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Cookbook of a Cannibal - Christie Nortje

Cookbook of a CannibalChristie Nortje

They thought locked doors and drawn curtains would keep them safe and that monsters only existed in bad dreams and urban legends.Lynwood Hights would never be the same again not after he paid them a visit. He liked his meat young and fresh … more

Cookbook of a Cannibal
Christie Nortje
Amazonkindle , English
Club Vietato (Club Forbidden... - DB Canavan

Club Vietato (Club Forbidden...DB Canavan

Revised September 27, 2014

Two hot Italian men:

One DEA agent.
One Sicilian Mafia Godfather.

Which one will Abbigail Summers choose?

Abbigail has no idea what is about to blow into her life. She is caught between something much more… more

Club Vietato (Club Forbidden): Club Forbidden Book 2
DB Canavan
DB Canavan , English
Gay Grifters - TJ Johnson

Gay GriftersTJ Johnson

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Eric, a former Navy Seal, built a security firm that even the FBI envied. The core agents were also former Seals who were well paid to provide elite security for top dollar clients around the world. His employees knew Eric was gay, but they… more

Gay Grifters
TJ Johnson
Hard Title Publishing , English
Chosen By Blood (A Para-Ops Novel) - Virna DePaul

Chosen By Blood (A Para-Ops Novel)Virna DePaul

View our feature on Virna DePaul’s Chosen by Blood.Five years after the Second Civil War ends, humans and otherborn- humanlike creatures with superhuman DNA-still struggle for peace. To ensure the continued rights of both, the FBI forms a P… more

Chosen By Blood (A Para-Ops Novel)
Virna DePaul
Berkley , English
The Gun and Other Stories (H... - Harry Richardson

The Gun and Other Stories (H...Harry Richardson

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A collection of five short stories, four of them have murder in common. Murder though, that is committed for widely differing reasons; love, revenge, error and expediency are all strong contenders for motive. But as ever fate can play a str… more

The Gun and Other Stories (Harry Richardson Book 2)
Harry Richardson
Harry Richardson , English
The Iceman's Stone - George E Williams

The Iceman's StoneGeorge E Williams

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A body frozen in a receding Alaskan glacier is discovered. Unlike Otzi the ice man found in the Italian Alps by tourists, this find is preserved for two teams of anthropologists. In the ice man’s hand is a stone which cannot be from this wo… more

The Iceman’s Stone
George E Williams
All Jacked Up In The Hood (A... - L.A. Tripp

All Jacked Up In The Hood (A...L.A. Tripp

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Am I your prisoner now?”Those are Jack’s first words when he’s taken into The Hood.He’s spent his entire life trying to understand if he’s normal or different. That struggle continues. On top of that, he just got out from under an Italian … more

All Jacked Up In The Hood (All Jacked Up Series Book 3)
L.A. Tripp
Page Turners Publishing, LLC , English
Screenplay: THE DO-RIGHTS: S... - Michael Duggan

Screenplay: THE DO-RIGHTS: S...Michael Duggan

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What might have happened if the FBI put four talented agents undercover to penetrate the drug and music scene in the late 1960*s, and found out they were too successful and profitable to cancel the program.

Michael Duggan
Michael Duggan , English
Parsifal - Dr. Claus

ParsifalDr. Claus

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She was dying and he was afraid. Fear, death and loneliness visited him every day in the war but this was different. After her accident he asked for a leave of absence from the FBI but was denied. A letter of last resort was mailed to the D… more

Dr. Claus
Dr. Claus , English
True Love Lost (An FBI/Roman... - Morgan Kelley

True Love Lost (An FBI/Roman...Morgan Kelley

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Book three in the ROMANCE series finds that Callen Whitefox has a new lease on life. The choice to join the FBI was an easy one, and he has no plans on looking back. After all, he wanted off the Rez and into the world his brother now calls … more

True Love Lost (An FBI/Romance Thriller Book 3)
Morgan Kelley
Famous Cases of the FBI - Unibomber - Henry M. Holden

Famous Cases of the FBI - UnibomberHenry M. Holden

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This 3,800 word illustrated paper is one of the most famous and publicized cases of the FBI. The Unabomber was a suspect in one of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) most intensive investigations up to that time. Before the FBI ide… more

Famous Cases of the FBI - Unibomber
Henry M. Holden
Black Hawk Publishing Company , English
The Secret of the Ring (Ring... - Ben Rhodes

The Secret of the Ring (Ring...Ben Rhodes

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This is the first of a six book series. While it might not be my best book, it does set the stage for those that follow.  While reading this story is not required before reading STORMY, it will add to your enjoyment.  This story sets the wh… more

The Secret of the Ring (Ring Series 1)
Ben Rhodes
Muscle for Hire (The Twin Ci... - Sean O'Neill

Muscle for Hire (The Twin Ci...Sean O'Neill

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“Shamefully entertaining… Sean O’Neill pulls it off masterfully!” – The Dirty Lowdown

In a rollercoaster ride of plot and counter-plot in the grimy and violent side of the Midwest, Tooley, a Scottish student on sabbatical becomes entangled… more

Muscle for Hire (The Twin Cities Series Book 1)
Sean O’Neill
The Darkness Within - K. J. Dahlen

The Darkness WithinK. J. Dahlen

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When a serial killer comes home looking to tie up loose ends, FBI agent Sable Quinn must remember her past to stop him. She alone holds the key to his identity and it’s been locked in her memory for twenty years. She survived being a victim… more

The Darkness Within
K. J. Dahlen
Rogue Phoenix Press , English
A Dozen Shorts: A short stor... - J. H. Bográn

A Dozen Shorts: A short stor...J. H. Bográn

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This collection comprises diverse characters on both sides of the law, from rogue FBI agents, to professional assassins, and everyday men and women facing impossible odds.

Author strongly recommends popcorn and soda as companions while dev… more

A Dozen Shorts: A short story collection
J. H. Bográn
Pretur , English
Malice (The razor Saga) - Rue Volley

Malice (The razor Saga)Rue Volley

In this final installment of the “Razor Saga”, follow Lilah as she fights her feelings for “Bailey”, a sexy FBI agent who Lilah finds herself addictived to in the worst way. After escaping death, Lilah awakes feeling as if she is embarking … more

Malice (The razor Saga)
Rue Volley
Vamptasy , English
Pick Guns: Lock Picking For ... - John Minnery

Pick Guns: Lock Picking For ...John Minnery

This book tells how pick guns work and how to use them and traces their development from their inception to the revolutionary devices of today. Included are the original patents by Epstein, Segal, Moore, Cooke and others, as well as info on… more

Pick Guns: Lock Picking For Spies, Cops, And Locksmiths
John Minnery
Paladin Press , English
Come Find Me: Erotic Paranor... - Sandra Ross

Come Find Me: Erotic Paranor...Sandra Ross

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She can see them, and they her…

Dead People Can Talk

January could talk to dead people, a gift she’d inherited from her mother’s line. You’d probably call her a psychic and to some people, that could be exciting, though weird. But Janua… more

Come Find Me: Erotic Paranormal Thriller (Sandra Ross Erotic Romances Book 9)
Sandra Ross
Publications Circulations LLC , English
The Stalker - Ben Douglas

The StalkerBen Douglas

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As detective Lanny Boone investigates a brutal murder he encounters resistance from a white supremacist militia group and an escapee from the FBI witness protection program. Boone forges ahead; unaware members of the militia group plan to m… more

The Stalker
Ben Douglas
Wings ePress , English
The Loser - Oren Hall

The LoserOren Hall

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I am writing a story of my life. I went into the produce business when I was 12 years old. In 1967 I met and worked for the biggest Teamster boss in the world for nine months. He was sent to prison and later on that same year I was sent to … more

The Loser
Oren Hall
XlibrisUS , English