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487 Really Cool Tips for Kid... - Bo Nasmyth Loy

487 Really Cool Tips for Kid...Bo Nasmyth Loy

Tips from kids of all ages as well as parents and doctors, how to fine-tune your diabetes on injections and on the pump. A “going on the pump” journal is included.

487 Really Cool Tips for Kids with Diabetes
Bo Nasmyth Loy
American Diabetes Association , English
The Diabetic Dessert Cookboo... - Gio Angelo

The Diabetic Dessert Cookboo...Gio Angelo

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People often assume that someone with diabetes is simply out of luck when it comes to eating dessert because for most people. The word dessert is synonymous with the word sugar and they assume that most deserve to have far too much sugar fo… more

The Diabetic Dessert Cookbook: 10 Diabetic Friendly Easy to Cook Dessert Recipes(Diabetic Dessert Recipe book): The Definitive guide toDelicious Diabetic Friendly Dessert Recipes and Dishes
Gio Angelo
Bull City Publishing , English
Just Between Us Diabetics: 3... - Bil Holton

Just Between Us Diabetics: 3...Bil Holton

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This is an incredible little book that can transform the way you deal with your diabetes! It could be called “Spiritual Insulin for Diabetics!” Written by a diabetic, it is filled with advice, inspirational quotes, and support that will hel… more

Just Between Us Diabetics: 35 Tips and a Ton of Inspiratiton to Help You Manage Your Diabetes
Bil Holton
Liberty Publishing Group , English
Diabetes Meals on the Run: F... - Betty Wedman-St. Louis

Diabetes Meals on the Run: F...Betty Wedman-St. Louis

From fast foods to frozen entrees to deli takeout to salad bars, there is an abundance of tasty, convenient meal options catering to our hurry-up lifestyles. But as a person with diabetes you must follow strict nutritional guidelines and th… more

Diabetes Meals on the Run: Fast, Healthy Menus Using Convenience Foods
Betty Wedman-St. Louis
McGraw-Hill , English


HUGE DIABETIC COOKBOOK. This ebook has hundreds of delicious recipes to help manage your diabetes and stay healthy.

Evan Rogers
Ebookgalaxy , English
Your Paleo BIBLE: 101 Superf... - Margaret Evans

Your Paleo BIBLE: 101 Superf...Margaret Evans

Get ready to discover a list of 101 super foods that can turn your body into a sexy, fat burning machine! There’s absolutely no fluff or waffle, just concise information that can help you or someone you know.Inside this book you will learn:… more

Your Paleo BIBLE: 101 Superfoods For Your Weight, Health and SEX! (Part 1)
Margaret Evans
Margaret Evans , English
The Diabetes Dictionary - The National Diabetes Inform...

The Diabetes DictionaryThe National Diabetes Inform...

Originally produced by The National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse (NDIC), This dictionary defines words that are often used when people talk or write about diabetes. It is designed for people who have diabetes and for their families an… more

The Diabetes Dictionary
The National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse (NDIC)
LittleWhiteEbook.com , English
Type 2 Diabetes- Best Treatm... - Dr  Dan R Young JD LLM

Type 2 Diabetes- Best Treatm...Dr Dan R Young JD LLM

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Advice and How to-Are you looking to manage your type 2 diabetes? Well, if you are then this is the book for you.”Best Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes-Special Edition” is a compendium of facts and information dealing with the topic of type 2 … more

Type 2 Diabetes- Best Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes-Limited Edition -7 Tips to Control Type 2 Diabetes Now (Advice and How To)
Dr Dan R Young JD LLM
Weight Watcher Whiz Simply E... - C.T. Gibbons

Weight Watcher Whiz Simply E...C.T. Gibbons

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Are you bored with the current lunches you’re making? If so, the Weight Watcher Whiz has your solution to eliminate those lunchtime blues. You’ll be overjoyed with the wonderful ideas that will be available to you within this cookbook. You’… more

Weight Watcher Whiz Simply Easy Lunches Points Plus Recipes Cookbook (Weight Watcher Whiz Series 4)
C.T. Gibbons
Delicious Diabetic Recipes - Debbie Hamstead

Delicious Diabetic RecipesDebbie Hamstead

It isn´t always easy eating right with diabetes. Delicious Diabetic Recipes helps make things a little easier for the diabetic with over 500 delicious recipes. Find out how to make fudge, cakes and cookies the healthy way.Even if you are no… more

Delicious Diabetic Recipes
Debbie Hamstead
The Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet - Dr. Michael Donahue

The Mayo Clinic Diabetes DietDr. Michael Donahue

This book is a mayo clinic diet especially for those with diabetes.The diet is designed to help those who are at risk to control diabetes quickly by safely losing weight and keeping it off. This diet is easy to follow and will quickly yeild… more

The Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet
Dr. Michael Donahue
Tips for Teens with Diabetes... - B.G Chings

Tips for Teens with Diabetes...B.G Chings

Tips for Teens with Diabetes; This report is a small guide for teenegers with diabetes. It encourages them Be Active. This is best suited for those that are willing to help themselves manage diabetes via being active.

Tips for Teens with Diabetes Be Active
B.G Chings
www.Bandclyde.com/child.php , English
Healthy and Fit: 25 Tasty Di... - Patricia Richards

Healthy and Fit: 25 Tasty Di...Patricia Richards

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Best Selling Cookbook#1 on Amazon - Cooking, Food & Wine > Special Diet > Diabetic & Sugar-Free (7/3/2012)”I don’t feel like I’m giving up anything with these desserts!”Having diabetes does not mean you have to give up on sweets and dessert… more

Healthy and Fit: 25 Tasty Diabetic-Friendly Desserts
Patricia Richards
The Scriptures and Diabetes ... - Beverleigh H. Piepers

The Scriptures and Diabetes ...Beverleigh H. Piepers

It might seem like an odd thing to include God as part of your plan for beating Type 2 diabetes, but this book will give you some profound advice from an RN’s perspective on how God can play a huge role in your ability to reverse Type 2 dia… more

The Scriptures and Diabetes - Making God Your Partner
Beverleigh H. Piepers
10 Super Foods to Quickly Lo... - Jeffrey David

10 Super Foods to Quickly Lo...Jeffrey David

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OVER 2500 DOWNLOADS THE FIRST 5 DAYS - FIND OUT WHY AND GET YOUR COPY BEFORE THE PRICE GOES BACK TO $2.99!How to Lower Blood Sugar - in this book we go over 10 SUPER foods to lower blood sugar.Diabetes is a huge problem, more than 75… more

10 Super Foods to Quickly Lower your Blood Sugar: How to Lower your Blood Sugar Quickly, Safely & Naturally
Jeffrey David
Just Salads Vol. 2 - Elsa Kastner

Just Salads Vol. 2Elsa Kastner

Healthy salads, Yes Healthy Salads! vol.2 of series “Just Salads”Second book of series “Just Salads” consisting of completely different salads recipes!Forget about apples, a salad a day keeps the doctor away! Everyone thinks that salads are… more

Just Salads Vol. 2
Elsa Kastner
Elsa Kastner , English
Take Time To Care Diabetes Recipes -

Take Time To Care Diabetes Recipes

Five tasty and easy-to-follow recipes for people with diabetes. Nutrition facts for each dish help you keep track of what you are eating

Take Time To Care Diabetes Recipes
From One Diabetic To Another - Nan Carder

From One Diabetic To AnotherNan Carder

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This is a short beginners guide written in a conversational tone for newly diagnosed diabetics, or for diabetics that just need the basic guidelines on the tools you needed to make themselves healthier. Some topics covered are kitchen nece… more

From One Diabetic To Another
Nan Carder
27 Great Recipes For People ... - Jim Bob Brown

27 Great Recipes For People ...Jim Bob Brown

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Are You Tired Of The Same Boring Diabetic Friendly Meals?

*Would you like something different and tasty tonight?

*Would you like simple easy to prepare recipes that are delicious?

*Would you like nutritious and easy to prepare diabetes f… more

27 Great Recipes For People With Diabetes
Jim Bob Brown