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Mercy (The Word of God) - Nelly Ghabbour

Mercy (The Word of God)Nelly Ghabbour

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This book is God’s words about Mercy and talks about the following:

** The Divine Mercy – The Characteristics of the Divine Mercy + God’s mercy is from eternity, for ever, and unchangeable + God’s mercy is a gift from him + God’s … more

Mercy (The Word of God)
Nelly Ghabbour
Nelly Ghabbour , English
Methods of concentration - Grigori Grabovoi

Methods of concentrationGrigori Grabovoi

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I would recommend finding some time for the exercises, which are cited below. For each day of the month I recommend three exercises corresponding to this day. These exercises contain control of events. For this purpose different concentrati… more

Methods of concentration
Grigori Grabovoi
Imaging of the Hip & Bony Pe... - A. Mark Davies, Karl J. John...

Imaging of the Hip & Bony Pe...A. Mark Davies, Karl J. John...

This is a comprehensive textbook on imaging of the bony pelvis and hip joint that provides a detailed description of the techniques and imaging findings relevant to this complex anatomical region. In the first part of the book, the various … more

Imaging of the Hip & Bony Pelvis (Medical Radiology)
A. Mark Davies, Karl J. Johnson, Richard William Whitehouse
Springer Berlin Heidelberg , English
Vector - Stephen J. Schrader

VectorStephen J. Schrader

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A crack team of explorers find themselves, in the words of one their number, “stark naked, in the dark, and totally clueless.” Buried deep beneath an Earth shattered by war, devastated by disease, and ravaged by alien monsters.

The remnant… more

Stephen J. Schrader
Foremost Press , English
Atlas of Comparative Diagnos... - Clifford Smith, Alfred Jarecki

Atlas of Comparative Diagnos...Clifford Smith, Alfred Jarecki

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A vital resource on blood and bone marrow cell morphology in laboratory animal medicine. This fully revised new edition is an essential reference for clinical pathologists in diagnostic laboratories, and medical or veterinary research. The … more

Atlas of Comparative Diagnostic and Experimental Hematology
Clifford Smith, Alfred Jarecki
Wiley-Blackwell , English
Inner conflict leads to oute... - P.V.S. Suryanarayana Raju

Inner conflict leads to oute...P.V.S. Suryanarayana Raju

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. Conflict is inner war. Conflict is a product of living in time dimension. We can find a solution if we live with it but not through escaping from it. In observation of conflict in timeless dimension about the nature of conflict which is a… more

Inner conflict leads to outer disorder (Self-inquiry. Book 1)
P.V.S. Suryanarayana Raju
Absolute Poverty and Global ... - Elke Mack, Michael Schramm, ...

Absolute Poverty and Global ...Elke Mack, Michael Schramm, ...

It is held that absolute poverty causes approximately one third of all human deaths, some 18 million annually, and blights billions of lives with hunger and disease. This book develops universalizable norms aimed at tackling absolute povert… more

Absolute Poverty and Global Justice (Law, Ethics and Economics)
Elke Mack, Michael Schramm, Stephan Klasen, Thomas Pogge
Ashgate , English
How the Bullet Proof Diet Works - Jason Toms

How the Bullet Proof Diet WorksJason Toms

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The Bullet Proof Diet is an upgraded version of the Paleo Diet. It is focused on dietary enhancement and teaching the right way to eat to better your body, and better your life. This diet is focused on increasing the performance of your bod… more

How the Bullet Proof Diet Works
Jason Toms
Genetic Sex Differentiation in Fish - T. J. Pandian

Genetic Sex Differentiation in FishT. J. Pandian

A comprehensive study of sex differentiation gonochoric and hermaphroditic fishes, this book examines sex chromosomes and sex determining genes, emphasizing the need to search for more than one sex-determining gene residing on different chr… more

Genetic Sex Differentiation in Fish
T. J. Pandian
Science Publishers , English
Red Legacy - Justin Brown

Red LegacyJustin Brown

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Eden was once a peaceful town, filled with boisterous and bustling residents. Where the fauna stayed a constant green and birds sung melodies of songs. Twenty-three years later Eden had started to burn. The disease had gained a foothold on … more

Red Legacy
Justin Brown
Xlibris , English
Everyday Paleo Recipes - Eas... - Scarlett Aphra

Everyday Paleo Recipes - Eas...Scarlett Aphra

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Being Healthy Never Tasted So Good.

For millions of years, our ancestors followed a remarkably simple diet — high in fat and low in carbs – and suffered virtually none of the diseases we suffer from today. The Paleo Diet, or the Caveman D… more

Everyday Paleo Recipes - Easy, Convenient Recipes For Delectable Cuisine (The Easy Recipe Book 44)
Scarlett Aphra
Echo Bay Books , English
The science of life : or, Se... - William Humboldt Parker

The science of life : or, Se...William Humboldt Parker

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The science of life : or, Self-preservation : a medical treatise on nervous and physical debility, spermatorrhoea, impotence, and sterility, with practical observations on the treatment of diseases of the generative organs (1881)

The science of life : or, Self-preservation : a medical treatise on nervous and physical debility, spermatorrhoea, impotence, and sterility, with practical observations on the treatment of diseases
William Humboldt Parker
Paleo Diet For Beginners: Le... - Karen Douglas

Paleo Diet For Beginners: Le...Karen Douglas

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Learn How to Lose Weight on the Paleo DietIf you are tired of the same Yo-Yo diets with no lasting results, then the Paleo Diet Lifestyle is for you!Other DietsAre mostly just fads Can be unhealthyAfter they are completed most people gain t… more

Paleo Diet For Beginners: Learn How to Lose 20+ Pounds With the Paleo Diet (Paleo Diet Recipes)
Karen Douglas
Paleo Lifestyle , English
NCLEX-RN Simplified (Medical... - Solomon Barroa R.N.

NCLEX-RN Simplified (Medical...Solomon Barroa R.N.

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Are you getting ready for the NCLEX-RN? Need a quick refresher course? Test takers for the NCLEX-RN have gone through a multitude of cognitive tests to evaluate retention and learning. Much of the questions that were encountered require cri… more

NCLEX-RN Simplified (Medical Surgical Nursing)
Solomon Barroa R.N.
Strength of Purpose Energy o... - Barbara  Knapp

Strength of Purpose Energy o...Barbara Knapp

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This book was created as an aid in awareness to self-healing. It was designed to create an opportunity to discover that there are many aspects to healing oneself other than the traditional means. You will embark on a journey of understandin… more

Strength of Purpose Energy of Will Universal Healing
Barbara Knapp
AuthorHouse , English
Domestic Animal Behavior for... - Katherine A. Houpt

Domestic Animal Behavior for...Katherine A. Houpt

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This revised and updated new edition of Domestic Animal Behavior addresses advances in communication, perception, cognition and clinical behavior. Of particular importance are advances in the use of psychotropic drugs and the role of underl… more

Domestic Animal Behavior for Veterinarians and Animal Scientists (CourseSmart)
Katherine A. Houpt
Wiley-Blackwell , English
Medicine and Victory: Britis... - Mark Harrison

Medicine and Victory: Britis...Mark Harrison

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Medicine and Victory is the first comprehensive account of British military medicine in the Second World War since the publication of the official history in the early 1950s. Drawing on a wide range of official and non-official sources, the… more

Medicine and Victory: British Military Medicine in the Second World War
Mark Harrison
Oxford University Press, USA , English
Self-Help And Coping Tips To... - A.A. V.V.

Self-Help And Coping Tips To...A.A. V.V.

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Manual of Self-Help. Existential depression occurs when one confronts issues of existence such as life, death, disease, and freedom. An individual suffering from existential depression questions the meaning of life and often feels it is mea… more

Self-Help And Coping Tips To Overcome Existential Depression: Collection of Essays on Non-Pathological Psycholog. MANUAL OF SELF-HELP
A.A. V.V.
Mask Press , English
Patch: A Short Story - Todd Terrell

Patch: A Short StoryTodd Terrell

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In the near future, technology provides the means to digitize an individual’s consciousness. Disease is eradicated. No one grows older. Death has been vanquished… But there is a glitch in the system.

Patch: A Short Story
Todd Terrell
The Bible Cure for Menopause... - Don Colbert

The Bible Cure for Menopause...Don Colbert

Have you arrived at “the change of life” yet? The good news is that this autumn season of menopause is not a disease - it’s a transition, and you can go through it healthy and in a positive manner! This book contains findings that your own … more

The Bible Cure for Menopause: Ancient Truths, Natural Remedies and the Latest Findings for Your Health Today (New Bible Cure (Siloam))
Don Colbert
Siloam , English