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The Tilian Cure (The Pandemi...Tom Calen

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So much sacrificed. So little gained.Seven years have passed since the outbreak of the Tilian Virus and the effects of the disease devastated the world.A resilient band of survivors have overcome insurmountable odds. But now, on the brink o… more

The Tilian Cure (The Pandemic Sequence Book 3)
Tom Calen

Red LegacyJustin Brown

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Eden was once a peaceful town, filled with boisterous and bustling residents. Where the fauna stayed a constant green and birds sung melodies of songs. Twenty-three years later Eden had started to burn. The disease had gained a foothold on … more

Red Legacy
Justin Brown
Xlibris , English

EMT-Paramedic (P): Pretest ®...Richard E. J. Westfal

Whether being used in preparation for National Registry, regional, state or city examinations, EMT-P PreTest serves as the ideal instrument for self-assessment and review. Approximately 500 multiple-choice questions in exam format have corr… more

EMT-Paramedic (P): Pretest ® Self-Assessment and Review
Richard E. J. Westfal
McGraw-Hill , English

My Physician Guide to Perman...Anthony Ray

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This guide was created by a group of like minded medical doctors and experienced health care writers and editors who sole purpose is to take today’s fast moving, complex and ever changing health information on diseases & conditions that you… more

My Physician Guide to Permanent Weight Loss: Melt Away the Pounds Safely and Effectively
Anthony Ray
HW Publishing , English

Superfoods For Dummies®, Poc...Shereen Jegtvig, Brent Agin

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Take control with superfoods!Want to eat healthier, lose weight, and fight off disease? Superfoods can help you do it! This handy pocket guide helps you understand why you need superfoods, the science behind them, and how to prepare and enj… more

Superfoods For Dummies®, Pocket Edition
Shereen Jegtvig, Brent Agin
For Dummies , English

StarseedBrendan Mackie

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The 900 settled worlds were paradises: free from war, disease and discontent. Then a man named Goodview conquered them all, using blood, terror and slavery to push humanity on its next evolutionary step. On a colony ship travelling to a dis… more

Brendan Mackie

I Hardly Ever Wash My Hands:...J.J. Keeler

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Living with OCD is not for sissies. J.J. Keeler proves that. From her fears of the bomb in her teddy bear to her fear of running over innocent pedestrians, to her fear that she has caused a strangulation, she tells her story in a way that a… more

I Hardly Ever Wash My Hands: The Other Side of OCD
J.J. Keeler
Paragon House , English

Rain of Ashesrobert wolff

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“Shocking! But, yes, possible in view of what is happening now. Future fiction forces me to see a wider view of today. Just imagine, a world without the many technologies we are addicted to! But maybe the only way we can rediscover who we r… more

Rain of Ashes
robert wolff
WingSpan Press , English

Red/ShiftGeoffrey Thorne

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A dashing killer trying to outrun his past… A world-weary cop determined to close her most baffling case… A dying heiress desperate to find a cure for her disease…

When these stories collide on the same Martian night the results are… more

Geoffrey Thorne
The Winterman Project , English

Victory Stallion (Horsemen, ...Kate Hill

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Book 5 in the Horsemen series.From the first moments, Janelle and Wilder are meant to be together. He is everything she could want in a Horseman—handsome, charming and courageous. He literally sweeps her off her feet and takes her on flight… more

Victory Stallion (Horsemen, Book Five)
Kate Hill
Ellora’s Cave , English

Atlas of Comparative Diagnos...Clifford Smith, Alfred Jarecki

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A vital resource on blood and bone marrow cell morphology in laboratory animal medicine. This fully revised new edition is an essential reference for clinical pathologists in diagnostic laboratories, and medical or veterinary research. The … more

Atlas of Comparative Diagnostic and Experimental Hematology
Clifford Smith, Alfred Jarecki
Wiley-Blackwell , English

Genetic Sex Differentiation in FishT. J. Pandian

A comprehensive study of sex differentiation gonochoric and hermaphroditic fishes, this book examines sex chromosomes and sex determining genes, emphasizing the need to search for more than one sex-determining gene residing on different chr… more

Genetic Sex Differentiation in Fish
T. J. Pandian
Science Publishers , English

The Bible Cure for Menopause...Don Colbert

Have you arrived at “the change of life” yet? The good news is that this autumn season of menopause is not a disease - it’s a transition, and you can go through it healthy and in a positive manner! This book contains findings that your own … more

The Bible Cure for Menopause: Ancient Truths, Natural Remedies and the Latest Findings for Your Health Today (New Bible Cure (Siloam))
Don Colbert
Siloam , English

Facts to Know about Vitamin ...Chuck Morris

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Are you sure you are getting enough Vitamin C? ”… after reading this book I have a better grasp on the effectiveness of [vitamin C]” - miss Mar  Best Selling Amazon Author Chuck Morris Delivers AgainIf you think the RDA for vitamin C is e… more

Facts to Know about Vitamin C - Boosting Your Immune System (Detoxification)
Chuck Morris

I Have a Dream - Who Are You...Mary Henderson

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Thank you for purchasing I Have a Dream. You will find this book transformational. This book shows how our lives in the present are sometimes dictated by the environment we were exposed to during our younger years believing in paradigms tha… more

I Have a Dream - Who Are You If You Walked Away From a LIfe You Have Always Known?
Mary Henderson
geekIT Corporation , English

Food to Never Eat: Body PoisonDave Comparo

Did You Know That Certain Foods Can Be Toxic In The Body?This booklet will inform you on what foods to stay away from to prevent the consumption of poisons that could cause many illnesses and diseases.We have more to learn about good nutrit… more

Food to Never Eat: Body Poison
Dave Comparo

Cambridge Textbook of Effect...Peter Tyrer, Kenneth R. Silk MD

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This is a book of psychiatry at its most practical level. It aims to answer the sorts of questions psychiatrists ask on a daily basis. What treatments are available for the condition that I think this patient has? What is the relative va… more

Cambridge Textbook of Effective Treatments in Psychiatry
Peter Tyrer, Kenneth R. Silk MD
Cambridge University Press , English

Florence Nightingale: Avengi...Hugh Small

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The first edition of this biography of Florence Nightingale (published by Constable in 1998) was hailed as a ‘masterly piece of historical detective work’ by medical historian James le Fanu in the Daily Telegraph and as a ’shattering blow’ … more

Florence Nightingale: Avenging Angel, Second Edition
Hugh Small
Knowledge Leak , English

Seven ways in Seven Days to ...Hans Liszikam, Christa Sia

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This booklet is volume three in the Seven Ways in Seven Days Series. Thecontents of this book are based on the principles of self help. It provides anoverview of the issues which affect a person’s health and well being. Covered are a variet… more

Seven ways in Seven Days to Change your Health
Hans Liszikam, Christa Sia
Hans Liszikam , English

Strength of Purpose Energy o...Barbara Knapp

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This book was created as an aid in awareness to self-healing. It was designed to create an opportunity to discover that there are many aspects to healing oneself other than the traditional means. You will embark on a journey of understandin… more

Strength of Purpose Energy of Will Universal Healing
Barbara Knapp
AuthorHouse , English