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Listening For Blue Fog: A Novel - Biff Olson

Listening For Blue Fog: A NovelBiff Olson

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Olson, a consummate storyteller, takes the reader on a page-turning journey through unlikely circumstances played out by some extraordinary characters. This is a thinking reader’s read and a very enjoyable tale.What happens when a man is bo… more

Listening For Blue Fog: A Novel
Biff Olson
New Nostalgia , English
FBI Careers: The Ultimate Gu... - Thomas Ackerman

FBI Careers: The Ultimate Gu...Thomas Ackerman

The definitive guide to acing the FBI’s rigorous selection process-for special agents as well as professional support personnel.

FBI Careers: The Ultimate Guide to Landing a Job as One of America’s Finest, 2nd Edition
Thomas Ackerman
Jist Works , English
The Heir Apparents - Mike Catalano

The Heir ApparentsMike Catalano

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In this sixth installment of the Jab Boone murder mysteries, a badly injured Jab cannot directly lead the FBI against renegade ex-soldiers targeting Muslim mosques. But when Jab’s top three student trackers are tapped to find the bombers, … more

The Heir Apparents
Mike Catalano
Xlibris , English
Secrets: A River Runs: Secre... - JP Struck

Secrets: A River Runs: Secre...JP Struck

1 rating
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It was a cool mountain morning. The dew was coating the leaves of the trees, the pedals of the flowers, and the blades of grass as the shallow Coal River flowed through the twisting terrain. It flowed from East to West as fisherman cast the… more

Secrets: A River Runs: Secrets (Book 2)
JP Struck
U Don't Know Jack - Teco

U Don't Know JackTeco

U think you know pain. But you don’t know. U think you know terror. But you don’t know. U think you know serial killers. But: U Don’t Know Jack.For the first time he thought about the FBI. He knew they were looking for him. It didn’t matte… more

U Don’t Know Jack
iUniverse , English
The Snowflake Trilogy (Compl... - JJ Jones

The Snowflake Trilogy (Compl...JJ Jones

Average wait: < 1h


This is the COMPLETE trilogy collection of the epic “White Werebear” paranormal romance series, Save over 50% versus buying the individual books!

When a man points a gun to her head… more

The Snowflake Trilogy (Complete Book Series 1-3) (Interracial BWWM Romance)
JJ Jones
Raising Hell 7: Take Nothing Away - Jasper Ace

Raising Hell 7: Take Nothing AwayJasper Ace

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***In Book Seven: It is time for ‘scorched earth’ tactics, as Sardonyx helps to cover up the death of two FBI agents—both of whom happen to be demons. Sardius will stop at nothing!

The Raising Hell Series: Sardius Sardonyx is a cop on the … more

Raising Hell 7: Take Nothing Away
Jasper Ace
eEdgeMedia LLC , English
Raising Hell 5: What the Dead See - Jasper Ace

Raising Hell 5: What the Dead SeeJasper Ace

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***In Book Five: Sardonyx is told by Adonis and Shayanne that the FBI agent he is seeing is something hell-bound—or hell-sent.

The Raising Hell Series: Sardius Sardonyx is a cop on the edge. He is an on-the-verge-of-being-reformed alcohol… more

Raising Hell 5: What the Dead See
Jasper Ace
eEdgeMedia LLC , English
Pride and Prostitution - Penelope St. James

Pride and ProstitutionPenelope St. James

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An invitation for a girls’ weekend with her best friend is exactly what Gemma needs. The Ritz is opulent, seductive and anonymous—the ideal place for her to pitch her perfect manners and take a walk on the scandalous side.One martini into N… more

Pride and Prostitution
Penelope St. James
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc. , English
Murder Misdirected - Andrew MacRae

Murder MisdirectedAndrew MacRae

Average wait: N/A

Meet The Kid, the most ethical pickpocket you’ll ever meet. A fortune in diamonds is missing and everyone, including the FBI and an unknown killer, is after them. They’re also after The Kid, who picked the pocket of the man last seen carryi… more

Murder Misdirected
Andrew MacRae
Mainly Murder Press , English
The Hunter: Mob Hit vs Seria... - JP Struck

The Hunter: Mob Hit vs Seria...JP Struck

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Outside the city of Charleston, WV lurks a doer of good through evil. He’s a corrupt individual’s worst enemy as well as that of the police looking for him.
For the corrupt he is their judge, jury and executioner. He decides that if… more

The Hunter: Mob Hit vs Serial Killer
JP Struck
Lawman (MacLaren's Women Book 2) - Virginia Llorca

Lawman (MacLaren's Women Book 2)Virginia Llorca

Average wait: < 1h

If you lost your husband in the line of duty, would you take a chance on another lawman? Maybe it is what you are used to. Maybe you think it is not worth the trouble to get involved just to end up alone, no matter how much you love each … more

Lawman (MacLaren’s Women Book 2)
Virginia Llorca
Kindle Pess , English
Niki's Discovery - Dick Yaeger

Niki's DiscoveryDick Yaeger

Average wait: N/A

This sequel to “Niki’s Touch”, finds Niki and John’s perfect marriage interrupted by a bizarre alliance between a U.S. Congresswoman and Russian crime lord teamed to disgrace, disfigure, and ultimately kill them both for an unknown reason. … more

Niki’s Discovery
Dick Yaeger
Reed - Allison Saltz

ReedAllison Saltz

Average wait: N/A

Reece Reed has her fair share of baggage. After an abusive childhood and a less than ideal love life she tends to keep people at arm’s length. When she is hired by the FBI she accepts hesitantly, knowing this will mean fostering relationshi… more

Allison Saltz
Flatland - Max Griffin

FlatlandMax Griffin

Flatland: Where a fortune in mob money, a stone-cold serial killer, and a crooked FBI agent collide with two gay guys looking for love.Blurb:Danny and Skip are just getting to know each other when organized crime invades their boring traile… more

Max Griffin
loveyoudivine Alterotica , English
Three Way Streaks - Bob Down

Three Way StreaksBob Down

A fugitive on the run aligns himself with two other people in a money racket involving sex, bootleg goods, and shady deals. The FBI are close behind.

Three Way Streaks
Bob Down
The Unknown Son - K. J. Dahlen

The Unknown SonK. J. Dahlen

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FBI agent Sable Quinn has survived several attempts on her life by members of the Reardon family, serial killers with a link to her own past. Now another family member has surfaced, an UNKNOWN SON determined to murder Sable where others hav… more

The Unknown Son
K. J. Dahlen
Rogue Phoenix Press , English
SEEker - R. Mac Wheeler

SEEkerR. Mac Wheeler

Average wait: N/A

An autistic man living in a group home, a slacker, and two brothers with an ocean under the bridge between them are an unexpected foursome recovering bail jumpers and fugitives. More unexpected, their success. And luck staying alive. It hel… more

R. Mac Wheeler
R. Mac Wheeler , English
Beatles FBI Files - B2BZone

Beatles FBI FilesB2BZone

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This fascinating booklet is stuffed with copies of genuine files from the Beatles FBI files. For Beatles fans, history buffs or pop culture mavens alike.

Beatles FBI Files
B2BZone, LLC , English
After Hours - Marie Rochelle

After HoursMarie Rochelle

Average wait: N/A

FBI Agent Forbes Huntington loved his job. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have spent the last fifteen years making a career out of it. He had been assigned to numerous undercover cases without ever getting emotional involved with a mark…until … more

After Hours
Marie Rochelle
Phaze Books , English