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Georgia Off the Beaten Path®... - William Schemmel

Georgia Off the Beaten Path®...William Schemmel

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Visit Georgia in a way most travelers don’t with this handy guide written by a passionate Georgian native as he leads you through Georgia’s byways and hidden treasures.  Eight maps and twelve black-and-white illustrations complement his com… more

Georgia Off the Beaten Path®, 9th: A Guide to Unique Places (Off the Beaten Path Series)
William Schemmel
GPP Travel , English
My Sister Ghost - Linda Cargill

My Sister GhostLinda Cargill

Dear Diary — Eyes … Everybody has eyes. So do all the animals like dogs and cats, horses, pigs, and ducks … I remember from biology class that insects have eyes, too. Praying mantises have eyes on long stalks that turn and stare at… more

My Sister Ghost
Linda Cargill
Cheops Books , English
Fantasy Playland (BDSM Box Set) - Cleo Peitsche

Fantasy Playland (BDSM Box Set)Cleo Peitsche

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FANTASY PLAYLAND (BDSM Box Set) is a bundle of five erotic romance stories totaling 45,700 words. (These stories are also available as singles.)

Short Summary: Sleeping Lady (6,300 words)—Broke and desperate, Georgia auditions at a sexual… more

Fantasy Playland (BDSM Box Set)
Cleo Peitsche
Pouch Productions , English
The Bottom Rail - Susan Lindsley

The Bottom RailSusan Lindsley

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Seeking a future, the Carter families move from their bootlegging home in the mountains to middle Georgia. By 1946,they expand their enterprises to include murder, bootlegging, cattle rustling, election fraud, and interracial affairs.

Rev… more

The Bottom Rail
Susan Lindsley
ThomasMax Publishing , English
Christ, For a Day - David Earle Steward

Christ, For a DayDavid Earle Steward

The Deep South harbors many secrets: secrets that rarely find their way into the mainstream world that exists beyond the fiercely protected ‘southern way’. This is the story of a little boy who grew into the man who would “by faith” take h… more

Christ, For a Day
David Earle Steward
AuthorHouse , English
Wings of Love - Francis Armstrong

Wings of LoveFrancis Armstrong

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Love story about a girl and boy in Georgia.

Wings of Love
Francis Armstrong
Francis Armstrong , English
Carmel Rose (magic series Book 1) - Julia Talmadge

Carmel Rose (magic series Book 1)Julia Talmadge

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The story takes place in Georgia where a woman who’s life has taken an unexpected change must face the reality of the situation and learn to accept who she now is along with accepting help from a family of vampires in order to survive.

Carmel Rose (magic series Book 1)
Julia Talmadge
Julia Talmadge , English
Georgia Train - Petit Morte

Georgia TrainPetit Morte

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Swinging Georgia and Michael want an anniversary they will never forget. Sexually open and active as she is, Georgia has never gotten to pull a train - or have a gang bang. This happy and sex positive couple set about planning,and then en… more

Georgia Train
Petit Morte
Georgia's Covered Bridges - Tina Samuels

Georgia's Covered BridgesTina Samuels

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A look at some of Georgia’s Covered Bridge history, past and present. Find out where they are located and what you can do while you visit.

Georgia’s Covered Bridges
Tina Samuels
Samuels Publishing , English
Seventh - John Corwin

SeventhJohn Corwin

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Andia kills bad guys. But not just any bad guys. She kills the scum who traffic in female sex slaves.When she botches the assassination of a Russian mobster because of a personal vendetta, the Family sends her to St. Marys, a small town in … more

John Corwin
Weird Georgia: Close Encount... - Jim Miles

Weird Georgia: Close Encount...Jim Miles

Weird Georgia is the result of twenty-five years of research on strange and unexplained events that have been reported as taking place in the Peach State. Filled with factual accounts, not rehashed folklore, and supported by reputable evide… more

Weird Georgia: Close Encounters, Strange Creatures, and Unexplained Phenomena
Jim Miles
Cumberland House Publishing , English
The Moravians in Georgia, 1735-1740 - Adelaide L. Fries

The Moravians in Georgia, 1735-1740Adelaide L. Fries

A history of the Moravian settlements and families in colonial Georgia, 1735-1740.

The Moravians in Georgia, 1735-1740
Adelaide L. Fries
Curtin University Centre for Accessible Technology , English
Ghosts of Georgia: The Haunt... - Jeffrey Fisher

Ghosts of Georgia: The Haunt...Jeffrey Fisher

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This guide offers information on the haunted Hotels, Inns and Bed and Breakfasts that are located in the state of Georgia. Each location includes information on its history, and the spirit(s) believed to haunt the property.

Ghosts of Georgia: The Haunted Hotels, Inns and Bed and Breakfasts
Jeffrey Fisher
The World's Best Coffee (Sho... - C.D. Reimer

The World's Best Coffee (Sho...C.D. Reimer

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Mark never had a problem diving for the world’s best coffee inside a crowded coffee shop and walking out the door without paying until Georgia chases him all over the shopping center to get her coffee back.

This 1,025-word short story was… more

The World’s Best Coffee (Short Story)
C.D. Reimer
Saige Paints the Sky (Americ... - Jessie Haas

Saige Paints the Sky (Americ...Jessie Haas

Life is changing for Saige. Her grandma is still recovering from the accident, and Saige misses the time they spent together. She takes comfort in riding Georgia, her grandma’s youngest horse. She knows her grandma needs cheering up, so Sai… more

Saige Paints the Sky (American Girl Today: Saige Book 2)
Jessie Haas
American Girl , English
Kiss Me Kislovodsk - Eric Johnson

Kiss Me KislovodskEric Johnson

An old story I wrote involving a Russian pilot fighting the Islamic front in Georgia, sort of alternative history/timeline. One of my best works back then…

Kiss Me Kislovodsk
Eric Johnson
"Jesus, Are You Real?"  As a... - Laura Fairman-Powers

"Jesus, Are You Real?" As a...Laura Fairman-Powers

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Jesus, Are You Real?” As a Jew My Journey to the Cross is a highly illustrated real life story of the author’s life and the difference becoming a Messianic Jew or converted Jew has made in her world. You will be introduced to home life … more

Jesus, Are You Real?” As a Jew, My Journey to the Cross
Laura Fairman-Powers
United Publishing , English
Apple Moonshine (Demon Chron... - K. S.  Bowers

Apple Moonshine (Demon Chron...K. S. Bowers

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A beautiful plantation home in Georgia’s Appalachian region bears witness to a horrific murder and hosts a bloodthirsty demon hell-bent on vengeance.

Apple Moonshine (Demon Chronicles Book 2)
K. S. Bowers
K. S. Bowers , English
Angus, Thongs and Full-Front... - Louise Rennison

Angus, Thongs and Full-Front...Louise Rennison

Angus:My mixed-breed cat, half domestic tabby, half Scottish wildcat. The size of a small Labrador, only mad.Thongs:Stupid underwear. What’s the point of them, anyway? They just go up your bum, as far as I can tell.Full-Frontal Snogging:Kis… more

Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging (Confessions of Georgia Nicolson Book 1)
Louise Rennison
HarperTeen , English
Red: A collection of short s... - D. van de Merwe

Red: A collection of short s...D. van de Merwe

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A collection of short stories, ‘Red’ touches on the dynamics between siblings, parents, children and partners. The theme of red runs through each story, as love, bonds and breakups are explored.

Meet Arthur Turrell, a tailor in a dying ma… more

Red: A collection of short stories about relationships
D. van de Merwe