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Steele Standing - Malachi Allen

Steele StandingMalachi Allen

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Adriel Steele’s childhood was shattered after the incarceration of his hero, his father, left him and his mother, Debbie, to fend forthemselves. While the love for his mother grew each day, a brewing hatred for his father fueled him to exce… more

Steele Standing
Malachi Allen
Malachi.S. Allen , English
The Nephilim Code - Bob Perry

The Nephilim CodeBob Perry

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The Nephilim, a mystic and ancient order, will go to any length to protect their mysteries and the greatest secret of all—the very knowledge of their existence.Ty Roland, stuck in an unsatisfying and routine job, spends his life avoiding re… more

The Nephilim Code
Bob Perry
Createspace , English


This 5000 word book is part of “SEX IN THE FAMILY - 4 BOOKS (VOLUME 4)” including the following best sellers, GANGBANG WITH MY BIG BROTHER, ASS SEX WITH MY UNCLE SAM, MOMMY TAKES ON THE FOOTBALL TEAM and of course GANGBANGING MY LITTLE SISTmore

GANGBANGING MY LITTLE SISTER (Stepbrother invites friends over to gangbang his stepsister!)
Brandy Silver
Scent of Woman (Hot and Sexy) - Ellie Jones

Scent of Woman (Hot and Sexy)Ellie Jones

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This book is a Recommended Contemporary Romance “Compelling. I couldn’t put it down….” “Wow, talk about hot short stories of sex, this takes the prize…” “A heartfelt, erotika romance that brought tears to my eyes…” “… more

Scent of Woman (Hot and Sexy)
Ellie Jones
Senija Books , English
A Shy Virgins Dream - E Fisher

A Shy Virgins DreamE Fisher

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Always the bridesmaid never the bride Debbie thought. She was always in someone else’s wedding. When would it be her turn to fall in love?

John remembers Debbie as his Cousin Beth’s annoying best friend but, when he sees her at the rehe… more

A Shy Virgins Dream
E Fisher
kay raines , English
A Shy Virgin's Dream (erotic... - E Fisher

A Shy Virgin's Dream (erotic...E Fisher

To Dream the impossible…to find true love.Always the bridesmaid never the bride Debbie thought. She was always in someone else’s wedding. When would it be her turn to fall in love?John remembers Debbie as his Cousin Beth’s annoying best f… more

A Shy Virgin’s Dream (erotic romance, contemporary romance)
E Fisher
Erotic Romance inc. , English
Cabin In the Woods: Linda's ... - Stanfield Major

Cabin In the Woods: Linda's ...Stanfield Major

Linda needed to take some time away from her everyday stress and her friend Debbie had suggested the perfect place. A rustic cabin in the Missouri Ozarks. Linda was prepared to spend the whole week and a half alone with her sex toys. But on… more

Cabin In the Woods: Linda’s Vacation Surprise
Stanfield Major
Stanfield Major , English
Debbie Does Daddy 4 - Milked... - Raminar Dixon

Debbie Does Daddy 4 - Milked...Raminar Dixon

Eighteen year old Debbie is in quite the predicament: She’s been sleeping with her stepfather for months and now she’s heavily pregnant with his child. Now, it seems like her mother is on the verge of catching them in the act!Follow along i… more

Debbie Does Daddy 4 - Milked by My Stepfather (Taboo Family Sex Erotica)
Raminar Dixon
Living in My Skin, Even If I... - Debbie Fox

Living in My Skin, Even If I...Debbie Fox

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In Living in My Skin, Even if it’s Purple, an inspirational memoir, six-year-old Debbie discovers she has one red arm and one white arm—an extensive port wine stain (birthmark). Taunted as a child because of her difference and ignored by bo… more

Living in My Skin, Even If It’s Purple
Debbie Fox
Infinity Publishing , English
Debbie Does Daddy (The Compl... - Raminar Dixon

Debbie Does Daddy (The Compl...Raminar Dixon

SAVE $5.00 when you purchase this bundle vs. buying each book separately!—Eighteen year old Debbie has had a thing for her hunky stepfather since the day she moved into his house. She loves to flirt with him right under her mother’s nose… more

Debbie Does Daddy (The Complete Four Book Taboo Family Sex Series)
Raminar Dixon


This 5000 word book is part of the “SEX IN THE FAMILY SERIES - VOLUME 1” including the following best sellers SEX LESSON FROM MY BIG BROTHER, MOMMY DISCIPLINES HER SUN, SEDUCING MY UNCLE SAM and of course SLEEPING WITH MY LITTLE SISTER! –… more

SLEEPING WITH MY LITTLE SISTER (Seduced by my stepsister!)
Brandy Silver
Debbie Does Daddy 3 - Barefo... - Raminar Dixon

Debbie Does Daddy 3 - Barefo...Raminar Dixon

Eighteen year old Debbie has plenty of reasons to celebrate; She’s just graduated from high school and now, she’s finally pregnant with her stepfather’s baby - but she’s not the only one!When her mother surprises everyone with the news that… more

Debbie Does Daddy 3 - Barefoot and Pregnant
Raminar Dixon
Snapshots of Time - Brian Borgford

Snapshots of TimeBrian Borgford

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An eccentric aunt has a profound impact on the life of Debbie and Simon. Does she really travel in time? Or is she just crazy?

Snapshots of Time
Brian Borgford


This 5000 word story is part of “SEX IN THE FAMILY - 4 BOOKS (VOLUME 3)” including the following best sellers DOMINATED BY MY BIG BROTHER, MOMMY LOVES TO BE DOMINATED, SPANK ME UNCLE SAM, and of course DOMINATING MY LITTLE SISTER!Story Desc… more

DOMINATING MY LITTLE SISTER (Stepbrother, Stepsister domination with spanking, submission, bdsm and a little humiliation!)
Brandy Silver
The Rite of Sensuality, Book... - Susan Suxovski

The Rite of Sensuality, Book...Susan Suxovski

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Asked the question, no one can tell the difference between sensuality and sexuality. Each women in group A is put through a Rite of Initiation. For some it is a Rite of Sensuality for others it is a Rite of Sexuality. Each of the 8 women ch… more

The Rite of Sensuality, Book 3 (Sensual Dynasty Series)
Susan Suxovski
Singular Points - Travis Mohrman

Singular PointsTravis Mohrman

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Take an average guy, happy with his life. Take away the best part of that life, and watch him spiral into grief and despair. Watch the anger generated by his grief take a right turn and deposit him somewhere – else. Somewhere beyond reality… more

Singular Points
Travis Mohrman
DeadPixel Publications , English
The Blood Makes It Real - Mark Lopez

The Blood Makes It RealMark Lopez

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I loved to get away with murder… any kind of murder, senseless, random, planned and plotted out. Pretty much any old type of good old fashioned murder is about the only thing that gave me true pleasure anymore. Watching the rest of the l… more

The Blood Makes It Real
Mark Lopez
Girls Only College - Sapna Patel

Girls Only CollegeSapna Patel

Laura and Debbie are taken to an all-girls boarding school. Both of them are young, beautiful and extremely horny, and once they arrived there, they discovered that they had a lot in common. They wound up making love on the first day of sch… more

Girls Only College
Sapna Patel
March On! (Tucker) - David Johnson

March On! (Tucker)David Johnson

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In book #5 of the Tucker series, March and his girlfriend, Debbie, face a crossroads in their relationship. Debbie has given her heart to him and wants to spend the rest of their life together. But even though March has fallen desperately… more

March On! (Tucker)
David Johnson
Virginity Lost (Billy Master... - Billy Masters

Virginity Lost (Billy Master...Billy Masters

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This is a true story about me, Billy Masters, and how I lost my virginity to a long time friend, Debbie. In graphic detail, I relate how Debbie and I experimented with sex and how it eventually lead to hot and passionate intercourse. This s… more

Virginity Lost (Billy Masters and Sex)
Billy Masters
Billy Masters , English