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The Boothbay Playhouse:A Pro... - Jerry Vermilye

The Boothbay Playhouse:A Pro...Jerry Vermilye

Built to resemble an old New England barn, the Boothbay Playhouse operated from 1937 to 1974, under two separate managements, as a professional summer theatre. In the old-resident-company tradition, a different play was presented each week… more

The Boothbay Playhouse:A Professional History: 1937-1974
Jerry Vermilye
AuthorHouse , English
Love of Freedom: Black Women... - Catherine Adams, Elizabeth H. Pleck

Love of Freedom: Black Women...Catherine Adams, Elizabeth H. Pleck

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They baked New England’s Thanksgiving pies, preached their faith to crowds of worshippers, spied for the patriots during the Revolution, wrote that human bondage was a sin, and demanded reparations for slavery. Black women in colonial and r… more

Love of Freedom: Black Women in Colonial and Revolutionary New England
Catherine Adams, Elizabeth H. Pleck
Oxford University Press, USA , English
The May-Flower and Her Log, ... - Azel Ames

The May-Flower and Her Log, ...Azel Ames

O civilized humanity, world-wide, and especially to the descendants of the Pilgrims who, in 1620, laid on New England shores the foundations of that civil and religious freedom upon which has been built a refuge for the oppressed of every l… more

The May-Flower and Her Log, July 15, 1620—May 6, 1621
Azel Ames
Trailerpark - Russell Banks

TrailerparkRussell Banks

Get to know the colorful cast of characters at the Granite State Trailerpark, where Flora in number 11 keeps more than a hundred guinea pigs andscreams at people to stay away from her babies, Claudel in number 5 thinks he is lucky until his… more

Russell Banks
Harper Perennial , English
Classic Recipes: American Ho... - Wendy Hobson

Classic Recipes: American Ho...Wendy Hobson

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Showcasing some of the most popular dishes across the States, American Home Cooking reveals just how interesting and exciting our cooking can be. From the spicy fish dishes of the Deep South to the creamy chowders of New England, and from … more

Classic Recipes: American Home Cooking
Wendy Hobson
Arcturus , English
Stairway of Sand - Charles White

Stairway of SandCharles White

One could assume a degree of truth in any novel written in first party experience - but this story is an imaginary account of occult worship in a New England town. The real truth is that there are over 5,000 secret agencies taking part in … more

Stairway of Sand
Charles White
Trafford Publishing , English
Little women: or, Meg, Jo, B... - Louisa May Alcott

Little women: or, Meg, Jo, B...Louisa May Alcott

Chronicles the humorous and sentimental fortunes of the four March sisters as they grow into young ladies in nineteenth-century New England. First published in 1869.

Little women: or, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy
Louisa May Alcott
Old Classics , English
The New England Grimpendium - J. W. Ocker

The New England GrimpendiumJ. W. Ocker

An insider’s guide to wicked, weird, and wonderful New England.A rich compendium of macabre and historic New England happenings, this travelogue features firsthand accounts of almost 200 sites throughout New England. This region is full of … more

The New England Grimpendium
J. W. Ocker
Countryman Press , English
A Walk Into Darkness (Ashley... - Jade Winters

A Walk Into Darkness (Ashley...Jade Winters

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Twenty-five years after a young girl goes missing from her home in South-East England, most have given up hope of ever finding closure. But when a renowned psychic has visions of a murder the police reopen the case, placing the puzzle of th… more

A Walk Into Darkness (Ashley McCoy #1)
Jade Winters
Wicked Winters Books , English
Bootleggers, Lobstermen & Lu... - Matthew  P. Mayo

Bootleggers, Lobstermen & Lu...Matthew P. Mayo

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Bootleggers, Lobstermen, and Lumberjacks!The story of New England is built on an endless armature of fascinating stories of Yankee ingenuity and hardy, intrepid characters. Bootleggers, Lobstermen, and Lumberjacks presents the top 50 wildes… more

Bootleggers, Lobstermen & Lumberjacks: Fifty of the Grittiest Moments in the History of Hardscrabble New England
Matthew P. Mayo
Globe Pequot , English
Snow Settling on a Covered Bridge - Anne-Marie Neil

Snow Settling on a Covered BridgeAnne-Marie Neil

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A young woman moves to New England during the golden days of early fall, and finds herself swept into a strange adventure with a touch of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Snow Settling on a Covered Bridge
Anne-Marie Neil
Pollyanna (Illustrated) - Eleanor H. Porter

Pollyanna (Illustrated)Eleanor H. Porter

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The young orphan Pollyanna is sent to live with her stern Aunt in a dour New England town. Refusing to be cast down by her circumstances, Pollyanna begins teaching the town “the glad game”, which her father taught her. To play, one must fin… more

Pollyanna (Illustrated)
Eleanor H. Porter
Petra Books , English
Apotrope - Chris Owen

ApotropeChris Owen

Hez is a modern kind of guy in that he’s not about to let being a few centuries old stop him from having his fun. He goes south for amusement, but his roots are in New England, along with his money and the town that protects him. Also in Ne… more

Chris Owen
Torquere Press , English
How Spring Came in New Engla... - Charles Dudley Warner

How Spring Came in New Engla...Charles Dudley Warner

How Spring Came in New England

How Spring Came in New England (Translated) (Galician Edition)
Charles Dudley Warner
The New England Mafia - Kevin Johnson

The New England MafiaKevin Johnson

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The history of organized crime in New England. With testimony from Frank Salemme and a US Government time line.                        Please visit the books blog spot at the address below, for photographs and sample chapters thenewengland… more

The New England Mafia
Kevin Johnson
Bad Guys and Bullets Press.Com , English
BILLY BOY - William May

BILLY BOYWilliam May

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Billy Boy” is a humorous story about an altar boy growing up in a small New England town and the many conflicts he encounters along the way. When the mysteries of faith, sex, and the world around him were rationalized with a young mind and… more

William May
Authorhouse , English
One Off - Mark Kestigian

One OffMark Kestigian

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Howard (Call me ‘Walt’) Johnson returns to New England after more than a decade in the Mideastern wilderness in one last almighty attempt to untangle his twisted family tree. He’s drowning in a dyslexic gene pool that includes red-blooded b… more

One Off
Mark Kestigian
Red All Over Publishing , English
Teen Murder in Suburbia - Anthony Coronado

Teen Murder in SuburbiaAnthony Coronado

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Murder of a teenage girl in an upscale New England town sets off a chain reaction that shines a spotlight on teen dating violence. Go inside the tragic story of teen romance that turned deadly, drawing national attention, sorrow and solidar… more

Teen Murder in Suburbia
Anthony Coronado
Anthony Coronado , English
Customs and Fashions in Old ... - Alice Morse Earle

Customs and Fashions in Old ...Alice Morse Earle

From the hour when the Puritan baby opened his eyes in bleak New England he had a Spartan struggle for life. In summer-time he fared comparatively well, but in winter the ill-heated houses of the colonists gave to him a most chilling and be… more

Customs and Fashions in Old New England
Alice Morse Earle
Winterbound - Margery Williams Bianco

WinterboundMargery Williams Bianco

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Four city-bred children find themselves on their own in an unheated New England farmhouse in this captivating tale by the author of The Velveteen Rabbit. With their father gone on a business trip and their mother assisting a faraway relativ… more

Margery Williams Bianco
Dover Publications , English