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The Roman Games: A Sourceboo... -

The Roman Games: A Sourceboo...

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This sourcebook presents a wealth of material relating to every aspect of Roman spectacles, especially gladiatorial combat and chariot racing. Draws on the words of eye-witnesses and participants, as well as depictions of the games in mosai… more

The Roman Games: A Sourcebook (Blackwell Sourcebooks in Ancient History)
Wiley-Blackwell , English
Voices from Slavery: 1 Authe... - Norman R. Yetman

Voices from Slavery: 1 Authe...Norman R. Yetman

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Vivid, first-person accounts of what it was like to be a slave in the antebellum South recounted in simple, often poignant language. Stark descriptions of the horrors of slave auctions, and many other unforgettable details of slave life. Ac… more

Voices from Slavery: 1 Authentic Slave Narratives (African American)
Norman R. Yetman
Dover Publications , English
How To Boost Your Metabolism... - Joseph Meyer, Penny Books

How To Boost Your Metabolism...Joseph Meyer, Penny Books

Trying to shed some pounds, this book will help you boost your metabolism.–––––––––––––––––––––— Check Out More Great Titles From Penny Books –––––––––––––––––… more

How To Boost Your Metabolism (Penny Books)
Joseph Meyer, Penny Books
Penny Books , English
War and Peace (Penny Books) - Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace (Penny Books)Leo Tolstoy

First published from 1865 to 1869 in Russkii Vestnik, which tells the story of Russian society during the Napoleonic Era. It is usually described as one of Tolstoy’s two major masterpieces (the other being Anna Karenina) as well as one of t… more

War and Peace (Penny Books)
Leo Tolstoy
Penny Books
Bring Your Marriage Back to ... - Joseph Meyer

Bring Your Marriage Back to ...Joseph Meyer

At some point, it happens to everyone: You wake up one day and suddenly your once-blissful marriage is shattered. The spark is gone. And the love of your life wants nothing to do with you.You yearn for those feelings you had on your wedding… more

Bring Your Marriage Back to Newlyweds Again (Penny Books)
Joseph Meyer
Penny Books , English
Just So Stories (Penny Books) - Rudyard Kipling

Just So Stories (Penny Books)Rudyard Kipling

The famous, funny, and inspiring stories of creation as readers have never heard them before. From the tale of how the leopard got his spots to the crab who played with the sea, from the ingenious invention of the alphabet to how the rhinoc… more

Just So Stories (Penny Books)
Rudyard Kipling
Penny Books , English
Life of P. T. Barnum -  Phineas Taylor Barnum

Life of P. T. Barnum Phineas Taylor Barnum

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Barnum for its publication in the present cheap form; it is issued simultaneously with the American edition, and printed verbatim: it might to their English ideas have been “improved in the hands of a judicious English Editor, but time, an… more

Life of P. T. Barnum
Phineas Taylor Barnum
Pastoral Poetry and Pastoral Drama - Walter W. Greg

Pastoral Poetry and Pastoral DramaWalter W. Greg

Some ten years ago, it may be, Mr. St. Loe Strachey suggested that I should write an article on ‘English Pastoral Drama’ for a magazine of which he was then editor. The article was in the course of time written, and in the further course of… more

Pastoral Poetry and Pastoral Drama
Walter W. Greg
Roman Antiquities and Ancien... - Charles K. Dillaway

Roman Antiquities and Ancien...Charles K. Dillaway

The editor has endeavored in the following pages to give some account of the customs and institutions of the Romans and of ancient Mythology in a form adapted to the use of classical schools.

Roman Antiquities and Ancient Mythology
Charles K. Dillaway
Healing Emotions: Conversati... - Daniel Goleman

Healing Emotions: Conversati...Daniel Goleman

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Canthe mind heal the body? The Buddhist tradition says yes—and now many Westernscientists are beginning to agree. HealingEmotionsis the record of an extraordinary series of encounters between the Dalai Lamaand prominent Western psychologist… more

Healing Emotions: Conversations with the Dalai Lama on Mindfulness, Emotions, and Health
Daniel Goleman
Shambhala Publications , English
Luther's Prayers - Martin Luther

Luther's PrayersMartin Luther

This introductory volume of Luther’s prayers includes 185 prayers arranged by topic with brief comments from the editor.

Luther’s Prayers
Martin Luther
Middlemarch (Penny Books) - George Eliot

Middlemarch (Penny Books)George Eliot

This panoramic work—considered the finest novel in English by many critics—offers a complex look at English provincial life at a crucial historical moment, and, at the same time, dramatizes and explores some of the most potent myths of Vi… more

Middlemarch (Penny Books)
George Eliot
Penny Books , English
Navaho Myths, Prayers, and Songs - Washington Matthews

Navaho Myths, Prayers, and SongsWashington Matthews

Alphabet.Editor’s Note.A Tale of KininaekaiA Prayer of the Second Day of the Night Chant.A Prayer of the Fourth Day of the Night Chant.The Story of Bekotsidi.Protection Song

Navaho Myths, Prayers, and Songs
Washington Matthews
My Bisexual Girlfriend: A Tr... - Christian Fletch

My Bisexual Girlfriend: A Tr...Christian Fletch

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The college newspaper was a magnet for diversity and liberal thinking, which meant many employees had an “alternative” slant. At the beginning of every semester a nice girl-next-door type, fresh out of high sc… more

My Bisexual Girlfriend: A True Story of College Lust
Christian Fletch
An Old Babylonian version of... - Anonymous

An Old Babylonian version of...Anonymous

This version of the Epic Of Gilgamesh includes notes and reseach of the editor along with drawings and photos of the original tablet the story was inscribed on.

An Old Babylonian version of The Epic of Gilgamesh
Ascribe Twenty Nine Publishing , English
430 Delicious Desert Recipes... - Jill King

430 Delicious Desert Recipes...Jill King

430 delicious easy to make dessert recipes.–––––––––––––––––––––— Check Out More Great Titles From Penny Books –––––––––––––––––––––—Simply click on “… more

430 Delicious Desert Recipes (Penny Books)
Jill King
Penny Books , English
The Other World; or, Glimpse... -  Various

The Other World; or, Glimpse... Various

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xamples of Spectral Appearances are so numerous, and the Editor has collected so many, both ancient and modern, that considerable difficulty has been occasioned in determining which shall here be set forth. The following, chosen from exampl… more

The Other World; or, Glimpses of the Supernatural (Vol. II of II)
Glimpses of the Supernatural... - Various

Glimpses of the Supernatural...Various

These volumes have been compiled from the standing-point of a hearty and reverent believer in Historical Christianity. No one can be more fully aware of their imperfections and incompleteness than the Editor; for the subjects under consider… more

Glimpses of the Supernatural: Volumes I & II
It Happened to Nancy: By an ... - Beatrice Sparks

It Happened to Nancy: By an ...Beatrice Sparks

The editor of the classic GO ASK ALICE has compiled the poignant journals of a 14-year-old date-rape victim who contracted AIDS and died.

It Happened to Nancy: By an Anonymous Teenager, A True Story from Her Diary
Beatrice Sparks
HarperCollins , English
The defence of poesy - 	Sir Philip Sidney

The defence of poesy Sir Philip Sidney

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(…)” EDITOR’S PREFACE. THE favorable reception given to the first volume of the ” Library of Old English Prose Writers ” having encouraged the publishers to proceed with the enterprise, the Editor has now the satisfaction of presenting a… more

The defence of poesy
Sir Philip Sidney