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Deal with the Devil - Samantha Curtin

Deal with the DevilSamantha Curtin

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Deal with the Devil is a series of four short stories that follows The Family, a group of vampires on their quest to quench their thirst for blood. The series centers on Aer, the seductress and newest member of The Family, and her need to r… more

Deal with the Devil
Samantha Curtin
Behind the Curtin Publications , English
Revit Families 2012 - Ken Jolly

Revit Families 2012Ken Jolly

Revit improves each year incorporating changes to improve the Family Editor and adding easier methods of building Families within the Project Model.This book is a specialized work designed to provide you with essential knowledge easily acce… more

Revit Families 2012
Ken Jolly
2 Fish Productions , English
Family On Mission - Sally Breen, Mike Breen

Family On MissionSally Breen, Mike Breen

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When God wanted to act on his promise to save the world, he started with a family and gave them a mission. He spoke to Abram and his household and they became a family on mission.

We see Jesus operating in the same way, gathering an extend… more

Family On Mission
Sally Breen, Mike Breen
3D Ministries , English
Dad's Own Cookbook: Everythi... - Bob Sloan

Dad's Own Cookbook: Everythi...Bob Sloan

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It’s time to become the new hero of the kitchen. Or at least put aside your fear of frying (not to mention sautéing, roasting, or tossing a salad). Dad’s Own Cookbook shows how to do everything from handling a knife properly to juggling thr… more

Dad’s Own Cookbook: Everything Your Mother Never Taught You
Bob Sloan
Workman Publishing Company , English
82 Techniques That Will Put ... - Longman Brain

82 Techniques That Will Put ...Longman Brain

Are you in debt? Do you want a new car or a new house? Do you just want some extra money so that you can take your family on a nice vacation?If you answered yes to at least one of them, then I have an incredible resource for you. If you did… more

82 Techniques That Will Put More Money Into Your Pocket
Longman Brain
Husband-ry 101, How to Train... - Michael H. McCann

Husband-ry 101, How to Train...Michael H. McCann

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Wives everywhere will love the secret tips and anecdotes divulged from a man (husband) for helping wives grapple with their daily marital challenges: Once the honeymoon is over, how do you connect with, and enjoy, that beast you married? As… more

Husband-ry 101, How to Train Your Husband to Be the Spouse You’ve Always Wanted Him to Be
Michael H. McCann
4:00 A.M. A Productivity Argument. - Augusto Pinaud

4:00 A.M. A Productivity Argument.Augusto Pinaud

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As you will discover in these pages that I begin testing the idea of waking up at 4:00 A.M. out of desperation and frustration, I never expect to find two full hours of focus and concentration.In my experience (guess what I used to do too) … more

4:00 A.M. A Productivity Argument.
Augusto Pinaud
The Ultimate Family Guy Quiz Book - Tony Newton

The Ultimate Family Guy Quiz BookTony Newton

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100 questions on the hit American animated sitcom Family Guy.Think you know everything there is to know about Family Guy? Take the ultimate test to find out how much you really know about the dysfunctional Griffin family.Freakin’ Sweet!

The Ultimate Family Guy Quiz Book
Tony Newton
Tony Newton , English
101 Workshop Tips - The Family Handyman Editors

101 Workshop TipsThe Family Handyman Editors

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For decades, the editors of The Family Handyman have collected ingenious workshops improvements from DIYers and pros alike. And now we’ve packed the all the best ideas into one ebook! 101 Workshop Tips is filled with simple, frugal ways mak… more

101 Workshop Tips
The Family Handyman Editors
The Family Handyman/Reader’s Digest Association , English
Boomers: 400+ Tips and Hints... - James Thibeault

Boomers: 400+ Tips and Hints...James Thibeault

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Boomers” is a collection of wisdom of the Boomer generation presented in a simple list format that is easy to read. Topics range from the physical to the philosophical, from exercise and health to how to live life with a boom. This inspira… more

Boomers: 400+ Tips and Hints from the Generation that Refuses to Grow Old
James Thibeault
To Preserve Life: Hostage Cr... - Thomas N. Davidson

To Preserve Life: Hostage Cr...Thomas N. Davidson

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TO PRESERVE LIFE: HOSTAGE-CRISIS MANAGEMENT is a great field and training manual for police hostage crisis negotiators, security professionals, government officials and critical incident commanders. This book features unique “Hot Pages” for… more

To Preserve Life: Hostage Crisis Management
Thomas N. Davidson
CIMACOM , English
Plain Family Fun - Christopher Bruce

Plain Family FunChristopher Bruce

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Plain Family Fun, is a collection of jokes, tales and anecdotes matched to illustrations. The humor found in the book is suitable for anyone from teenagers to the elderly and ranges from pure fiction to borderline fact. No nationality, grou… more

Plain Family Fun
Christopher Bruce
Chris. Bruce , English
A Pleasant Mistake - Allison Heather

A Pleasant MistakeAllison Heather

Caro belongs to successful family. Her father is her idol and role model. The heavy load of work and growing up has made her reticent and less voluble. When her mother tells her that he might be losing interest in her, Caroline is really co… more

A Pleasant Mistake
Allison Heather
Fade to Black (volume 1) - Marene Webb

Fade to Black (volume 1)Marene Webb

A family is torn apart after a sudden death. While the survivors grieve from their loss a much darker time will find Piper, the young girl finds herself at the mercy of monsters. Calling the place she is “Hell on earth” Piper desperately tr… more

Fade to Black (volume 1)
Marene Webb
I chased the cat.. , English
Thumb Suckers Come In All Co... - Dorris A. Dutch

Thumb Suckers Come In All Co...Dorris A. Dutch

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Thumb Suckers Come in All Colors is about the struggles of just plain folks and their children growing up in a world full of adversities and what can happen to those, no matter the color of their skin, who are weighed down by the guilt put … more

Thumb Suckers Come In All Colors: Thoughts, Memories and Feelings of Life In This Colorless World
Dorris A. Dutch
Authorhouse , English
A collection of family recor... - Charles Carroll Dawson

A collection of family recor...Charles Carroll Dawson

A collection of family records (1874) Dawson FamilyPREFACE. This book had its origin in the desire of the compiler to know something of his own family history. The purpose of compiling it was formed in boyhood, after his father’s death ; an… more

A collection of family records (1874)
Charles Carroll Dawson
Evangelism Is . . . - Dave Earley, David Wheeler

Evangelism Is . . .Dave Earley, David Wheeler

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Evangelism Is … contains forty brief chapters of high-octane, rut-breaking equipment, empowerment, and encouragement for all who are ready to share Jesus more passionately and confidently with others. Each call-toaction entry stands alo… more

Evangelism Is . . .
Dave Earley, David Wheeler
B&H Academic , English
Pilot (The Channel Riders Book 1) - Valerie Gaumont

Pilot (The Channel Riders Book 1)Valerie Gaumont

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Pilot is a contemporary Sci-fi story that merges elements of military conspiracy, technology and an ancient Guild of Families who can secretly navigate channels in the oceans to cross space. They have built a secret merchant society stretch… more

Pilot (The Channel Riders Book 1)
Valerie Gaumont
Me Love You - Fun Book For K... - Anat Sal-Man, Hagar Sal-Man

Me Love You - Fun Book For K...Anat Sal-Man, Hagar Sal-Man

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This book is an introduction to the children’s inner worldof feelings and emotions, Of between the age of 2-5.Feelings we all had since the day we were born● This book is written in rhymes. ● The feelings are represented by different colors… more

Me Love You - Fun Book For Kids Age 2-6 (Positive Parenting Happy Kids collection 1)
Anat Sal-Man, Hagar Sal-Man
Anat S. Publish , English
The Italian Girl - Iris Murdoch

The Italian GirlIris Murdoch

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A poignant portrait of a family’s struggle for redemptionThe funeral of Edward’s mother brings him home for the first time in years. Though his return rekindles his affection for his childhood home, it also triggers a resurgence of the fami… more

The Italian Girl
Iris Murdoch
Open Road Media , English