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Her Friend's First Fuck - Holly Love

Her Friend's First FuckHolly Love

Emilie is eighteen and is still a virgin. Michael buys Emilie and her friends some booze after the football game, and it helps Emilie drop her inhibitions - along with her cheer-skirt. What will it feel like to have Michael’s huge cock ins… more

Her Friend’s First Fuck
Holly Love
Deepening Desires - Dominoes - Unit Tri3Ax

Deepening Desires - DominoesUnit Tri3Ax

Themes: Hypnosis, Mind ControlPart Four of Deepening DesiresEmily lets Marcus know that they’ll be on their own for a bit, since Katie isn’t feeling well, and wants some time to herself. While this leaves Marcus with more than a few questi… more

Deepening Desires - Dominoes
Unit Tri3Ax
Step Mom Seduction 2 - Victoria Dubois

Step Mom Seduction 2Victoria Dubois

Jimmy had always fantasized about his step mom, Emily, but never expected their clothes shopping trip to turn out like it does.Adults only. All characters depicted are 18 years old or older. Over 5,900 hot words.

Step Mom Seduction 2
Victoria Dubois
The Intergalactic War On Map... - Tim Wellman

The Intergalactic War On Map...Tim Wellman

Average wait: N/A

Aliens have landed, and right on Emily’s street! What’s a girl to do but fight! The war is on! An ordinary girl, an ordinary street… then the extraordinary happens! Join ten year old Emily and her small group of friends as they fight a wa… more

The Intergalactic War On Maple Street
Tim Wellman
Wanting Him (Short Story, Pa... - Liliana Rhodes

Wanting Him (Short Story, Pa...Liliana Rhodes

This story is available in Choosing Him with parts 2 and 3 at a special priceEmily is a confident curvy girl who sets her sights on muscular and handsome Ryan, but finds herself feeling insecure after seeing him surrounded by so many thin b… more

Wanting Him (Short Story, Part 1) (BBW Erotic Romance)
Liliana Rhodes
Jaded Speck Publishing , English
T D Bear is NOT Happy & Othe... - Amber Leigh, AJ Wolf, Lee As...

T D Bear is NOT Happy & Othe...Amber Leigh, AJ Wolf, Lee As...

Average wait: N/A

Five wicked short stories from NatterBooks Micro Thrillers, each one guaranteed to set your pulse tingling. From T D Bear is NOT Happy, the tale of a stuffed toy seeking revenge, through to the tragic tears of The Non-Stop Laughter Show. Ea… more

T D Bear is NOT Happy & Other Short Stories (Micro Thrillers Book 1)
Amber Leigh, AJ Wolf, Lee Ash, Willow Storm
NatterBooks , English
Tricking My Stepsister - Jean-Luc Cheri

Tricking My StepsisterJean-Luc Cheri

An erotic short story. Ryan has desired his stepsister, Emily, ever since the two had a close call with lust when they were younger. When he finds out that she and her boyfriend like to play ‘masked intruder’ role-playing games, he comes… more

Tricking My Stepsister
Jean-Luc Cheri
Jean-Luc Cheri , English
Deceiving The Duke (Book Two... - Alexis Browne

Deceiving The Duke (Book Two...Alexis Browne

The Duke of Shaftsbury meets his match in the lovely Lady Emily.Book One: Downfall of A DukeBook Two: Deceiving The DukeBook Three: The Duke’s PromiseThis three part erotic historical romance series contains sexually explicit material.

Deceiving The Duke (Book Two: Maid For The Duke Series)
Alexis Browne
Hercules Publishing , English
Vengeance Is Mine (An Emily ... - M.R. Miller

Vengeance Is Mine (An Emily ...M.R. Miller

Average wait: N/A

Emily O’Brien is slowly putting the pieces of her life back together after her husband, a state trooper, is killed during a traffic stop. But six months after his death, she finds an envelope behind his desk that sends her searching for ans… more

Vengeance Is Mine (An Emily O’Brien Novel #1)
M.R. Miller
The Gift of Light: (Revised)... - Jen Gentry

The Gift of Light: (Revised)...Jen Gentry

Average wait: N/A

Emily and her Aunt Gemma are two very special women. They see into the spiritual realm and commune with angels. With this exciting tale, reminiscent of the great Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness, debut author Gentry portrays in realist… more

The Gift of Light: (Revised) (The Gifts Book 1)
Jen Gentry
Living in the Dark (Darkness... - Rebekah Campbell

Living in the Dark (Darkness...Rebekah Campbell

Average wait: N/A

Experiences can make us or break us and it’s no different for sixteen-year-old, Emily.Living under the roof of her abusive Uncle, Emily is brutally attacked by a gang and wakes up from a coma with no recollection of the accident. As the amn… more

Living in the Dark (Darkness through the Light Book 1)
Rebekah Campbell
Theft of Innocence - C. Vance Cast

Theft of InnocenceC. Vance Cast

Average wait: N/A

Cody was just a kid…only days from his 13th birthday. He had a pretty fair “rep” at school, some good friends, and a sweet and attractive girlfriend – Emily. Life should have been good. Except for one thing. All too often, Cody’s father … more

Theft of Innocence
C. Vance Cast
Starsys Publishing Company , English
The Witch's Mirror (The Orac... - J.P. Hyzer

The Witch's Mirror (The Orac...J.P. Hyzer

1 rating
Average wait: N/A

When Emily’s mother mysteriously disappears, she goes to live with her Great Aunt Margaret. Strange phenomenon have surrounded Emily since birth. A dark power that she is struggling to control has begun to surface. When she finds a strange … more

The Witch’s Mirror (The Oracle War Book 1)
J.P. Hyzer
Case 503 (Paige Bleu Series Book 1) - Shiralyn J Lee

Case 503 (Paige Bleu Series Book 1)Shiralyn J Lee

              Lesbian drama. Dark and intense. Murder, mystery. Fast paced. Exciting and thrilling.Following on from Case 321, Case 503 is the second instalment in The Paige Bleu Series.It is now several months later and with a new murd... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00D5DOBM2/#editorial-review">more</a>
Case 503 (Paige Bleu Series Book 1)
Shiralyn J Lee
Shiralyn J Lee , English
Locked In: One Girl's EXPLOS... - Emily Essence

Locked In: One Girl's EXPLOS...Emily Essence

Average wait: N/A

What if this time tomorrow, I could be free?”That was the question that 15-year-old Emily asked herself as she gazed up at the ceiling of the darkened room in which she had been held captive for the past 10 years.Of course, the very same q… more

Locked In: One Girl’s EXPLOSIVE TRUE STORY of Child Abuse (Child Abuse True Stories)
Emily Essence
Child Abuse True Stories , English
Twinkle of Fairyland e-Book ... - Kate Wood Freeman

Twinkle of Fairyland e-Book ...Kate Wood Freeman

Average wait: N/A

In Twinkle of Fairyland Book One we learned how an adventurous Fairy named Twinkle became friends with a brave, human girl named Emily. In Twinkle of Fairyland Book Two the reader will enjoy how the two friends learn more about their differ… more

Twinkle of Fairyland e-Book Two by Kate Wood Freeman
Kate Wood Freeman
Entry Way Publishing , English
The Last Daughter - Renee Walker

The Last DaughterRenee Walker

Average wait: N/A

A gripping story based on the maternal side of the author’s family. More fact than fiction, this riveting tale exposes a peculiar tradition of abuse passed down from generation to generation until finally it is broken by Steed, the present-… more

The Last Daughter
Renee Walker
Fixin’ to Press , English
Janey's First Time (Taboo Erotica) - Penelope Wilson

Janey's First Time (Taboo Erotica)Penelope Wilson

Average wait: N/A

I dreaded the thought of going off to college as an inexperienced innocent, especially when my best friend Emily had been sexually active for a while now. She never spoke about who she was spending time with, and that made me all the more f… more

Janey’s First Time (Taboo Erotica)
Penelope Wilson
The Smartest Girl in the Roo... - Deborah Nam-Krane

The Smartest Girl in the Roo...Deborah Nam-Krane

Average wait: N/A

Nineteen year old Emily wants her college diploma fast, and she’s going to get it. But when the perfect night with perfect Mitch leads her to a broken heart, Emily is blind to her vulnerability. When the person she cares about the most is h… more

The Smartest Girl in the Room (The New Pioneers Book 1)
Deborah Nam-Krane
Mail Order Mama (Brides of B... - Kirsten Osbourne

Mail Order Mama (Brides of B...Kirsten Osbourne

Average wait: 41d, 18h

When Emily’s mother decides to marry, her fiancé says that twenty year old Emily needs to find a new place to live before the wedding. Emily has always been exceedingly shy and has no idea what to do. She runs across an advertisement for … more

Mail Order Mama (Brides of Beckham Book 2)
Kirsten Osbourne
Unlimited Dreams Publishing , English