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Faith Behind The Iron Curtain - Ingolf Schmidt

Faith Behind The Iron CurtainIngolf Schmidt

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An exhilarating journey of faith growing up in Communist East Germany and overcoming insurmountable odds by God’s grace and power.

Faith Behind The Iron Curtain
Ingolf Schmidt
Kingdom Ministry Publications / Mark Barclay Ministries , English
East Germany: History - iMinds

East Germany: HistoryiMinds

Learn about East Germany with iMinds insightful knowledge series. In East Germany, it was not uncommon to hear of secret police patrolling the streets dressed as civilians. It was not unusual to find hidden cameras lying in garbage cans. Ar… more

East Germany: History
iMinds Pty Ltd , English
Dictatorship as Experience: ... -

Dictatorship as Experience: ...

A decade after the collapse of communism, this volume presents a historical reflection on the perplexing nature of the East German dictatorship. In contrast to most political rhetoric, it seeks to establish a middle ground between totalita... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00JOWFU96/#editorial-review">more</a>
Dictatorship as Experience: Towards a Socio-Cultural History of the GDR
Berghahn Books , English
Tangled in Gray - Andre Schneider

Tangled in GrayAndre Schneider

This is the story of Andre Baganz, the son of a black father and a white mother, who was born into communist East Germany. Being an outsider, he was desperate to leave this country. After a failed attempt to escape, he was remanded in custo… more

Tangled in Gray
Andre Schneider
Baganz & Byrne , English
The Defector - E. N. J. Carter

The DefectorE. N. J. Carter

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It’s late November, 1989, the beginning of the end for the Berlin Wall, but one group of men behind it are fearful. They are defectors from the Cold War. American soldiers who have gone over to the other side but now find themselves runnin… more

The Defector
E. N. J. Carter
Malinki the Medic - Peter A. Brandt

Malinki the MedicPeter A. Brandt

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Growing up in Prussia (East Germany) was a wonderful experience for a young boy born into a Prussian diplomats family. That all changed when World War II began and at the age of fourteen, Gerd Brandt was swept up into a Russian POW camp and… more

Malinki the Medic
Peter A. Brandt
Createspace , English
A History of Germany 1918-20... - Mary Fulbrook

A History of Germany 1918-20...Mary Fulbrook

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The third edition of A History of Germany traces the dramatic social, cultural, and political tensions in Germany since 1918. Offers a persuasive interpretation of the dynamics of twentieth-century German history Treats German history from… more

A History of Germany 1918-2008: The Divided Nation
Mary Fulbrook
Wiley-Blackwell , English
The Black Beret: Incident at... - Martin P. Hederich

The Black Beret: Incident at...Martin P. Hederich

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The book describes growing up in Germany after the Second World War and how the protagonist becomes a Black Beret in the German Armoured Reconnaissance Battalions and being stationed at the Iron Curtain for many years. It describes the poli… more

The Black Beret: Incident at the Iron Curtain
Martin P. Hederich
BookBaby , English
Leipzig, or: East West Real Life - Dorothee Lang

Leipzig, or: East West Real LifeDorothee Lang

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A thought-provoking trip into former forbidden territory: “East West Real Life” includes travel notes, conversations and diary entries from a trip to Leipzig in East Germany – a trip that was supposed to be about books, and ended up being a… more

Leipzig, or: East West Real Life
Dorothee Lang
Survive Little Buddy: Iron C... - Irene Kucholick

Survive Little Buddy: Iron C...Irene Kucholick

This memoir is a true account of survival and the strength of the human spirit in the face of overwhelming trials and tribulations. In her own words Irene writes: “This is a story about what it was like to grow up in a Germany, dominated by… more

Survive Little Buddy: Iron Curtain Memoirs 1-3
Irene Kucholick
Three Kings Publishing , English
Above All Earthly Powers (So... - Jack Cavanaugh

Above All Earthly Powers (So...Jack Cavanaugh

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Following World War II, little has changed in Berlin. The Swastika has been replaced by the Hammer and Sickle, and the soldiers by secret police, but a life of daily oppression and fear remains. Inspired by the teachings of Joseph Schumache… more

Above All Earthly Powers (Songs in the Night Book 3)
Jack Cavanaugh
Threshold Publishing , English
The Warlizard Chronicles: Ad... - Warlizard

The Warlizard Chronicles: Ad...Warlizard

2 ratings
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My new fiancée Betty and I were sitting on the couch, watching the Westminster Kennel Club dog show when she looked over at me and casually said, “My first orgasm came from a dog.” As I sat there stunned, trying to control my reactions and … more

The Warlizard Chronicles: Adventures with Vodka, Women, & War
Warlizard Ink , English
Nine-Tenths (English) - Meira Pentermann

Nine-Tenths (English)Meira Pentermann

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Leonard Tramer and his family live in Colorado, trapped behind the walls of a totalitarian state. Dedicated to one another and determined to find the free world, they plan an escape which defies the odds and deceives their tyrannical govern… more

Nine-Tenths (English)
Meira Pentermann
Meira Pentermann , English
Now the Party's Over - Anders Petersen

Now the Party's OverAnders Petersen

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At the turn of the millennium, the author set out on an epic journey across the new, ‘borderless’ Europe. In the former Soviet satellite states of Poland and East Germany, he finds that the Russians have all gone home, but the legacy of occ… more

Now the Party’s Over
Anders Petersen
Anders Petersen , English


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THE CHINESE COMMUNIST IMPACT ON EAST GERMANY A Clasified US Intelligence Working Paper…. The East German leadership has demonstrated i n its public statements a much greater respect for Mao, personally and f o r Mao’sthought than have … more

US Intelligence
Ninety-Nine Cent Publishing LLC , English
Stasiland: Stories from Behi... - Anna Funder

Stasiland: Stories from Behi...Anna Funder

“Stasiland demonstrates that great, originalreporting is still possible… . A heartbreaking, beautifully written book. Aclassic.” —Claire Tomalin, Guardian “Books ofthe Year” AnnaFunder delivers a prize-winning and powerfully rendered ac… more

Stasiland: Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall
Anna Funder
Harper Perennial , English
Hammer and Tickle: The Story... - Ben Lewis

Hammer and Tickle: The Story...Ben Lewis

Q: Why, despite all the shortages, was the toilet paper in East Germany always two-ply? A: Because they had to send a copy of everything they did to Moscow.Communist jokes are the strangest, funniest, most enchanting and meaningful legacy o… more

Hammer and Tickle: The Story of Communism, A Political System Almost Laughed Out of Existence
Ben Lewis
Pegasus , English
Beneath the Linden - John Herbert Emerson

Beneath the LindenJohn Herbert Emerson

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Set in the international conflicts of 1960s Eastern Europe, Beneath the Linden is based on a true story about love and courage in spite of impossible odds. Marlo, an American student overseas, meets and fall in love with Karl, an East Germa… more

Beneath the Linden
John Herbert Emerson
Xlibris , English
A City Torn Apart: Building ... - Central Intelligence Agency

A City Torn Apart: Building ...Central Intelligence Agency

From the end of World War II in 1945, the question of Berlin’s status 90 miles within the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (East Germany) and the Soviet Union’s zone of occupation, along with the status of Germany among the community of nati… more

A City Torn Apart: Building the Berlin Wall
Central Intelligence Agency
Good Spy, Bad Spy & God's Do... - Little Servant

Good Spy, Bad Spy & God's Do...Little Servant

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In the midst of the Cold War, Jacob, the NSA’s youngest and most ingenious CODEBREAKER stationed in West Berlin, is forcefully recruited by the brutal East German Secret Service, known as the STASI, after his ‘forbidden’ relationship to Mis… more

Good Spy, Bad Spy & God’s Double Spy
Little Servant
Little Servant , English