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Alone in the Woods (taboo er...Sera Belle

Fresh from her first training session, Lisa barely has time to take a shower before her step-father, Doug, is ready to continue. He orders her to walk with him in the park, clad in only a thin cotton dress and her growing desire.Once at the… more

Alone in the Woods (taboo erotica) (Bad Girl)
Sera Belle

Horrible Harry's SecretSuzy Kline

Harry’s in love, and his best friend, Doug, is disgusted — Harry won’t even throw snowballs at girls anymore. Will Harry ever go back to being his horrible self? “Kline captures perfectly the crowd scenes and private moments in the classr… more

Horrible Harry’s Secret
Suzy Kline
Puffin , English

Taking the Teen Virgin (erotica)Erica Sloane

Britney is fresh out of high school and has the hots for her neighbor and friend Doug.She tries to seduce him one night by text message, but it ends up being intercepted by someone who has had his lustful eye on Britney for quite a while: D… more

Taking the Teen Virgin (erotica)
Erica Sloane
Calore , English

Cookies for GodKathie Harrington

Average wait: N/A

When two small children want to give God something tangible nothing else will do but homemade cookies. Read the story of the Sunday God received His chocolate chip cookies. “I want to give God something. Really something that He can hold an… more

Cookies for God
Kathie Harrington
Harriet George Publishing USA , English

Who are the Sons of God?Doug Batchelor

Average wait: N/A

Did aliens or fallen angels marry human women and produce superhuman offspring? What does the Bible really say about the mysterious “sons of God”? Pastor Doug gets to the bottom of this controversial issue to provide a biblically consistent… more

Who are the Sons of God?
Doug Batchelor
Amazing Facts , English

The Savior & The SerpentDoug Batchelor

Average wait: N/A

The Scriptures are an epic record of the battle between our Savior and the serpent. And though some don’t relish the idea of studying snakes, these cold-blooded, legless reptiles are mentioned from Genesis to Revelation. Pastor Doug uses Jo… more

The Savior & The Serpent
Doug Batchelor
Amazing Facts , English

Finding Hope: After the Deva...BJ Jensen, Dr. Doug Jensen

Average wait: N/A

Bereaved parents Dr. Doug and BJ Jensen have weathered the predictable and often unpredictable storms that happen after the death of children. The good news they share is that it is possible to rise above the devastating flood of despair a… more

Finding Hope: After the Devastating Loss of Beloved Children
BJ Jensen, Dr. Doug Jensen
Dr. Doug Jensen and BJ Jensen , English

The SwapKami Ray

Average wait: N/A

Kami was surprised when Doug told her that he had invited a couple of swingers over for drinks. At first she was a little unsure of the idea of having sex with someone else. The more she thought about it, the more intrigued she became. She … more

The Swap
Kami Ray
Sensual Publishing , English

Tied up, Naked and Blindfold...Jen Jacobs

Average wait: N/A

I had finally convinced my husband, Doug, to share me- with other men. We had had several threesome experiences, but always with another woman, never another man. Now I was finally having my fantasy fulfilled. But was I ready? ……………. more

Tied up, Naked and Blindfolded - Hardcore Group Sex/Mmf, Ff, Mfm
Jen Jacobs

Horrible Harry Takes the CakeSuzy Kline

The kids in room 3B have found out that their teacher, Miss Mackle, is engaged! But who is the lucky groom? Leave it to Harry and his best friend, Doug, to find out. Harry goes into detective mode, and wastes no time starting his investigat… more

Horrible Harry Takes the Cake
Suzy Kline
Puffin , English

Six Months, Three Days: A To...Charlie Jane Anders

Doug and Judy have both had a secret power all their life. Judy can see every possible future, branching out from each moment like infinite trees. Doug can also see the future, but for him, it’s a single, locked-in, inexorable sequence of f… more

Six Months, Three Days: A Tor.Com Original
Charlie Jane Anders
Tor Books , English

Home Is Memory, Home Is Illu...Dannis

Average wait: N/A

9th Volume in Home Is Series. Dovetails with Rainbow’s Start, Vol. 1 in Rainbow Series. Zhea~ Year 7827-28 The Change completes, Vadia & W’Vie leave for the Council, and the New Diplomacy begins. But some of the Councillors’ promises are un… more

Home Is Memory, Home Is Illusion: Home Is v.09
DanniStories , English

The Training Begins (Taboo e...Sera Belle

Lisa has just turned 18, and with her mother away for two months on an extended business trip. she’s ready to take her last summer before college a memorable one. She’s left with her stepfather, Doug, and he’ll just keep his distance, she h… more

The Training Begins (Taboo erotica) (Bad Girl)
Sera Belle

What Not to WearClare London

1 rating

Beckett and Doug work together, travel together, live together… play together. And they’re easily distracted by their desires, wherever they happen to be. The work week starts normally for the newly promoted Beckett, but that’s soon disturb… more

What Not to Wear
Clare London
Torquere Press, Inc. , English

A Filly for DougReese Gabriel

Average wait: 2h

This book is the sequel to Roping His Filly.Having lost his fiancée to Jake, Doug is reluctant to trust him but agrees to a blind date he has arranged. It is lust at first sight when Doug and Helaine meet.She secretly desires a dominant man… more

A Filly for Doug
Reese Gabriel
Ellora’s Cave , English

Angel's Apprentice (Angel's ...Kadee Nichols

Average wait: N/A

With Jason and Jim dead Doug and Hunter have been moved up the chain. All is well for the two friends until people start dying again. The freak calls himself Angel’s Apprentice, but there are just a few things that sound way too familiar … more

Angel’s Apprentice (Angel’s Trilogy)
Kadee Nichols
K. Nichols Books , English

Friends UpgradeStephanie Williams

Average wait: N/A

After ten years of being very best friends, Doug and Judith’s feelings for each other become less than platonic. But due to their past experience, seeing others mix sex and friendship together, neither one of them want to take the first ste… more

Friends Upgrade
Stephanie Williams
Phaze Books , English

Boys of the Dixie Arms: Trai...Bubba Marshall

Average wait: N/A

Doug and Sam are two of the sexiest, trashiest young men of the Dixie Arms Trailer Park, best friends whose relationship changes forever when they both come home with the same girl, each hoping for a piece of action. But when the night does… more

Boys of the Dixie Arms: Trailer Park Trash and Redneck Studs Get Desperate (Redneck Screw Shorts)
Bubba Marshall

Her Husband's Boss: A Cheati...Audrey Bouchard

Average wait: N/A

Harmony’s husband, Doug, wants her to wear a very slutty dress to the company party. At first reluctant, Harmony finds she actually doesn’t mind one bit showing herself off to her husband’s new boss, Aaron. He’s charming, flirtatious and ve… more

Her Husband’s Boss: A Cheating Wife Story of Forced Exhibitionism, Female Submission, and Public Cuckold Humiliation
Audrey Bouchard
Deception Press , English

Dear Diary.E.M Searle

This short story is the diary containing the last days of a Edith Pierce who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and is determined to ensure her impending funeral and wake meet her exacting standards. Written from the perspective of both Edi… more

Dear Diary.
E.M Searle
Moonpaws Publishing , English