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The Yellow Book : an illustr...Henry Harland

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Women- -Wives or MothersBy a WomanWE believe it to be well within the truth to say that most men cherish, hidden away in an inner pocket of conscious ness, their own particular ideal of the perfect woman. Sole sovereign she of that unseen k… more

The Yellow Book : an illustrated quarterly, Volume 3
Henry Harland

Underwater Photography for C...Maria Munn

Be inspired to take the underwater photographs you have always dreamed of using a compact camera ‘Book of the Year’Diver MagazineDesigned to help the beginner and the more advanced digital compact camera users, Underwater Photography for Co… more

Underwater Photography for Compact Camera Users: A step-by-step Guide to Taking Professional Quality Photos with a Point-and-shoot Camera
Maria Munn
Wiley , English

A Guide To Deep Sea DivingMichelle Tason

If you love to go scuba diving but you’re tired ofdiving in the usual places, then you might want to gofor something more adventurous. Deep sea diving.Deep sea diving is considered to be the best form ofscuba diving there is. Whether you ar… more

A Guide To Deep Sea Diving
Michelle Tason
Michelle Tason , English

SCUBA: A Practical Guide for...James Lapenta

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SCUBA is a fun, relaxing, educational, interesting, and — if approached properly — safe activity, it is nonetheless a sport that has risks. SCUBA diving is in fact an extreme sport that can injure or even kill very quickly, and in some ve… more

SCUBA: A Practical Guide for the New Diver
James Lapenta

Scuba Diving: Beginners GuideA. Dive

Scuba Diving: Beginners Guide contains:Diver TrainingDiving SafelyLearning How to BreatheDiving EquipmentDiving PreparationHandling Dive EmergenciesPhysiological ConceptsAdapting to DivingPlanning Your DiveEnvironmentDiving As a CareerWhat … more

Scuba Diving: Beginners Guide
A. Dive

The Scuba Diving HandbookJack Earl

A DRM free book. * The Scuba Diving Handbook o Diver Training o Diving Safely o Learning How to Breath o Diving Equipment o Diving Preparation o Handling Dive Emergencies o P… more

The Scuba Diving Handbook
Jack Earl

SCUBA STORIES 2: More real l...DIVE magazine

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Every good diver will tell you that you never stop learning and that every dive, every experience underwater can help make you a better diver. And the next best thing to personal experience is to hear the adventures and close calls of other… more

SCUBA STORIES 2: More real life diving dramas
DIVE magazine
Syon Publishing , English

Murder on Devil Ray Reef (Je...Jeffrey Philips

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While diving on Jesse Stoker’s boat, Cassandra, a local radio personality awaiting contract with extraterrestrials, disappears. Stoker considers her a hoaxster, but allowed the charter because the bank is ready to repossess his vessel.Cassa… more

Murder on Devil Ray Reef (Jesse Stoker Mystery)
Jeffrey Philips

LuredM.J. Winn

Lured is a thrilling tale of a novice diver who gets trapped inside a massive, submerged shipwreck.

M.J. Winn
Amazon KDP Publishing , English

Who Lives in The Sea? - Fun ...KidsPlay

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Fun learning about marine life and amazing animals that live in the sea! Colorful picture book with fun facts and quiz. ===================================Hi! My name is Dan. I am a scuba diver. There are a lot of interesting things living … more

Who Lives in The Sea? - Fun Facts For Kids! Picture Book About Marine Animals + Quiz!

iDoubt: When Faith FaltersC.P. Fagan

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You want to believe in God. At one time, it was so simple. God loved you and you loved God. And that was it. For a season, you were committed to Christ. But the season passed. Unfortunately, life hit you hard and you began to have do… more

iDoubt: When Faith Falters
C.P. Fagan

The Diver (Silo Submerged)WJ Davies

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What would you do if the world you lived in was a lie? Where every birth required a death, and those in charge stopped at nothing to achieve complete control?When Ace’s actions send the lives of thousands into turmoil, the people of the sil… more

The Diver (Silo Submerged)
WJ Davies
WJ Davies Publishing , English

Water Bound (A Sea Haven Novel)Christine Feehan

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Off the shores of Sea Haven, a beautiful diver rescues a man from drowning, a man with no memory of who he is-or why he seems to possess the violent instincts of a trained killer. But soon, he and his savior will be engulfed in a storm of d… more

Water Bound (A Sea Haven Novel)
Christine Feehan
Jove , English

Scuba Diving Fitness: The Mi...Coach Izzy

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Sure, you figured out your gear. Sure you figured out the decompression tables. Why should figuring out your diver fitness be any different? So yes, you figured out your diver health program.Or so you thought.You had the motivation, the res… more

Scuba Diving Fitness: The Missing Component Extortion, Bribes, and Shysters Cannot Get You
Coach Izzy
Integrated Healing And Strength Systems , English

Diving Below 130 FeetAnton Swanepoel

This book is the fourth book in the diving series after The Art of Gas Blending, Dive Computers, Deep and Safety Stops, Including Ascent Rate and Gradient Factors and is about the effects of diving on the human body, especially long duratio… more

Diving Below 130 Feet
Anton Swanepoel
Anton Swanepoel , English

Scuba Diving Fitness: The Fi...Coach Izzy

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Are you looking for the best exercises for scuba divers? Or the latest nutrition program to make divers burn unwanted fat by mere invocation?You will not find them here! That is not what this book is about.Scuba Diving Fitness: The Fit and … more

Scuba Diving Fitness: The Fit and Healthy Diver Manifesto
Coach Izzy
Integrated Healing & Strength Systems , English

THE RIVER WAR An Account o...Winston S. Churchill

The north-eastern quarter of the continent of Africa is drained and watered by the Nile. Among and about the headstreams and tributaries of this mighty river lie the wide and fertile provinces of the Egyptian Soudan. Situated in the very ce… more

THE RIVER WAR An Account of the Reconquest of the Sudan (1902 edition)
Winston S. Churchill

Claiming Poseidon's HeartRenee Field

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The God of the Seas doesn’t believe in soul-love. He rules his kingdom with an iron fist. When whalers try to kill his creatures he lets his anger get the best of him. Saving the woman diver unleashes a chain of events and for once in his e… more

Claiming Poseidon’s Heart
Renee Field
Renee Field , English


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I want a hidden pearl story to-day,” said the child.”What kind of a story is that?” asked the saint. She was a real saint, although every one could not see the golden halo that shone round her dear head.”One of the old stories which you sa… more

Redhen , English

Learn to Read Books for Chil...Andrew Miller

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Is your child a fan of ants? Then this will be the perfect picture and early readers book.Did you know? If you were as strong as an ant, you could lift a car?If you were as fast as an ant, you could outrun a racehorse? You and your child wi… more

Learn to Read Books for Children: Ants - Fun and Fascinating Facts and Pictures About These Amazing & Unique Insects (I Can Read Books Series)
Andrew Miller
Beginning Readers Level 1 , English