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The Executioner (Dark Dom Series) - Suzanne Steele

The Executioner (Dark Dom Series)Suzanne Steele

The ‘Dark Dom’ series falls under the adult BDSM genre.This is the first book in the ©’Dark Dom’ Series.When Vixen’s life is invaded by a hooded stranger, it turns her world upside down. This nameless, faceless figure, begins to hold a powe… more

The Executioner (Dark Dom Series)
Suzanne Steele
Suzanne Steele , English
Deeper: A Hideaway Novella - Elyse Scott

Deeper: A Hideaway NovellaElyse Scott

Average wait: N/A

Imagine revealing your deepest, most toe-curling fantasy to your boyfriend, only to discover he’s a Dom employed by an exclusive spa hotel called The Hideaway, where guests enjoy having their kinkiest desires brought to life. That’s what ha… more

Deeper: A Hideaway Novella
Elyse Scott
Elyse Scott , English
Hired Whore (Dangerous Dom Series) - Suzanne Steele

Hired Whore (Dangerous Dom Series)Suzanne Steele

This series ‘Dangerous Doms’ falls under the adult BDSM genre.This is the first book of the ©’Dangerous Dom’ series.When Lydia is forced into being her Boss’s ‘Hired Whore’ she has no idea that it will take her on a very dangerous ride of c… more

Hired Whore (Dangerous Dom Series)
Suzanne Steele
Suzanne Steele , English
Shamed - Sean O'Kane

ShamedSean O'Kane

The Dominant in a Dom/sub relationship takes his girl on a very unusual break. He has plans for her which will change her life completely and which will leave her more deeply submissive to him than she could ever have imagined. She simply n… more

Sean O’Kane
Cambridge House , English
Woman In Chains - Bridget Midway

Woman In ChainsBridget Midway

Average wait: N/A

Former BDSM Dom, Dakota “Dak” Ricci is a part of a BDSM group called S.A.F.E., which means Security Away From Extremists. The group concentrates on saving abused slaves and submissives from their Doms and Dommes. After an emotional save, he… more

Woman In Chains
Bridget Midway
Phaze Books , English
Yes, Sir (Diaries of a Wanto... - Alexia Stark

Yes, Sir (Diaries of a Wanto...Alexia Stark

One Dom.

Two Subs.

And an encounter none of them will forget.

Content Warning: This story contains adult material with explicit sexual situations and language as well as f/f/m ménage.

Word count: 2,700+

Yes, Sir (Diaries of a Wanton Woman)
Alexia Stark
Stark Erotica , English
Ma'am and Alexa - RJ Redlynn

Ma'am and AlexaRJ Redlynn

Average wait: N/A

Alexa decides to spend the afternoon at a nearby park, however when she returns home, she’s taken by surprise. In what becomes a roller coaster of emotions and events for Alexa, she fears that she may never see her soul mate Ma’am again. Li… more

Ma’am and Alexa
RJ Redlynn
RJ Redlynn , English
Slave Girl - Claire Thompson

Slave GirlClaire Thompson

Average wait: N/A

Jill is a naughty girl who can’t keep her panties on. When her husband discovers her infidelities, he takes the situation firmly in hand. What starts as a spanking for his naughty girl evolves into passion that stuns them both with its sexu… more

Slave Girl
Claire Thompson
Romance Unbound Publishing , English
Recovery (Doctor Dom Volume 5) - Tara Crescent

Recovery (Doctor Dom Volume 5)Tara Crescent

Average wait: N/A

The stunning conclusion to the Doctor Dom series is finally here!

We can remain haunted forever by the past.

Or we can move past it.

Is it finally time for recovery?

Note: This novella includes medical play, spankings, dominatio… more

Recovery (Doctor Dom Volume 5)
Tara Crescent
The Seed Of The White Tiger ... - JJ Jones

The Seed Of The White Tiger ...JJ Jones

Average wait: N/A

Dom never had any idea things would end up like this.

After being impregnated by her White Tiger lover Gregor she is now carrying a cub and this is causing quite a huge reaction throughout the shifter world.

Carrying a cub means she is … more

The Seed Of The White Tiger (BWWM Shifter Romance Book 2)
JJ Jones
Yours to Command - Mystic Shade

Yours to CommandMystic Shade

Average wait: N/A

Set in modern times, Yours to Command explores Dru’s need to submit and Malachi’s need to push her boundaries. Dru likes her sex on the rougher side of kinky and has come to visit Master Malachi in the hope that he is just the Dom to help h… more

Yours to Command
Mystic Shade
On Your Knees, Soldier - Eve Cassidy

On Your Knees, SoldierEve Cassidy

Control is his… Until she runs.Fresh out of bootcamp, Jamie wants nothing more than the weekend fling Dom promised her so many weeks ago. She can’t get the delicious image of what they did in the heat of passion out of her head. What better… more

On Your Knees, Soldier
Eve Cassidy
Excessica Publishing , English
Submissive Milking (Complete) - Elliot Silvestri

Submissive Milking (Complete)Elliot Silvestri

Angelica is an experienced submissive looking for a new master. When she finds Cameron and clicks with him, she isn’t so certain he is the right master for her because he is new to the game. But when Cameron forces her body to lactate she b… more

Submissive Milking (Complete)
Elliot Silvestri
Green Bush Publishing , English
Road Head - Sammie Lake

Road HeadSammie Lake

Young Haley met the man of her dreams. Rich, powerful, buys her everything, but there’s one thing she wants to change. Their only intimate acts are when she pleases him. In this short story, Haley is determined to show Dom what he’s been mi… more

Road Head
Sammie Lake
Sammie Lake Publishing , English
Slave to a Cruel Goddess: An... - Jason Jenkns

Slave to a Cruel Goddess: An...Jason Jenkns

This is a story of how a young man becomes ensnared bya beautiful woman and is turned into her sex slave. The training he is forced to undergo is both harsh andmerciless at the hands of this cruel Goddess. The story is both erotic and gra… more

Slave to a Cruel Goddess: An Erotic FemDom Story.
Jason Jenkns
Gangbang Style Jamaica - Laya Lu, Jeremy Ron, Maya Ray

Gangbang Style JamaicaLaya Lu, Jeremy Ron, Maya Ray

Average wait: N/A

Excerpt:He led me out of the shelter onto the moonlit beach, and Isaw a group of men clustered around a nearby fallen treetrunk. I wasn’t surprised when my Dom brought me closerand I counted seven guys already busy wanking, staringat my bod… more

Gangbang Style Jamaica
Laya Lu, Jeremy Ron, Maya Ray
Good Boy Sub - Elliot Silvestri

Good Boy SubElliot Silvestri

Average wait: N/A

Tom knows what he wants in a lover but is ashamed to admit it. His girlfriend left him because he wanted some bondage play. Finding Naomi as a dom looking for a sub was a perfect solution. With her it was a game, not a relationship. After a… more

Good Boy Sub
Elliot Silvestri
Green Bush Publishing , English
You Are Ours (Bound To Me Se... - Leann Lane

You Are Ours (Bound To Me Se...Leann Lane

Average wait: N/A

How does one woman please two men? That’s a question Lizzie’s forced to answer when her Master suddenly springs a second Dom on her. Unable to handle the situation Lizzie flees to a quiet cabin in the woods where she thinks she is safe to c… more

You Are Ours (Bound To Me Series Book 2)
Leann Lane
Sparky’s Sordid Tails , English
Poison - Jane Bled

PoisonJane Bled

Average wait: N/A

Mild-mannered Kurt discovers a secret side of himself when Luc, a sexy stranger, follows him off the subway. What begins as a casual affair evolves into an erotic power-play as Luc teaches Kurt to find the pleasurable side of pain. Torn bet… more

Jane Bled
Bondage Sex in the Office: D... - Arthur Mitchell

Bondage Sex in the Office: D...Arthur Mitchell

Office sex affairs are always a dirty little secret, but sometimes what’s hidden is much more shocking and nasty than anyone suspects. For Debbie and her dominant boss, the primal desire to experience the ultimate act of submission through … more

Bondage Sex in the Office: Debbie’s Forced Breeding
Arthur Mitchell
Red Ice Press , English