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American Gardener (1) - Deepo

American Gardener (1)Deepo

The American Gardener provides over 150 pages of helpful gardening how- to information, and tips that will help you grow plants with ease!

American Gardener (1)
Patrick Badie , English
The Yellow Rose - Dawn Colclasure

The Yellow RoseDawn Colclasure

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One day a gardener living on a tiny island discovers a surprise growing in his garden: A beautiful yellow rose that will never die. Every day he takes care of this perfect rose until men from a big city come to the island and convince the g… more

The Yellow Rose
Dawn Colclasure
Gypsy Shadow Publishing , English
Natural Soap Making - Elizabeth Letcavage

Natural Soap MakingElizabeth Letcavage

How to make cold-process soap (soap from scratch) using only natural fragrances, colorants, and texture additivesInformation on different kinds of oils and botanical additives and the special properties they give to the soapHow to make soap… more

Natural Soap Making
Elizabeth Letcavage
Stackpole Books , English
Gardener Summer - Nova

Gardener SummerNova

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Gardener Summer isn’t the story of Gardener’s summer vacation because Gardener doesn’t do vacations anymore. The collapsing economy has left him unemployed and homeless. Asked to investigate a pseudo Christian sect by his new partner, Gard… more

Gardener Summer
25 Tips for Surviving when t... - David Nelson

25 Tips for Surviving when t...David Nelson

What can you do to keep yourself and your family safe and ahead of the rest when the preverbial Sh!% hits the fan?? Through process of elimination and through months of research from tons of sources and first hand experience, and intervie… more

25 Tips for Surviving when the Sh*t Hits The Fan
David Nelson
Sharp Mind Publishing , English
More Fun with Dick and Shane... - Gillibran Brown

More Fun with Dick and Shane...Gillibran Brown

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The houseboy is back…

Gillibran Brown returns with more day to day tales about life and love with his beloved domestic dictators.

Being a houseboy to two demanding men is no easy task. There’s more to it than first meets the eye. Gilli… more

More Fun with Dick and Shane - Memoirs of a Houseboy 2007
Gillibran Brown
Houseboy-Works , English
Mulch It!: A Practical Guide... - Stu Campbell

Mulch It!: A Practical Guide...Stu Campbell

Weeding. Watering. Soil improvement. Frost and heat protection. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these gardening and landscaping chores could be simplified with one easy method? They can! This book is a reader’s guide to the gardener’s secret we… more

Mulch It!: A Practical Guide to Using Mulch in the Garden and Landscape
Stu Campbell
Storey Publishing, LLC , English
Everything About Pest Manage... - Mrs. Greenfingers

Everything About Pest Manage...Mrs. Greenfingers

Pest management can be the greatest challenge for any gardener. Early detection and treatment of pests means a healthier garden environment for you. Discover the tips, tricks, and techniques for eradicating weeds, diseases, insects, and oth… more

Everything About Pest Management for Your Garden
Mrs. Greenfingers
The Gardener's Calendar: A W... - Ed Back

The Gardener's Calendar: A W...Ed Back

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This wee booklet is another example of the pearls of wisdom to be found in Ed Back’s “From the Back Acres:a Humorous Guide to Organic Gardening” where the reader can read all about this specific topic at a fraction of the cost of the entire… more

The Gardener’s Calendar: A Wee Booklet
Ed Back
Ed Back , English
The House by the Sea - Lee Richardson

The House by the SeaLee Richardson

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An old man stands watching a dilapidated house being pulled down. Whilst watching he reflects on the sixty years he spent employed as the gardener and the traumatic events that happened to the families who occupied the house over the years.

The House by the Sea
Lee Richardson
Growing Ferns in Containers ... - Gloria Daniels

Growing Ferns in Containers ...Gloria Daniels

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Raising Gorgeous Ferns that are the Envy of Your Neighborhood Many times ferns are the stepchildren in container gardens. Most gardeners don’t realize how ferns can add pizzazz and zip while creating… more

Growing Ferns in Containers (The Weekend Gardener)
Gloria Daniels
Murder Out of the Past - Linda Cargill

Murder Out of the PastLinda Cargill

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The daughter of a Hollywood starlet killed in a mysterious plane accident notices a stalker watching her from the beach, carving graffiti in rocks. Her new gardener makes matters worse, popping up to fix her shower and scaring her. Her neig… more

Murder Out of the Past
Linda Cargill
Cheops Books , English
My Gardener, the Werewolf (W... - Angelica Siren

My Gardener, the Werewolf (W...Angelica Siren

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Warning:  Contains graphic sexual content suitable only for adults!An erotic tale of unbridled desire, fantasies fulfilled, and freshly cut grass. Amber wanted a gentleman for the evening, but little did she know just what an animal he wou… more

My Gardener, the Werewolf (Werewolf, Transformation, Shifter, Paranormal Erotica) (The Manservant Chronicles)
Angelica Siren
Angelica Siren , English
Seed Starts & Smarts: An Org... - Editors of Organic Gardening...

Seed Starts & Smarts: An Org...Editors of Organic Gardening...

Whether broadcast across a prepared seedbed or tucked into a container of growing medium, seeds hold the promise of something much bigger—juicy tomatoes, lush foliage, and brilliant blossoms. And growing plants from seed is easy and inexpen… more

Seed Starts & Smarts: An Organic Gardener’s Guide to the Fundamentals of Growing Plants from Seed
Editors of Organic Gardening, Ethne Clarke
Rodale , English
Windmills in the Mist - Robert William Saul Harvey

Windmills in the MistRobert William Saul Harvey

Romantic mystery thriller.

When Carole and David meet up it’s a bit like when two worlds collide – each wants to dominate, be superior to, yet, part of, the other. Watching their relationship is like watching the blades of windmills as the… more

Windmills in the Mist
Robert William Saul Harvey
Robert Harvey , English
Tomatoes: A Gardener's Guide - Simon Hart

Tomatoes: A Gardener's GuideSimon Hart

The tomato is a popular and versatile choice in the garden. It is vibrant, nutritious and delicious. It can be grown from hanging baskets with herbs, can yield prolific crops, and can cheer up a summer salad with its red, yellow, orange o… more

Tomatoes: A Gardener’s Guide
Simon Hart
Crowood , English
American Gardener Ebook - John Rice

American Gardener EbookJohn Rice

Here’s What You’ll Find In The American Gardener: * Choosing the right location on your property for growing plants. You’ll find in depth information on slope of your land, and what spot is best for growing successfully. * Preparing t… more

American Gardener Ebook
John Rice
The Change - Remittance Girl

The ChangeRemittance Girl

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“One day, quite suddenly, you realize you are changing.For me, it began in the middle of a cappuccino, sitting at my regular cafe, in the morning, just before the day became too hot. I sat silently, peaceably at the same table as a stranger… more

The Change
Remittance Girl
Burning Book Press , English
The Gardener - Christian Marks

The GardenerChristian Marks

Every child has a place to go when feeling down and low. Refuge may be found in a treehouse, sandgully, or nearby cave. It could be in the attic, in the basement, or even in the gazebo on the knoll overlooking the pond. And it just may be f… more

The Gardener
Christian Marks
AuthorHouse , English
Tomato Growing Secrets - Susan Elmore

Tomato Growing SecretsSusan Elmore

If you are interested in learning everything there is to know about growing tomatoes, then this is going to be the most important book you’ll ever read…Because:Recently, a new breakthrough in growing tomatoes was discovered and reported i… more

Tomato Growing Secrets
Susan Elmore