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How To Start A Catering Business - Joseph  Strong

How To Start A Catering BusinessJoseph Strong

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This book provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of the kind of steps to perform in order to start a catering business. It covers a wide range of areas including the methods for identifying which particular niche within the myria… more

How To Start A Catering Business
Joseph Strong
My NewCareerMove.com , English
Backstage Pass - Storm Savage

Backstage PassStorm Savage

After a tough year following her divorce and the loss of her beloved pet, Mia finally accepts an invitation to a dance at a senior center for a peaceful night out. Over the past few months she has buried herself in work and rarely left the … more

Backstage Pass
Storm Savage
eXtasybooks , English
Teresa on the Trail: A First... - Morghan Rhees

Teresa on the Trail: A First...Morghan Rhees

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Francine is looking forward to several days hiking with her friend, but a day into the hike, they come across Teresa, a beautiful and alluring girl who takes Francine’s breath away and suddenly has her thinking thoughts she’s never had befo… more

Teresa on the Trail: A First Lesbian Sex Experience Erotica Story
Morghan Rhees
Happy Hardcore Erotica Publishing , English
The Running Game (Reachers Book 1) - L E Fitzpatrick

The Running Game (Reachers Book 1)L E Fitzpatrick

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Her father called it the running game. Count the exits, calculate the routes. Always be ready to run because they’ll always be coming for you. Whatever happens, they’ll always be coming for you.

Rachel had let her guard down and they had f… more

The Running Game (Reachers Book 1)
L E Fitzpatrick
Limelight Literature , English
The Erotic Adventures of Rav... - Jayme Knight

The Erotic Adventures of Rav...Jayme Knight

Raven is a thief of extraordinary talent, a breaker by trade, hired to steal the things others covet most. Caught by the local thief’s guild Raven is forced to do the bidding of The Guild as penance for not giving them their cut. She is set… more

The Erotic Adventures of Raven: The Quest for the Golden Scepter (An erotic fantasy adventure) (The Guild Series Book 1)
Jayme Knight
Jayme Knight , English
A Victim of Her Own Paranoia - Tina Brown

A Victim of Her Own ParanoiaTina Brown

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Tenika badly wanted to forget her horrible experience. However, it was very difficult to forget the past. Sleep eluded her. She was torn between the love she felt for a man that had broken her heart and the memory of the immeasurable pain … more

A Victim of Her Own Paranoia
Tina Brown
Xlibris , English
Just This Once (An F6 Novel Book 1) - Diana X. Dunn

Just This Once (An F6 Novel Book 1)Diana X. Dunn

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Adopted by an international multi-governmental agency that doesn’t officially exist, her only genuine identity is “F6” - the sixth female baby adopted into the program. Now she changes identities as often as other women change their shoes,… more

Just This Once (An F6 Novel Book 1)
Diana X. Dunn
Soul Betrayed (The Life Afte... - Katlyn Duncan

Soul Betrayed (The Life Afte...Katlyn Duncan

A Life for a LifeThe battle between Shadowed and Guard has brought destruction and terror to Gate Seven and now Maggie wants revenge. As the only after-life being who can save the souls from ultimate death Maggie comes face to face with her… more

Soul Betrayed (The Life After trilogy, Book 3)
Katlyn Duncan
Carina , English
Ready? Set...Fly! - Lana Jordain

Ready? Set...Fly!Lana Jordain

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Have you ever been lost and found?Are you still in between of these two states?Do you know where you might end up if you decide to jump from one cliff to another?Have you ever happened to find yourself in the middle of nowhere without any c… more

Ready? Set…Fly!
Lana Jordain
Watching Shelly - Ashley James

Watching ShellyAshley James

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In this erotic short story after another long chaotic day of work this was not what Gregg had in mind. He told himself to take the day off and go hiking, far away outside the city. So he hurried home, changed clothing and jumped into his je… more

Watching Shelly
Ashley James
Caran Books , English
Develop Daily Habits And Fin... - John Williamson

Develop Daily Habits And Fin...John Williamson

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From the very first moment we are born, we arrive in this world free of habits and with a natural happiness state built in. Then guess what, life comes along and gives us trials, experiences, challenges, joy, pain and anxiety. So as we gr… more

Develop Daily Habits And Find Your Happiness - Fast !! : Practice These Easy Habits Each Day To Attract More Peace, Love And Happiness To Your Life
John Williamson
John Williamson , English
Karma's Kiss - Snook

Karma's KissSnook

Suga suffers from anxiety attacks after discovering her mother’s dead body as a teen. With her father in prison for money laundering, she is raised by her uncle who used “things” to pull her out of her depression. Those same “things” define… more

Karma’s Kiss
My Cool Pets: Akita - All Yo... - Tom Hardy

My Cool Pets: Akita - All Yo...Tom Hardy

It is indeed fun to own a puppy. They are cute bundles of barking joy and they never seem to erase a smile on your face. Some puppies are quite on the energetic side and would really find ways to re-arrange your house. Every family who live… more

My Cool Pets: Akita - All You Need To Know About Akita Dogs
Tom Hardy
Actors on Guard: A Practical... - Dale Anthony Girard

Actors on Guard: A Practical...Dale Anthony Girard

Actors on Guard is the most comprehensive and detailed book on the art of theatrical swordplay available today. It provides the reader with the historical, theoretical and practical basis for learning, practicing and presenting theatrical s… more

Actors on Guard: A Practical Guide for the Use of the Rapier and Dagger for Stage and Screen
Dale Anthony Girard
Routledge , English
Jake's List - Tagenar

Jake's ListTagenar

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Jake has been a weightlifter and a lady’s man since he was in middle school. High school is now four years in the past, and Jake has a decent job and a good grip on life. Then while his guard is down, he ends up in bed with another male.N… more

Jake’s List
FurPlanet Productions , English
Black Russian Terrier Dog Br... -

Black Russian Terrier Dog Br...

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Black Russian Terrier Dog Breed Profile
Digital Products Mall , English
Galactic Warfare: Enter the ... - Michael Keegan

Galactic Warfare: Enter the ...Michael Keegan

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By 2410, and still no sightings of the Garshans, Alex let’s his guard down, if only slightly. Making new friends and trying to steer Cammie down a more productive path, he is caught flat-footed for sure…

Galactic Warfare: Enter the Garshans: The Infinity Chronicles, Volume 2, Chapter 1
Michael Keegan
Great Pyrenees Dog Breed Profile -

Great Pyrenees Dog Breed Profile

Choosing A Dog Breed - The Dog Breed Guide For The Pure Breed Dog BuyerWant to know more about the dog you own or plan to acquire? Obviously, not all dog breeds are the same. A good dog breed guide will help you in choosing pure breed dogs… more

Great Pyrenees Dog Breed Profile
Digital Products Mall , English
Doggie Style (WereDog Fantasies) - Madilyn Skye

Doggie Style (WereDog Fantasies)Madilyn Skye

Cassie loved living alone in her big house in the country. She began questioning her safety when two men began prowling around her house and stole some items from her car. She didn’t want to live in fear, so at a friend’s suggestion she dec… more

Doggie Style (WereDog Fantasies)
Madilyn Skye
Coldhaven - Clayton Snyder

ColdhavenClayton Snyder

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A collection of short stories set in a cold mountain prison. A corrupt guard and an ancient evil torment the prisoners.

Clayton Snyder