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Pride and Prostitution - Penelope St. James

Pride and ProstitutionPenelope St. James

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An invitation for a girls’ weekend with her best friend is exactly what Gemma needs. The Ritz is opulent, seductive and anonymous—the ideal place for her to pitch her perfect manners and take a walk on the scandalous side.One martini into N… more

Pride and Prostitution
Penelope St. James
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc. , English
The Hunter: Mob Hit vs Seria... - JP Struck

The Hunter: Mob Hit vs Seria...JP Struck

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Outside the city of Charleston, WV lurks a doer of good through evil. He’s a corrupt individual’s worst enemy as well as that of the police looking for him.
For the corrupt he is their judge, jury and executioner. He decides that if… more

The Hunter: Mob Hit vs Serial Killer
JP Struck
Lawman (MacLaren's Women Book 2) - Virginia Llorca

Lawman (MacLaren's Women Book 2)Virginia Llorca

Average wait: < 1h

If you lost your husband in the line of duty, would you take a chance on another lawman? Maybe it is what you are used to. Maybe you think it is not worth the trouble to get involved just to end up alone, no matter how much you love each … more

Lawman (MacLaren’s Women Book 2)
Virginia Llorca
Kindle Pess , English
Flatland - Max Griffin

FlatlandMax Griffin

Flatland: Where a fortune in mob money, a stone-cold serial killer, and a crooked FBI agent collide with two gay guys looking for love.Blurb:Danny and Skip are just getting to know each other when organized crime invades their boring traile… more

Max Griffin
loveyoudivine Alterotica , English
The Unknown Son - K. J. Dahlen

The Unknown SonK. J. Dahlen

Average wait: N/A

FBI agent Sable Quinn has survived several attempts on her life by members of the Reardon family, serial killers with a link to her own past. Now another family member has surfaced, an UNKNOWN SON determined to murder Sable where others hav… more

The Unknown Son
K. J. Dahlen
Rogue Phoenix Press , English
Death Sentence - A Val Bosan... - AJ Davidson

Death Sentence - A Val Bosan...AJ Davidson

Average wait: N/A

Death Sentence sees the return of recalcitrant detective Val Bosanquet from An Evil Shadow. Val stumbles across Diane Laing, the victim of a ten-year-old abduction, the last of four young women who disappeared. Val’s attempts to locate the … more

Death Sentence - A Val Bosanquet Mystery (The Val Bosanquet Mysteries Book 2)
AJ Davidson
Steve Jobs: 50 Amazing Facts... - Earl Edwards

Steve Jobs: 50 Amazing Facts...Earl Edwards

Instantly become an expert on Steve Jobs. Everything you ever wanted to know about Seve Jobs is presented to you in this book. After learning all the 50 amazing facts, proceed to reading the FBI files that were kept on Mr Jobs. Why was the … more

Steve Jobs: 50 Amazing Facts and FBI Taps
Earl Edwards
Second Succubus - Maxwell Avoi

Second SuccubusMaxwell Avoi

Average wait: N/A

A new succubus appears, one that wants to bring peace and unity to humanity. Opposing it are two FBI agents…and a gender-shifting creature from another dimension that threatens to destroy all that it touches! Conflicting forces battle for t… more

Second Succubus
Maxwell Avoi
Changed (Second Sight Book 6) - Hazel Hunter

Changed (Second Sight Book 6)Hazel Hunter

Average wait: N/A

CHANGED A Second Sight Novella Book 6

Though Isabelle and Mac struggle to settle into a new life together, the world seems set against it. Events at the Green Earth Commune take stranger and stranger turns, until neither of them can turn a… more

Changed (Second Sight Book 6)
Hazel Hunter
Allure Press , English
The Third Book of Dreams: Destiny - Melanie Jackson, Brian Jackson

The Third Book of Dreams: DestinyMelanie Jackson, Brian Jackson

Average wait: N/A

Nicodemus Smith can control dreams, but can she control Destiny? She will have to if she is to save her lover and the Narcoscape from a rogue agent of the FBI.

Enter the Narcoscape, the shadowy realm of dreams where dark things can prey on… more

The Third Book of Dreams: Destiny
Melanie Jackson, Brian Jackson
Fate Xs Three - C Poenitzsch

Fate Xs ThreeC Poenitzsch

Dysfunction is the only word to describe Jack’s family life. Now being rid of his “mother” he set out on a self proclaimed mission of ridding the world of those that have wronged him. Jack believes that God is leading him through this missi… more

Fate Xs Three
C Poenitzsch
iUniverse , English
Flatland - Max Griffin

FlatlandMax Griffin

Average wait: N/A

Flatland: where a fortune in mob money, a stone-cold serial killer, and a crooked FBI agent collide with two gay guys looking for love. Danny and Skip’s jerky new neighbor is much more than he seems. Their boring trailer park in Flatland, f… more

Max Griffin
Purple Sword Publications LLC , English
Spirit of a Doll - Eveli Acosta

Spirit of a DollEveli Acosta

A short story of a birthday present gone wrong. Murders are left unsolved until the hunches of a reporter help the FBI find leads to a murderer. They figure out that a doll had come to life and is on a killing spree. The doll has a spirit w… more

Spirit of a Doll
Eveli Acosta
Split Fiction Books , English
THE MISSING PAGE, A Brenda S... - Patty G. Henderson

THE MISSING PAGE, A Brenda S...Patty G. Henderson

Average wait: N/A

Autograph collecting… an industry rife with forgeries, screaming teens chasing their idols, and high rollers dealing in rare historical documents. In THE MISSING PAGE, the third book in the Brenda Strange mystery series, Brenda is thrust in… more

THE MISSING PAGE, A Brenda Strange Supernatural Mystery (The Brenda Strange Supernatural Mystery Series)
Patty G. Henderson
Black Car Publishing , English
Riding Ranger - Ciana Stone

Riding RangerCiana Stone

Average wait: N/A

Sometimes you have to break the law to right a wrong. That’s Ranger’s philosophy, and she’s become one of the most-wanted criminals in the world while playing Robin Hood to people ripped off by greedy corporations.But when she starts toying… more

Riding Ranger
Ciana Stone
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English
Clarence Darrow True FBI Files - FBI Freedom of Information P...

Clarence Darrow True FBI FilesFBI Freedom of Information P...

Clarence Darrow 11 pages FBI files contain miscellaneous material and correspondence regarding this famous attorney.

Clarence Darrow True FBI Files
FBI Freedom of Information Privacy Acts
Dead Faces in the Rain: A Cr... - Vincent Strangecraft

Dead Faces in the Rain: A Cr...Vincent Strangecraft

Average wait: N/A

He’s an FBI agent hunting down whoever it is that committed the most heinous crime he’s ever seen. There are bloody faces planted on stakes everywhere. It’s a rainy day, meaning that a blood-stained stream is flowing all around. A town has … more

Dead Faces in the Rain: A Crime Mystery Short Story
Vincent Strangecraft
Second Chances - Randi Cardoza

Second ChancesRandi Cardoza

Kenzi and Shawn divorced after a devastating loss four years before. Now they both work on child abductions for the FBI and the case Kenzi is working on throws them together again. It’s difficult for them to fight the attraction and soon en… more

Second Chances
Randi Cardoza
Randi L. Cardoza , English
Quantum Entanglement - Mark K. Bennett

Quantum EntanglementMark K. Bennett

Average wait: N/A

Tony has to make his usual “quick drop” with an old friend named Orlando, one of the FBI’s Most Wanted, but this one is different and he doesn’t know why. His friend Charlie agrees to come along for moral support, bringing along his own fr… more

Quantum Entanglement
Mark K. Bennett
Innocent Agent (Agent Amy) - Evangeline Southworth

Innocent Agent (Agent Amy)Evangeline Southworth

A woman finds herself in a seductive world that is beyond her wildest fantasies. Before she can fully pull herself out of it, the FBI show up and request that she stay in to help them out. She reluctantly agrees and finds her most erotic fa… more

Innocent Agent (Agent Amy)
Evangeline Southworth
Brassy Press , English