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Serial Justice - Tammy Whaley

Serial JusticeTammy Whaley

Average wait: 70d, 18h

Agent Miriam ‘Mac’ Mackenzie is called to listen to the deathbed confession of a serial killer. The accused killer spent twenty years hunting and killing the most horrific criminals . The case is even more bizarre in that the killer took he… more

Serial Justice
Tammy Whaley
Kept Secrets: A Short Story - Andrew C. Piazza

Kept Secrets: A Short StoryAndrew C. Piazza

Average wait: N/A

This short story follows two FBI agents transporting a serial killer who claims to be fighting a war against an inhuman evil. As they pass through the secluded countryside, what mysteries will be revealed… and which secrets will be kept?… more

Kept Secrets: A Short Story
Andrew C. Piazza
All Jacked Up In The Hood (A... - L.A. Tripp

All Jacked Up In The Hood (A...L.A. Tripp

Average wait: N/A

Am I your prisoner now?”Those are Jack’s first words when he’s taken into The Hood.He’s spent his entire life trying to understand if he’s normal or different. That struggle continues. On top of that, he just got out from under an Italian … more

All Jacked Up In The Hood (All Jacked Up Series)
L.A. Tripp
Page Turners Publishing, LLC , English
Don't Say a Word - Rita Herron

Don't Say a WordRita Herron

Groomed by a covert group of elite killers, Damon left the secret society to join the FBI after a mission went brutally wrong and an innocent woman died. When his brother is arrested for murder, Damon investigates and finds a “Jane Doe” wh… more

Don’t Say a Word
Rita Herron
Harlequin HQN , English
Catching the Wolf of Wall St... - Jordan Belfort

Catching the Wolf of Wall St...Jordan Belfort

In this astounding account, Wall Street’s notorious bad boy—the original million-dollar-a-week stock chopper—leads us through a drama worthy of The Sopranos, from the FBI raid on his estate to the deal he cut to rat out his oldest friends a… more

Catching the Wolf of Wall Street: More Incredible True Stories of Fortunes, Schemes, Parties, and Prison
Jordan Belfort
Bantam , English
Intentional Stranger - J.J.  Oxendine

Intentional StrangerJ.J. Oxendine

Average wait: < 1h

INTENTIONAL STRANGERThe death of her only child leaves Grace desperate to keep her marriage together. Unable to deal with the pain, she begins seeing a therapist who has her own motives. After getting divorced, she learns her ex-husband is … more

Intentional Stranger
J.J. Oxendine
SEEker - R. Mac Wheeler

SEEkerR. Mac Wheeler

Average wait: N/A

An autistic man living in a group home, a slacker, and two brothers with an ocean under the bridge between them are an unexpected foursome recovering bail jumpers and fugitives. More unexpected, their success. And luck staying alive. It hel… more

R. Mac Wheeler
R. Mac Wheeler , English
Spirit of a Doll - Eveli Acosta

Spirit of a DollEveli Acosta

A short story of a birthday present gone wrong. Murders are left unsolved until the hunches of a reporter help the FBI find leads to a murderer. They figure out that a doll had come to life and is on a killing spree. The doll has a spirit w… more

Spirit of a Doll
Eveli Acosta
Eveli Acosta , English
Kendall's Storm - Janet Muirhead Hill

Kendall's StormJanet Muirhead Hill

Average wait: N/A

Ten-year-old Kendall’s life isn’t just unpredictable; everything about it is a mystery. Why can’t he and Dad live in one place more than a few months? Why all the frantic all-night drives, the tucked-away motels, always being forced to leav… more

Kendall’s Storm
Janet Muirhead Hill
Raven Publishing, Inc. of Montana , English
Comes a Horseman - Robert Liparulo

Comes a HorsemanRobert Liparulo

The ancients saw Death as a blazing figure on horseback, swift and merciless. Those facing the black chasm often mistook their pounding hearts for the beating of hooves.Now, two FBI agents pursuing a killer from a centuries-old cult realize… more

Comes a Horseman
Robert Liparulo
Thomas Nelson , English
Second Succubus - Maxwell Avoi

Second SuccubusMaxwell Avoi

Average wait: N/A

A new succubus appears, one that wants to bring peace and unity to humanity. Opposing it are two FBI agents…and a gender-shifting creature from another dimension that threatens to destroy all that it touches! Conflicting forces battle for t… more

Second Succubus
Maxwell Avoi
Changed (Second Sight) - Hazel Hunter

Changed (Second Sight)Hazel Hunter

Average wait: N/A

CHANGED A Second Sight Novella Book 6

Though Isabelle and Mac struggle to settle into a new life together, the world seems set against it. Events at the Green Earth Commune take stranger and stranger turns, until neither of them can turn a… more

Changed (Second Sight)
Hazel Hunter
Allure Press , English
The Thunderbird Project - Rebecca Harwell

The Thunderbird ProjectRebecca Harwell

Average wait: N/A

Not all superheroes live a glamorous life.The Thunderbird project was an FBI-run group of superhumans until they were unceremoniously disbanded and sent out into the world to live normal lives. But unfortunately for the red-headed, mean-tem… more

The Thunderbird Project
Rebecca Harwell
Bedlam Press (An imprint of Necro Publications) , English
Trina: The Hydro Killer - Darrell Debrew

Trina: The Hydro KillerDarrell Debrew

Average wait: N/A

Murder chose Trina at age fifteen when her mother’s boyfriend attempted to rape her. After serving time in prison, Trina is adopted by a retired FBI agent who trains her to become one of the deadliest paid hit girls the agency has seen. Wit… more

Trina: The Hydro Killer
Darrell Debrew
DC Bookdiva Publications , English
Beatles FBI Files - B2BZone

Beatles FBI FilesB2BZone

Average wait: N/A

This fascinating booklet is stuffed with copies of genuine files from the Beatles FBI files. For Beatles fans, history buffs or pop culture mavens alike.

Beatles FBI Files
B2BZone, LLC , English
Fueled By Instinct - Rebecca Savage

Fueled By InstinctRebecca Savage

Lane’s out for justice. He witnessed a horrible crime, the murder of Devin’s parents. So, he agrees to pretend to go into the Federal Witness Protection Program to set up and capture a mole within the ranks of the FBI. In the process, he fi… more

Fueled By Instinct
Rebecca Savage
The Wild Rose Press , English
Janus the Arrival - Stephen Harding

Janus the ArrivalStephen Harding

Average wait: N/A

A gritty sci-fi thriller that contains powerful scenes of sex and violence drifting between the planets Earth and Pagos.

Who is Janus Storm? Is he a normal or twisted character? As the last hope for his race on a mission that must not fail… more

Janus the Arrival
Stephen Harding
Stephen Harding , English
I Kill - Giorgio Faletti

I KillGiorgio Faletti

The voice on the radio.The writing, red as blood.I kill …A detective and an FBI agent embark upon the most harrowing case of their careers as they attempt to track down an enigmatic killer in this relentlessly suspenseful thriller. The … more

I Kill
Giorgio Faletti
Corsair , English


Average wait: N/A

This is a compilation of over sixty serial killers ranging from people we trust like doctors and nurses, to unsolved serial crimes, females killers and mass murderers. Many of the cases in this book are of notorious monsters like Bundy, the… more

RJ Parker
True Crime Publishing , English
Destiny's Shift (Six Saviors... - Carly Fall

Destiny's Shift (Six Saviors...Carly Fall

1 rating
Average wait: 145d, 22h

One hundred and fifty years ago, Warrior Jovan of the Six Saviors realized he had a gift: the ability to feel emotions through touch. Over the years, the gift has intensified allowing him to hear others thoughts, and this uncontrolled skill… more

Destiny’s Shift (Six Saviors Series)
Carly Fall
Westward Publishing , English