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We Are Going In: The Story o... - Mike Nelson

We Are Going In: The Story o...Mike Nelson

We Are Going In is the story of a tragedy. It is a search for the truth told as an authoritative documentary, presenting some of the author’s theories about what happened along with a great deal of established or irrefutable fact, and dist… more

We Are Going In: The Story of the Grand Canyon Disaster
Mike Nelson
AuthorHouse , English
Wendigo: The Demon from the ... - John Bushore

Wendigo: The Demon from the ...John Bushore

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Wendigo is the second in a series of “Shadow Fletcher” novels. A young girl goes missing in Breaks Interstate Park, the “Grand Canyon of the South.” Everyone assumes she wandered off the trail, but Shadow, a one-handed, Native American, ex-… more

Wendigo: The Demon from the North (The Shadow Fletcher Mysteries Book 2)
John Bushore
MonkeyJohn Books , English
The Trail of Time - Kathleen Odenthal

The Trail of TimeKathleen Odenthal

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An in-depth photographic journey into one of the seven great wonders of the world: the Grand Canyon. This book includes photographs with descriptive detail into how the Grand Canyon came to be the miraculous sight it is today. Its a photogr… more

The Trail of Time
Kathleen Odenthal
KPMedia Artistic Collective , English
A Field Guide to the Grand C... - Stephenr Whitney

A Field Guide to the Grand C...Stephenr Whitney

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Comprehensive guide to Grand Canyon’s natural history, including geology, and species illustrations on over 480 plants and animals.

A Field Guide to the Grand Canyon 2nd Edition
Stephenr Whitney
Mountaineers Books , English
Arizona: A Guide to the Stat... - Barbara Sinotte

Arizona: A Guide to the Stat...Barbara Sinotte

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Details of all the state and national parks, including the Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest National Park, plus 23 state parks. This describes them all, from the vast national parks to little-visited wilderness preserves. Facilities, hikin… more

Arizona: A Guide to the State & National Parks
Barbara Sinotte
Hunter Publishing , English
Running with the Train Short... - Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Running with the Train Short...Kathryn Meyer Griffith

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Sarah has been lonely most of her life. She’s been searching for a love that she’s begun to believe will never come. Her family and friends at home depend on her, need her…but they can’t give her what she really wants. True, eternal love. L… more

Running with the Train Short Story (SPOOKY SHORT STORIES by Kathryn Meyer Griffith Book 3)
Kathryn Meyer Griffith
Ghosts of the Grand Canyon Country - James Wharton

Ghosts of the Grand Canyon CountryJames Wharton

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Take a ghostly tour of the Grand Canyon with people who once lived there. This book is a diverse collection of fifteen stories, many of which are based on actual events and remain unexplained to this day. The stories range from romantic to … more

Ghosts of the Grand Canyon Country
James Wharton
Desert Wells Publishing , English
The Story of the Grand Canyo... - Joseph Madden

The Story of the Grand Canyo...Joseph Madden

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A short illustrated history of the Grand Canyon written in easy-to-read English for kids.

The Story of the Grand Canyon for Kids
Joseph Madden
Shamrock Eden Publishing , English
The Story of the Grand Canyo... - Joseph Madden

The Story of the Grand Canyo...Joseph Madden

A short illustrated story of the Grand Canyon written in easy-to-read English for kids.

The Story of the Grand Canyon for Kids
Joseph Madden
Shamrock Eden Publishing , English
The Global Flood: A biblical... - Ken  Ham, Tim  Lovett, Andre...

The Global Flood: A biblical...Ken Ham, Tim Lovett, Andre...

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Can we really believe the biblical account of a global flood? Is there evidence in the earth that confirms the biblical account? How was Grand Canyon formed? How did fossils of sea shells get on the highest mountains? Filled with concise an… more

The Global Flood: A biblical and scientific look at the catastrophe that changed the earth (Answers in Genesis Pocket Guides)
Ken Ham, Tim Lovett, Andrew Snelling, John Whitmore
Answers in Genesis- US , English
The Sidewinder - Jack Martinez

The SidewinderJack Martinez

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The description of the Grand Canyon begins at dawn with soft colors, darkness and light, to finally end up at dusk. In essence, we have a full day here during which we can see the natural changes passing by before our eyes.

The Sidewinder
Jack Martinez
The Adventures of Salt and S... - Lori April Rome

The Adventures of Salt and S...Lori April Rome

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The Adventures of Salt and Soap at Grand Canyon is the true tale of two puppies on the adventure of a lifetime. Their rollicking story involves desert animals, big rapids, friendly rangers, and a dizzying helicopter ride as Salt and Soap se… more

The Adventures of Salt and Soap at Grand Canyon
Lori April Rome
Grand Canyon Association , English
The Ultimate Discipline - Dan Fenton

The Ultimate DisciplineDan Fenton

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Nancy found herself on a flight 32,000 feet over Tennessee. She was running from a bad marriage in Chattanooga and heading straight into the arms of a man she hadn’t seen for over thirteen years.
Not knowing what life she was dragging… more

The Ultimate Discipline
Dan Fenton
Dan Fenton , English
Bridge Over the Chasm - Suvika

Bridge Over the ChasmSuvika

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Happily ever after was an unknown concept to Sana and in the heart of hearts she knew when she married Vivan that it would end in a disaster. What she never realized was how tough walking away was going to be. With her heart in tatters but… more

Bridge Over the Chasm
Suvika , English
The Grand Canyon Answer Book... - Boye Lafayette De Mente

The Grand Canyon Answer Book...Boye Lafayette De Mente

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An A to Z handbook that explains and explores the Grand Canyon from top to bottom…its like having your own portable Grand Canyon Information Center! From accidents at the canyon to its zoology. Excellent backgrounding before you get to th… more

The Grand Canyon Answer Book! - Everything You Might Want to Know About the Grand Canyon and Then Some!
Boye Lafayette De Mente
Phoenix Books / Publishers , English
Carving Grand Canyon: Eviden... - Wayne Ranney

Carving Grand Canyon: Eviden...Wayne Ranney

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Geologists have studied Grand Canyon for more than 150 years, yet a single definitive answer for how or when the canyon formed remains elusive. Many aspects of the canyon’s formation are known, and new studies, using modern techniques, can … more

Carving Grand Canyon: Evidence, Theories, and Mystery (Second Edition)
Wayne Ranney
Grand Canyon Association , English
I Married a Ranger - Dama Margaret Smith

I Married a RangerDama Margaret Smith

I Married a Ranger is the autobiography of the first woman Government employee at the Grand Canyon. It is an intimate story of “pioneer” life in a national park told in an interesting, humorous way that makes it most delightful. It depict… more

I Married a Ranger
Dama Margaret Smith
Converpage , English
The Hidden Treasures of Ariz... - Jesse Horn

The Hidden Treasures of Ariz...Jesse Horn

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There is a lure of mystery to hidden treasure that is incredibly appealing to us. It doesn’t matter if it is the story of a prospector obsessed with finding a lost gold cache over two hundred year ago, or the idea that we may ourselves be a… more

The Hidden Treasures of Arizona Volume Two
Jesse Horn
The Mogollon Connection , English
Photographer's Guide to the ... - Joseph K. Lange

Photographer's Guide to the ...Joseph K. Lange

Photographers can find a wealth of wonderful images in the landscapes of the Grand Canyon and Northern Arizona: spectacular canyons, towering spires, picturesque arches, and colorful dunes. Now they can make the most of their visits to the … more

Photographer’s Guide to the Grand Canyon & Northern Arizona
Joseph K. Lange
Stackpole Books , English
Top 25 Vacation Spots In The... - Theresa Bradshaw

Top 25 Vacation Spots In The...Theresa Bradshaw

Pack your cloths, grab your camera, and tighten your seatbelt… We are going on vacation! Everybody should take a vacation each year. Vacations are a way for people to take a break from their normal everyday activities and of course the much… more

Top 25 Vacation Spots In The U.S.: Your Personal Guide To The Best Vacation Spots In The United States
Theresa Bradshaw