake (Missy ... - Mary Chi

Missy Fox is a Snake (Missy ...Mary Chi

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Missy is trouble, and most of the town are more than aware of her reputation. When Josh comes to town, Missy gives him plenty of reasons to stay away. Josh wants no part of this trouble maker. Nobody expected what happened next. After a tra… more

Missy Fox is a Snake (Missy Fox Series)
Mary Chi
The Abbot's Ghost - A. M. Barnard, Louisa May Alcott

The Abbot's GhostA. M. Barnard, Louisa May Alcott

An excerpt:”How goes it, Frank? Down first, as usual.”“The early bird gets the worm, Major.”“Deuced ungallant speech, considering that the lovely Octavia is the worm,” and with a significant laugh the major assumed an Englishman’s favorite … more

The Abbot’s Ghost
A. M. Barnard, Louisa May Alcott