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Georgia Off the Beaten Path®... - William Schemmel

Georgia Off the Beaten Path®...William Schemmel

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Visit Georgia in a way most travelers don’t with this handy guide written by a passionate Georgian native as he leads you through Georgia’s byways and hidden treasures.  Eight maps and twelve black-and-white illustrations complement his com… more

Georgia Off the Beaten Path®, 9th: A Guide to Unique Places (Off the Beaten Path Series)
William Schemmel
GPP Travel , English
My Sister Ghost - Linda Cargill

My Sister GhostLinda Cargill

Dear Diary — Eyes … Everybody has eyes. So do all the animals like dogs and cats, horses, pigs, and ducks … I remember from biology class that insects have eyes, too. Praying mantises have eyes on long stalks that turn and stare at… more

My Sister Ghost
Linda Cargill
Cheops Books , English
Mistress for a Night - Diana Hamilton

Mistress for a NightDiana Hamilton

Jason was shocked at the change in Georgia. Seven years ago she’d innocently initiated their one spontaneous night of passion, become pregnant—then disappeared. Now Georgia was back and Jason intended to discover what had really happened to… more

Mistress for a Night
Diana Hamilton
Harlequin Presents , English


Experience the everyday challenges of a female firefighter. This is a true story of the author when she was employed in a rural fire department. Leaving the security of a cushy management position and entering into a sometimes-harsh world … more

iUniverse , English
Wide Awake (Fantasy Playland) - Cleo Peitsche

Wide Awake (Fantasy Playland)Cleo Peitsche

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WIDE AWAKE is an erotic romance of 8,300 words. BDSM flavored (with a hint of gang bang).Georgia’s so horny, even a hard look makes her come. Especially when that look is from Billy, the stern, sexy instructor of the Sleeping Ladies. He’s … more

Wide Awake (Fantasy Playland)
Cleo Peitsche
Pouch Productions , English
Wide Open (Fantasy Playland) - Cleo Peitsche

Wide Open (Fantasy Playland)Cleo Peitsche

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Wide Open is an erotic romance of 9,400 words. Includes public sex and BDSM elements such as rough sex, punishment and control.Georgia thought that getting fired from Fantasy Playland meant her sex theme park days were over. But Billy pitch… more

Wide Open (Fantasy Playland)
Cleo Peitsche
Pouch Productions , English
"Teenage Love" - Linda L. Williams

"Teenage Love"Linda L. Williams

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” “”Teenage Love”“chronicles moments of my experience around “”Teenage love”“, which explores the diverse trials and triumphs typically associated with becoming a mother during adolescence. By having a son “”by the age… more

Teenage Love”
Linda L. Williams
AuthorHouse , English
Saige Paints the Sky (Americ... - Jessie Haas

Saige Paints the Sky (Americ...Jessie Haas

Life is changing for Saige. Her grandma is still recovering from the accident, and Saige misses the time they spent together. She takes comfort in riding Georgia, her grandma’s youngest horse. She knows her grandma needs cheering up, so Sai… more

Saige Paints the Sky (American Girl Today)
Jessie Haas
American Girl , English
Trip & Fall - Kendal Waller

Trip & FallKendal Waller

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Georgia Lee Marshall has spent the last decade watching her best and closest friends move away and begin their fabulous lives, while she has remained close to home and buried herself beneath her self imposed responsibilities, her work, and … more

Trip & Fall
Kendal Waller
Kendal Waller , English
Just One Night: One Night in... - Penny Jordan

Just One Night: One Night in...Penny Jordan

Just one night can never be enough for these passionate couples…they’ll need a lifetimeOne Night in His ArmsRanulf Carrington’s cruel words had crushed Sylvie’s youthful passion. But she was a woman now, sophisticated and confident. Everyth… more

Just One Night: One Night in His Arms\One Intimate Night (Penny Jordan Collection)
Penny Jordan
Harlequin Readers’ Choice , English
Faith, Hope, and Kate - John Stephen Robertson

Faith, Hope, and KateJohn Stephen Robertson

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A love story set in contemporary Georgia, “Faith, Hope, and Kate” deals with the extraordinary events of two people destined by Providence to find each other. The story if filled with romance, adventure, and mysticism. A panoply of characte… more

Faith, Hope, and Kate
John Stephen Robertson
Fun With the Young Babysitter 3 - Cassandra Zara

Fun With the Young Babysitter 3Cassandra Zara

This is the hottest story I’ve ever written.After two nights of rough sex with Mr. Brand, I’d do anything for him. I’d even offer up the virginity of my best friend, Georgia- whether she likes it or not!In our matching white dresses, I’m su… more

Fun With the Young Babysitter 3
Cassandra Zara
Georgian Snow - Travis McBee

Georgian SnowTravis McBee

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It snowed in Georgia, that should have been the first sign that things weren’t quite right. But soon there’s a small earthquake to announce that events are going to get very strange indeed. Then things begin to get really weird. Southerners… more

Georgian Snow
Travis McBee
Tommyhawk's Fantasies: Beyon... - Milford Slabaugh

Tommyhawk's Fantasies: Beyon...Milford Slabaugh

Gay erotic short stories with explicit language. Ten stories about friends who take their relationship to a higher, and sexual, level.Following is an excerpt from “Jogging Partners:”“Hell of a note.” Troy got out when he realized I was ther… more

Tommyhawk’s Fantasies: Beyond Friendship
Milford Slabaugh
Sleeping chez Sade (Fantasy ... - Cleo Peitsche

Sleeping chez Sade (Fantasy ...Cleo Peitsche

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Sleeping chez Sade is an erotic romance story of 6,200 words. Contains BDSM elements.Georgia barely managed to pass the audition to become Adult Fantasy Playland’s newest Sleeping Lady. Staying motionless while Billy used her body was the h… more

Sleeping chez Sade (Fantasy Playland)
Cleo Peitsche
Pouch Productions , English
The History of Georgia, From... - W. H.  Carpenter, T. S.  Arthur

The History of Georgia, From...W. H. Carpenter, T. S. Arthur

This volume was published in 1852.From the Preface:A series of State histories, which, without su- perseding the bulkier and more expensive works of the same character, might enter household channels from which the others would be ex- clude… more

The History of Georgia, From its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time.
W. H. Carpenter, T. S. Arthur
Monkeys Raising Dogs - Edward J Billings

Monkeys Raising DogsEdward J Billings

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An ex-convict goes on a 48-hour quest to give his sick mother and rehabilitated son a better life outside of his dilapidating hometown in Georgia. With fifty grand in his coat, he sits down to enjoy one last meal at his favorite local diner… more

Monkeys Raising Dogs
Edward J Billings
The Murder of Rose Connelly - R.S. Dean

The Murder of Rose ConnellyR.S. Dean

In the late summer of 1882, the son of a wealthy Georgia lumberman sits in jail, awaiting his execution. He is to be hung by the neck until dead, condemned for the brutal murder of a young woman he claims still to love. As his own death dra… more

The Murder of Rose Connelly
R.S. Dean
The Oaths, Signs, Ceremonies... - Anonymous

The Oaths, Signs, Ceremonies...Anonymous

After the war, which had not benefited my purse extravagantly, I wandered off into the interior of Georgia, and finally engaged in business in one of the interior counties. I knew the southern people pretty well before the war, had been muc… more

The Oaths, Signs, Ceremonies and Objects of the Ku-Klux-Klan.
The Bottom Rail - Susan Lindsley

The Bottom RailSusan Lindsley

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Seeking a future, the Carter families move from their bootlegging home in the mountains to middle Georgia. By 1946,they expand their enterprises to include murder, bootlegging, cattle rustling, election fraud, and interracial affairs.

Rev… more

The Bottom Rail
Susan Lindsley
ThomasMax Publishing , English