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The Apology of George Lucas - Michael Hanson, Plato

The Apology of George LucasMichael Hanson, Plato

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What if George Lucas was brought to trial before the Fanboy throngs at comic con? How would he defend Star WarsTM, and how would you vote: to condemn, or acquit?

Hilarious and forcefu… more

The Apology of George Lucas
Michael Hanson, Plato
Science Fiction and George Lucas - Tim Vokio

Science Fiction and George LucasTim Vokio

This is a series of lectures in science fiction and a brief review of the career of George Lucas.

Science Fiction and George Lucas
Tim Vokio
The Fallen City - Act 2 (The... - Derek Dunavent

The Fallen City - Act 2 (The...Derek Dunavent

A Science Fiction Fantasy in a similar vein to J. R. R. Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, with a dash of C. S. Lewis and a pinch of George Lucas for flavor.Tonn-Way lives in paradise, ready to become a Dedicate to the Gods along with his… more

The Fallen City - Act 2 (The Fallen Kingdom)
Derek Dunavent
The Fallen City - Act 1 (The... - Derek Dunavent

The Fallen City - Act 1 (The...Derek Dunavent

A Science Fiction Fantasy in a similar vein to J. R. R. Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, with a dash of C. S. Lewis and a pinch of George Lucas for flavor.Tonn-Way lives in paradise, ready to become a Dedicate to the Gods along with his… more

The Fallen City - Act 1 (The Fallen Kingdom)
Derek Dunavent
George Lucas - Celebrity Books

George LucasCelebrity Books

The Kindle Book of George Lucas is a great pocket guide containing all sorts of interesting facts and history.Explore the early days and the rise to stardom, look closer at current projects, and see what the future has in store.This book ha… more

George Lucas
Celebrity Books
George Lucas, Science Fictio... - Tim Voigt

George Lucas, Science Fictio...Tim Voigt

George Lucas would live a career as one of the great filmmakers of history. He would make films called Indiana Jones and Star Wars. They would become sensational fads defining his career. In this book, we will explore science fiction and… more

George Lucas, Science Fiction Legend
Tim Voigt
Zen of the Jedi (Energy Zen Book 1) - Richard Flinn

Zen of the Jedi (Energy Zen Book 1)Richard Flinn

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Zen of the Jedi is a personal improvement book designed for the fan of the Star Wars movies by George Lucas. The premise is that the Force is real and we all have an innate ability to be one with it. The first part of the book (Quieting the… more

Zen of the Jedi (Energy Zen Book 1)
Richard Flinn
FLN2 Enterprises , English
Sword Fighting in the Star W... - Nick Jamilla

Sword Fighting in the Star W...Nick Jamilla

Unlike most makers of modern or futuristic films, George Lucas turned away from the standard special operatives or secret agents when he created the heroes for his epic Star Wars saga, employing instead time-honored traditions surrounding t… more

Sword Fighting in the Star Wars Universe: Historical Origins, Style and Philosophy
Nick Jamilla
McFarland , English
The Fallen City - Act 3 (The... - Derek Dunavent

The Fallen City - Act 3 (The...Derek Dunavent

a Science Fiction Fantasy in a similar vein to J. R. R. Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, with a dash of C. S. Lewis and a pinch of George Lucas for flavor.Tonn-Way lives in paradise, ready to become a Dedicate to the Gods along with his… more

The Fallen City - Act 3 (The Fallen Kingdom)
Derek Dunavent
Voyage To Forever (M-Prime Book 1) - Angelika Thorsdottir

Voyage To Forever (M-Prime Book 1)Angelika Thorsdottir

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Voyage To Forever (M-Prime: Book One) is a future-history sci-fi novel. This is not space opera filled with space battles (though there are some of those). This novel is more like the writings of Arthur C. Clarke than George Lucas, and lays… more

Voyage To Forever (M-Prime Book 1)
Angelika Thorsdottir
Quiet Heart Press , English
Jediism: Philosophy and Prac... - Matthew Vossler, Jedi who co...

Jediism: Philosophy and Prac...Matthew Vossler, Jedi who co...

This newly published volume encompasses three books: Jedi Manual Basic: Introduction to Jedi Knighthood, Jedi Manual Intermediate: The Path of Truth, and Jedi Mastery: Path of the Immortals. This volume also includes a new forward by the au… more

Jediism: Philosophy and Practice (The Jedi Manuals)
Matthew Vossler, Jedi who contributed but wished to remain anonymous
Oaklight Publishing , English
Skywalking: The Life And Fil... - Dale Pollock

Skywalking: The Life And Fil...Dale Pollock

Filled with revelations about the origins and making of American Graffiti, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Return of the Jedi, this only full-length biography of filmmaker and cinematic visionary George Luca… more

Skywalking: The Life And Films Of George Lucas, Updated Edition
Dale Pollock
Da Capo Press , English
Jedi Manual Basic - Introduc... - Matthew T. Vossler

Jedi Manual Basic - Introduc...Matthew T. Vossler

Jediism is a spiritual path that developed from the works of George Lucas and his Star Wars saga. Today Jediism or the Jedi Realist movement is followed by thousands of people world-wide and is recognized as an official religion in Canada. … more

Jedi Manual Basic - Introduction to Jedi Knighthood (The Jedi Manuals)
Matthew T. Vossler
Oaklight Publishing - http://oaklightpublishing.com , English
I Am #7: George Lucas - Grace Norwich

I Am #7: George LucasGrace Norwich

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I created the Star Wars franchise. I am George Lucas.Learn all about this remarkable man, whose accomplishments are truly inspiring, in the continuation of the I AM series. I AM GEORGE LUCAS will follow one man’s journey to become the most … more

I Am #7: George Lucas
Grace Norwich
Scholastic Paperbacks , English
A New Hope: Star Wars: Episode IV - George Lucas

A New Hope: Star Wars: Episode IVGeorge Lucas

Luke Skywalker was a twenty-year-old who lived and worked on his uncle’s farm on the remote planet of Tatooine…and he was bored beyond belief. He yearned for adventures that would take him beyond the farthest galaxies. But he got much mor… more

A New Hope: Star Wars: Episode IV
George Lucas
LucasBooks , English
The Story of Norman Rockwell - Josephine Madden

The Story of Norman RockwellJosephine Madden

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The story of Norman Rockwell, written in easy-to-read English for younger readers and stressing the influence Rockwell had on filmmakers Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

The Story of Norman Rockwell
Josephine Madden
Shamrock Eden Publishing , English
Revenge of the Sith: Illustr... - George Lucas

Revenge of the Sith: Illustr...George Lucas

EPISODE IIITHE ONE AND ONLY OFFICIAL SCREENPLAY, available exclusively in ebook format, including scenes that did not appear in the movie itself! This is the complete, final screenplay written by George Lucas, as brought to life before… more

Revenge of the Sith: Illustrated Screenplay: Star Wars: Episode III (Star Wars - Legends)
George Lucas
LucasBooks , English
Collect All 21! - Memoirs of... - John Booth

Collect All 21! - Memoirs of...John Booth

Opening that first Darth Vader figure and putting him in a Landspeeder. Imagining a snowy elementary school playground as the wastes of Hoth. Seeing Return of the Jedi on opening night.Moments like these - and a galaxy more - make up three … more

Collect All 21! - Memoirs of a Star Wars Geek
John Booth
Hukilau , English
William Shakespeare's The Em... - Ian Doescher

William Shakespeare's The Em...Ian Doescher

The saga that began with the interstellar best seller William Shakespeare’s Star Wars continues with this merry reimagining of George Lucas’s enduring classic The Empire Strikes Back.Many a fortnight have passed since the destruction of the… more

William Shakespeare’s The Empire Striketh Back (William Shakespeare’s Star Wars Trilogy)
Ian Doescher
Quirk Books , English
WIRED: Icons - Steven Levy, Chris Anderson,...

WIRED: IconsSteven Levy, Chris Anderson,...

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Over the course of WIRED’s first 20 years, our writers have embedded with the CEOs, engineers, and thinkers who have shaped the future we live in today. WIRED:Icons presents 16 heroes who have graced the magazine’s pages, including Steve Jo… more

WIRED: Icons
Steven Levy, Chris Anderson, Gary Wolf, Kevin Kelly
WIRED Magazine , English