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Designing Interactions - Bill Moggridge

Designing InteractionsBill Moggridge

Digital technology has changed the way we interact with everything from the games we play to the tools we use at work. Designers of digital technology products no longer regard their job as designing a physical object—beautiful or utilitar… more

Designing Interactions
Bill Moggridge
The MIT Press , English
General Debt Advice - Gordon Banks

General Debt AdviceGordon Banks

Are you struggling with debt but don’t know what to do? Are you worried about what the financial future holds for you? Want some information to help you with your debt crisis? This Ebook might be the thing to help you.In this ebook you will… more

General Debt Advice
Gordon Banks
Public Domain Profit - John Rice

Public Domain ProfitJohn Rice

What is the Public Domain?The Public Domain is a rich open source of valuable information waiting for you to package and sell for Profit!The ‘Public Domain’ consists of information - books, software, films, music, images, photographs, repor… more

Public Domain Profit
John Rice
Protecting Your Website From... - Kristi Ambrose

Protecting Your Website From...Kristi Ambrose

Since the update of Google Panda and Penguin, it is now very hard to utilize the same methods you were utilizing before in order to rank your websites and your keywords. It can still be done, but you are going to have to change the way you… more

Protecting Your Website From Google Panda - Includes Google Friendly SEO Blue Print
Kristi Ambrose
Google Traffic 2.0 - SEO Opt... - Kizzy

Google Traffic 2.0 - SEO Opt...Kizzy

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How to get ranked number 1 in Google searches. SEO Optimization,

Google Traffic 2.0 - SEO Optimization and Getting Ranked in Google Search Engine
Managing Your Digital Photos... - Alissa Richards

Managing Your Digital Photos...Alissa Richards

Do you have digital photos cluttered all over your desktop? There are free tools that can help you. This book is a beginners manual to the powerful tools just a click away.In simple step it will show you how to use Google Picasa, Flickr, an… more

Managing Your Digital Photos: A Beginners Guide to Flickr, Photobucket, and Google Picasa
Alissa Richards
Minute Help Press , English
Online Content Writing - Tip... - Anthony Carter

Online Content Writing - Tip...Anthony Carter

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The world of content writing has changed dramatically thanks to Google’s far-reaching algorithm changes. In light of these changes, this eBook discusses such fascinating topics as where to find winning ideas for your blog posts or articles,… more

Online Content Writing - Tips for Creative Copy
Anthony Carter
Carman Online Content Publishing , English
Top Tips for Gmail Users (Ou... - Sharon Sheppard

Top Tips for Gmail Users (Ou...Sharon Sheppard

One of the most efficient tools around for managing your email is Google’s free Gmail. Over the years Google has implemented bigger and better features into Gmail giving the user better control over the layout and functionality of their ema… more

Top Tips for Gmail Users (OutofhoursAdmin Jigsaw Series Book 1)
Sharon Sheppard
Sharon Sheppard , English
Corner The Local Search Engi... -

Corner The Local Search Engi...

Cash In With A Simple Yet Powerful SEO Tool That Will Make You Look Like A Star To Your Offline Marketing Clients!Four Steps to Ensure your Business will Capitalize from Local Google Search Exposure…

Corner The Local Search Engine Market - Cash In With A Simple Yet Powerful SEO Tool That Will Make You Look Like A Star To Your Offline Marketing Clients! (Brand New) AAA+++


It’s a common fact that there are millions of people out there who couldn’t find their own arse with both hands. Or, in this particular instance, their own knob.For the majority of the human race, finding out things is quite easy. We either… more

Dr Juan Kallott
Google AdSense Fortunes Exposed - National Home Business Center

Google AdSense Fortunes ExposedNational Home Business Center

Make Sense of Google AdSense-and make moneyWhat is Google AdSenseAdSense is an application of AdWords Beyoned Google.comHow the ads Get On Your SiteGoogle AdSense ProgramsBlocking AdsReviewing and Filtering AdsHow Much Can I make with AdSen… more

Google AdSense Fortunes Exposed
National Home Business Center
National Home Business Center , English
Le Hunter (Malédiction de la... - Luke William

Le Hunter (Malédiction de la...Luke William

Les chasseurs, une longue lignée de guerriers magiques ont disparu, leur anneau puissant cachés. Mais lorsque quinze années vieux James qu’il trouve dans sa nouvelle maison, il devient involontairement la prochaine Hunter et doit utiliser s… more

Le Hunter (Malédiction de la pleine lune) (French Edition)
Luke William
Luke William , French
Marketing Masters A New Styl... - Resell Rights

Marketing Masters A New Styl...Resell Rights

Want To Make More Money Faster? Marketing Masters Can Help To Learn More. I created “Marketing Masters Series” out of frustration because of my experience with all the scams on the internet today. I was tired of getting email from affiliate… more

Marketing Masters A New Style Of Marketing vol 02 + Resell Rights
Resell Rights
Dominate Google in 90 Days - Mathew Koenig

Dominate Google in 90 DaysMathew Koenig

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While there is no possible way to explain all of the ‘Google Secret Sauce’ in one little book., there IS a way to make sure that your business OWNS page one of Google and this book will help you get that done in just 90 days without spendin… more

Dominate Google in 90 Days
Mathew Koenig
Mathew Koenig , English
How to Make Your Competition... - David Kaiser

How to Make Your Competition...David Kaiser

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Claiming and Optimizing your Google Places listing may be one of the best free marketing resources available to local businesses. Let us show you just how to do this.

How to Make Your Competition Envy You…
David Kaiser
My Giddy Aunt Publishing , English
SEO Secrets To Launching Mul... - Allen Spindel

SEO Secrets To Launching Mul...Allen Spindel

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After experimenting for 3 years, I have tested, documented and come to the conclusion that I fully understand how to think like Google. I will attempt to share this newfound knowledge that my hypothesis concluded.First, Google’s job is to m… more

SEO Secrets To Launching Multiple Brands By Understanding How Google Thinks
Allen Spindel
Too Fu**ing Skinny: A Guide ... - Mathias Jensen

Too Fu**ing Skinny: A Guide ...Mathias Jensen

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I won’t consider my weight as perfect. Actually I consider my self a underweight. I am sick an tired of being a underweight. That’s why I (for about 7 months ago) was typing “gain weight” in Google. But I just couldn’t enough information - … more

Too Fu**ing Skinny: A Guide On How To Gain Weight
Mathias Jensen
GoogleBackdoor - Scott Foster

GoogleBackdoorScott Foster

GoogleBakdoor will show you how you can get TOP placements at Google in record-breaking time This is really sneaky stuff… prepare to be shocked!

Scott Foster
The Billionaire and The Pop Star - Jordan Silver

The Billionaire and The Pop StarJordan Silver

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Trace McKenzie is expecting to be bored out of his mind the night his little sister talks him into taking her to a lingerie fashion show. As a billionaire playboy he’s sampled plenty of the runway beauties and was no longer interested. What… more

The Billionaire and The Pop Star
Jordan Silver
An Introduction to Programmi... - Caleb Doxsey

An Introduction to Programmi...Caleb Doxsey

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This book is a short, concise introduction to computer programming using the language Go. Designed by Google, Go is a general purpose programming language with modern features, clean syntax and a robust well-documented common library, makin… more

An Introduction to Programming in Go
Caleb Doxsey