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Slave To Love (A Journey in ...A.L Nightly

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After Faye’s boyfriend decides to break up with her in the worst way possible she turns to binge drinking and porn hopping. After answering an classified advertisement in a spur of the moment drunken haze she finds herself locked in the wor… more

Slave To Love (A Journey in Bondage and Discipline)
A.L Nightly

Other People's LivesSheila Norton

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Beth Marston never imagined she’d be in this position as she approached her thirtieth birthday: on her own with a four-year-old daughter, working as a cleaner in other people’s houses. What happened to the dreams she shared with Daniel, the… more

Other People’s Lives
Sheila Norton

Iron (NHB Modern Plays)Rona Munro

An intense psychological drama set in a women’s prison, in which a mother and daughter try to break through the barriers of time, memory and punishment which separate them. Josie is seeing her mother Fay for the first time in a while – she’… more

Iron (NHB Modern Plays)
Rona Munro
Nick Hern Books , English

Occupational Hazard: A Humor TaleAmanda Lawrence Auverigne

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Faye and Willa are studying at the library during final exams and they decide to take a break. They find something gruesome during their search for snacks. Parental Advisory: Contains adult situations and mature themes.

Occupational Hazard: A Humor Tale
Amanda Lawrence Auverigne

Love and Logic Magic For Ear...Jim Fay, Charles Fay Ph.D.

Average wait: 1d, 15h

Practical Parenting from Birth to Six YearsLet Jim Fay and Charles Fay, Ph.D., help you start your child off on the right foot. The tools in Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood will give you the building blocks you need to create child… more

Love and Logic Magic For Early Childhood
Jim Fay, Charles Fay Ph.D.
Love and Logic Press , English

My Sister's Husband (Justin ...Justin Carter

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Faye had been going to stay at her sister Collette’s house ever since Collette had first left home and moved in with Brian. Over those eight years, she had gone from thinking him okay, to getting a crush on him, to fantasising over him.Now … more

My Sister’s Husband (Justin Carter Green Erotica)
Justin Carter
Justin Carter Seductions , English

RipplesCandice Bundy

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Natalie is grieving therecent loss of her mother when she starts seeing rifts in space thatlead her to question her own sanity. These bizarre rifts reveal windowsinto another reality, opening up possibilities Natalie never beforeimagined…… more

Candice Bundy
Lusios Publishing, LLC , English

Discover Your Sweet Spot: Th...Scott M. Fay

To create an effective space, landscapers must design, build, and maintain that space. To create an effective life, we must design, build, and maintain that space too. Discover Your Sweet Spot equips you to create the life you want. Using a… more

Discover Your Sweet Spot: The 7 Steps to Create a Life of Success and Significance
Scott M. Fay
Morgan James Publishing , English

Mocha Divas (Faith Hope & Charity)Fay Long

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Wow! Mocha Divas is another captivating work by Fay Long that chronicles the lives of very diverse girlfriends. They may be happily monogamous, unwillingly-sharing or devoid of relationships. The author writes in a way that each woman remi… more

Mocha Divas (Faith Hope & Charity)
Fay Long

Midnight ConfessionsBonnie Edwards

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Faye Grantham doesn’t quite know what came over her except that her body was on fire. She knew what she wanted, craved, needed—hot sex. Right now. Tonight. But nice girls don’t get to do whatever they want, with whomever they want…F… more

Midnight Confessions
Bonnie Edwards
Aphrodisia , English

Real Messages from Heaven Bo...Faye Aldridge

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Inspiring Stories of Supernatural EncountersWhat if death was only a beginning? What if there was a supernatural world where angels intervened in people’s lives, heaven and hell were real places, and the decisions made today impacted y… more

Real Messages from Heaven Book 2: More Stories of Miracles and Divine Interventions
Faye Aldridge
Destiny Image , English

The Morderer's SacrificeSarah Smothers

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Fay Garmone has always had an advanced imagination, but neverbefore has she been forced to use it- until now.Orphaned and taking care of the mother duties for her two brothersGeronimoe and Triumph she fi nds herself, and them, to be proudo… more

The Morderer’s Sacrifice
Sarah Smothers
Xlibris , English

DonavanDiana Palmer

Anything worth having is worth fighting for…”From the moment the elegantly dressed society woman walked into the bar on the wrong side of town, rugged Texan Donavan Langley knew she was trouble—and just the type of woman he’d vowed to av… more

Diana Palmer
Harlequin Special Releases , English

The Index of Magic (Legends ...Ari Ryder

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I was born with a great destiny— to find the Index of Magic and follow in Merlin’s footsteps as a warlock of Illdueh. But there are many in my world who wish to see me fail. My sisters and I are part of a prophecy that predicted the demise … more

The Index of Magic (Legends of Illdueh)
Ari Ryder
Arielle Jones , English

77 Funny Things That Kids SayFaye Gray

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77 FUNNY THINGS KIDS SAY“Hilarious, From Start To Finish”“I Literally Did LOL As I Was Reading”“Some Of These Kids Are Pure Comedy Gold”For Parents Eyes Only!We all know that Kids say the funniest things but maybe we don’t quite realiz… more

77 Funny Things That Kids Say
Faye Gray
BeeGee Publising , English

The Ex Files: A NovelJane Moore

After five years spent maneuvering for Mr. Right, beautiful, feisty Faye Parker has finally snared a sensitive cutie named Mark. So when he pops the question, Faye is fully prepared to step out of the dating rat-race, call the caterer, and … more

The Ex Files: A Novel
Jane Moore
Broadway Books , English

Shattered: Six Steps from Be...Fay A. Klingler, Bettyanne Bruin

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Wives and girlfriends trust their husbands and boyfriends to protect and provide for them. Even in today’s two-income world, the security and peace of a joyful home is critical to a woman’s well being. Women who suffer domestic violence, un… more

Shattered: Six Steps from Betrayal to Recovery
Fay A. Klingler, Bettyanne Bruin
Mapletree Publishing Company , English

Chapter 2-Planning and Preli...Pat Fay

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The homeowner’s most important first step in the planning phase is to define your house theme or project mission statement. Without this step the homeowner’s project will wander aimlessly causing time delays and expensive rework in the cons… more

Chapter 2-Planning and Preliminary Design by the Homeowner (The Pat Fay Method)
Pat Fay
Pat Fay , English

Sapience (A Young Adult Para...Bret Wellman

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In a dystopic future, where the government exerts complete control of the population, some children have become guinea pigs for extreme science. The president is breeding super soldiers to keep order through fear, but some of the soldiers t… more

Sapience (A Young Adult Paranormal Romance Novel)
Bret Wellman

The Devine LegacyJennifer Hanning

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Out of the blue, Anna Faye receives a considerable inheritance from her first love, a man she has never been able to forget. Her change of fortune raises more questions from her family than she is prepared to answer. Having struggled to m… more

The Devine Legacy
Jennifer Hanning
Jennifer Hanning , English