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Georgia Off the Beaten Path®... - William Schemmel

Georgia Off the Beaten Path®...William Schemmel

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Visit Georgia in a way most travelers don’t with this handy guide written by a passionate Georgian native as he leads you through Georgia’s byways and hidden treasures.  Eight maps and twelve black-and-white illustrations complement his com… more

Georgia Off the Beaten Path®, 9th: A Guide to Unique Places (Off the Beaten Path Series)
William Schemmel
GPP Travel , English
My Sister Ghost - Linda Cargill

My Sister GhostLinda Cargill

Dear Diary — Eyes … Everybody has eyes. So do all the animals like dogs and cats, horses, pigs, and ducks … I remember from biology class that insects have eyes, too. Praying mantises have eyes on long stalks that turn and stare at… more

My Sister Ghost
Linda Cargill
Cheops Books , English
Startled by His Furry Shorts... - Louise Rennison

Startled by His Furry Shorts...Louise Rennison

On the rack of romance. And also in the oven of luuurve.Woe is Georgia: Dave the Laugh has declared his love for her (at least she thinks he was talking about her), and she has finally given Masimo an ultimatum to be her one and only and he… more

Startled by His Furry Shorts (Confessions of Georgia Nicolson Book 7)
Louise Rennison
HarperCollins , English
Faith, Hope, and Kate - John Stephen Robertson

Faith, Hope, and KateJohn Stephen Robertson

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A love story set in contemporary Georgia, “Faith, Hope, and Kate” deals with the extraordinary events of two people destined by Providence to find each other. The story if filled with romance, adventure, and mysticism. A panoply of characte… more

Faith, Hope, and Kate
John Stephen Robertson
"Teenage Love" - Linda L. Williams

"Teenage Love"Linda L. Williams

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                       “”Teenage Love”“chronicles moments of my experience around “”Teenage love”“, which explores the diverse trials and triumphs typically associated with becoming a mother during adolescence. By having a son “”by the age… more

Teenage Love”
Linda L. Williams
AuthorHouse , English
The Murder of Rose Connelly - R.S. Dean

The Murder of Rose ConnellyR.S. Dean

In the late summer of 1882, the son of a wealthy Georgia lumberman sits in jail, awaiting his execution. He is to be hung by the neck until dead, condemned for the brutal murder of a young woman he claims still to love. As his own death dra… more

The Murder of Rose Connelly
R.S. Dean
Reckless (Drunk Girl's Fanta... - Lily Evans

Reckless (Drunk Girl's Fanta...Lily Evans

Ashley, Georgia and Hailie are three friends who on a night filled with too much tequila; decide to lay it on the line. Each one writes down a fantasy. Something they would never do on their own… But with each other’s help, they might jus… more

Reckless (Drunk Girl’s Fantasies Short Erotic Story Two)
Lily Evans
Pet Fairies #3: Georgia the ... - Daisy Meadows

Pet Fairies #3: Georgia the ...Daisy Meadows

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Jack Frost has stolen the Pet Fairies’ magical pets! Can Rachel and Kirsty help find them? Or will the pets be lost forever?The Pet Fairies have one of the most important jobs in Fairyland! Along with their special pets, they make sure t… more

Pet Fairies #3: Georgia the Guinea Pig Fairy
Daisy Meadows
Scholastic Paperbacks , English
The Bell Tolled - Matthew Miller

The Bell TolledMatthew Miller

A notorious career criminal has a meeting in Savannah, Georgia that may forever alter his destiny. Can he escape his fate?

The Bell Tolled
Matthew Miller
Matthew R. Miller , English
"Teenage Love" - Linda L. Williams

"Teenage Love"Linda L. Williams

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” “”Teenage Love”“chronicles moments of my experience around “”Teenage love”“, which explores the diverse trials and triumphs typically associated with becoming a mother during adolescence. By having a son “”by the age… more

Teenage Love”
Linda L. Williams
AuthorHouse , English
Just One Night: One Night in... - Penny Jordan

Just One Night: One Night in...Penny Jordan

Just one night can never be enough for these passionate couples…they’ll need a lifetimeOne Night in His ArmsRanulf Carrington’s cruel words had crushed Sylvie’s youthful passion. But she was a woman now, sophisticated and confident. Everyth… more

Just One Night: One Night in His Arms\One Intimate Night (Penny Jordan Collection)
Penny Jordan
Harlequin Readers’ Choice , English
Witch's Cat - Loki Renard

Witch's CatLoki Renard

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A modern lesbian romance with a magical twist, Witch’s Cat follows the fortunes of Anita and Georgia. They’re a normal couple if you don’t count the cane in the corner and the potions in the basement. Anita is the seventh daughter of a seve… more

Witch’s Cat
Loki Renard
Sappho’s Brats , English
Hand Made Pleasure - Tyler Cameron

Hand Made PleasureTyler Cameron

Georgia juggled a job and a private life with a succession of low-life, lying dead beats. But after so many failures, where was the guy that was going to set her on fire? Damned if she knew, one thing was for sure. Satisfaction was somet… more

Hand Made Pleasure
Tyler Cameron
Drama 2 (G Street Chronicles... - George Sherman Hudson

Drama 2 (G Street Chronicles...George Sherman Hudson

Deb is in love and her business is booming. She’s on top of the world until she finds out that ‘everything that glitters ain’t gold’. Realizing her world has been a fasad, she shifts gears and comes up with a plan of her own.Tammy is runnin… more

Drama 2 (G Street Chronicles Presents The Drama Series)
George Sherman Hudson
G Street Chronicles , English
Trip & Fall - Kendal Waller

Trip & FallKendal Waller

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Georgia Lee Marshall has spent the last decade watching her best and closest friends move away and begin their fabulous lives, while she has remained close to home and buried herself beneath her self imposed responsibilities, her work, and … more

Trip & Fall
Kendal Waller
Kendal Waller , English
In The Garden Of Lesbian Del... - Cristabel Sappho

In The Garden Of Lesbian Del...Cristabel Sappho

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This is the story of five wonderfully uninhibited women enjoying an afternoon of unparralled sexual bliss in a sun-kissed glade by a deep blue lake.

The story begins with a chance meeting - in the early hours at an out-of-the-way service s… more

In The Garden Of Lesbian Delight (Lesbian Seduction & Surrender Book 2)
Cristabel Sappho
La Ronde Publishing , English
Tommyhawk's Fantasies: Beyon... - Milford Slabaugh

Tommyhawk's Fantasies: Beyon...Milford Slabaugh

Gay erotic short stories with explicit language. Ten stories about friends who take their relationship to a higher, and sexual, level.Following is an excerpt from “Jogging Partners:”“Hell of a note.” Troy got out when he realized I was ther… more

Tommyhawk’s Fantasies: Beyond Friendship
Milford Slabaugh
Georgia Criminal & Traffic L... - Publisher's Editorial Staff

Georgia Criminal & Traffic L...Publisher's Editorial Staff

This field guide features a listing of criminal offenses in Georgia, grouped by Chapter/Article, with a summary of the elements of each offense. Coverage includes Title 16-Crimes and Offenses, Title 20- Education, Title 40- Motor Vehicle &more

Georgia Criminal & Traffic Law Field Guide, 2013 Edition
Publisher’s Editorial Staff
LexisNexis , English
Moving On Without Him - JP Summers

Moving On Without HimJP Summers

The night before her wedding, Julia receives life-shattering news. A year later, determined to start a new chapter, she finds herself moving to Georgia. An unfortunate flat tire brings good Samaritan, Jace, to her rescue and she becomes une… more

Moving On Without Him
JP Summers
The story of Georgia and the... - George Gilman Smith

The story of Georgia and the...George Gilman Smith

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The story of Georgia and the Georgia people, 1732 to 1860. 716 Pages.

The story of Georgia and the Georgia people, 1732 to 1860
George Gilman Smith