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Repeat Offender (Hideaway Book 2) - Elyse Scott

Repeat Offender (Hideaway Book 2)Elyse Scott

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Sam is back for a second night with Master Dan and the doms at The Hideaway, and this time they’re not going to go so easy on her! An intense interrogation and exploration of Sam’s kinks follows, as her attraction to Master Dan grows strong… more

Repeat Offender (Hideaway Book 2)
Elyse Scott
Elyse Scott , English
Dungeon Master (Bred by the ... - Eden Winters

Dungeon Master (Bred by the ...Eden Winters

When Gia is drugged and kidnapped, she awakens to the sound of chains and men hovering above her. Bound and shackled, she realizes that she is in a strange, dark room with floors of concrete and nothing within reach but a old leather table… more

Dungeon Master (Bred by the Dom - BDSM Erotica)
Eden Winters
Secret Garden , English
His Alone (( Erotica BDSM )) - Keta Diablo

His Alone (( Erotica BDSM ))Keta Diablo

WARNING: This is an erotica novella with explicit language and sex.Cleo has a problem. When she met Elliott, the maestro of Doms, eight months ago, he laid out the rules - no questions, no whining, and definitely no ties. But the lines blur… more

His Alone (( Erotica BDSM ))
Keta Diablo
Keta Diablo , English
Curves & Courage: (Young Adu... - Christin Lovell

Curves & Courage: (Young Adu...Christin Lovell

Average wait: N/A

Sophie’s father ripped her from the only family she’d known at the tender age of twelve. Nearly five years later, he’s a shell of a man and she’s a ghost of a werewolf, battered and broken.

Until she meets her mate.

Dominick is everything… more

Curves & Courage: (Young Adult Paranormal BBW Romance) (Future Alphas Book 2)
Christin Lovell
Promise for Now - Diana Hunter

Promise for NowDiana Hunter

Average wait: N/A

Brian has had his eye on his gorgeous neighbor for years. But it isn’t until he thinks she’s in trouble and then finds out she has just divorced her husband that he decides the time is right to make his move.A move Carol is ready to accept…. more

Promise for Now
Diana Hunter
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English
Birthday Licks - VJ Summers

Birthday LicksVJ Summers

Average wait: N/A

Prequel to Melting.What happens when an untrained submissive drops into the lap of a Dom who isn’t looking for more than a hook-up? Every “Happily Ever After” has to start somewhere. Master Thomas and his beautiful submissive Ryan are rock … more

Birthday Licks
VJ Summers
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc. , English
Her Surrender - Eliza Gayle

Her SurrenderEliza Gayle

Average wait: N/A

For years Jillian had struggled with who and what she is. Submissive. Society thought her weak but she knew better. Despite knowing the depth of her true need she’d fought against it until she met Rob.A Dom for many years, Rob immediately k… more

Her Surrender
Eliza Gayle
Cobblestone Press, LLC , English
42 Days - J Sasu

42 DaysJ Sasu

Foul-mouthed, slightly cocky, twenty-two year old Dom never believed relationships could work, they never did for him. He had spent years practicing how to talk beautiful co-eds into his bed and out of their clothes, until he met Elise. Thr… more

42 Days
J Sasu
Knots - Chanse Lowell

KnotsChanse Lowell

Average wait: 24d, 18h

Jeanie’s life has been turned upside down. She’s lost her husband at an early age and with him, her way. An offer from a man she’s avoided, a man that was her husband’s best friend, may be the only thing that can bring light back into her l… more

Chanse Lowell
Mayhem Erotica Publishing , English
Safeword: Storm Clouds - Candace Blevins

Safeword: Storm CloudsCandace Blevins

Kendra has lived as a vampire for thousands of years, and she’s been a Domme for the past thousand years. But then she falls for a human man who happens to be wired as a Dom. Neither is interested in a switch relationship, but neither is wi… more

Safeword: Storm Clouds
Candace Blevins
Excessica Publishing , English
Sarah's Chase (A Short Story) - Lacey Wolfe

Sarah's Chase (A Short Story)Lacey Wolfe

1 rating
Average wait: N/A

It’s been a long time since a man has satisfied Sarah. Deciding to put an end to her dry spell, she seeks out a younger man from her neighborhood with a reputation for pleasing women and taking control. After luring Chase back to her house … more

Sarah’s Chase (A Short Story)
Lacey Wolfe
Southern Girl Press , English
Sarah's Chase - Lacey Wolfe

Sarah's ChaseLacey Wolfe

It’s been a long time since a man has satisfied Sarah. Deciding to put an end to her dry spell, she seeks out a younger man from her neighborhood with a reputation for pleasing women and taking control. After luring Chase back to her house … more

Sarah’s Chase
Lacey Wolfe
Ruby Lioness Press , English
His Again (Dom/sub Book 3) - Garnet Kelly

His Again (Dom/sub Book 3)Garnet Kelly

Average wait: N/A

This is a Bartholin Book. All Bartholin Books are DRM-free.Sir and little one live the 24/7 Dom/sub lifestyle. Now little one is tested to her limits when she is offered her freedom. About 5,000 words,Excerpt:The feel of Sir’s hard cock … more

His Again (Dom/sub Book 3)
Garnet Kelly
Bartholin Books , English
Love Revisited: Rye and Chal - Bryl R. Tyne

Love Revisited: Rye and ChalBryl R. Tyne

As usual, Rye’s just looking for pain to take him away. But the drawn out process of his sex droid’s relearning his role as dom has left Rye spent—but not in any way he’d like. And Chal’s constant questions have grown tiring.Chal, on the o… more

Love Revisited: Rye and Chal
Bryl R. Tyne
Noble Romance Publishing, LLC , English
Napier's Bones - Derryl Murphy

Napier's BonesDerryl Murphy

What if, in a world where mathematics could be magic, the thing you desired most was also trying to kill you?Dom is a numerate, someone able to see and control numbers and use them as a form of magic. While seeking a mathematical item of im… more

Napier’s Bones
Derryl Murphy
ChiZine Publications
Good Boy Sub - Elliot Silvestri

Good Boy SubElliot Silvestri

Average wait: N/A

Tom knows what he wants in a lover but is ashamed to admit it. His girlfriend left him because he wanted some bondage play. Finding Naomi as a dom looking for a sub was a perfect solution. With her it was a game, not a relationship. After a… more

Good Boy Sub
Elliot Silvestri
Green Bush Publishing , English
The Doms Poker Game - October Dawn

The Doms Poker GameOctober Dawn

Misty is a submissive and loves her husband and Dom very much. Once every five months it’s their turn to host the monthly Dom’s poker game. For Misty hosting the game means more than just serving beer and pretzels. These Doms play by their … more

The Doms Poker Game
October Dawn
Hidden Pleasures #3: Melt: A... - Kitty Hunter

Hidden Pleasures #3: Melt: A...Kitty Hunter

Average wait: N/A

All massages should come with this kind of happy ending.Luis treats Ronnie to a massage she’ll never forget, complete with an erotic spanking. Bent over the table and bared to him, he gives her a taste of the punishment in store for her lat… more

Hidden Pleasures #3: Melt: A BBW Interracial Menage Romance
Kitty Hunter
A Tale Of Two Kitties , English
Obsession (Breaking Free Book 2) - Lee Parker

Obsession (Breaking Free Book 2)Lee Parker

Average wait: N/A

When Isabella unexpectantly comes into his life Damien was bored with being a Dom, the thrill was gone and his sex drive was at its lowest point. She changed all that the minute he saw her and he thought he was ready to give up his Dom life… more

Obsession (Breaking Free Book 2)
Lee Parker
Lee Parker , English
Brie on Display (Brie, #7) - Red Phoenix

Brie on Display (Brie, #7)Red Phoenix

3 ratings
Average wait: 15d, 7h

The popular nine-part eBook serial about Brie’s journey into submission is now available as a full-length novel. Get all 9 sexy novelettes in one convenient eBook and save!   Brie Learns the Art of Submission by Red Phoenix Book #7 of … more

Brie on Display (Brie, #7)
Red Phoenix
Red Phoenix Entertainment, LLC , English