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Orientation- Academy Book On... - Lexie O'Dare

Orientation- Academy Book On...Lexie O'Dare

Sienna Montagne is desperate. Like most women, the economy has taken it’s toll on her bottom line, and she is scrambling, trying to make things work. When her friend sends her a very inappropriate ad, she is skeptical at first. But when she… more

Orientation- Academy Book One (BDSM Academy)
Lexie O’Dare
Confessions of a Middle East... - Safira

Confessions of a Middle East...Safira

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A young, wealthy Arab university student from a conservative family reasons her way into joining an upscale escort agency in Dubai. A sensual, confessional account follows of her introduction to the agency and its people.

Confessions of a Middle Eastern Whore
Dubai Sabbatical: The Road t... - PETER JOHN  COOPER

Dubai Sabbatical: The Road t...PETER JOHN COOPER

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Best-selling author of Opportunity Dubai travels the world and finds gold the best investment opportunity.

Dubai Sabbatical: The Road to $5,000 Gold
CreateSpace , English
Sunshine Soup - nourishing t... - Jo Parfitt

Sunshine Soup - nourishing t...Jo Parfitt

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Maya’s world is about to be rocked to its core. Her husband has uprooted the family and transported them to Dubai. Whilst Maya is ready to be the supportive expat wife and mother, the culture change hits hard and her life unravels.Barb se… more

Sunshine Soup - nourishing the global soul
Jo Parfitt
Summertime Publishing , English
The Expat's Guide to Living ... - Expat Arrivals

The Expat's Guide to Living ...Expat Arrivals

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The Expat’s Guide to Living and Working in Dubai is written by local experts specifically for people moving to Dubai and expats that have recently arrived. Our goal is to provide you with accurate information to make your transition more su… more

The Expat’s Guide to Living and Working in Dubai
Expat Arrivals
Expat Arrivals , English
Dubai & Its Nasty Secret (Th... - Paul Stevens

Dubai & Its Nasty Secret (Th...Paul Stevens

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I’ve been to Dubai 12 times & here’s what I have to say…[Article - 1149 words - 3 pages]Plus bonus article! ” The Amazing Story of the Reggae Reggae Sauce” [Article - 5349 words - 14 pages]

Dubai & Its Nasty Secret (The Sundowner Diaries)
Paul Stevens
Super Virus: Dubai - Miles Holmes, Faith Brynie

Super Virus: DubaiMiles Holmes, Faith Brynie

For Liz, consigned to the concentration camp of Dubai, hope nears its end. Torn from family and cast among the dregs of an obsolete labor pool, each day is a struggle for survival and meaning. Yet on this, her worst day, something is about … more

Super Virus: Dubai
Miles Holmes, Faith Brynie
Miles Holmes , English
Ebony and Ivory - David Morgan Williams

Ebony and IvoryDavid Morgan Williams

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Ebony and Ivory have been kidnapped by a ferocious band of terrorists. The leader wants vengeance and is prepared to call upon the dust devils of the Dubai desert. Luckily, Huw has some very helpful friends, not only his family and the Shei… more

Ebony and Ivory
David Morgan Williams
Y Lolfa , English
Queer Fish: Volume 2 -

Queer Fish: Volume 2

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Love takes a darker turn in our second volume of gay fiction. These 20 fantastical tales will take you from revolutionary France to the Souk of Dreams in Dubai, from a fairy tale tower to distant planets. Consumed (sometimes literally!) by … more

Queer Fish: Volume 2
Pink Narcissus Press , English
The Sundowner Diaries - Paul Stevens

The Sundowner DiariesPaul Stevens

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The collected articles in The Sundowner Diaries Series:A Nostalgic look at Mail Ships, Drive In Cinemas, Classic Cars, and Lost Hotels ● China Has Organs For Sale ● Did You Spank Your Wife Last Night? ● Dubai & Its Nasty Secret ● I Hate Ski… more

The Sundowner Diaries
Paul Stevens
The Sheik's Design - Leah Leonard

The Sheik's DesignLeah Leonard

A Sheik comes to Dallas from Dubai to hire one of the most reputable architectural firms in the world to design the world’s largest skyscraper. What he doesn’t expect is to meet the bewitching Jamie who steals his heart and soul. He recruit… more

The Sheik’s Design
Leah Leonard
Red Rose Publishing , English
Legacy: Book Two of the Chro... - Shakir Rashaan

Legacy: Book Two of the Chro...Shakir Rashaan

After returning from Dubai, a power shift occurs within the Atlanta Fetish community as the “torch” is passed on from Amenhotep to Ramesses and Neferterri. The Palace is being transformed in Ramesses’ image, and the new “power couple” is ad… more

Legacy: Book Two of the Chronicles of the Nubian Underworld
Shakir Rashaan
Kemi-Ka Publishing , English
Dubai Nights - Emily Cale

Dubai NightsEmily Cale

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Three weeks. That’s how long Julie has been forced to listen to her one-time playmate Chris and his new partner Ian having sizzling sex through the painfully thin walls of their Dubai hotel. She wants nothing more than to crawl into bed wit… more

Dubai Nights
Emily Cale
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc. , English
The Expat Guide to Living an... - ExpatArrivals

The Expat Guide to Living an...ExpatArrivals

The Dubai Expat Guide is written by local experts specifically for people moving to Dubai and expats that have recently arrived. Our goal is to provide you with accurate information to make your transition more successful and less stressful… more

The Expat Guide to Living and Working in Dubai
A Testimony: My Love Letter to God - Byron Knibb

A Testimony: My Love Letter to GodByron Knibb

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During the making of his film, inspired by a dream, Byron Knibb pursues the woman for whom he has declared his love. Unexpectedly, she was sold to prostitute herself in Dubai: sex trafficking. In his pursuit to unite with his heart’s desire… more

A Testimony: My Love Letter to God
Byron Knibb
iOPA Production , English
The Oxygen Wasters - L A Greyson

The Oxygen WastersL A Greyson

“I’ve killed four people in the past year, and I need your help to kill the fifth one.” These are not the words Eden Franks expects to hear when he meets his best friend John for a casual drink. When a covert organization threatens to ex… more

The Oxygen Wasters
L A Greyson
Sheikh's Design - Leah Leonard

Sheikh's DesignLeah Leonard

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A powerful sheikh comes to Dallas to employ an architectural firm to build the largest skyscraper in the world in Dubai. The last thing he expects is to meet the woman of his dreams.

Jamie has bewitched the sheikh for now, but is her spell… more

Sheikh’s Design
Leah Leonard
Devine Destinies , English
Killing is Harmless: A Criti... - Brendan Keogh

Killing is Harmless: A Criti...Brendan Keogh

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One of the most critically discussed games of 2012, 2K and Yager’s Spec Ops: The Line turns a reflexive lens back onto the genre of the military shooters to ask some hard questions: just what is going on in these games? What does it say abo… more

Killing is Harmless: A Critical Reading of Spec Ops: The Line
Brendan Keogh
Stolen Projects , English
Wages: Future Tales of a Hired Gun - Zack Parsons

Wages: Future Tales of a Hired GunZack Parsons

The short stories collected in Wages: Future Tales of a Hired Gun form a blood-soaked and bitterly satirical firsthand tour of the war zones of the near future. Private military contractors have all of the firepower of the military and none… more

Wages: Future Tales of a Hired Gun
Zack Parsons
Vook , English
Lie to Me - Tori St. Claire

Lie to MeTori St. Claire

After helping to break up a Russian human trafficking ring as part of the CIA’s elite Black Opal team, Alexei Nikanova’s newest assignment is to rescue one of the stolen women and return her to her father. When he arrives in Dubai, he disco… more

Lie to Me
Tori St. Claire
Berkley , English