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Europe's 21st Century Challe... - Didier Bigo, Sergio Carrera,...

Europe's 21st Century Challe...Didier Bigo, Sergio Carrera,...

A study of illiberal practices of liberal regimes in the field of security. The work explores the relationship between the internal and external effects of these practices in an increasingly interconnected world order, as well as the effect… more

Europe’s 21st Century Challenge: Delivering Liberty
Didier Bigo, Sergio Carrera, Elspeth Guild, R.B.J. Walker
Ashgate , English
The Enlargement of the Europ... - Alice Landau, Victoria Curzo...

The Enlargement of the Europ...Alice Landau, Victoria Curzo...

This volume looks at the process of enlargment which the European Union is currently undertaking, focusing on both the economic and political dimensions of the subject. The volume examines how enlargment has evolved and looks at the roles a… more

The Enlargement of the European Union: Issues and Strategies
Alice Landau, Victoria Curzon Price, Richard G.Whitman
Taylor & Francis , English
There's no Going Back: A sho... - Siggy Buckley

There's no Going Back: A sho...Siggy Buckley

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Based on true events at the end of World War II, this short story depicts a moment in German history that is not well known. Having lost the war, German citizens in the Eastern territories are being expelled from their homes and land by the… more

There’s no Going Back: A short story
Siggy Buckley
Siggy Buckley , English
European Union Arms Control - Glen Segell

European Union Arms ControlGlen Segell

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The nadir of the study of civil-military relations is how diplomats negotiate to control the equipment type and quantity of other countries armed forces. After the Cold War the European Union has experienced enlargement and deepening with o… more

European Union Arms Control
Glen Segell
Middle East and North Africa... -

Middle East and North Africa...

Fourteen specialists from across the European Union discuss current issues regarding Middle Eastern and North African immigrants in Europe, focusing on topics such as immigration legislation, assimilation, integration, multiculturalism, com… more

Middle East and North African Immigrants in Europe: Current Impact; Local and National Responses
Routledge , English
Fundraising Exiting Strategy - Gordon Owen

Fundraising Exiting StrategyGordon Owen

This iBook originally formed part of fundraising training aimed at new, small, and emerging groups who, having achieved funding for a project moved straight to delivering it but towards the end of the funding life cycle omitted to give suff… more

Fundraising Exiting Strategy
Gordon Owen
Gordon Owen , English
Understanding European Union... - Alex Warleigh

Understanding European Union...Alex Warleigh

Understanding the institutions of the European Union is vital to understanding how it functions. This book provides students with a user-friendly introduction to the main institutions, and explains their different roles in the functioning a… more

Understanding European Union Institutions
Alex Warleigh
Routledge , English
The Politics of Insecurity: ... - Jef Huysmans

The Politics of Insecurity: ...Jef Huysmans

The act of violence of 9/11 changed the global security agenda, catapulting terrorism to the top of the agenda. Weapons of mass destruction grabbed public interest and controlling the free movement of people became a national security prior… more

The Politics of Insecurity: Fear, Migration and Asylum in the EU (New International Relations)
Jef Huysmans
Routledge , English
European Immigration: A Sour... - Anna Triandafyllidou

European Immigration: A Sour...Anna Triandafyllidou

Fully updated and containing chapters on the new EU member states and the attempt to form a common EU migration policy, this new edition of European Immigration: A Sourcebook provides a comprehensive overview of the trends and developments … more

European Immigration: A Sourcebook (Research in Migration and Ethnic Relations Series)
Anna Triandafyllidou
Ashgate , English
e-Study Guide for: The Europ... - Cram101 Textbook Reviews

e-Study Guide for: The Europ...Cram101 Textbook Reviews

Study guide to accompany The European Union. Never Highlight a Book Again! Just the FACTS101 provides the textbook outlines, highlights, and practice quizzes.

e-Study Guide for: The European Union
Cram101 Textbook Reviews
Cram101 , English
European Broadcasting Law an... - Jackie Harrison, Lorna Woods

European Broadcasting Law an...Jackie Harrison, Lorna Woods

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European broadcasting policy has attracted attention from many disciplines because it has dual nature: cultural and commercial. This 2007 book offers a detailed treatment of European broadcasting law, set against an overview of policy in th… more

European Broadcasting Law and Policy (Cambridge Studies in European Law and Policy)
Jackie Harrison, Lorna Woods
Cambridge University Press , English
Legitimacy and the European ... -

Legitimacy and the European ...

Since the Maastricht ratification debate of the early 1990s, the legitimacy of the European Union has become a subject of controversy. With unprecedented force, Europeans have begun to question the need for deeper integration. Some fear thr… more

Legitimacy and the European Union: The Contested Polity
Routledge , English
Heinz Duthel. l'Union europé... - Heinz Duthel

Heinz Duthel. l'Union europé...Heinz Duthel

Heinz Duthel. l’Union européenne. L’utopisme technocratique.L’Europe sans les Etats. L’illusion démocratique.The European Union and the rennaisance of populism.ISBN: 978-0-557-68011-5Publisher: IAC Society, Heinz Duthel© Heinz Duthel 2010 l… more

Heinz Duthel. l’Union européenne. L’utopisme technocratique.
Heinz Duthel
IAC Society, Heinz Duthel , English
Governance in Modern Society... -

Governance in Modern Society...

This book is the immediate result of the co-operation of a great number of scholars in the Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG). NIG is an interuniversity research school. As such it has a double task. In addition to offering a Ph.D pr… more

Governance in Modern Society: Effects, Change and Formation of Government Institutions (Library of Public Policy and Public Administration)
Springer , English
The Politics of Post-Industr... -

The Politics of Post-Industr...

This new study assesses the welfare state to ask key questions and draw new conclusions about its place in modern society.It shows how the welfare states that we have inherited from the early post-war years had one main objective: to protec… more

The Politics of Post-Industrial Welfare States: Adapting Post-War Social Policies to New Social Risks (Routledge Studies in the Political Economy of the Welfare State)
Routledge , English
The Origins & Development of... -

The Origins & Development of...

The new edition of this accessible introduction to the history of the European Union (EU) has been fully revised and updated to reflect the significant changes within the EU over the past decade. Revealing the politics beneath the surface, … more

The Origins & Development of the European Union 1945-2008: A History of European Integration
Routledge , English
Democratic Decision-making i... - Anne Elizabeth Stie

Democratic Decision-making i...Anne Elizabeth Stie

This book examines the democratic legitimacy of the European Union (EU) and evaluates the democratic credentials of the EU’s main decision-making procedure. It finds that though there is potential for democratic decision-making in the EU, t… more

Democratic Decision-making in the EU: Technocracy in Disguise? (Routledge Studies on Democratising Europe)
Anne Elizabeth Stie
Routledge , English
Constitutional Life and Euro... - Alun Howard, Mr Gibbs

Constitutional Life and Euro...Alun Howard, Mr Gibbs

This book considers the constitutional implications of legal integration regarding internal security matters in the EU. It argues that constitutional theory is crucial to addressing legality and accountability concerns raised by the legal p… more

Constitutional Life and Europe’s Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (Applied Legal Philosophy)
Alun Howard, Mr Gibbs
Ashgate , English
Civil-Military Relations aft... - Glen Segell

Civil-Military Relations aft...Glen Segell

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The military has traditionally been a group within the nation state which has had deep rooted local identities grounded in class, regional, ethnic, national, and religious realities. The processes of regionalisation eg the European Union an… more

Civil-Military Relations after the Nation-State
Glen Segell
ICT and Innovation in the Pu... - Francesco Contini, Giovan Fr...

ICT and Innovation in the Pu...Francesco Contini, Giovan Fr...

This book originates from a multiple year research project on ICT and justice in a number of EU countries. Among the project’s major objectives was the development of new methodologies for facilitating ICT-based innovation in the judiciary.

ICT and Innovation in the Public Sector (Technology, Work and Globalization)
Francesco Contini, Giovan Francesco Lanzara
Palgrave Macmillan , English