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What They Say About Love - Alexi Silversmith

What They Say About LoveAlexi Silversmith

Average wait: 22d, 10h

When James breaks up with his girlfriend on Valentine’s night, he’s forced to confront a part of himself that he’s done his best to suppress since college, the part that wants sex with another man. He’s sure he could never share the truth w… more

What They Say About Love
Alexi Silversmith
Torquere Press, Inc. , English
Candy-Coated Secrets (A Summ... - Cynthia Hickey

Candy-Coated Secrets (A Summ...Cynthia Hickey

1 rating
Average wait: 1d, 19h

When a carnival train crashes in front of Summer Meadows’s house, she does what comes naturally - she acts without thinking and volunteers to lead an elephant to the fairground. The animal’s trainer follows close behind but disappears when … more

Candy-Coated Secrets (A Summer Meadows Mystery Book 2)
Cynthia Hickey
Wife By Agreement (Harlequin... - JUN MAKIMURA, KIM LAWRENCE

Wife By Agreement (Harlequin...JUN MAKIMURA, KIM LAWRENCE

Hannah, will you marry me?” The proposal from Ethan, a man she loves, should have been the happiest moment of her life… If the marriage wasn’t just a contract. Hannah was hired as a nanny after Ethan’s wife passed away, then Ethan asks h… more

Wife By Agreement (Harlequin Comics)
Harlequin K.K./ SB Creative Corp. , English
Paying For It - Inez Eaton

Paying For ItInez Eaton

Average wait: N/A

With the purchase of this book comes another 21 FREE Books! Yes, that’s correct — right NOW you will gain instant download access (link to website given inside the book) to 21 additional great books (erotica and romance, 10 of them not avai… more

Paying For It
Inez Eaton
Love Like This - Sylvia Hubbard

Love Like ThisSylvia Hubbard

Angered that his wife would sleep with his brother, Ethan swore revenge. To his surprise, he becomes involved with the one person his wife never wanted him to get close to…her daughter, Nicole. Once Ethan leaves his wife penniless and the… more

Love Like This
Sylvia Hubbard
amazon.com , English
The Waiting Sky - Lara Zielin

The Waiting SkyLara Zielin

One summer chasing tornadoes could finally change Jane’s life for the better Seventeen-year-old Jane McAllister can’t quite admit her mother’s alcoholism is spiraling dangerously out of control until she drives drunk, nearly killing them an… more

The Waiting Sky
Lara Zielin
Putnam Juvenile , English
Belly of the Beast - A.M. Burns

Belly of the BeastA.M. Burns

Average wait: N/A

When a child is stolen out of her bed in the middle of the night, Ethan and Dusty must do whatever it takes to find her, even venturing into the belly of the beast

Belly of the Beast
A.M. Burns
Mystichawker Press , English
Children Books: Ethan and Em... - Yael Manor

Children Books: Ethan and Em...Yael Manor

Average wait: N/A

Ethan and Emma are twins and like twins, they have a unique common language that only they understand - so what is Gagen??? And what is oki ??? This book is for children, age 2-4.

Children Books: Ethan and Emma are Twins (Bedtime Stories For Children)(Picture Books) (Twins Stories Book 1)
Yael Manor
The Reversal (BDSM Erotica S... - Alora Matisse

The Reversal (BDSM Erotica S...Alora Matisse

Average wait: N/A

Warning: This story contains scenes of graphic sexual nature and it is written for adults only(18+). All characters depicted in this story are over 18 years of age.Description:Tart, a new submissive, takes charge at Ethan’s command. Ethan h… more

The Reversal (BDSM Erotica Story) (The New Dom Book 4)
Alora Matisse
Molly's Little Sister - Jack Allen

Molly's Little SisterJack Allen

Ethan has a new girlfriend named Molly, but she has trouble handling his oversized equipment. He breaks her in slowly, to give her time to adjust. Molly has a younger sister named Brandi, and she is all over her big sister’s new boyfriend.E… more

Molly’s Little Sister
Jack Allen
Burping Frog Publishing , English
Dinosaurs in the Park (Louie... - LOUIE'S DREAMTIME ADVENTURES

Dinosaurs in the Park (Louie...LOUIE'S DREAMTIME ADVENTURES

Average wait: N/A

Louie and his brother, Ethan, take a trip to the park, to play ball with Mum and Dad. They are taken on an unexpected encounter…with Dinosaurs…!

Louie’s Dreamtime Adventures

Dinosaurs in the Park” is #1 of a series of fun, bedtime, s… more

Dinosaurs in the Park (Louie’s Dreamtime Adventures Book 1)
Marion Jones , English
Aw, Nuts! - Andrew Snow, Isabel Snow

Aw, Nuts!Andrew Snow, Isabel Snow

Average wait: N/A

Squirrel siblings Isabel and Ethan need to find a way to store their nuts for winter. Through team work and friendship, they come up with a solution.

Aw, Nuts!
Andrew Snow, Isabel Snow
Tapestry of Destiny (Chasing... - Pamela Burns

Tapestry of Destiny (Chasing...Pamela Burns

Average wait: N/A

In this fourth book in the series, as the families of the Fortress begin to thrive, the laws of Roah and the forces of nature combine to threaten them, and they must stand strong together if they hope to survive. Three individuals travel th… more

Tapestry of Destiny (Chasing Sunrise Book 4)
Pamela Burns
Pamela Burns , English
Mattie Monster is Too HOT to... - Anne J. Emerick

Mattie Monster is Too HOT to...Anne J. Emerick

Average wait: N/A

In this second Funny Bedtime Stories, Mattie Monster is trying to sleep, but it is just too hot!.

When Mattie’s friend Ethan asks him to come swimming, Mattie can’t resist. But the two friends get a lot more adventure than they bargaine… more

Mattie Monster is Too HOT to Sleep (Funny Bedtime Stories Book 2)
Anne J. Emerick
Aboon Books , English
Forbidden Love - My Brother'... - Cecilia Smith

Forbidden Love - My Brother'...Cecilia Smith

To put it bluntly, Amanda shared a love/hate relationship with her stepbrother Ethan. The two of them were the best of friends ever since they met, but at the same time, they took the term “sibling rivalry” very seriously—even if they were… more

Forbidden Love - My Brother’s Comfort (Taboo Family Erotica)
Cecilia Smith
Cecilia Smith , English
Swinging Saved Our Marriage - Kirsten McCurran

Swinging Saved Our MarriageKirsten McCurran

Average wait: < 1h

Kyra and Ethan, married for over 10 years, realize they have drifted apart as husband and wife. Kyra is on the verge of an affair and Ethan is getting his sexual gratification elsewhere as well. When the couple confronts the loss of the spa… more

Swinging Saved Our Marriage
Kirsten McCurran
Aphrodite Omnimedia , English
Ethan & Carrie - Jack Allen

Ethan & CarrieJack Allen

Pam introduces her friend Carrie to her brother, Ethan. They immediately fall in love. When Carrie’s Mom finds out what her daughter’s new boyfriend is packing in his jeans, she sneaks into his bed, pretending to be her daughter. Now Carrie… more

Ethan & Carrie
Jack Allen
Burping Frog Publishing , English
Children Books: The Green Tw... - Yael Manor

Children Books: The Green Tw...Yael Manor

Average wait: N/A

Ethan and Emma are twins aged three. Their mother teaches them to recycle bottles, packaging, newspapers, cardboard boxes and more. One day, the whole family went for a walk to the recycling center - You will not believe who they met on the… more

Children Books: The Green Twins (early learning books)(Bedtime Stories For Children)(Picture Books)( (Twins Stories Book 5)
Yael Manor
No Safeword: Matte - Happily... - Candace Blevins

No Safeword: Matte - Happily...Candace Blevins

Average wait: N/A

The honeymoon is over and it’s time for Sam and Ethan to start the rest of their lives together.

Fate has been kind to the couple so far, but can their luck hold out? Is their relationship strong enough to withstand the challenges ahead?


No Safeword: Matte - Happily Ever After (Safewords)
Candace Blevins
Excessica Publishing , English
Entry One: Dear Journal (Boo... - Melinda Williams

Entry One: Dear Journal (Boo...Melinda Williams

Average wait: N/A

Kissing him goodbye as he left for work, only to be crying oceans of tears later that evening when she realizes something is wrong when he doesn’t come home. Emma Briggs was the frilly sort. Her husband Ethan was a bit of a nerd. She lov… more

Entry One: Dear Journal (Book Book 1)
Melinda Williams
Melinda Williams , English