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The Duke's Reluctant Bride - Alexis  Browne

The Duke's Reluctant BrideAlexis Browne

Devlin James, Duke of Hornsby is an incorrigible rake. When he is caught red-handed compromising the gorgeous Lady Eliza the lusty duke resolves to marry and make the best of it. But his reluctant bride will only marry for love and the duke… more

The Duke’s Reluctant Bride
Alexis Browne
Hercules Publishing , English
Vampire Cowboy - Juliet Chastain

Vampire CowboyJuliet Chastain

One bad hand of cards stranded Eliza on a failing ranch in the middle of nowhere. She’d do anything to sell the ranch and make her way back to the city, even seduce the handsome stranger who rides into town and expresses an interest in her … more

Vampire Cowboy
Juliet Chastain
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc. , English
The Gift: Not Smoking Kills;... - Kaitlyn Bringhurst

The Gift: Not Smoking Kills;...Kaitlyn Bringhurst

Would you commit to being a smoker for the rest of your life in order to save your family? After being given a mysterious gift one day, that’s the decision seventeen year old Eliza faced. The strong and optimistic Eliza quickly makes the ri… more

The Gift: Not Smoking Kills; or The Sacrifice of Eliza Wharton - Darkprose IV - The Capnolagnia Series - Book X
Kaitlyn Bringhurst
Dinosaur Apocalypse (Book 1)... - Ramz Artso

Dinosaur Apocalypse (Book 1)...Ramz Artso

Eliza and her boyfriend Tom are out shopping in the center of town when a serious disaster strikes. There are dinosaurs at ever corner, eating people and destroying everything in their way. But they have each other to help them get through … more

Dinosaur Apocalypse (Book 1) Young Adult Romance Story
Ramz Artso
Children's Books: Oliver and... - Laura Banks

Children's Books: Oliver and...Laura Banks

Average wait: N/A

Princess Eliza has been kidnapped by a dragon, and is being held in his cave. The dragon demands the kingdoms crown, so he would become king. If he won’t get it in three days, he will eat the princess. It is only a small kingdom, and all th… more

Children’s Books: Oliver and the Dragon
Laura Banks
London Lace, #5 - KC Martin

London Lace, #5KC Martin

Average wait: 579d, 3h

The hotly-anticipated fifth and final installment of London Lace is here.

The Royal Ascot is only the most exclusive event of London’s society calendar. Eliza is contracted to design hats for the royals. During the most terrifying challeng… more

London Lace, #5
KC Martin
Desired by the Alpha: Book 3... - Ashley Rhodes

Desired by the Alpha: Book 3...Ashley Rhodes

Eliza and Seth are in a race against time to reach her village before Caleb does - will they make it?

Eliza is still weak from her ordeal in the snow - but when she hears that Caleb and his renegade wolves have been spotted making their … more

Desired by the Alpha: Book 3 of ‘Given to the Pack’ (Hot Werewolf Shifter Erotic Romance)
Ashley Rhodes
Mail Order Bride - The Journ... - Leah Wyett

Mail Order Bride - The Journ...Leah Wyett

Average wait: N/A

A historical western cowboy romance novel about a mail order bride.

This is the story of two sisters from the East who hear a man speaking at their church of the opportunity and need for women in the west. He shows them a paper called Mat… more

Mail Order Bride - The Journey Book 1: Clean Historical Mail Order Bride Short Reads Romance (Western Mail Order Brides)
Leah Wyett
Mail Order Bride Dept, Gold Crown Press , English
A Pinch of Spice - Alcamia Payne

A Pinch of SpiceAlcamia Payne

Average wait: N/A

Voluptuous Victorian heiress Eliza Pinch is owner of The Assistance – a private advice club for sexually liberated women. Against her better judgement, she takes on the tuition of Emile, whose sexual secret is preventing him from procuring … more

A Pinch of Spice
Alcamia Payne
Xcite Books , English
The Unwanted Mail Order Brid... - Brynd Wilder

The Unwanted Mail Order Brid...Brynd Wilder

Average wait: N/A

Eliza Jane has suffered a train robbery and an assault to get to the man who offered her marriage by mail. Only, Jake claims he not only does not want her but he did not send for her in the first place.

The problem is she’s got a stack ful… more

The Unwanted Mail Order Bride (Love To The Letter Series - Book 1)
Brynd Wilder
Secret Heiress - Anne Herries

Secret HeiressAnne Herries

With his handsome good looks and rakish reputation Daniel, Lord Seaton knows he’s a draw for any number of eligible young misses. One of whom he must marry for money! Eliza Bancroft is the lucky lady’s companion who has caught his eye, much… more

Secret Heiress
Anne Herries
Harlequin Historical , English
A Political Biography of Eli... - Kathryn R King

A Political Biography of Eli...Kathryn R King

While under arrest in 1750 on suspicion of producing a seditious pamphlet Eliza Haywood insisted she ‘never wrote any thing in a political way’. This study of her life and works, the first full-length biography in almost a century, views Ha… more

A Political Biography of Eliza Haywood (Eighteenth-Century Political Biographies)
Kathryn R King
Pickering & Chatto Publishers , English
Save Me - Jade Heart

Save MeJade Heart

Average wait: N/A

Sometimes we just need to be saved . . .

Eliza Levant is tired of being one of her abusive boyfriend’s many possessions, but when she refuses to give into his demands, she ends up unconscious in the parking lot of a bar. Rescued by Mark, s… more

Save Me
Jade Heart
Hot Ink Press , English
The Rash Resolve and Life's ... - Eliza Haywood

The Rash Resolve and Life's ...Eliza Haywood

Eliza Haywood was one of the most popular and versatile writers of the eighteenth century. The two novellas in this edition – The Rash Resolve (1724) and Life’s Progress (1748) – show her developing and adapting her ideas on the subject of … more

The Rash Resolve and Life’s Progress: by Eliza Haywood (Chawton House Library: Women’s Novels)
Eliza Haywood
Pickering & Chatto Publishers , English
Sorority Pet - Eliza DeGaulle

Sorority PetEliza DeGaulle

Average wait: N/A
              What's going to happen to him next?Derrick finds himself left at the mercy of a hungry sorority - and the sorority will show none of it.This unique work of Eliza DeGaulle's, it is unlike all of her other works, instead foc... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00PL4YPDS/#editorial-review">more</a>
Sorority Pet
Eliza DeGaulle
Darkest Secrets Publishing , English
Slocum 361: Slocum and the L... - Jake Logan

Slocum 361: Slocum and the L...Jake Logan

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.

Slocum 361: Slocum and the Lucky Lady
Jake Logan
Jove , English
Fragmented - Eliza Lentzski

FragmentedEliza Lentzski

Average wait: N/A

Residing in the attics of our brains one finds an assortment of things: personal baggage, photo albums spilling with childhood memories, and family skeletons. Harper Dawkins has locked and sealed the door to her personal attic by moving out… more

Eliza Lentzski
November Rain: 1 (Winds of Freedom) - Laurie Sanford

November Rain: 1 (Winds of Freedom)Laurie Sanford

1 rating
Average wait: N/A

One woman’s unexpected friendship with a plantation slave awakens a journey of discovery into the heart of love, justice, and God’s design for all mankind.

Eighteen-year-old Eliza Drake longs for a freedom beyond her grasp. With pressures … more

November Rain: 1 (Winds of Freedom)
Laurie Sanford
River Leaf Press , English
Works of Eliza Leslie - Eliza Leslie

Works of Eliza LeslieEliza Leslie

Average wait: N/A

9 works of Eliza LeslieAmerican author of popular cookbooks during the nineteenth century (1787-1858)This ebook presents a collection of 9 works of Eliza Leslie. A dynamic table of contents allows you to jump directly to the work selected.T… more

Works of Eliza Leslie
Eliza Leslie
The Perfect Library , English
Invaluable - Holly J. Wood

InvaluableHolly J. Wood

HELP WANTEDSixteen-year-old girl seeks advice on how to reach out to a sister who has become distant; how to make up with my best friend, who spends every moment with her new boyfriend;how to avoid losing my job over working on Sundays; and… more

Holly J. Wood
Deseret Book , English