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Salman Rushdie: Second Edition - D.C.R.A. Goonetilleke

Salman Rushdie: Second EditionD.C.R.A. Goonetilleke

This updated and expanded new edition reviews Rushdie’s novels in the light of recent critical developments. It also features new chapters which examine the author’s latest works including Fury (2001), Shalimar the Clown (2005) and The Ench… more

Salman Rushdie: Second Edition
D.C.R.A. Goonetilleke
Palgrave Macmillan , English
The Restorer - Daniela Murphy

The RestorerDaniela Murphy

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WINNER - RUBERY INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARD FOR FICTION 2012In the dying days of the 20th Century, Elfa, a restorer in Florence, is sent on a lonely assignment into the frozen hills of the Mugello. In a long-neglected church, she is to restore… more

The Restorer
Daniela Murphy
Guerilla Books , English
A Brush with Darkness - Erastes

A Brush with DarknessErastes

Florence, 1875After making a grisly discovery one night, I needed proof that there was still goodness in the world. I never dreamt it would come to me during my next commission—with a subject whose very name means light…Yuri was glorious … more

A Brush with Darkness
Carina Press , English
A Short History of Florence,... - Damien Peters

A Short History of Florence,...Damien Peters

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The true home of the Renaissance, Florence is famous worldwide for being a treasure trove of art and culture. For the history fan, the main attractions of Florence: the Uffizi, the Palazzo Pitti and the Duomo, are among the most fabulous in… more

A Short History of Florence, Italy for Travelers and History Buffs
Damien Peters
Pregnant for Riches 2: More ... - Arthur Mitchell

Pregnant for Riches 2: More ...Arthur Mitchell

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MORE THAN HIS SUBMISSIVE…Rebecca’s budding relationship with her billionaire master is as unpredictable as her heart. She’s committed to letting him sire a baby with her, but it’s becoming more than just a high paid job.When Aaron invites… more

Pregnant for Riches 2: More Than a Submissive (Billionaire Erotic Romance) (His Pregnant Submissive)
Arthur Mitchell
Red Ice Press , English
The Marshal and the Murderer - Magdalen Nabb

The Marshal and the MurdererMagdalen Nabb

A young Swiss art student who commutes to a small town near Florence is reported missing. Then her body is found. Was it a sex crime? Guarnaccia suspects a local feud with its roots in World War II.

The Marshal and the Murderer
Magdalen Nabb
Soho Crime , English
God Capture His Heart - Krystal Holloway

God Capture His HeartKrystal Holloway

God Capture His HeartFor you to have the type of wife and most especially husband you desire, you must pray that God captures his/her heart. As such, the footsteps will be controlled by God alone. Florence could not believe it when all came… more

God Capture His Heart
Krystal Holloway
Florence The Dinosaur That H... - Amy Celino

Florence The Dinosaur That H...Amy Celino

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A lighthearted story about a dinosaur called Florence who has no roar but comes to realise that she has something else rather special. Written with non-verbal children in mind but enjoyable for any young child.

Florence The Dinosaur That Has No ROAR!
Amy Celino
The Decameron: Selected Tale... - Giovanni Boccaccio

The Decameron: Selected Tale...Giovanni Boccaccio

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While the Black Death rages through fourteenth-century Florence, a group of young people retreat to the healthful air of the countryside and amuse themselves by telling tales of romance and adventure. This is the premise of Boccaccio’s Deca… more

The Decameron: Selected Tales (Dover Thrift Editions)
Giovanni Boccaccio
Dover Publications , English
A Thing Done - Tinney S. Heath

A Thing DoneTinney S. Heath

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In 1216 the noble families of Florence hold great power, but they do not share it easily. Tensions simmer just below the surface. When a Jester’s prank-for-hire sets off a brawl, those tensions erupt violently, dividing Florence into hostil… more

A Thing Done
Tinney S. Heath
Fireship Press LLC , English
The Medici Ball (The Visitor... - Mikela Strand

The Medici Ball (The Visitor...Mikela Strand

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An erotic adventure in a time of romance.

The city of Florence is beautiful, the heart of the Renaissance. But for young Fiorella, it is a dangerous place. A place where she must beg to survive and steal to eat while dodging the Duke’s m… more

The Medici Ball (The Visitor Book 1)
Mikela Strand
A Hero's Return - Xavier Edwards

A Hero's ReturnXavier Edwards

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Florence has been patiently waiting at home for Devin to return from his latest deployment. With the time off that she has saved up, there’s a lot she’s looking forward to getting to do with him again.An unexpected phone call is the first s… more

A Hero’s Return
Xavier Edwards
Xavier Edwards , English
Florencewalks - Anne Holler

FlorencewalksAnne Holler

Much of Florence’s art is not in her world-famous museums but in her streets, and those treasures can only be seen by those who explore this lovely, medieval city on foot. The four intimate walking tours in Florencewalks lead you through ce… more

Anne Holler
Holt Paperbacks , English
Candles of Secrecy (Caribbea... - Julie Ann Hough

Candles of Secrecy (Caribbea...Julie Ann Hough

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A statue looks down at a Florence jewellers leading to a narrow street of dimly lit windows from a shop.

Candles of Secrecy (Caribbean Sunset Series Book 5)
Julie Ann Hough
Julie Ann Hough , English
Animal Tales 10: Florence ta... - David Harding

Animal Tales 10: Florence ta...David Harding

An adventure series based around helping animals big and small, fully endorsed by the RSPCA.The Stoppard family are excited about a weekend away, but Florence isn’t always the most relaxed dog on holiday. Especially when there are weird noi… more

Animal Tales 10: Florence takes the Lead
David Harding
Random House Australia , English
The Michelangelo Legacy: Por... - David Cousland

The Michelangelo Legacy: Por...David Cousland

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She could never have imagined that a simple glass of red wine would change her life forever. Her living portrait; David, a new man in her life; Florence; Arrezo; a sensuous and dramatic but all too brief encounter; making love at the bottom… more

The Michelangelo Legacy: Portrait of Francesca
David Cousland
David Cousland , English
I Know My Name Is Love - Margaret Cate

I Know My Name Is LoveMargaret Cate

Tilly is a dog who believes she’s nothing but an ordinary mutt, because that’s what people have told her. Her life changes dramatically one rainy day, when an elderly woman named Florence rescues her from the streets. Florence teaches Tilly… more

I Know My Name Is Love
Margaret Cate
The Autobiography of Benvenu... - John Addington Symonds

The Autobiography of Benvenu...John Addington Symonds

ALL men of whatsoever quality they be, who have done anything of excellence, or which may properly resemble excellence, ought, if they are persons of truth and honesty, to describe their life with their own hand; but they ought not to attem… more

The Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini
John Addington Symonds
Personality Plus for Couples... - Florence Littauer

Personality Plus for Couples...Florence Littauer

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Does your spouse’s behavior sometimes make you cringe? She needs to lighten up. He needs to help out more. She thinks fifteen minutes late is on time. He thinks showing up on time is late. The two of you do and see things differently, but t… more

Personality Plus for Couples: Understanding Yourself and the One You Love
Florence Littauer
Revell , English
Personality Plus for Couples... - Florence Littauer

Personality Plus for Couples...Florence Littauer

The best-selling author of Personality Plus and Personality Plus for Parents now shows couples how to apply the personality principles that have made Florence so popular. Husbands and wives will understand why they act the way they do and h… more

Personality Plus for Couples: Understanding Yourself and the One You Love
Florence Littauer
Revell , English