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New cosmopolisJames Huneker

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(…)”WATERWAYS LIKE the prudent elderly person I am, I arrived at the boat only a half-hour ahead of time. “Better never than early,” I remarked — with a certain waggish air — to the ticket-seller, a man of informal manners, who dispensed … more

New cosmopolis
James Huneker

Memo to HellTimothy Hurley

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In this funnier than a lawyer-walks-into-a-bar joke, blogger-jerk gets Cookie Monster’s color wrong and foolishingly argues with Manhattan lawyers about it.  His dreams and writing career sink into the East River, weighted down by subpoenas… more

Memo to Hell
Timothy Hurley
Timothy Hurley , English

The Faces of Harriet BrownAnanda Wolf

When my mother was twelve years old, directing imaginary plays from the little outhouse roof in her tenement back yard, she knew that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the world. Standing by her living room window, catching a brown an… more

The Faces of Harriet Brown
Ananda Wolf
Wolfstuff , English

The Great Bridge: The Epic S...David McCullough

The dramatic and enthralling story of the building of the Brooklyn Bridge, the world’s longest suspension bridge at the time, a tale of greed, corruption, and obstruction but also of optimism, heroism, and determination, told by master hist… more

The Great Bridge: The Epic Story of the Building of the Brooklyn Bridge
David McCullough
Simon & Schuster , English

Muriel Spark on Evil: An EssayMichael Giffin

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What is evil? Is it a disembodied force, or an aspect of being human, or both? How do we locate it within the contemporary world? What does it look like? Can any metaphor adequately describe it? It has been said that no author of the twenti… more

Muriel Spark on Evil: An Essay
Michael Giffin

Time to Murder and Create (M...Lawrence Block

Small-time stoolie, Jake ” The Spinner” Jablon, made a lot of new enemies when he switched careers, from informer to blackmailer. And the more “clients”, he figured, the more money — and more people eager to see him dead. So no one is surp… more

Time to Murder and Create (Matthew Scudder Crime)
Lawrence Block
HarperCollins e-books , English

Susan and EdwardAnonymous

In New-York, there are a number of Market Houses. Those called Fulton and Washington Markets are the largest. Fulton Market is at the East end of Fulton-street, near the East River, and the Washington Market is on the West end, near the No… more

Susan and Edward

At Hell's Gate: A Novel (Con...Ethan Black

Conrad Voort’s family members have enforced the law in New York City for three centuries, since Manhattan was a Dutch colony. Raised from childhood to be a detective, he heads a vast cop clan, with its own code of honor and obligation. But … more

At Hell’s Gate: A Novel (Conrad Voort Novels)
Ethan Black
Pocket Books , English

97 Orchard: An Edible Histor...Jane Ziegelman

“Social history is, most elementally, food history. Jane Ziegelman had the great idea to zero in on one Lower East Side tenement building, and through it she has crafted a unique and aromatic narrative of New York’s immigrant culture: with … more

97 Orchard: An Edible History of Five Immigrant Families in One New York Tenement
Jane Ziegelman
HarperCollins e-books , English

The Middle of Nowhere: A Len...Bob Sloan

Homicide detective Lenny Bliss wears consciousness like an albatross. He is looking for some inner peace. Instead he gets a floater fished out of the East River. The investigation is not going swimmingly (they never do, with floaters) when … more

The Middle of Nowhere: A Lenny Bliss Mystery
Bob Sloan
Atlantic Monthly Press , English

Historical Cities-New York C...Lyn Wilkerson

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This edition of the Historical Cities series combines the five separate, previously published, editions into a single guide to the Big Apple. All five boroughs are included, as well as landmarks and sites in New York Harbor and the East Riv… more

Historical Cities-New York City (All Boroughs)
Lyn Wilkerson
Caddo Publications USA , English

Queen Of Hearts (King Of Spades)Kiniesha Gayle

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The games have been played and BabyGirl has won, or so she thinks. Taking down Andre Chin, took courage and craftiness, something she acquire after her parents’ death. Her life has been nothing short of challenging: a business partner with … more

Queen Of Hearts (King Of Spades)
Kiniesha Gayle
KG Publishing , English

The Darkness (A Henry Parker Novel)Jason Pinter

A young man is found murdered, his bones crushed nearly to dust before his body was dumped into New York’s East RiverIn New York there are hundreds of murders a year, but this one is different. Somebody is sending a message. And shockingly,… more

The Darkness (A Henry Parker Novel)
Jason Pinter
MIRA , English

Shoe ShiningOmar Kiam

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This is a short story about an eleven year old boy trying to earn a few dollars by shining shoes in New York City bars. It’s a humorous, poignant tale that’ll make you want to reach out to grab and hug the little boy.

Shoe Shining
Omar Kiam

The Last BeatnikFrank Palescandolo

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”“When I was taken to Bellevue Psychiatric Ward I was in a state of severe depression. I huddled within myself, bone against bone, trying to discover surcease in a living center of dead and numbing feeling. I remained in this condition wee… more

The Last Beatnik
Frank Palescandolo
iUniverse , English

The Faces of Harriet BrownUlf Wolf

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Harriet Brown, Mr. Wolf’s debut novel, tells the story of Nachiketa Krishnamurti, a boy raised in India by his paternal grandmother who teaches him to speak with snakes. His father, Jiddu, is a well-known Indian mystic who is rarely home. H… more

The Faces of Harriet Brown
Ulf Wolf
Wolfstuff , English

Paramedic On The Jobs, In Th...George Steffensen EMT-P

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Paramedic Steffensen 24 years on the streets gives you his first hand accounts of calls that made the headlines. Steffensen a retired N.Y.C. medic currently working in Baton Rouge will bring you onto the scenes of these major events. The Wo… more

Paramedic On The Jobs, In The Headlines
George Steffensen EMT-P

Brooklyn: Historically Speak...John B. Manbeck

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From America’s first suburb to its favorite borough, Brooklyn is by all accounts matchless. Taking readers away from the film sets and off the tour buses, borough historian John Manbeck reveals the communities that have defined its diverse … more

Brooklyn: Historically Speaking (American Chronicles (History Press))
John B. Manbeck
The HIstory Press , English


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REVOLUTIONARY HERO SERIESCAPTAIN NATHAN HALEGeneral Washington wanted a man. It was in September, 1776, at the City of New York, a few days after the battle of Long Island. The swift and deep East River flowed between the two hostile armies… more


American Society Of Civil En...Alfred Noble

A general outline of the work included in this Division has been given by General C. W. Raymond, M. Am. Soc. C. E., in the first paper of the series. The few pages following are intended only as a note to connect his paper with the more det… more

American Society Of Civil Engineers Instituted 1852 - Alfred Noble
Alfred Noble