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About 150 years ago, the newly formed Liebig’s Extract of Meat Company decided to advertise its product by rewarding loyal customers with gifts of colorful and ever so beautiful picture cards. Each card was a little work of art; no wonder t… more

Heinz Kohler
Heinz Kohler , English
Passionfruit Recipes - The C... - Monica Martin

Passionfruit Recipes - The C...Monica Martin

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Are you passionate about passionfruit and it’s use in cooking? If so then you make a perfect match with this collection of fabulous recipes!Passion Fruit Dessert and Drink Recipes is an inspirational, creative sixty page list of recipes for… more

Passionfruit Recipes - The Complete Passionfruit Recipe Guide
Monica Martin
Monica Martin , English
Daring Chloe (Getaway Girls) - Laura Jensen Walker

Daring Chloe (Getaway Girls)Laura Jensen Walker

1 rating

When Chloe Adams’ fiancé dumps her—the night before their wedding—two girlfriends from her book group decide a little adventure is in order for the three of them. After all, why let a perfectly good honeymoon cruise go to waste?Adventure? C… more

Daring Chloe (Getaway Girls)
Laura Jensen Walker
Zondervan , English
Dirty Word: The Vulgar, Offe... - Jim Walker

Dirty Word: The Vulgar, Offe...Jim Walker

This is the story of a devout faith community, made up of people you’d rarely see sitting in your sanctuary on any Sunday, that meets in an old warehouse (and former basement tattoo shop) on the wrong side of the tracks - founded by a self-… more

Dirty Word: The Vulgar, Offensive Language of the Kingdom of God
Jim Walker
Discipleship Resources , English
Cooking with Zoraida, Simply... - Zoraida Guzman Muniz

Cooking with Zoraida, Simply...Zoraida Guzman Muniz

Cooking with Zoraida, Simply Puerto Rican. All types of exotic food from the island of Puerto Rico. And a short history of the island.

Cooking with Zoraida, Simply Puerto Rican
Zoraida Guzman Muniz
Zoraida Guzman Muniz , English
From Brunei and Beyond: The ... - Janet E. Clarke

From Brunei and Beyond: The ...Janet E. Clarke

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A Book for the Adventurous at Heart…and Stomach:Are you culinarily curious - a fan of exotic food shows from Anthony Bourdain to Man vs. Food? Are you bored with standard takeout staples - wondering if there’s something more to life than … more

From Brunei and Beyond: The Gaijin Girl’s Guide to Asian Cuisine
Janet E. Clarke
Amazon , English
Welcome to Paradise: Moving ... - Sam Cudney

Welcome to Paradise: Moving ...Sam Cudney

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Ever wonder what it’s like to actually live in Hawai’i? Ever thought about moving to Hawai’i? Or maybe you want to visit? Or just maybe even you’re an experienced traveler who has visited Hawai’i many times. Regardless, this guide is for yo… more

Welcome to Paradise: Moving to Hawai’i Made Easy (Sort-of)
Sam Cudney
The Angel Craved Lobster (Re... - Shirley Jump

The Angel Craved Lobster (Re...Shirley Jump

Will There Be Anything Else? Meredith Shordon has spent her entire life surrounded by corn and cows in Heavendale, Indiana. Now the Boston-bound girl is ready to ditch her homegrown roots for some big-city flash. Out with the apple fritte… more

The Angel Craved Lobster (Recipes with Romance)
Shirley Jump
Zebra Books , English
A Beirut Heart - Cathy Sultan

A Beirut HeartCathy Sultan

A Beirut Heart is the unforgettable story of an American woman who lived amidst the Lebanese Civil War for eight years and through it all attempted to sustain a life with her Lebanese husband and two small children. Written by Cathy Sulta… more

A Beirut Heart
Cathy Sultan
PGW - A , English
The Angel Tasted Temptation:... - Shirley Jump

The Angel Tasted Temptation:...Shirley Jump

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Shirley Jump dishes up a red-hot romance in the third installment of her Sweet and Savory Romances series.

Exotic food and a no-strings attached hunk top Meredith Shordon’s “I-Want” list when she leaves her life behind in Indiana and heads… more

The Angel Tasted Temptation: Sweet and Savory Romances, Book 3 (Contemporary Romance)
Shirley Jump
TKA Distribution , English
Genesis (Dark Heroes of L.A.... - Anastasia Mohilchock

Genesis (Dark Heroes of L.A....Anastasia Mohilchock

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Fast cars, exotic food, extravagant villas, and all things pop culture are the things that Archer chases. Of course, in his off time he kills people in ways that no one can ever trace to him , regardless of surveillance cameras or witnesses… more

Genesis (Dark Heroes of L.A. Book 1)
Anastasia Mohilchock
Anastasia Mohilchock , English
Culinary Tourism (Material Worlds) -

Culinary Tourism (Material Worlds)

”From Kosher Oreos to the gentrification of Mexican cusine, from the charismatic cook of Basque communities in Spain and the United States to the mainstreaming of southwestern foodways, Culinary Tourism maps a lively cultural and intellect… more

Culinary Tourism (Material Worlds)
The University Press of Kentucky , English
Martian Summer: Robot Arms, ... - Andrew Kessler

Martian Summer: Robot Arms, ...Andrew Kessler

Spend a summer exploring the Martian arctic—something that has taken nearly the entirety of human knowledge to achieveThere’s never been a better time to be an armchair astronaut. Forget this planet. The economy is terrible, global warming … more

Martian Summer: Robot Arms, Cowboy Spacemen, and My 90 Days with the Phoenix Mars Mission
Andrew Kessler
Pegasus Books , English
Sympathy for the Devil - Jerrilyn Farmer

Sympathy for the DevilJerrilyn Farmer

Madeline Bean, caterer to the stars, is in the middle of the biggest job of her career. She and her partner Wesley have pulled off Hollywood’s most outrageous A-list Halloween party for notorious producer Bruno Huntley, complete with an eer… more

Sympathy for the Devil
Jerrilyn Farmer
HarperCollins e-books , English
The Non-Diet Real Cookbook: ... - Richárde, Krystle Nicole Russin

The Non-Diet Real Cookbook: ...Richárde, Krystle Nicole Russin

Food is meant to be eaten! Let’s face it. Most diet food resembles rat poison; either eat it or starve miserably. When we don’t diet, we look pregnant with “a food baby.” Fortunately, there is a way to eat anything you want and easily maint… more

The Non-Diet Real Cookbook: Easy Recipes to Stay Skinny Eating Anything You Want and Learn How to Cook!
Richárde, Krystle Nicole Russin
Krystle Nicole Russin , English