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Blind EvidenceDerrick Burke

Follow Rasan, as he goes through a battle of loving the wrong woman. A known ladies man, his charm and grace entitles him to being the target of affection with a multitude of women, but he commits to the one that doesn’t love him at all. Ca… more

Blind Evidence
Derrick Burke
NCM Publishing , English

Killing KateLila Veen

Jenna has a split personality. As Jenna, she’s reasonable. As Kate, she’s dangerous.When Jenna finds out about her abusive father’s death, she couldn’t care less. It does mean changes in her life, and seeing more of Kate is just one of t… more

Killing Kate
Lila Veen
Lila Veen , English

A Walk In The Park (A Walk I...Julie Rollins

Average wait: N/A

A Walk In The Park is the first part of a series about the budding romance between Devin and Felicia. Both are facing a low point in life. The two are instantly drawn to each other the moment they first meet. It tooks like the two may find … more

A Walk In The Park (A Walk In The Park Trilogy)
Julie Rollins

Collective MemoryTielle St. Clare

3 ratings
Average wait: 88d, 20h

For Cayl, coming to Earth and taking on a masculine Earthly form is less than convenient. These human senses are distracting and clearly the reason humankind hasn’t progressed. For Devin, escorting Cayl through his first day on Earth is jus… more

Collective Memory
Tielle St. Clare
Ellora’s Cave , English

Truth Or DareTimothy D. Baker

Truth or Dare.” Just a harmless children’s game, right? But in the hands of sixteen-year old Devin, this age-old diversion takes a horrific, stunning turn. Is the boy a misunderstood teenager or a cunning, homicidal monster? WARNING! DO NOmore

Truth Or Dare
Timothy D. Baker
Timothy David Baker , English

Elements of RebellionCoral Moore

Average wait: N/A

After spending most of her life an unwilling captive in a brothel, Sindari is sold to Lord Devin, a man with a reputation for unspeakable cruelty. In the arms of this man who must pretend he cares nothing for her, Sindari finds compassion, … more

Elements of Rebellion
Coral Moore
Bared Teeth Publishing , English

HumanAlycia Linwood

Average wait: N/A

Ariel is a 17-year-old girl whose life takes a completely different turn on the day she comes late to school. There’s a new very handsome dark-haired boy, Devin, in her class, but to Ariel’s surprise everyone else seems to know him, and her… more

Alycia Linwood
Alycia Linwood , English

George, Candy, and the RaccoonGeorge Gilbert

Average wait: N/A

Two important lessons were taught that hot summer afternoon, when Candy came to George’s  rescue. George learned that parents usually make decisions for their children for their benefit or protection.   The second important lesson George l… more

George, Candy, and the Raccoon
George Gilbert

Devin and the TeacherE. G. Castle

Average wait: N/A

20%toCharity (The Author will donate a fifth of his proceeds to charity.)

Devin, the class troublemaker, meets his match in his literature teacher. …Or has he?

Devin and the Teacher
E. G. Castle

The Christian World of The HobbitDevin Brown

In his beloved story, The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien takes readers into a world unlike any other, yet so much seems familiar. As Bilbo journeys there and back again, glimpses of the spiritual are seen. Previous guides to Tolkien’s fiction have … more

The Christian World of The Hobbit
Devin Brown
Abingdon Press , English

A Barbie under the CouchDevin Ryder

It starts with a Barbie under the Couch and it ends in betrayal. Devin Ryder’s first short suspense explores a murder mystery from the eyes of the victim as he lay dying.

A Barbie under the Couch
Devin Ryder
Devin Ryder , English

An Interview with Devin McGlameryTCV

An interview with Gospel music’s Devin McGlamery

An Interview with Devin McGlamery

Coven of WolvesPeter Saenz

Average wait: N/A

Devin Marshall is alone and on the run from a coven of dark witches. New to the world of magic, Devin tries his best to outrun and outlast the coven he once swore loyalty to in order to save his soul. In a last ditch attempt at freedom he d… more

Coven of Wolves
Peter Saenz
doorQ.com Publishing , English

CuriosityMarie Rochelle

1 rating
Average wait: 185d, 0h

Krishell Tynan wasn’t usually a curious woman, but the second she laid her eyes on her neighbor. She couldn’t get him out of her mind. All she thought about was finding out more about him. She wasn’t going to listen to the old saying about … more

Marie Rochelle
Cobblestone Press , English

The ReturnedJack Devine

Average wait: N/A

The Returned by Jack Devine

The Returned
Jack Devine
Xlibris , English

Patton's Way [Cattleman's Cl...Jenny Penn

[Siren Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage à Quatre Romance, F/M/M/M, with BDSM] Patton Jones has been deceiving Chase, Slade, and Devin Davis, but she’s tired of playing the sweet, innocent, sisterly figure. When the brothers confront her with her… more

Patton’s Way [Cattleman’s Club] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)
Jenny Penn
Siren Publishing , English

False LightVincent Breit

Average wait: N/A

Devin Darby is intent on keeping the show unexplained Haunts on the air. Coming up with the idea of holding a contest wherein the winner gets a free chance to be on television. He books a shooting at a person’s house. Darby who admits the s… more

False Light
Vincent Breit
Southbound Books , English

Finding A Forever FamilyChristine Devine

In this moving memoir, anchorwoman Christine Devine shares her fifteen-year journey reporting on children “in the system” and the families who adopt them. Christine is in the know as her own parents fostered and adopted. An estimated 500 ch… more

Finding A Forever Family
Christine Devine

Daughter Trilogy BundleC.M. Owens

Water and lightning don’t usually go well together, but sometimes all the right sparks fly.

A daunting start to life has left Adisia Titan untrusting and unable to believe in second chances. A curse she’s been unaware of has left her with… more

Daughter Trilogy Bundle
C.M. Owens
C.M. Owens , English

Free Hobbit Lessons Sampler ...Devin Brown

Average wait: N/A

Enjoy this free preview of Hobbit Lessons: A Map for Life’s Unexpected Journeys, by Devin Brown. The book releases nationwide October 2013 but you can preview it now for free!Millions of fans worldwide have been attracted to the Hobbit for … more

Free Hobbit Lessons Sampler - eBook [ePub]: A Map for Life’s Unexpected Journeys
Devin Brown
Abingdon Press , English