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I Kill - Giorgio Faletti

I KillGiorgio Faletti

The voice on the radio.The writing, red as blood.I kill …A detective and an FBI agent embark upon the most harrowing case of their careers as they attempt to track down an enigmatic killer in this relentlessly suspenseful thriller. The … more

I Kill
Giorgio Faletti
Corsair , English
Second Chances - Randi Cardoza

Second ChancesRandi Cardoza

Kenzi and Shawn divorced after a devastating loss four years before. Now they both work on child abductions for the FBI and the case Kenzi is working on throws them together again. It’s difficult for them to fight the attraction and soon en… more

Second Chances
Randi Cardoza
Randi L. Cardoza , English
Riding Ranger - Ciana Stone

Riding RangerCiana Stone

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Sometimes you have to break the law to right a wrong. That’s Ranger’s philosophy, and she’s become one of the most-wanted criminals in the world while playing Robin Hood to people ripped off by greedy corporations.But when she starts toying… more

Riding Ranger
Ciana Stone
Ellora’s Cave , English
Treasures Lost & Found - Robert  Bertaut Sr.

Treasures Lost & FoundRobert Bertaut Sr.

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No Gold Horse But Treasures Found! Did He Shoot and FBI Agent? Do You Want Treasure? The Ultimate Pepper Spray! I Hope I Got Him! An All True Story!

Treasures Lost & Found
Robert Bertaut Sr.
Amazon.com , English
My Life as Invisible Intesti... - Bill Myers

My Life as Invisible Intesti...Bill Myers

My Life As Invisible Intestines (with Intense Indigestion) is book # 20 in the The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle series. When Wally first becomes invisible (thanks to the handy-dandy OOPS Machine) it’s great fun. Now he can do whateve… more

My Life as Invisible Intestines (with Intense Indigestion) (The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle)
Bill Myers
Thomas Nelson , English
How to Spot Lies Like the FBI - Mark Bouton

How to Spot Lies Like the FBIMark Bouton

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Learn to catch lies by reading body language, facial expressions, and verbal signals. Protect your money, relationships, sanity, Tips for questioning others to find out the truth. Read actual instances where author solved FBI cases. Learn h… more

How to Spot Lies Like the FBI
Mark Bouton
Cosmic Wind Press , English
Godsend 14: Ass To Kiss (God... - K. Elliott

Godsend 14: Ass To Kiss (God...K. Elliott

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In the fourteenth book of the Godsend Series, Brian and Echo finally work the wrong case. While Brian runs across a girl who is seeing a man too old for her, Echo gets upset with a Godsend client … and shoot her in the ass.Now the FBI is … more

Godsend 14: Ass To Kiss (Godsend Short stories Series)
K. Elliott
Love Me Carefully (Indigo: S... - A.C. Arthur

Love Me Carefully (Indigo: S...A.C. Arthur

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Lean Graham has long since stopped believing in fairy tales. To her, “Happily Ever After: is her job. Leah has no problem planning the perfect wedding for her clients, but when it comes to her own nuptials, her feet aren’t’ just cold - they… more

Love Me Carefully (Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories)
A.C. Arthur
Indigo Love Stories , English
Consumed by Wrath: An FBI/Ro... - Morgan Kelley

Consumed by Wrath: An FBI/Ro...Morgan Kelley

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Consumed by Wrath (Book 8) FBI Romance Series.

Sometimes, you just need a vacation. When you stand in blood and gore every day of your life, you deserve to take some down time to heal and regroup. Right? Ethan, Elizabeth, and Callen ar… more

Consumed by Wrath: An FBI/Romance Thriller (An FBI/Romance Thriller ~ Book 8)
Morgan Kelley
Controlled By Love - Wesley Warner

Controlled By LoveWesley Warner

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Retired FBI agent, Nate Farmer is a restrained, middle-aged man with a spotless reputation. A chance reunion with Marco, a young ex-assassin, in which Marco loses his temper and lashes out, unleashes Nate’s carefully hidden domineering tend… more

Controlled By Love
Wesley Warner
Fueled By Instinct - Rebecca Savage

Fueled By InstinctRebecca Savage

Lane’s out for justice. He witnessed a horrible crime, the murder of Devin’s parents. So, he agrees to pretend to go into the Federal Witness Protection Program to set up and capture a mole within the ranks of the FBI. In the process, he fi… more

Fueled By Instinct
Rebecca Savage
The Wild Rose Press , English
Unraveled - S.X.  Bradley

UnraveledS.X. Bradley

Average wait: N/A

Sixteen year old math whiz, Autumn, spends her days reading about serial killers and dreaming of becoming an FBI Profiler. She never dreams her first case will be so personal. Her world is shattered when she comes home from school and disco… more

S.X. Bradley
Evernight Teen , English
Solitary Tears (The Broken H... - JL Redington

Solitary Tears (The Broken H...JL Redington

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Where do you turn when love is not your friend? Patrick works alone, has always worked alone, enjoys being alone. Kate, too, has worked alone on every mission, and has set her life up in such a way that she answers to no one and lives her … more

Solitary Tears (The Broken Heart Series)
JL Redington
JL Redington , English


Average wait: N/A

The horror genre is tremendously indebted to serial killers. A listing of books and movies that deal with serial killers would almost be a book in itself. Something about their twisted psychology and abhorrent acts have turned folks like J… more

RJ Parker
True Crime Publishing , English
Chosen By Blood (A Para-Ops Novel) - Virna DePaul

Chosen By Blood (A Para-Ops Novel)Virna DePaul

View our feature on Virna DePaul’s Chosen by Blood. Five years after the Second Civil War ends, humans and otherborn- humanlike creatures with superhuman DNA-still struggle for peace. To ensure the continued rights of both, the FBI forms… more

Chosen By Blood (A Para-Ops Novel)
Virna DePaul
Berkley , English
Jake Forgotten - John Flowers

Jake ForgottenJohn Flowers

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Set in the world of organized crime in the late 1990s, Jake finds himself on the run from the FBI, his friends, his boss and himself.

Jake Forgotten
John Flowers
Love Loss Revenge - Graysen Morgen

Love Loss RevengeGraysen Morgen

Average wait: N/A

Rian Casey is an FBI Agent working the biggest case of her career andmadly in love with her girlfriend. Her world is turned upside when tragedy strikes. Heartbroken, she tries to rebuild her life. When she discovers the truth behind what re… more

Love Loss Revenge
Graysen Morgen
Triplicity Publishing, LLC , English
The Iceman's Stone - George E Williams

The Iceman's StoneGeorge E Williams

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A body frozen in a receding Alaskan glacier is discovered. Unlike Otzi the ice man found in the Italian Alps by tourists, this find is preserved for two teams of anthropologists. In the ice man’s hand is a stone which cannot be from this wo… more

The Iceman’s Stone
George E Williams
Pick Guns: Lock Picking For ... - John Minnery

Pick Guns: Lock Picking For ...John Minnery

This book tells how pick guns work and how to use them and traces their development from their inception to the revolutionary devices of today. Included are the original patents by Epstein, Segal, Moore, Cooke and others, as well as info on… more

Pick Guns: Lock Picking For Spies, Cops, And Locksmiths
John Minnery
Paladin Press , English
Parsifal - Dr. Claus

ParsifalDr. Claus

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She was dying and he was afraid. Fear, death and loneliness visited him every day in the war but this was different. After her accident he asked for a leave of absence from the FBI but was denied. A letter of last resort was mailed to the D… more

Dr. Claus
Dr. Claus , English