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Evolutionary Socialism - Eduard Bernstein

Evolutionary SocialismEduard Bernstein

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One of the most maligned books in socialist history. Written by Eduard Bernstein, an official in the German Social Democratic party, “Evolutionary Socialism” argued that the socialist movement should drop its revolutionary goals, and instea… more

Evolutionary Socialism
Eduard Bernstein
Red and Black Publishers , English
Jean-Paul Marat: The People'... - E. Belfort Bax

Jean-Paul Marat: The People'...E. Belfort Bax

Ernest Belfort Bax (23 July 1854 – 26 November 1926) was a British socialist, journalist and philosopher. Born into a nonconformist religious family in Leamington, he was first introduced to Marxism while studying philosophy in Germany. He … more

Jean-Paul Marat: The People’s Friend (Illustrated)
E. Belfort Bax