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Submissive Training: 23 Thin... - Elizabeth Cramer

Submissive Training: 23 Thin...Elizabeth Cramer

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Nothing will prepare you for a life of submission in the same way as your formal training. Submissive training isn’t just a “good idea” when it comes to creating a BDSM relationship. It is essential.”Submissive Training: 23 Things You Must … more

Submissive Training: 23 Things You Must Know About How To Be A Submissive. A Must Read For Any Woman In A BDSM Relationship (Women’s Guide to BDSM)
Elizabeth Cramer
Searches (Affinities Book 3 ... - JL Walters

Searches (Affinities Book 3 ...JL Walters

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Having found a safe place in a tower fortress, the four and their companions set out to find what they need to defeat Dom Senet and He Who Walks With Evil. They divide into three groups. The first group seeks the focus stones that enhance t… more

Searches (Affinities Book 3 - Young Adult Fantasy, Books We Love)
JL Walters
Books We Love Ltd. , English
Yes, Sir (Diaries of a Wanto... - Alexia Stark

Yes, Sir (Diaries of a Wanto...Alexia Stark

One Dom.

Two Subs.

And an encounter none of them will forget.

Content Warning: This story contains adult material with explicit sexual situations and language as well as f/f/m ménage.

Word count: 2,700+

Yes, Sir (Diaries of a Wanton Woman)
Alexia Stark
Stark Erotica , English
The Baby Of The White Tiger ... - JJ Jones

The Baby Of The White Tiger ...JJ Jones

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If Dom thought things were bad before then they were about to get a lot worse.

Carrying a shifters baby always spells trouble and being away from her White Tiger lover Gregor is not making things any easier.

Sheer hell is about to break… more

The Baby Of The White Tiger (BWWM Shifter Romance Book 1)
JJ Jones
Soldier's Strict Orders: Hea... - Nicole Snow

Soldier's Strict Orders: Hea...Nicole Snow

Average wait: 25d, 16h

SIR, YES, SIR! DOMINATION AND SUBMISSION HEALS BEST!Melody never meant to let a dead end job, a boss making gross advances, and dull dates dominate her life. Now, reading the letters she shared years ago with a handsome soldier is all she h… more

Soldier’s Strict Orders: Healing Submission (Doms Next Door Book 1)
Nicole Snow
Ice Lips Press , English
The First Six Girls.: Memoir... - Adrian Lawrence

The First Six Girls.: Memoir...Adrian Lawrence

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I was born kinky! Not my fault. I was wired from birth to be a Dominant! These stories are all based in fact, and stem from my time as a Professional Dominant, before I was persuaded against my better judgement to become a writer. I offer … more

The First Six Girls.: Memoirs of a Pro Dom
Adrian Lawrence
Adrian Lawrence , English
Submissive Milking (Complete) - Elliot Silvestri

Submissive Milking (Complete)Elliot Silvestri

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Angelica is an experienced submissive looking for a new master. When she finds Cameron and clicks with him, she isn’t so certain he is the right master for her because he is new to the game. But when Cameron forces her body to lactate she b… more

Submissive Milking (Complete)
Elliot Silvestri
Green Bush Publishing , English
Ma'am and Alexa - RJ Redlynn

Ma'am and AlexaRJ Redlynn

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Alexa decides to spend the afternoon at a nearby park, however when she returns home, she’s taken by surprise. In what becomes a roller coaster of emotions and events for Alexa, she fears that she may never see her soul mate Ma’am again. Li… more

Ma’am and Alexa
RJ Redlynn
RJ Redlynn , English
His Pregnant Brat - Nicole Snow

His Pregnant BratNicole Snow

Average wait: N/A

TAMING HER BRATTY SIDE WITH A BABY!Contrary Kendra is off to a bad start as a grown woman. When she’s caught trying to run away with a naughty friend, her closest man in the world realizes drastic change is needed if she’s ever going to sha… more

His Pregnant Brat
Nicole Snow
Ice Lips Press , English
Her Strict Neighbor: Spanked... - Nicole Snow

Her Strict Neighbor: Spanked...Nicole Snow

Average wait: 36d, 1h

DRAWN TO THE DOM NEXT DOOR!Late bloomer Meg’s arrival at college isn’t going well - especially after falling in with the wrong crowd. It’s bad enough that her selfish friends want her to do their dirty work. But things get really crazy when… more

Her Strict Neighbor: Spanked and Pregnant (Doms Next Door Book 3)
Nicole Snow
Ice Lips Press , English
On Your Knees, Soldier - Eve Cassidy

On Your Knees, SoldierEve Cassidy

Control is his… Until she runs.Fresh out of bootcamp, Jamie wants nothing more than the weekend fling Dom promised her so many weeks ago. She can’t get the delicious image of what they did in the heat of passion out of her head. What better… more

On Your Knees, Soldier
Eve Cassidy
Excessica Publishing , English
Master's Email - Tonya Kinzer

Master's EmailTonya Kinzer

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Each day, first thing in the morning, she knows she has to check her email. What surprise will he have for her to perform today? The hidden cameras placed around the house capture her activities so he can view them at work. Some activities … more

Master’s Email
Tonya Kinzer
Swallowtail Productions LLC , English
Spankified (A Collection of ... - Celia Juliano

Spankified (A Collection of ...Celia Juliano

Average wait: < 1h

In a hurry for some spanking fun? Get Spankified! This collection of spankies— spanking short stories, two to nine pages each—shows the fun and joyful side of spanking. From a Dom and sub enjoying each other, to a Birthday Girl getting he… more

Spankified (A Collection of Spanking Short Stories) (Spankies Book 1)
Celia Juliano
Dark Love - TL Clark

Dark LoveTL Clark

This book delves into the dark realm of Mistress Eigengrau, and the love that exists between this female Dom and her male Sub. This is not a book for the faint-hearted or under-18s as it contains graphic sexually explicit scenes, so strap … more

Dark Love
TL Clark
Self-published , English
Doctor's Orders: Claimed (#4) - Chloe Cox

Doctor's Orders: Claimed (#4)Chloe Cox

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1 in the Doctor’s Orders series is now FREE at amazon.com/dp/B006T8FTS0And The Complete Series is now available at amazon.com/dp/B008RDC2QC#4 in the Doctor’s Orders series, this is the passionate conclusion to the bestselling BDSM erotic r… more

Doctor’s Orders: Claimed (#4)
Chloe Cox
Whipsaw - Savannah Trent

WhipsawSavannah Trent

Average wait: N/A

Whipsaw (v): to beset or victimize in two opposite ways at once, by a two-phase operation; victimize, esp. in negotiationsDejanae had a traumatic childhood. Had a profession as a dominatrix.Had sadistic tendencies.Interesting combination.T… more

Savannah Trent
Rich Girl's Discipline: A Pr... - Arthur Mitchell

Rich Girl's Discipline: A Pr...Arthur Mitchell

FINDING OUT THE HARD WAY!Rachel, hot new arrival on campus, thinks she has it all. She’s just missing the right man who can appease her deepest desires for bondage and extreme discipline.Unknown to Rachel, an obsessive stranger has been wat… more

Rich Girl’s Discipline: A Pregnant Bondage Fantasy
Arthur Mitchell
Red Ice Press , English
His Little Treasure (Bondage... - Sindra van Yssel

His Little Treasure (Bondage...Sindra van Yssel

Average wait: N/A

Emma goes to Bondage Ranch hoping to find a sexy Dom who will show her what it means to submit. Diego’s happy to spend a weekend showing a newbie the ropes.

But when Diego discovers that shy Emma has a secret taste for exhibitionism that s… more

His Little Treasure (Bondage Ranch Book 5)
Sindra van Yssel
Loose Id LLC , English
Toy Box: Domination (The Ham... - Sean Michael

Toy Box: Domination (The Ham...Sean Michael

Average wait: < 1h

The flipside of submission is domination, and that’s just what this Toy Box brings you. A companion to Toy Box: Submission, Domination brings you the flip side — three stories told from the Dom’s point of view. When Tanny confesses that r… more

Toy Box: Domination (The Hammer Club)
Sean Michael
Torquere Press, Inc. , English
A Journey to Submission by L... - Laney Rogers

A Journey to Submission by L...Laney Rogers

Average wait: N/A

Feeling like her life is stuck in a rut, Liza plucks up the courage to dip her toes into the world of BDSM. Intrigued and hungry for more, she becomes involved with Steve, an experienced dominant with a sad past who has hardened himself aga… more

A Journey to Submission by Laney Rogers
Laney Rogers
Resplendence Publishing, LLC , English