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Serial Justice - Tammy Whaley

Serial JusticeTammy Whaley

Average wait: 70d, 18h

Agent Miriam ‘Mac’ Mackenzie is called to listen to the deathbed confession of a serial killer. The accused killer spent twenty years hunting and killing the most horrific criminals . The case is even more bizarre in that the killer took he… more

Serial Justice
Tammy Whaley
All Jacked Up In The Hood (A... - L.A. Tripp

All Jacked Up In The Hood (A...L.A. Tripp

Average wait: N/A

Am I your prisoner now?”Those are Jack’s first words when he’s taken into The Hood.He’s spent his entire life trying to understand if he’s normal or different. That struggle continues. On top of that, he just got out from under an Italian … more

All Jacked Up In The Hood (All Jacked Up Series)
L.A. Tripp
Page Turners Publishing, LLC , English
Catching the Wolf of Wall St... - Jordan Belfort

Catching the Wolf of Wall St...Jordan Belfort

In this astounding account, Wall Street’s notorious bad boy—the original million-dollar-a-week stock chopper—leads us through a drama worthy of The Sopranos, from the FBI raid on his estate to the deal he cut to rat out his oldest friends a… more

Catching the Wolf of Wall Street: More Incredible True Stories of Fortunes, Schemes, Parties, and Prison
Jordan Belfort
Bantam , English
Spirit of a Doll - Eveli Acosta

Spirit of a DollEveli Acosta

A short story of a birthday present gone wrong. Murders are left unsolved until the hunches of a reporter help the FBI find leads to a murderer. They figure out that a doll had come to life and is on a killing spree. The doll has a spirit w… more

Spirit of a Doll
Eveli Acosta
Eveli Acosta , English
Fueled By Instinct - Rebecca Savage

Fueled By InstinctRebecca Savage

Lane’s out for justice. He witnessed a horrible crime, the murder of Devin’s parents. So, he agrees to pretend to go into the Federal Witness Protection Program to set up and capture a mole within the ranks of the FBI. In the process, he fi… more

Fueled By Instinct
Rebecca Savage
The Wild Rose Press , English
My Life as Invisible Intesti... - Bill Myers

My Life as Invisible Intesti...Bill Myers

My Life As Invisible Intestines (with Intense Indigestion) is book # 20 in the The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle series. When Wally first becomes invisible (thanks to the handy-dandy OOPS Machine) it’s great fun. Now he can do whateve… more

My Life as Invisible Intestines (with Intense Indigestion) (The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle)
Bill Myers
Thomas Nelson , English
Killer Dolls - Angelica Hart, Zi

Killer DollsAngelica Hart, Zi

Average wait: N/A

After years of building her business, Letti now longs for romance and commitment, and thinks she might have found it in Taut Johnson. Unbeknownst to her he is an FBI agent working undercover to find a terrorist using Letti’s dolls to attack… more

Killer Dolls
Angelica Hart, Zi
Champagne Books , English
Only Young Girls Need Apply - Michael Anthony

Only Young Girls Need ApplyMichael Anthony

The story is set at a majestic lodge that is beep inside a Montana Indian Reservation. People from all over the world come here to work for the summer months. Thinking that this is going to be a fun place to work and see the sites. Only to … more

Only Young Girls Need Apply
Michael Anthony
CreateSpace , English
How to Spot Lies Like the FBI - Mark Bouton

How to Spot Lies Like the FBIMark Bouton

Average wait: N/A

Learn to catch lies by reading body language, facial expressions, and verbal signals. Protect your money, relationships, sanity, Tips for questioning others to find out the truth. Read actual instances where author solved FBI cases. Learn h… more

How to Spot Lies Like the FBI
Mark Bouton
Cosmic Wind Press , English
Human, Mostly (A Qimei La Sc... - Rivas  Jakara

Human, Mostly (A Qimei La Sc...Rivas Jakara

Average wait: N/A

In 2120, a group of genetically engineered young adults / adults created by the government are ordered destroyed when all but a small handful are deemed insane. During the escape, five remain behind, saving the life of visiting FBI agent Jo… more

Human, Mostly (A Qimei La Sci-Fi Story) (The Qimei La)
Rivas Jakara
Project Blue Book True FBI Files - FBI Freedom of Information P...

Project Blue Book True FBI FilesFBI Freedom of Information P...

This is a great ebook that contains True FBI Files of Project Blue Book. This ebook is really awesome as it shows original documents from the FBI.

Project Blue Book True FBI Files
FBI Freedom of Information Privacy Acts Section
ebook , English
Love Me Carefully (Indigo: S... - A.C. Arthur

Love Me Carefully (Indigo: S...A.C. Arthur

Average wait: N/A

Lean Graham has long since stopped believing in fairy tales. To her, “Happily Ever After: is her job. Leah has no problem planning the perfect wedding for her clients, but when it comes to her own nuptials, her feet aren’t’ just cold - they… more

Love Me Carefully (Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories)
A.C. Arthur
Indigo Love Stories , English
The Bride of Raynor - Lindsay Cline

The Bride of RaynorLindsay Cline

14,935 words. This is Part 1 of The Bride of RaynorAfter finding out that her husband’s been cheating on her, and that she doesn’t feel the anger she should feel for it or having the willpower to do anything about it, Mary reluctantly decid… more

The Bride of Raynor
Lindsay Cline
LC Books , English
Consumed by Wrath (An FBI/Ro... - Morgan Kelley

Consumed by Wrath (An FBI/Ro...Morgan Kelley

Average wait: N/A

Consumed by Wrath (Book 8) FBI Romance Series.

Sometimes, you just need a vacation. When you stand in blood and gore every day of your life, you deserve to take some down time to heal and regroup. Right? Ethan, Elizabeth, and Callen ar… more

Consumed by Wrath (An FBI/Romance Thriller)
Morgan Kelley
Innocent Agent (Agent Amy) - Evangeline Southworth

Innocent Agent (Agent Amy)Evangeline Southworth

A woman finds herself in a seductive world that is beyond her wildest fantasies. Before she can fully pull herself out of it, the FBI show up and request that she stay in to help them out. She reluctantly agrees and finds her most erotic fa… more

Innocent Agent (Agent Amy)
Evangeline Southworth
Brassy Press , English
Hawkes Abandon - Moira Reid

Hawkes AbandonMoira Reid

Average wait: N/A

Ally is trapped in Hawkes world of paranormal power and global intrigue.Ally Lawson always loved Hawkes Brandon. Their break-up was the worst mistake of her life. When a chance to rekindle their flame comes, Ally grabs it and finds herself … more

Hawkes Abandon
Moira Reid
Cobblestone Press, LLC , English
True Love Lost (An FBI Roman... - Morgan Kelley

True Love Lost (An FBI Roman...Morgan Kelley

Average wait: N/A

Updated Third Edition.

Book three in the ROMANCE series finds that Callen Whitefox has a new lease on life. The choice to join the FBI was an easy one, and he has no plans on looking back. After all, he wanted off the Rez and into the wor… more

True Love Lost (An FBI Romance Thriller)
Morgan Kelley
Controlled By Love - Wesley Warner

Controlled By LoveWesley Warner

Retired FBI agent, Nate Farmer is a restrained, middle-aged man with a spotless reputation. A chance reunion with Marco, a young ex-assassin, in which Marco loses his temper and lashes out, unleashes Nate’s carefully hidden domineering tend… more

Controlled By Love
Wesley Warner
Elvis Presley Cultural Icon ... - Beverley Kerkes

Elvis Presley Cultural Icon ...Beverley Kerkes

Average wait: N/A

In Volume #3 readers will learn about the grass roots movement to save the Circle G Ranch, discover who suggested that Elvis appear on stage to the strains of “Also Sprach Zarathustra” and find out what the FBI really thought of Elvis Presl… more

Elvis Presley Cultural Icon Volume 3 (Facts, Figures and Fashions)
Beverley Kerkes
Beverley Kerkes , English
A Deep Red Gold - S.K. Epperson

A Deep Red GoldS.K. Epperson

Average wait: N/A

A death row inmate with only days left to live is recruited by the FBI to obtain information from a wealthy, arrogant Egyptian believed to be behind the murders of several hundred women across the border.

A Deep Red Gold
S.K. Epperson