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Nice Girls Do (Taking Chance... - Marilyn Lee

Nice Girls Do (Taking Chance...Marilyn Lee

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Series: Taking Chances; Previous Book: Falling for ShardeGenre: Full-figured heroine; interracial contemporaryClay got off the airplane expecting a warm welcome and a lot of sex. A lot. With good reason. Just a few weeks earlier, he and Sha… more

Nice Girls Do (Taking Chances, Book 2)
Marilyn Lee
Loose Id LLC , English
Nearly Gone - Elle Cosimano

Nearly GoneElle Cosimano

Bones meets Fringe in a big, dark, scary, brilliantly-plotted urban thriller that will leave you guessing until the very end Nearly Boswell knows how to keep secrets. Living in a DC trailer park, she knows better than to share anything tha… more

Nearly Gone
Elle Cosimano
Kathy Dawson Books , English


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A women receives devastating news one morning over breakfast. Her fiance no longer wants to marry her and instead he is leaving her for another girl.Shattered by the new turn of events in her life, she moves to Bournemouth. Upon arriving th… more

Heidi Bullen
Heidi Bullen , English
In Daddy's Arms (Taboo Stepf... - Natalie Deschain

In Daddy's Arms (Taboo Stepf...Natalie Deschain

Christie’s life is out of control. Student by day, exotic dancer by night, she’s fallen on hard times and let herself fall into a dangerous world of sex and debauchery. A chance reunion with her stepfather sends everything spiraling out of … more

In Daddy’s Arms (Taboo Stepfather/Stepdaughter Erotica)
Natalie Deschain
When Roses Bloom - Kimberly  Newsom

When Roses BloomKimberly Newsom

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Fiction, based on true events, When Roses’ Bloom, takes you on a journey through the struggles of a young woman. Surpassing a broken childhood, to a promising music career only to see her dreams torn all apart as she moves through her journ… more

When Roses Bloom
Kimberly Newsom
Bent Over and Breathing Funn... - Kaddy DeLora

Bent Over and Breathing Funn...Kaddy DeLora

Average wait: N/A

It’s good when sex leaves you breathless, but not when it comes out of complete shock because someone has just without warning given you your first anal sex experience! That’s what happens when an exotic dancer makes her first real foray i… more

Bent Over and Breathing Funny: A Rough First Anal Sex Erotica Story
Kaddy DeLora
Polaris Publishing , English
Brielle's Girl - K.C. Cooper

Brielle's GirlK.C. Cooper

Rejected by her parents because of her sexuality, Darcy is sent to live with her cosmetic surgery addicted Aunt Jenny. Regardless of her boyish appearance and discomfort around declothed females, Darcy decides to play it off straight. She’d… more

Brielle’s Girl
K.C. Cooper
Vampire Dance: By Invitation... - Locklyn Swallow

Vampire Dance: By Invitation...Locklyn Swallow

Average wait: N/A

It’s Lily’s birthday! She’s looking forward to the party her best friend - and sometime lover - Meghan is putting on after hours tonight at Janelli’s, the exclusive men’s club where Lily is the top exotic dancer. She’s in for a bigger birth… more

Vampire Dance: By Invitation Only (Erotica / Paranormal Erotic Romance) (Vampire Dance Series)
Locklyn Swallow
Grayson Street Press , English
TAKEN BY TWO SAILORS: A Relu... - Jane Kemp


Average wait: N/A

Kitty is a fine exotic dancer, and she’s thrilled with the money she makes. She’s not so thrilled with the clientele, especially a couple of sailors who show her far too much attention. She’s happy to be finished with her shift, but the s… more

TAKEN BY TWO SAILORS: A Reluctant Double Penetration erotica story
Jane Kemp
Naughty Daydreams Press , English
Full Circle - Adriana Kraft

Full CircleAdriana Kraft

Average wait: N/A

Exotic dancer Barbra Atkins has spent ten years carefully choreographing every step of her meteoric rise to success on the private club circuit. Now it’s payback time for the two college roommates who didn’t have time for their nerdy classm… more

Full Circle
Adriana Kraft
eXtasy Books , English
11 Inches: the sexual exploi... - Rico Rush

11 Inches: the sexual exploi...Rico Rush

Rico Rush, the young, handsome ex-exotic dancer turned alpha male prostitute seems to have it all: a body of Greek god, money, expensive clothes, cars, and a freakishly large penis he uses to conquer and control his female clientele—both in… more

11 Inches: the sexual exploits of a well endowed gigolo. (11 inches!)
Rico Rush
www.irontruth.net , English
Up to No Good: Vampire Dance... - Locklyn Swallow

Up to No Good: Vampire Dance...Locklyn Swallow

Average wait: N/A

Exotic dancer Lily James is having the time of her life—she loves her job, has a loyal following and is dating a fabulous guy. Grayson Locke is a vampire, but she’s always felt safe with him, physically and emotionally. Until he surprises … more

Up to No Good: Vampire Dance (Erotic Paranormal Romance)
Locklyn Swallow
Xena (Galaxy Playmates) - Michelle M. Pillow

Xena (Galaxy Playmates)Michelle M. Pillow

Average wait: 121d, 19h

Agent Xena has nothing in common with the exotic dancer she’s pretending to be. Her assignment should be like any other. Then why does dancing for the high-powered businessman thrill her beyond anything she’s ever done? And when things get … more

Xena (Galaxy Playmates)
Michelle M. Pillow
The Raven Books , English
Lula Lisbon's Diaries of a D... - Lula Lisbon

Lula Lisbon's Diaries of a D...Lula Lisbon

Average wait: N/A

Three years as an exotic dancer left Lula Lisbon with a head full of steamy true stories! In this entry of Dirty Diaries, Lula cleverly seduces a bicurious wife, giving the Rubenesque beauty her first lesbian experience… and making a subm… more

Lula Lisbon’s Diaries of a Dirty Dancer: Lesbian Lapdance [Cuckold First Time Rubenesque Erotica] (Dirty Diaries)
Lula Lisbon
QUAD - Jett West

QUADJett West

Average wait: N/A

A collection of novellas:Aunt Haddie - A bickering couple make a trip to the deep country to care for an ailing relative and enter a nightmare they may not be able to escape.Oct. 21 - Three sets of neighbors meet one another for the first t… more

Jett West
Work it like a Stripper   A ... - Hailey S.  Brighton

Work it like a Stripper A ...Hailey S. Brighton

Average wait: N/A

Working as an exotic dancer is50% looks, 25% reading body language, and 25% all about hustling! Work it like a stripper is a “How To” book that shares secrets and tips that can only be learned from inside the club! Learn how to give a lap … more

Work it like a Stripper A “How To” Guide for Everyday Girls
Hailey S. Brighton
Bedroom Games: Stripteases, ... - Mary Taylor

Bedroom Games: Stripteases, ...Mary Taylor

The lights are low. Your favorite sultry tunes are playing quietly in the background. The phone is off the hook. A scented candle is burning. Your man sits in the center of the room, eagerly awaiting the surprise you’ve been planning for we… more

Bedroom Games: Stripteases, Seductions, and Other Surprises to Keep Your Partner Coming Back for More
Mary Taylor
Crown Archetype , English
Lover's Choice (The Chronicl... - Stephen Pearl

Lover's Choice (The Chronicl...Stephen Pearl

Average wait: N/A

Ray, a modern day wizard, and Cathy, an enchantress and exotic dancer, must deal with a succubus that is perverting the energies of a strip club to drive it’s patrons to act of violence and rape.

Lover’s Choice (The Chronicles of Ray McAndrues)
Stephen Pearl
Stephen B. Pearl , English
And The Winner Is (A Dancer Tale) - Ed Stripley

And The Winner Is (A Dancer Tale)Ed Stripley

Average wait: N/A

This erotic short story is one of many I have written over the years to amuse and arouse my exotic dancer friends. Since my friends expose themselves on a regular basis, I have decided to take a chance and expose my stories to a wider audie… more

And The Winner Is (A Dancer Tale)
Ed Stripley
Party Favor (BBW Gangbang) - Layla Laguna

Party Favor (BBW Gangbang)Layla Laguna

Average wait: N/A

Curvy girl Bethany would do anything to be like her hot exotic dancer friend, so much so that she accompanies her to a private bachelor party to play a little joke on the groom. When she finds out the joke is on her, she sucks it up and pro… more

Party Favor (BBW Gangbang)
Layla Laguna