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Nitric Oxide, Part F: 440 (M... -

Nitric Oxide, Part F: 440 (M...

The discovery that nitrogen monoxide or nitric oxide (NO)is a biologically produced free radical has revolutionized our thinking about physiological and pathological processes. This discovery has ignited enormous interest in the scientific… more

Nitric Oxide, Part F: 440 (Methods in Enzymology)
Academic Press , English
Do you want to live forever? - Lloyd Fleming

Do you want to live forever?Lloyd Fleming

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Waking in a strange room with no memory, except of being kept drugged for some reason a man finds himself part of something larger than he ever imagined. The disease of aging and death will claim us all, but through odd experiments he has s… more

Do you want to live forever?
Lloyd Fleming
Domestic Animal Behavior for... - Katherine A. Houpt

Domestic Animal Behavior for...Katherine A. Houpt

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This revised and updated new edition of Domestic Animal Behavior addresses advances in communication, perception, cognition and clinical behavior. Of particular importance are advances in the use of psychotropic drugs and the role of underl… more

Domestic Animal Behavior for Veterinarians and Animal Scientists (CourseSmart)
Katherine A. Houpt
Wiley-Blackwell , English
Recipes for IBS: Great-Tasti... - Ashley Koff, Sonia Friedman

Recipes for IBS: Great-Tasti...Ashley Koff, Sonia Friedman

Recipes that are specifically designed for people diagnosed with IBS.It is estimated that about five million people suffer from IBS worldwide. The primary treatment for IBS is lifestyle changes, not medication, so a cookbook for healthy liv… more

Recipes for IBS: Great-Tasting Recipes and Tips Customized for Your Symptoms (Healthy Living Cookbooks)
Ashley Koff, Sonia Friedman
Fair Winds Press , English
Stress less everyday - Peter A Bothwell

Stress less everydayPeter A Bothwell

Everyone experiences it.For some it’s an occasionalthing. For others, it’s all-consuming.Allowing stress to remainin your life is a very, verydangerous practice.Want to learn how to live astess-free life?Does a healthy lifestylesound good t… more

Stress less everyday
Peter A Bothwell
Epidemiology: An Introduction - Kenneth J. Rothman

Epidemiology: An IntroductionKenneth J. Rothman

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In the past thirty years epidemiology has matured from a fledgling scientific field into a vibrant discipline that brings together the biological and social sciences, and in doing so draws upon disciplines ranging from statistics and survey… more

Epidemiology: An Introduction
Kenneth J. Rothman
Oxford University Press, USA , English
Maintaining Health - R. L. A... - M. D. R. L. Alsaker

Maintaining Health - R. L. A...M. D. R. L. Alsaker

Writings on hygiene and health have been accessible for centuries, butnever before have books and magazines on these subjects been as numerousas they are today. Most of the information is so general, vague andindefinite that only a few have… more

Maintaining Health - R. L. Alsaker, M. D.
M. D. R. L. Alsaker
Inner conflict leads to oute... - P.V.S. Suryanarayana Raju

Inner conflict leads to oute...P.V.S. Suryanarayana Raju

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. Conflict is inner war. Conflict is a product of living in time dimension. We can find a solution if we live with it but not through escaping from it. In observation of conflict in timeless dimension about the nature of conflict which is a… more

Inner conflict leads to outer disorder (Self-inquiry.)
P.V.S. Suryanarayana Raju
Diet to Live - Scott Martin

Diet to LiveScott Martin

This book is different from any other health advice that you have read in your life. The ideas challenge the standard ways of thinking. They will force you to view health and nutrition from a scientific viewpoint. Millions of people are sim… more

Diet to Live
Scott Martin
I Have a Dream - Who Are You... - Mary Henderson

I Have a Dream - Who Are You...Mary Henderson

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Thank you for purchasing I Have a Dream. You will find this book transformational. This book shows how our lives in the present are sometimes dictated by the environment we were exposed to during our younger years believing in paradigms tha… more

I Have a Dream - Who Are You If You Walked Away From a LIfe You Have Always Known?
Mary Henderson
geekIT Corporation , English
The Epidemics of the Middle Ages - J F C Hecker

The Epidemics of the Middle AgesJ F C Hecker

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General observations, disease, causes, spread, mortality, moral effects and physicians are studied in this book.Originally published 1859.

The Epidemics of the Middle Ages
J F C Hecker
Rabbit Care: How to Care for... - D.J. Eva

Rabbit Care: How to Care for...D.J. Eva

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Rabbit Care: How to Care for a Rabbit offers a comprehensive review of recent rabbit husbandry and medical literature. The majority of medical problems encountered in the pet rabbit are easily prevented by proper husbandry. Not all medical … more

Rabbit Care: How to Care for a Rabbit
D.J. Eva
Histology of the Blood - Paul Ehrlich, Adolf Lazarus

Histology of the BloodPaul Ehrlich, Adolf Lazarus

In no department of Pathology has advance been so fitful and interrupted as in that dealing with blood changes in various forms of disease, though none now offers a field that promises such an abundant return for an equal expenditure of tim… more

Histology of the Blood
Paul Ehrlich, Adolf Lazarus
Nonhuman Primates in Biomedi... -

Nonhuman Primates in Biomedi...

This volume and its companion Nonhuman Primates in Biomedical Research: Biology and Management represent the most comprehensive publications of their type on nonhuman primates. This volume addresses the diseases of nonhuman primates with an… more

Nonhuman Primates in Biomedical Research: Diseases (American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine)
Academic Press , English
Natural Health Dictionary:Yo... - Dr. Mao Shing Ni

Natural Health Dictionary:Yo...Dr. Mao Shing Ni

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The Natural Health Dictionary is for anyone who wants to take control of his or her self-knowledge to live a long, happy life in peak condition. This book will simplify the natural health basics—and it goes wherever you go. It unlocks the … more

Natural Health Dictionary:Your comprehensive A-to Z guide for healing with herbs, nutrition, supplements, and secret remedies
Dr. Mao Shing Ni
Ask Dr Mao , English
Asbestos: Risk Assessment, E... - Ronald F. Dodson, Samuel P. Hammar

Asbestos: Risk Assessment, E...Ronald F. Dodson, Samuel P. Hammar

While there are hundreds of books available on many different aspects of asbestos, none contain the encyclopedic, comprehensive coverage you will find here. Edited by leading authorities, with contributions from specialists and leaders in t… more

Asbestos: Risk Assessment, Epidemiology, and Health Effects
Ronald F. Dodson, Samuel P. Hammar
CRC Press , English
You Most Certainly Can!! - James Mathews, Ella  Mathews

You Most Certainly Can!!James Mathews, Ella Mathews

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Granny has Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is a disease that slowly takes your memory away. Granny slowly forgot her family, friends and even how to tie her shoes. Even though she can’t do the things she use to do, she tries her best. She loves he… more

You Most Certainly Can!!
James Mathews, Ella Mathews
Everyday Paleo Recipes - Eas... - Scarlett Aphra

Everyday Paleo Recipes - Eas...Scarlett Aphra

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Being Healthy Never Tasted So Good.

For millions of years, our ancestors followed a remarkably simple diet — high in fat and low in carbs – and suffered virtually none of the diseases we suffer from today. The Paleo Diet, or the Caveman D… more

Everyday Paleo Recipes - Easy, Convenient Recipes For Delectable Cuisine (The Easy Recipe)
Scarlett Aphra
Echo Bay Books , English
The Time Machine Cure - Iain Scarrow

The Time Machine CureIain Scarrow

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A doctor travels back in time to earth in its infancy seeking the cure for the disease of death itself. He thinks his interference with earth’s history will never be discovered. But he’s dead wrong.

The Time Machine Cure
Iain Scarrow
Nutrition And Health: What i... - Adam C. Wellman

Nutrition And Health: What i...Adam C. Wellman

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Nutrition And Health If you’re trying to improve your health or someone’s told you that you should do something to get healthy, you’re may be wondering why. Perhaps you’re thinking that it’s not really a big deal or that your diet doesn’… more

Nutrition And Health: What is Mind and Body Nutrition, Have a Relationship with Food that Cultivates Your Health and Reduces Your Waistline
Adam C. Wellman
2 , English