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Paying For It - Inez Eaton

Paying For ItInez Eaton

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With the purchase of this book comes another 21 FREE Books! Yes, that’s correct — right NOW you will gain instant download access (link to website given inside the book) to 21 additional great books (erotica and romance, 10 of them not avai… more

Paying For It
Inez Eaton
Mattie Monster is Too HOT to... - Anne J. Emerick

Mattie Monster is Too HOT to...Anne J. Emerick

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In this second Funny Bedtime Stories, Mattie Monster is trying to sleep, but it is just too hot!.

When Mattie’s friend Ethan asks him to come swimming, Mattie can’t resist. But the two friends get a lot more adventure than they bargaine… more

Mattie Monster is Too HOT to Sleep (Funny Bedtime Stories)
Anne J. Emerick
Aboon Books , English
Forbidden Love - My Brother'... - Cecilia Smith

Forbidden Love - My Brother'...Cecilia Smith

To put it bluntly, Amanda shared a love/hate relationship with her stepbrother Ethan. The two of them were the best of friends ever since they met, but at the same time, they took the term “sibling rivalry” very seriously—even if they were… more

Forbidden Love - My Brother’s Comfort (Taboo Family Erotica)
Cecilia Smith
Cecilia Smith , English
Kiss Me Before I Die - Rena Marks

Kiss Me Before I DieRena Marks

Average wait: N/A

When an experiment goes wrong, Afton is sent to release the rage built up in her system by a desire-enhancing drug. Once she finds Ethan, head of the vampires, the drug kicks in. Suddenly, instead of wanting to kick his ass, Afton wants to … more

Kiss Me Before I Die
Rena Marks
Ellora’s Cave , English
Playing for Real - Madison Blake

Playing for RealMadison Blake

Average wait: N/A

Shelli could never have foreseen how one revised board game was going to change her life forever.It all begins when she’s preparing to attend her company’s annual dinner and dance party with her best friends, Adrian and Ethan. She gets more… more

Playing for Real
Madison Blake
Ellora’s Cave , English
Love Like This - Sylvia Hubbard

Love Like ThisSylvia Hubbard

Angered that his wife would sleep with his brother, Ethan swore revenge. To his surprise, he becomes involved with the one person his wife never wanted him to get close to…her daughter, Nicole. Once Ethan leaves his wife penniless and the… more

Love Like This
Sylvia Hubbard
amazon.com , English
Anna and the Werewolves (Joi... - Janie Joseph

Anna and the Werewolves (Joi...Janie Joseph

Average wait: N/A

It is time. Time for Seth and his pack-mates to claim their promised female. After Maree King reluctantly hands over her son Ethan to his father, she is reminded to keep the other half of the bargain, to deliver her best friend Anna into t… more

Anna and the Werewolves (Joining with the Werewolves Part 3)
Janie Joseph
The Dating Game (Erotic Roma... - Jessica Morse

The Dating Game (Erotic Roma...Jessica Morse

Average wait: < 1h

Camille is too busy with her new job to worry about a relationship. But a girl still has needs. A cab ride and a storm put her face to face with the perfect solution. Ethan is sexy, funny, and looking for the same thing she is - a good time… more

The Dating Game (Erotic Romance Novella)
Jessica Morse
Aw, Nuts! - Andrew Snow, Isabel Snow

Aw, Nuts!Andrew Snow, Isabel Snow

Average wait: N/A

Squirrel siblings Isabel and Ethan need to find a way to store their nuts for winter. Through team work and friendship, they come up with a solution.

Aw, Nuts!
Andrew Snow, Isabel Snow
Back To The Past - Jade Falconer

Back To The PastJade Falconer

Average wait: N/A

History enthusiasts Noah and Ethan are happy for the chance to relive Colonial days on a reality series, all the more so where love becomes a reality.

Back To The Past
Jade Falconer
Phaze Books , English
Ethan & Carrie - Jack Allen

Ethan & CarrieJack Allen

Pam introduces her friend Carrie to her brother, Ethan. They immediately fall in love. When Carrie’s Mom finds out what her daughter’s new boyfriend is packing in his jeans, she sneaks into his bed, pretending to be her daughter. Now Carrie… more

Ethan & Carrie
Jack Allen
Burping Frog Publishing , English
Earth Allies - Vanessa Farria

Earth AlliesVanessa Farria

While walking through the forest one day, Ethan encounters two fairy creatures. This encounter turns his life upside down. Ethan joins with the fairies in a race against time to change the course of a global pending doom.

Fantasy, middle… more

Earth Allies
Vanessa Farria
V. A. Farria , English
Misguided:Short Erotica Roma... - Kenzi Costello

Misguided:Short Erotica Roma...Kenzi Costello

Average wait: N/A




Misguided:Short Erotica Romance (Adult Erotic Suspense)
Kenzi Costello
The Waiting Sky - Lara Zielin

The Waiting SkyLara Zielin

One summer chasing tornadoes could finally change Jane’s life for the better Seventeen-year-old Jane McAllister can’t quite admit her mother’s alcoholism is spiraling dangerously out of control until she drives drunk, nearly killing them an… more

The Waiting Sky
Lara Zielin
Putnam Juvenile , English
Saving Beige (Sacrificial Fo... - Kimmy L. Davis

Saving Beige (Sacrificial Fo...Kimmy L. Davis

Average wait: N/A

Beige Parker needs saving. At least that’s what everyone else in her life believes. From her overprotective parents to her slightly judgmental best friend, it seems each person has an opinion about who she should be and where she should be… more

Saving Beige (Sacrificial Fortunes Paranormal Romance Series Book 1)
Kimmy L. Davis
White Lion Group , English
Wary Were - Celia Kyle

Wary WereCelia Kyle

1 rating

Being a cat isn’t easy. Neither is being a wolf. Being both is damn near impossible, but Christian does his best. Life isn’t made any easier by the fact that his particular inner feline is a Rag Doll and goes limp at the lightest touch. Rol… more

Wary Were
Celia Kyle
Liquid Silver Books , English
Echoes of Love - Jennifer Smith

Echoes of LoveJennifer Smith

Average wait: N/A

The curtains blew like ghosts through open windows as Janelle wandered naked through the big house. It wasn’t because the summer heat kept her from sleeping tonight, she just hadn’t slept well since the last time Ethan had shared her bed. S… more

Echoes of Love
Jennifer Smith
Tease Me - Rachelle Vaughn

Tease MeRachelle Vaughn

Average wait: N/A

You first met Ethan and Lana in WATCH ME when they infused some spice into an average workday at the mall. Then in JINGLE ME you went along for the ride as they attempted to survive the chaos of the holidays and ended up earning themselves … more

Tease Me
Rachelle Vaughn
Random Acts of Nudity - 2012... - Susan Taitel

Random Acts of Nudity - 2012...Susan Taitel

Nobody ever died of embarrassment. That’s what Viola’s mother says, but Vi thinks she’ll be the first. At fifteen, she thought nothing could be more humiliating than being dumped by her first boyfriend Ethan, for a much skinnier and more po… more

Random Acts of Nudity - 2012 ABNA Entry
Susan Taitel
Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award , English
Belly of the Beast - A.M. Burns

Belly of the BeastA.M. Burns

Average wait: N/A

When a child is stolen out of her bed in the middle of the night, Ethan and Dusty must do whatever it takes to find her, even venturing into the belly of the beast

Belly of the Beast
A.M. Burns
Mystichawker Press , English