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Her Friend's First Fuck - Holly Love

Her Friend's First FuckHolly Love

Emilie is eighteen and is still a virgin. Michael buys Emilie and her friends some booze after the football game, and it helps Emilie drop her inhibitions - along with her cheer-skirt. What will it feel like to have Michael’s huge cock ins… more

Her Friend’s First Fuck
Holly Love
Patricia's Duty (Population Zero) - Kevin R. Bridges

Patricia's Duty (Population Zero)Kevin R. Bridges

Average wait: N/A

As a mysterious plague decimates the human race, Patricia tries to make the best of the time she has left with her four year old daughter, Emily. A horrifying discovery, though, forces her to make the hardest choice of her life.(14 pages)

Patricia’s Duty (Population Zero)
Kevin R. Bridges
Breathe - Diane Copeland

BreatheDiane Copeland

“Breathe,” is a tale of two friends who share a common, yet devastating bond. Becca, healing from her own emotional and physical wounds, tries to help her friend Emily who suffers from abuse at the hand of her mother.

Breathe is a short st… more

Diane Copeland
Vengeance Is Mine (An Emily ... - M.R. Miller

Vengeance Is Mine (An Emily ...M.R. Miller

Average wait: N/A

Emily O’Brien is slowly putting the pieces of her life back together after her husband, a state trooper, is killed during a traffic stop. But six months after his death, she finds an envelope behind his desk that sends her searching for ans… more

Vengeance Is Mine (An Emily O’Brien Novel #1)
M.R. Miller
El blanco: (Bull's Eye) (Spa... - Sarah N. Harvey

El blanco: (Bull's Eye) (Spa...Sarah N. Harvey

Average wait: N/A

After Emily’s aunt dies, Emily learns that everything she has always believed is a lie, and her world crumbles. Forced to face the fact that her mother is not who she thought she was, Emily tries to find the truth about her past and make se… more

El blanco: (Bull’s Eye) (Spanish Soundings) (Spanish Edition)
Sarah N. Harvey
Orca Book Publishers , Spanish
Case 503 (Paige Bleu Series) - Shiralyn J Lee

Case 503 (Paige Bleu Series)Shiralyn J Lee

              Lesbian drama. Dark and intense. Murder, mystery. Fast paced. Exciting and thrilling.Following on from Case 321, Case 503 is the second instalment in The Paige Bleu Series.It is now several months later and with a new murd... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00D5DOBM2/#editorial-review">more</a>
Case 503 (Paige Bleu Series)
Shiralyn J Lee
Shiralyn J Lee , English
A Family Arrangement Part Si... - Shelagh Watkins

A Family Arrangement Part Si...Shelagh Watkins

The first six parts of this nine part story can be downloaded separately. The setting is nineteen twenties rural Lancashire at a time when single mothers struggled to bring up a child without the support of a husband. Part Six is about Emil… more

A Family Arrangement Part Six: Mother
Shelagh Watkins
Mandinam Press , English
Deepening Desires - Two Dragons - Unit Tri3Ax

Deepening Desires - Two DragonsUnit Tri3Ax

Themes: Hypnosis, Mind ControlPart Two of Deepening DesiresBeginning his second session, Marcus has gained some confidence working with his subjects, and learns more about who they are, and what makes them tick. He also manages to relax a … more

Deepening Desires - Two Dragons
Unit Tri3Ax
Janey's First Time (Taboo Erotica) - Penelope Wilson

Janey's First Time (Taboo Erotica)Penelope Wilson

Average wait: N/A

I dreaded the thought of going off to college as an inexperienced innocent, especially when my best friend Emily had been sexually active for a while now. She never spoke about who she was spending time with, and that made me all the more f… more

Janey’s First Time (Taboo Erotica)
Penelope Wilson
Stolen Treasures (Silver Dol... - Summer Waters

Stolen Treasures (Silver Dol...Summer Waters

Exciting new magical adventure series for girls – will you answer the call of Silver Dolphins?Antonia is a secret Silver Dolphin – she’s responsible for helping the creatures of the bay when their environment is threatened, by responding to… more

Stolen Treasures (Silver Dolphins, Book 3)
Summer Waters
HarperCollinsChildren’sBooks , English
Deepening Desires - Dominoes - Unit Tri3Ax

Deepening Desires - DominoesUnit Tri3Ax

Themes: Hypnosis, Mind ControlPart Four of Deepening DesiresEmily lets Marcus know that they’ll be on their own for a bit, since Katie isn’t feeling well, and wants some time to herself. While this leaves Marcus with more than a few questi… more

Deepening Desires - Dominoes
Unit Tri3Ax
The Birthday Scandal - Leigh Michaels

The Birthday ScandalLeigh Michaels

Average wait: 43d, 0h

A Regency birthday party leads to love—and scandal!When Lucien, Isabelle, and Emily are invited to their great-uncle’s seventieth birthday party, they hope the elderly duke’s promise to make their lives easier means they’ll be receiving cas… more

The Birthday Scandal
Leigh Michaels
Montlake Romance , English
Cranberry cookies - Christina Barbara Assouad

Cranberry cookiesChristina Barbara Assouad

Emily has just received one of those amazing letters that Roy was in the habit of sending her when he was on his way back from one of his trips to the ends of the earth. Roy is an explorer both by profession and by his passion for it. His l… more

Cranberry cookies
Christina Barbara Assouad
Cicorivolta edizioni , English
Living in the Dark (Darkness... - Rebekah Campbell

Living in the Dark (Darkness...Rebekah Campbell

Experiences can make us or break us and it’s no different for sixteen-year-old, Emily.Living under the roof of her abusive Uncle, Emily is brutally attacked by a gang and wakes up from a coma with no recollection of the accident. As the amn… more

Living in the Dark (Darkness through the Light)
Rebekah Campbell
The Last Daughter - Renee Walker

The Last DaughterRenee Walker

Average wait: N/A

A gripping story based on the maternal side of the author’s family. More fact than fiction, this riveting tale exposes a peculiar tradition of abuse passed down from generation to generation until finally it is broken by Steed, the present-… more

The Last Daughter
Renee Walker
Fixin’ to Press , English
Theft of Innocence - C. Vance Cast

Theft of InnocenceC. Vance Cast

Average wait: N/A

Cody was just a kid…only days from his 13th birthday. He had a pretty fair “rep” at school, some good friends, and a sweet and attractive girlfriend – Emily. Life should have been good. Except for one thing. All too often, Cody’s father … more

Theft of Innocence
C. Vance Cast
Starsys Publishing Company , English
Twinkle of Fairyland e-Book ... - Kate Wood Freeman

Twinkle of Fairyland e-Book ...Kate Wood Freeman

Average wait: N/A

In Twinkle of Fairyland Book One we learned how an adventurous Fairy named Twinkle became friends with a brave, human girl named Emily. In Twinkle of Fairyland Book Two the reader will enjoy how the two friends learn more about their differ… more

Twinkle of Fairyland e-Book Two by Kate Wood Freeman
Kate Wood Freeman
Entry Way Publishing , English
Dark Souls (Dark Souls Serie... - Ketley Allison

Dark Souls (Dark Souls Serie...Ketley Allison

1 rating
Average wait: N/A

19-year-old Emily desperately wants a name for what she is. For what is consuming and torturing her. For what is changing her.

But she’s not crazy like her mother. She’s not.

Emily may not be as crazy as she thinks, because her body is no… more

Dark Souls (Dark Souls Series Book 1)
Ketley Allison
Ketley Allison LLC , English
The Fairy Ring: Beautifully ... - Sheryl Wilson

The Fairy Ring: Beautifully ...Sheryl Wilson

Average wait: N/A

What happens when a little girl befriends a group of fairies? Set in England’s countryside, The Fairy Ring is a story that will be enjoyed by fans of fairy tales everywhere. It’s a story about a good hearted little girl named Emily who live… more

The Fairy Ring: Beautifully Illustrated Book Will Captivate Kids of All Ages
Sheryl Wilson
Emily (The Babysitter Chronicles) - Nikki Flesch

Emily (The Babysitter Chronicles)Nikki Flesch

Eighteen year old Emily grew up in the typical suburban neighborhood. White picket fences and friendly waves from neighbors were the norm. She had always thought Mr. Walters next door was an incredibly sexy older guy, but never thought he w… more

Emily (The Babysitter Chronicles)
Nikki Flesch