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Any Way You Want Me 2: The B... - Simone Holloway

Any Way You Want Me 2: The B...Simone Holloway

Average wait: N/A

Bruised and battered after a night of rough sex, Dahlia’s ready to collect her paycheck and be free from her cage. Life as a billionaire’s personal pet is fun, but she’s in need of a break. Her plans are cut short however, after a strange e… more

Any Way You Want Me 2: The Billionaire’s Possession
Simone Holloway
Simone Holloway , English
Golden shower!!! (Water Play... - Ron Mexico

Golden shower!!! (Water Play...Ron Mexico

Average wait: N/A

Sizzling hot sex story of Sub and Dom with water play action! And maybe a bad time of the month for one participant…

Tari out here where we can all watch.” I looked up to see Tari slowly moving out from behind the shrub, and then she sl… more

Golden shower!!! (Water Play Submissive Sex Stories)
Ron Mexico
Dom Wars: Round 4, 5, 6 - Lucian Bane

Dom Wars: Round 4, 5, 6Lucian Bane

Average wait: N/A

Lucian Bane’s inner Dom is out of control and hungry for things he can’t name. When he signs up for Dom Wars, he meets Tara who is naive to the BDSM world. Her reckless dominance and puritan heart fascinate him. But when he discovers the pa… more

Dom Wars: Round 4, 5, 6
Lucian Bane
Face of Submission - Claire Thompson

Face of SubmissionClaire Thompson

Average wait: N/A

Kate would do anything to please her bisexual, dominant lover, Kevin. When he invites an old lover to play, things take an unexpected turn. Master Mark is used to taking just exactly what he wants. At first Kate goes along, unsure what to e… more

Face of Submission
Claire Thompson
Romance Unbound Publishing , English
Amy's Bear (The Werebear Shi... - Aurora Reid

Amy's Bear (The Werebear Shi...Aurora Reid

Average wait: N/A

On the run from a shady organization, Dom, a werebear shifter, picks up a sweet scent. Amy, that arousing scent, argues with her asshole boyfriend, hopefully for the last time. When he gets violent, Dom steps in, snatching her away. Rescuin… more

Amy’s Bear (The Werebear Shifters Book 1)
Aurora Reid
A Modern Gay Sex Christmas C... - Rod Mandelli

A Modern Gay Sex Christmas C...Rod Mandelli

Average wait: N/A

The Spirit of XXX-Mas Future takes Splooge to a pawn shop owned by Old Joe, a dirty old man who offers to pay to pay his customer a tidy sum to have has sex with Tommy, the neighborhood hustler - while he watches. He soon discovers that t… more

A Modern Gay Sex Christmas Carol #10: The Spirit of XXX-Mas Future
Rod Mandelli
Gayrotica Press , English
Journey to an Afterlife Time - Dominick J. Villella

Journey to an Afterlife TimeDominick J. Villella

Average wait: N/A

An intriguing story of a man who travels beyond death and experiences a journey like no other. Dom travels to heaven and hell to find his way back home to the one he loves. An emotional and thrilling tale through the afterlife and the choic… more

Journey to an Afterlife Time
Dominick J. Villella
Self , English
When I Get You Alone in a Se... - Alpha Dom

When I Get You Alone in a Se...Alpha Dom

Average wait: N/A

Good evening, gentle reader. I am the Dom of whom you’ve been dreaming. I know what you want, and I’ll give it to you in my own sweet time.

You’re not sure how much force you can handle… or how much restraint… or how much punishmen… more

When I Get You Alone in a Secluded Shed: A BDSM Fantasy for Women
Alpha Dom
Spanking Beauty 1 (BDSM Fair... - Sophie Peele

Spanking Beauty 1 (BDSM Fair...Sophie Peele

Average wait: N/A

Locked away in her tower, Sleeping Beauty discovers that pain and pleasure are entwined when she pricks herself on the thorns of a rose in this dreamy, extremely erotic, femme/dom adult fairytale. But it’s Rose’s mysterious nightly visitor,… more

Spanking Beauty 1 (BDSM Fairytale Erotica): Thorn
Sophie Peele
Sophie Peele , English
Serena's Decision (The Torn ... - Suzy Ayers

Serena's Decision (The Torn ...Suzy Ayers

Average wait: N/A

Max confessed his indiscretion, despite their contract stating their open relationship. Can she get past her want for more from him? Or will her heart lead her to another? Will she continue to want even a Dom/sub relationship? Can she final… more

Serena’s Decision (The Torn Series: Book 3)
Suzy Ayers
Suzy Ayers , English
Tracy In Chains - Claire Thompson

Tracy In ChainsClaire Thompson

Average wait: N/A

After years of hiding her submissive nature, Tracy discovers a Dom with the courage and power to guide her on a sensual exploration of sexual self-discovery. Tracy in Chains will take you deep into the world of sensual D/s, and it will be w… more

Tracy In Chains
Claire Thompson
Romance Unbound Publishing , English
Sarah's Chase (A Short Story) - Lacey Wolfe

Sarah's Chase (A Short Story)Lacey Wolfe

1 rating

It’s been a long time since a man has satisfied Sarah. Deciding to put an end to her dry spell, she seeks out a younger man from her neighborhood with a reputation for pleasing women and taking control. After luring Chase back to her house … more

Sarah’s Chase (A Short Story)
Lacey Wolfe
Southern Girl Press , English
Knots - Chanse Lowell

KnotsChanse Lowell

Average wait: 24d, 18h

Jeanie’s life has been turned upside down. She’s lost her husband at an early age and with him, her way. An offer from a man she’s avoided, a man that was her husband’s best friend, may be the only thing that can bring light back into her l… more

Chanse Lowell
Mayhem Erotica Publishing , English
Repeat Offender (Hideaway Book 2) - Elyse Scott

Repeat Offender (Hideaway Book 2)Elyse Scott

Average wait: N/A

Sam is back for a second night with Master Dan and the doms at The Hideaway, and this time they’re not going to go so easy on her! An intense interrogation and exploration of Sam’s kinks follows, as her attraction to Master Dan grows strong… more

Repeat Offender (Hideaway Book 2)
Elyse Scott
Elyse Scott , English
Betrayed by Love - Lila Dubois

Betrayed by LoveLila Dubois

Average wait: N/A

Five years ago, a terrible betrayal tore Roman and Savannah apart. Roman’s burgeoning interest in the world of BDSM and his desire to master Savannah led them deep into the heart of sexual fetish. A weekend at the house of a high-powered Do… more

Betrayed by Love
Lila Dubois
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc. , English
Sex, Ropes and Chains: Safe ... - Shiralyn J Lee

Sex, Ropes and Chains: Safe ...Shiralyn J Lee

Average wait: N/A

10,000 word content. Warning XXX explicit sexual acts are featured in this lesbian BDSM, Sadomasochism, Kink series. This is intended for those interested in pain sluts.

A mansion, a dom and a sub. Maze has paid for her sub to live in the … more

Sex, Ropes and Chains: Safe Word Series Book 4
Shiralyn J Lee
Shiralyn J Lee , English
Taking Charge of Brandon - Shannon West

Taking Charge of BrandonShannon West

Average wait: N/A

Good looking Brandon is out for a good time with his friends when he runs afoul of a motorcycle gang and winds up being taken for a wild midnight ride. He soon discovers that the strong, handsome man who has taken charge of him is exciting… more

Taking Charge of Brandon
Shannon West
Secret Cravings Publishing , English
Promise for Now - Diana Hunter

Promise for NowDiana Hunter

Average wait: N/A

Brian has had his eye on his gorgeous neighbor for years. But it isn’t until he thinks she’s in trouble and then finds out she has just divorced her husband that he decides the time is right to make his move.A move Carol is ready to accept…. more

Promise for Now
Diana Hunter
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English
Dungeon Master (Bred by the ... - Eden Winters

Dungeon Master (Bred by the ...Eden Winters

When Gia is drugged and kidnapped, she awakens to the sound of chains and men hovering above her. Bound and shackled, she realizes that she is in a strange, dark room with floors of concrete and nothing within reach but a old leather table… more

Dungeon Master (Bred by the Dom - BDSM Erotica)
Eden Winters
Secret Garden , English
42 Days - J Sasu

42 DaysJ Sasu

Foul-mouthed, slightly cocky, twenty-two year old Dom never believed relationships could work, they never did for him. He had spent years practicing how to talk beautiful co-eds into his bed and out of their clothes, until he met Elise. Thr… more

42 Days
J Sasu