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The Butcher Of Springfield - Bill Bernico

The Butcher Of SpringfieldBill Bernico

“This last guy,” Frank said, wrapping his hands around his coffee cup, “killed his wife with a length of rope. Strangled her right there in their home.” Joe leaned in, always anxious to hear more. “It wasn’t enough to simply strang… more

The Butcher Of Springfield
Bill Bernico
Downwind Publications , English
The Second Mrs. Tanqueray - Sir Arthur Wing  Pinero

The Second Mrs. TanqueraySir Arthur Wing Pinero

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Excerpt:My dear Aubrey!Jayne.I rejoice to hear you say so.Aubrey.And I wanted to see the three of you round this table. You can’t guess the reason.Misquith.You desired to give us a most excellent dinner.[4]Jayne.Obviously.Aubrey.[Hesitating… more

The Second Mrs. Tanqueray
Sir Arthur Wing Pinero
Breed Me, Uncle Frank (Breed... - Pamela Clarke

Breed Me, Uncle Frank (Breed...Pamela Clarke

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ALL ROMANCE E-BOOKS BESTSELLERWhy not Uncle Frank? He is all man, a real hunk. I have never seen him naked, but as a little girl feeling in his pockets for my chocolate, sometimes I touched more than just the candy. He loves me more than an… more

Breed Me, Uncle Frank (Breeding and Pregnancy Erotica)
Pamela Clarke
Fergyville Episode II: The I... - Katina Ferguson

Fergyville Episode II: The I...Katina Ferguson

Frank, a family man, finds himself in a position that every man dreads…he must defend his home against an intruder. Derrick, a good friend of Frank’s, also finds himself in a position that every family man dreads; he is terribly attracted … more

Fergyville Episode II: The Intruder (Novella)
Katina Ferguson
Katina Ferguson , English
Ch05en: Episode 1 - William Dickstein

Ch05en: Episode 1William Dickstein

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Frank is a twenty-something with a dream of delivering pizzas all of his life. Unfortunately for him, his parents have other plans. Frank’s father wants him to take over their family’s pizzeria and his mother wants to see his Ch05En gene, w… more

Ch05en: Episode 1
William Dickstein
My Invisible Sister - Beatrice Colin, Sara Pinto

My Invisible SisterBeatrice Colin, Sara Pinto

1 rating
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Ten-year-old Frank and his family have moved nine times in eleven years, and Frank has had it. No more new schools or new friends. This time Frank’s going to make his sister love the place so much she never wants to leave. Because, you see,… more

My Invisible Sister
Beatrice Colin, Sara Pinto
Bloomsbury USA Childrens , English
Painfully Yours - Bella J  Carter

Painfully YoursBella J Carter

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Chick Lit at its funniest, raunchiest and most entertaining.If you enjoy quirky characters and irreverence to the every-day, this novel is a must read!When Loretta is served with a restraining order for using her husband as a human piñata, … more

Painfully Yours
Bella J Carter
Bella Carter , English
A Pebble In His Shoe: The Di... - Dr. Francine Barbetta

A Pebble In His Shoe: The Di...Dr. Francine Barbetta

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This is a captivating journey of a picture-perfect marriage and the devastating effects of a quest for self. Taken from Francine’s heart-wrenching diary, we see Francine, an eternal optimist, and Frank, a dedicated husband and father with … more

A Pebble In His Shoe: The Diary Of A Straight Spouse
Dr. Francine Barbetta
Xlibris , English
The Time Hackers - Gary Paulsen

The Time HackersGary Paulsen

You ever open your locker and find that some joker has left something really weird inside?Seventh-grader Dorso Clayman opens his locker door to find a dead body.Thirty seconds later it disappears. It’s not the first bizarre thing that has a… more

The Time Hackers
Gary Paulsen
Yearling , English
A Settler's Wife's Dreams (E... - Ashley Olsen

A Settler's Wife's Dreams (E...Ashley Olsen

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A Settler’s Wife’s Dreams


A woman has needs.

There are two things Lisa craves; a child and a fulfilling marriage. Living in the homestead is no easy task. It’s even harder when your husband is ignorant of how to plea… more

A Settler’s Wife’s Dreams (Erotic Romance, Romantic Erotica, Erotic Historical Romance)
Ashley Olsen
The Sissy Cuckold Ultimatum ... - Annie DuBois

The Sissy Cuckold Ultimatum ...Annie DuBois

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After ten years of marriage, Melanie finally gets tired of her husband Frank’s tiny cock and gives him an ultimatum: he will become her bisexual sissy slave, or she will divorce him and take him for everything that he’s got. Warning! This s… more

The Sissy Cuckold Ultimatum (Trans Erotica)
Annie DuBois
Annie DuBois , English
The Butcher Of Springfield (... - Bill Bernico

The Butcher Of Springfield (...Bill Bernico

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“This last guy,” Frank said, wrapping his hands around his coffee cup, “killed his wife with a length of rope. Strangled her right there in their home.”Joe leaned in, always anxious to hear more.“It wasn’t enough to simply strangle her,” F… more

The Butcher Of Springfield (Short Story Book 119)
Bill Bernico
Downwind Publications , English
Relatively Criminal: A Memoir - Donna Abear

Relatively Criminal: A MemoirDonna Abear

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Estranged from her highly-dysfunctional childhood family and an escapee from an unhappy marriage, a divorced mother of two makes an impulsive decision to provide a temporary home to her younger brother. The catch? He’s on parole. Unaware… more

Relatively Criminal: A Memoir
Donna Abear
Moonshadow Books , English
Frank and Nick Take Me Toget... - Madyline Starling

Frank and Nick Take Me Toget...Madyline Starling

When my husband invited his college buddy Frank to spend some time in our place, I was happy to give him the guest room. We’d talked about him quite a bit, and he sure lived up to his reputation as a handsome, cocky, world traveler. I did… more

Frank and Nick Take Me Together (A Double Team Erotica Story)
Madyline Starling
Hardcore Happiness Press , English
:Legends of the Swamps: A Me... - Kimberly Thompson

:Legends of the Swamps: A Me...Kimberly Thompson

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“What’s happening to me?” Julien questions his uncle.Uncle Frank knows, but he isn’t telling. Julien’s visions are becoming more real than his waking reality, and the secret of his visions are locked away in his ancient uncle’s tales. But … more

:Legends of the Swamps: A Mess of Fish
Kimberly Thompson
Amazon , English
I Promise You - Susan Harris

I Promise YouSusan Harris

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Autum has been engaged to Jack for three years, she soon discovers that the man she was due to marry is not who she thinks he is. She embarks on a business trip and has a brief encounter with her boss Frank, which puts her subconscious m… more

I Promise You
Susan Harris
Susan Harris , English
Not My Daughter - Kim Mullican

Not My DaughterKim Mullican

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Gabby Parker is a strong young woman who does what she can to help her dad since her mother died. The bond between them grows despite the fact that Gabby spends most of her time in college and with friends and hides aspects of her life fro… more

Not My Daughter
Kim Mullican
Mouse and Cat (Short story) - Ben Kalcher

Mouse and Cat (Short story)Ben Kalcher

For years she was abused by her uncle, Frank, a man with power and no soul, a dark secret she had to hide from everyone through the fear he brought upon her. She ran away from home, gone without a trace, losing everyone and everything that … more

Mouse and Cat (Short story)
Ben Kalcher
Smashwords , English
Don't Turn On The Light - Max China

Don't Turn On The LightMax China

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A short coffee break mystery (approx 15 minutes/3000 words)

Frank and Shelley move into the house of their dreams. It doesn’t take long to find out why it was sold at a knock-down price … Sometimes, it’s better to be kept in the dark.

Don’t Turn On The Light
Max China
Skinnybirdproductions , English
Caught In Cuffs (Caught in S... - Zoe X. Rider

Caught In Cuffs (Caught in S...Zoe X. Rider

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All Billy wants is a couple lousy hours alone so he can tie himself up and get off. With his sister home from college and her jock boyfriend, Frank, tagging along, he can’t get any kind of privacy—until Steph’s birthday rolls around. He beg… more

Caught In Cuffs (Caught in Self Bondage)
Zoe X. Rider
Hela Press , English