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Last Laughter - Carolyn Kephart

Last LaughterCarolyn Kephart

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A cautionary tale about a wicked court jester and his comeuppance, first published in Silver Blade Fantasy Quarterly. The story is part of the collection PENTANGLE: FIVE POINTED FABLES.Carolyn Kephart is the author of the critically acclaim… more

Last Laughter
Carolyn Kephart
Samarkand Press , English
Fiction: a sampler -

Fiction: a sampler

This fiction sampler includes five complete short stories excerpted from two collections and three anthologies as well as lengthy excerpts from 24 different novels in several genres, including Mainstream, Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Suspense-Thr… more

Fiction: a sampler
StoneThread Publishing , English
DIAMOND BEACH.: The treasure... - Cynthia LaRush

DIAMOND BEACH.: The treasure...Cynthia LaRush

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Where Mom and Dad Forbade,the boys went,only to discover that the other side was the real treasure, and along with it came great change in the lives of the Desmonds…A child Adventure Fantasy story..Every kid is sure to love this.

DIAMOND BEACH.: The treasure in true Friendship.
Cynthia LaRush
All Through The Nights [Ench... - Marie Medina

All Through The Nights [Ench...Marie Medina

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Darien Ventresca goes to Fantasies Fulfilled, the leading provider of both companionship and pleasure, but he’s not looking for one night of fulfillment—he’s looking for a lifetime of love. He’s been watching Aiden and Emma decorating the a… more

All Through The Nights [Enchanted Nights Book 2]
Marie Medina
Whiskey Creek Press LLC , English
Captivated: A Makilien Trilo... - Molly Evangeline

Captivated: A Makilien Trilo...Molly Evangeline

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Short Story - 5,000 Words

For the last several years, Elmorhirian has watched as his sister and closest friends all marry and settle down. Now, he just has to figure out how to navigate the confusing, sometimes exasperating, captivation of… more

Captivated: A Makilien Trilogy Short Story
Molly Evangeline
Living Sword Publishing , English
The Vampire Queen (The Sikha... - K D Charron

The Vampire Queen (The Sikha...K D Charron

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When a number of young women go mysteriously missing near the eastern borders of Klanidor no one was prepared for what would come next. And when the evil perpetrator of these crimes rises to threaten Klanidor Sikha and her band of intrepid … more

The Vampire Queen (The Sikha Bagha Adventures Book 2)
K D Charron
K D Charron , English
Five-Minute Activities for Y... - Penny McKay

Five-Minute Activities for Y...Penny McKay

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This book contains a selection of short activities organized around six themes which reflect the content covered in young learner English exams and the curriculum in most primary mainstream classrooms: Animals, Journeys, Fantasy and adventu… more

Five-Minute Activities for Young Learners (Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers)
Penny McKay
Cambridge University Press , English
Golems, Vampires and Wandere... - Cheryl Holland

Golems, Vampires and Wandere...Cheryl Holland

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Welcome to a world of insanity, wicked monks, sublime landscapes, romantic heroines, golems, vampires, and wanderers….

Essays on the relationship between fantasy fiction and the Gothic, including the Gothic classics Bram Stoker’s Drac… more

Golems, Vampires and Wanderers: Essays in Gothic Fiction
Cheryl Holland
Night After Night - Joan Elizabeth Lloyd

Night After NightJoan Elizabeth Lloyd

Life isn’t the same since Jenna left for Manhattan and became a madam of her own exclusive brothel. Marcy just can’t get over it and doesn’t understand her own conflicted feelings about her sister. Overweight and mousy, thirty-something Mar… more

Night After Night
Joan Elizabeth Lloyd
Kensington , English
DieMundo Greed and The Libra... - Edward VanHouten

DieMundo Greed and The Libra...Edward VanHouten

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DiamondGemStoneMagnetCrystal RockCarvingLavaScreenplayHorrorScience FictionScience FantasyGreedColony

DieMundo Greed and The Library of the Artificers
Edward VanHouten
A Real Online Fantasy: Hot D... - Cate Ellink

A Real Online Fantasy: Hot D...Cate Ellink

Can an online fantasy ever become real?When Condamine connects with Esquire in a chat room, neither expect their mutual pleasure and close friendship will become something far more intimate and real. But when the opportunity to meet Esquire… more

A Real Online Fantasy: Hot Down Under
Cate Ellink
Momentum , English
The Choosing: The Winged Hor... - Michele McGrath

The Choosing: The Winged Hor...Michele McGrath

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Miri circles the arena searching desperately for her rider…But Merryn isn’t there!The winged horses are native to the planet of Anver.These fabulous creatures can fly and also foretell the future.They are linked telepathically to their R… more

The Choosing: The Winged Horses of Anver
Michele McGrath
Riverscourt Publishing , English
Dominating Corinne: A BDSM S... - Rachel Nixx

Dominating Corinne: A BDSM S...Rachel Nixx

Corinne has seen it all: whips + chains = yawn. The operators of Fantasy Fulfilled, the company where she works, are highly skilled at making women scream before they come. But Corinne has better things to do than simple flesh-play in keepi… more

Dominating Corinne: A BDSM Short Story of Domination and Submission
Rachel Nixx
Rachel Nixx , English
A Light In The Dark (The Ord... - Michael A. Boyadjian

A Light In The Dark (The Ord...Michael A. Boyadjian

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Marik, a traveler disenchanted with his life, stumbles upon a young woman, rescuing her from a terrible storm. But someone is hunting her, and before long, Marik is caught up in her struggle to survive. The dark secrets of the past reveal t… more

A Light In The Dark (The Order Book 1)
Michael A. Boyadjian
Fantasy - 12 Gay Tales Gay R... - Katie Slater

Fantasy - 12 Gay Tales Gay R...Katie Slater

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Please enjoy all 12 of these fantastic Gay Fantasies…This Book is about making Fantasies come true…

Fantasy’s Come True Includes:

Horny Tease

Ride For Life

Two Strangers

Phone Sex

Lust on a Bus

Chance Meeting



I… more

Fantasy - 12 Gay Tales Gay Romance Erotica
Katie Slater
Jasper Pearlitis: Steward HK... - Steward HK Lar Gadite

Jasper Pearlitis: Steward HK...Steward HK Lar Gadite

Book 7 of The Gurmanaffe Explores Saga is Jasper Pearlitis. Steward HK Lar Gadite has finally finished Jasper Pearlitis. Christian Science Fiction and Christian Fantasy. Eternal fates are sealed. 3 individuals have sided with the enemy. Who… more

Jasper Pearlitis: Steward HK (The Gurmanaffe Explores Saga Book 7)
Steward HK Lar Gadite
Poshlume Gaming , English
Klellvorq Cantaunti: Steward... - Steward HK Lar Gadite

Klellvorq Cantaunti: Steward...Steward HK Lar Gadite

Book 1 of The Klellvorq Cantaunti Saga is Klellvorq Cantaunti. Steward HK Lar Gadite has finished it. Christian Science Fiction and Christian Fantasy. The people have decided to no longer follow the Book of Gurmanaffe. The people have decid… more

Klellvorq Cantaunti: Steward HK (The Klellvorq Cantaunti Saga Book 1)
Steward HK Lar Gadite
Poshlume Gaming , English
Champion in the Darkness (Th... - Tyrean Martinson

Champion in the Darkness (Th...Tyrean Martinson

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Clara is younger than most trainees, but she is ready to hold a Sword Master’s blade. While visions and ancient prophecies stand in her way, they also offer a destiny unlike any other. Clara is aided by a haunted mentor, Stelia, whose knowl… more

Champion in the Darkness (The Champion Trilogy Book 1)
Tyrean Martinson
Wings of Light Publishing , English
Stripper Confessions (Volume 2) - Solae Dehvine

Stripper Confessions (Volume 2)Solae Dehvine

What happens in the strip club, stays in the strip club..until NOW! Follow the lives of the lovely ladies of Club Fantasy. Where whatever the customer wants, they get for the right price. Read as the girls take you first hand into their liv… more

Stripper Confessions (Volume 2)
Solae Dehvine
Stripper Confessions (Volume 3) - Solae Dehvine

Stripper Confessions (Volume 3)Solae Dehvine

What happens in the strip club, stays in the strip club..until now. Follow the lives of the lovely ladies of Club Fantasy. Where whatever the customer wants, they get for the right price. Read as the girls take you first hand into their liv… more

Stripper Confessions (Volume 3)
Solae Dehvine