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The Big Book of Young Smut: ... - Holly Love

The Big Book of Young Smut: ...Holly Love

Over 300 pages of smut for your reading pleasure! The stories feature plenty of sexy young girls, in a variety of settings that range from classrooms, offices, cruise ships, weight rooms, and public pools! Young sex, exhibitionism, and th… more

The Big Book of Young Smut: Volume Two
Holly Love
Police Cadet Sex Games - J Itchen

Police Cadet Sex GamesJ Itchen

Average wait: N/A

Maria could not get an acting part and even her desperate pitch for an erotic role goes too far. Should she join her friends as a Police Cadet? Their annual Ball also gets out of hand when she organises the topless waitresses. Were they … more

Police Cadet Sex Games
J Itchen
Exhibitionist in Training (E... - Sabrina Sexton

Exhibitionist in Training (E...Sabrina Sexton

Average wait: N/A

All her life, Leslie has been obsessed with exhibitionism. Unfortunately, she’s never tried it. At least, not until Damon comes into her life, and with him, the key to unlocking all her untried fantasies. But will his erotic tendencies be… more

Exhibitionist in Training (Exhibitionist Series Book 1)
Sabrina Sexton
Mulitple Orgasm Massage - Ma... - Laya Lu

Mulitple Orgasm Massage - Ma...Laya Lu

Average wait: N/A

The content of this book is known to cause pleasurable reaction including but not limited to spontaneous wetness in women and hardness in men.This story contains shockingly hot explicit and sexually charged scenes.It just isn’t your mother’… more

Mulitple Orgasm Massage - Male/female erotica
Laya Lu
Sexy! Amateur! Nudes! - Singles 4 -

Sexy! Amateur! Nudes! - Singles 4

Average wait: N/A

Sexy! Amateur! Nudes! - Singles 4 is a limited selection of campy, amateur, sexy and nude photography by the M.K. Team from the book Sexy! Amateur! Nudes! 1. The Sexy! Amataure! Nudes! book collection features photos of amateur and first ti… more

Sexy! Amateur! Nudes! - Singles 4
Contrast Books , English
Sexy! Amateur! Nudes! - Singles 10 -

Sexy! Amateur! Nudes! - Singles 10

Sexy! Amateur! Nudes! - Singles 12 is a limited selection of campy, amateur, sexy and nude photography by the M.K. Team from the book Sexy! Amateur! Nudes! 2. The Sexy! Amataure! Nudes! book collection features photos of amateur and first t… more

Sexy! Amateur! Nudes! - Singles 10
Contrast Books , English
By The Numbers - Gabriel Daemon

By The NumbersGabriel Daemon

Average wait: N/A

Shy, inexperienced Nate did not know what to expect from sexy, beautiful Sheila when she offered to introduce him to sex “by the numbers.” But how could he turn down a carnal education by the woman of his dreams? Sheila brings a level of p… more

By The Numbers
Gabriel Daemon
Excessica Publishing , English
Sexy! Amateur! Nudes! - Singles 3 -

Sexy! Amateur! Nudes! - Singles 3

Sexy! Amateur! Nudes! - Singles 3 is a limited selection of campy, amateur, sexy and nude photography by the M.K. Team from the book Sexy! Amateur! Nudes! 1. The Sexy! Amataure! Nudes! book collection features photos of amateur and first ti… more

Sexy! Amateur! Nudes! - Singles 3
Contrast Books , English
One To Grow On - Caitlyn Willows

One To Grow OnCaitlyn Willows

Average wait: N/A

Reese has something extra special planned for his wife’s 30th birthday—the fulfillment of Judi’s widest sexual fantasies…and maybe a few of his, too. Bad girl discipline and good girl treats. By his hand…or another’s. With his body…o… more

One To Grow On
Caitlyn Willows
Amber Quill Press, LLC , English
Riskwear - Nobilis Reed

RiskwearNobilis Reed

Average wait: N/A

“Riskwear” is a tale of love, engineering, and exhibitionism. Frank invented a fabric that can become any material. Marta developed software that turns it into any garment. While attending the fashion show where the fruits of their labor ar… more

Nobilis Reed
Logical-Lust Publications , English
Galen's Pet - Vonna Harper

Galen's PetVonna Harper

2 ratings
Average wait: 10d, 14h

Genre: BDSM Futuristic FantasyCapture her, bring her to her knees and under his control. When space explorer Galen first spots the beautiful and wild fem-beast, nothing is more important than wrapping his ropes around the fleeing creature. … more

Galen’s Pet
Vonna Harper
Loose Id LLC , English
Upwardly Mobile - Clare London

Upwardly MobileClare London

Average wait: N/A

Since the day they met, Owen’s restraint has been an exciting foil to Caleb’s unruly lack of discipline. Now established lovers, they can’t deny how welcome that balance is in their lives. Two very different men, both strong-willed—it shoul… more

Upwardly Mobile
Clare London
Amber Quill Press, LLC , English
Co-Ed Sauna (A Bi-Sexual Ero... - Chance Harper

Co-Ed Sauna (A Bi-Sexual Ero...Chance Harper

Average wait: N/A

It’s winter break, and Paul, Brandon, and Jessica have the campus sauna to themselves. When the boys get hard, Jessica offers to blow them—but only if Brandon blows Paul first.Length: 12 pages, or 2,800 words.This story contains graphic de… more

Co-Ed Sauna (A Bi-Sexual Erotic Story)
Chance Harper
Sexually Shy: The Inhibited ... - Bukod Books

Sexually Shy: The Inhibited ...Bukod Books

Average wait: 2h

We all know the saying, “better than sex.” Some people say that chocolate is better than sex. Others say that bungee jumping is better than sex. Still, others claim that drugs are better than sex. Supposedly, there are a lot of things out t… more

Sexually Shy: The Inhibited Woman’s Guide To Good Sex
Bukod Books
Bukod Books , English
Jupiter's Vacuum (Book 2 of ... - Eliseo Carva

Jupiter's Vacuum (Book 2 of ...Eliseo Carva

Average wait: N/A

Greg decides to lure in a hookup to ease back into dating. He manages to snag Jupiter, a gentleman with a penchant for “showers”. Considering Greg’s taste for exhibitionism, the pair finds themselves in all the most public spaces getting re… more

Jupiter’s Vacuum (Book 2 of 8) (Positions from the Sun)
Eliseo Carva
HARD KNOCKS: An Extremely Ro... - Veronica Halstead

HARD KNOCKS: An Extremely Ro...Veronica Halstead

Average wait: N/A

Stacie is in real trouble. She’s spent every cent of her savings and even sold her house to get out of legal hot water and she has no idea how she’ll survive. Her friend suggests a drastic move, become a prostitute. Stacie doesn’t know w… more

HARD KNOCKS: An Extremely Rough Gangbang (The Rough Stuff)
Veronica Halstead
The Cop And The Drifter - Christiane France

The Cop And The DrifterChristiane France

Average wait: N/A

When they first meet in the woods and Brad takes in Davie’s small stature and pretty-boy looks, he assumes the kid is just another runaway. As a cop, Brad has learned to recognize the signs. But Brad is already in trouble with his superiors… more

The Cop And The Drifter
Christiane France
Amber Quill Press, LLC , English
Tanya - S. J. Lewis

TanyaS. J. Lewis

1 rating

Tanya is a tall, striking young blonde who has learned that she can live in luxury by being a serial mistress to wealthy men. Always playing the field, she never stays with any one man for very long. However, she makes a crucial miscalculat… more

S. J. Lewis
Pink Flamingo Publications , English
Outdoor Sex - Volume 1 - Dog... - Chris William

Outdoor Sex - Volume 1 - Dog...Chris William

Outdoor Sex The “Outdoor Sex” series narrates various sexual encounters in public.Volume 1 – Dogging In The WoodsDogging is a British English euphemism for engaging in sexual acts in a public or semi-public place or watching others doing so… more

Outdoor Sex - Volume 1 - Dogging In the Woods
Chris William
NCAD-v3n1.1--Neale Sourna's ... - Neale Sourna

NCAD-v3n1.1--Neale Sourna's ...Neale Sourna

Sascha: Laila’s Classmate—Public Parking, Sex Squared. Studious, male teen virgin, Sascha, watches hottie valedictorian schoolmate Laila steam up her glasses, public sexin’ her lucky stepdad, then nerdy Sasch “gets lucky,” too, twice. Grap… more

NCAD-v3n1.1—Neale Sourna’s North Coast Academies’ Diary—Sascha: Public Parking, Sex Squared
Neale Sourna
PIE: Perception Is Everything , English