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Afflicted - J.M. Snyder

AfflictedJ.M. Snyder

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It’s hard to understand why some people feel the need to hurt themselves, especially when they seem to have everything they need or want out of life. So how do you help someone bent on a path of self-destruction? And what can you possibly d… more

J.M. Snyder
JMS Books LLC , English
Tattoo - Laurent Bach

TattooLaurent Bach

Gay Romance by Laurent Bach3 short stories

Laurent Bach
The Encounter - Derek Wyncrest

The EncounterDerek Wyncrest

This is a coming out story of two men conflicted by their own prejudices. Bobby lifts weights to gain acceptance, and Traci is a secret black belt waiting to strike out at anyone who shows him love. It’s an awkward situation, but when lonel… more

The Encounter
Derek Wyncrest
Snowed In - Madeleine Urban, Rhianne Aile

Snowed InMadeleine Urban, Rhianne Aile

1 rating

Being snowed in isn’t so bad when you’re on vacation with your two best friends. And when Kasey reveals he’s a gay romance author, the vacation takes a turn for the steamier. Mitch already knows all about it, being bisexual, but Warren — W… more

Snowed In
Madeleine Urban, Rhianne Aile
Dreamspinner Press , English
Liberty Short Collection Vol.2 - Alp Mortal

Liberty Short Collection Vol.2Alp Mortal

This “short” collection contains five stories from the Liberty Treasury of Gay Romance.

A collection of slightly quirky tales which includes DIY disasters, spirit mediums, a celebrity boyfriend, a celebrity who stalks the object of his des… more

Liberty Short Collection Vol.2
Alp Mortal
Alp Mortal - www.alpmortal.weebly.com , English
Caught - Jacob Alexander

CaughtJacob Alexander

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Genres: Gay Erotica/Gay First Time/Straight Men/Gay Romance Age: 18+ Only Length: 7200 WordsJake discovers an intruder in his house during the darkest hour of the night. After being caught, the intruder sexually propositions Jake in the for… more

Jacob Alexander
Briteka Publishing , English
Best Gay Romance 2011 - Richard Labonté

Best Gay Romance 2011Richard Labonté

Richard Labonté is a self-confessed true romantic and it shows — Best Gay Romance 2011 covers every romantic possibility with first love, true love, wake-up sex, makeup sex, and everything in between. Labonté has gathered a sensational coll… more

Best Gay Romance 2011
Richard Labonté
Cleis Press , English
Claiming the Dragon 1 (Soulm... - Marcus Phoenix

Claiming the Dragon 1 (Soulm...Marcus Phoenix

CLAIMING THE DRAGON PART 1 - Gay Romance, 8700 words. Braxial is an ancient dragon who had never lost a fight…until the sleek, sexy young man stepped out of the forest looking like a god given skin and challenges him to a duel. Little d… more

Claiming the Dragon 1 (Soulmates: Phoenix’s Gay Romance M/M Fantasy Erotica Stories)
Marcus Phoenix
Decisions: Gay Romance Stories - Gideon Elliot

Decisions: Gay Romance StoriesGideon Elliot

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“There is no romance without heartache, by definition.”

In these three short stories of gay love, three men find romance… and also discover its steep price, paid in heartache and life-changing decisions:

“Secret” Lucas once thought that a… more

Decisions: Gay Romance Stories
Gideon Elliot
4Fun Publishing , English
Robotica - Kal Cobalt

RoboticaKal Cobalt

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Five erotic stories of robot-human relations, exploring the future of humanity, sex, and desire. In Cobalt’s futures, artificial intelligences can have very real emotions, and humans can be just as confused, turned on by, and obsessed with … more

Kal Cobalt
Circlet Press, Inc. , English
Gay Romance Collection: 20 G... - Luke Martin

Gay Romance Collection: 20 G...Luke Martin

This Gay Romance collection offers you 20 stories that are meant to make your nights (or even days) a notch sexier! Whether you are fond of reading gay smut or you prefer a story with drama or perhaps a bit of humor, then these stories were… more

Gay Romance Collection: 20 Gay Erotica Stories
Luke Martin
Firebrand Romance , English
Best Gay Romance 2009 -

Best Gay Romance 2009

Best Gay Romance 2009 is short fiction at its finest on the subject of love—first love, true love, and love everlasting (with makeup sex, wake-up sex, and everything in between).The romantic possibilities range from a surprising encounter b… more

Best Gay Romance 2009
Cleis Press , English
Haunted Heaven: A Wild Skies... - Andre Young

Haunted Heaven: A Wild Skies...Andre Young

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Honor Fontanne has just lost the only man he’s ever loved, and it’s all because of his own stubbornness. All Jett wanted was to be together and show the world their love, but Honor isn’t sure he’s ready for that step. To give himself time t… more

Haunted Heaven: A Wild Skies Gay Romance
Andre Young
A Wonderful Love - Gay Roman... - Chris Johns

A Wonderful Love - Gay Roman...Chris Johns

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WARNING:  If Man on Man Sex offends you, DO NOT read this book. Otherwise, enjoy!Brett has lived a good, religious life. He truly has a good heart.On his way home one night, he passes through a graveyard. There he sees a boy so small for hi… more

A Wonderful Love - Gay Romance - Get it Now!
Chris Johns
TT Publishing , English
The Priest & Me:: Living in ... - Jamie Lake

The Priest & Me:: Living in ...Jamie Lake

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He tries to resist him, but he’s irresistible. Every where Father Gregory goes, he sees him. He’s made a promise to his congregation, a promise to the Lord, a promise to himself that he’ll keep his vow of celibacy. But when Father Gregory… more

The Priest & Me:: Living in Sin (and Loving It) (JUST A QUICKIE SERIES - 30-MINUTE GAY ROMANCE M/M READS Book 8)
Jamie Lake
Jamie Lake , English
Waiting For Rain (A Wild Ski... - Andre Young

Waiting For Rain (A Wild Ski...Andre Young

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Wyatt is a certified loner.

Forrest is a certified goofball.

Wyatt knows that letting Forrest onto his ranch and into his life is a bad idea, but the Texas heat and his own piercing loneliness create a perfect storm of passion that he jus… more

Waiting For Rain (A Wild Skies Gay Romance)
Andre Young
Best Gay Romance 2013 -

Best Gay Romance 2013

Best Gay Romance 2013 has both heat and sweet. These stories of meet-cutes, first times and long time loves are tales well told with relatable characters you root for from beginning to end. Cream-of-the-crop editor Richard Labonté gather… more

Best Gay Romance 2013
Cleis Press , English
Men for Men, Gay Romance Collection - Brea Kendall

Men for Men, Gay Romance CollectionBrea Kendall

For the first time ever, a collection of gay romance titles from gay romance author Brea Kendall are available in one bundle. These stories have something for everybody and will leave you breathless with every turn of the page. This bundle … more

Men for Men, Gay Romance Collection
Brea Kendall
Brea Kendall , English
My Girlfriend's Boyfriend | ... - Jamie Lake

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend | ...Jamie Lake

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Why can’t he keep his mind off of him? Sure, Dane is a blond Adonis, charming as all get-out with a deep Southern drawl that makes Kevin want to mount him here and now. Sure, they have a connection that is undeniable, but there’s also one l… more

My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend | Gay Romance MM Series: A Gay for You Romance (JUST A QUICKIE SERIES - 30-MINUTE GAY ROMANCE M/M READS)
Jamie Lake
Jamie Lake , English
His Velvet Touch: A Wild Ski... - Andre Young

His Velvet Touch: A Wild Ski...Andre Young

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Veterinarian Royce Bergen is a success, but he’s about to lose everything because he just can’t shake his fascination with rodeo breeder Chant Fleming. There are a few influential ranchers in Heaven, Montana who have a big problem with Chan… more

His Velvet Touch: A Wild Skies Gay Romance
Andre Young