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Running From The Dead - R.A Holmes

Running From The DeadR.A Holmes

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*Contains Strong language, Gore, Violence and mild sex. Recommended for ages 17 and older*

A zombie Tale. Follow Emma as she tries to survive a zombie apocalypse. She meets Dean and the two fall in love. They fight their way through … more

Running From The Dead
R.A Holmes
Ranch Hands (Hot Gay Tales) ... - Vic Foxxe

Ranch Hands (Hot Gay Tales) ...Vic Foxxe

Dean has spent an entire agonizing fall away from his hot lover Zack. In fact, he can’t wait for summer to begin again! He doesn’t realize that Nate, the brooding Ranch Hand, has also joined the staff of the Kingsford Ranch. Things get tens… more

Ranch Hands (Hot Gay Tales) #2 (Gay Cowboy Erotic Romance Series)
Vic Foxxe
Sorority Pet Classy Collecti... - Eliza DeGaulle

Sorority Pet Classy Collecti...Eliza DeGaulle

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Being used and abused is a secret desire for anyone… some men included.A backroom deal between scheming sororities and fraternities leaves young naive Derrick naked in the backyard of a sorority. When he enters the house in search of help… more

Sorority Pet Classy Collection (Femdom BDSM Erotica Bundle)
Eliza DeGaulle
Edgar DeGaulle , English
So Much More - Elizabeth Adams

So Much MoreElizabeth Adams

Average wait: N/A

Angie has been handed the opportunity of a life time: a free week long vacation in paradise with her best friend. The only catch is her untouchable crush is going too. Her best friend has made it perfectly clear that her brother is off limi… more

So Much More
Elizabeth Adams
Mile High Menage: Part 3: (A... - Sasha Livingston

Mile High Menage: Part 3: (A...Sasha Livingston

Average wait: N/A

Un, Deux, Trois.

Three is always better than one. Amy is in over her head but she doesn’t know how to stop. Dean has invited her on a special trip and there is a big surprise that ruins her cover. Will she fully submit to Dean now that h… more

Mile High Menage: Part 3: (An Erotic Romance) (Mile High Series)
Sasha Livingston
Forbidden Love Series (Submi... - Lucia Jordan

Forbidden Love Series (Submi...Lucia Jordan

Average wait: N/A

Olivia wants to get the information for her magazine article and get out – until she meets Master Dean and is shown a new way of life.”

Here, presented in one volume, are the four stories that comprise the ‘Forbidden Love’ series written… more

Forbidden Love Series (SubmissiveRomance) Complete Collection
Lucia Jordan
The Oxford Movement - R. W. (Richard William) Church

The Oxford MovementR. W. (Richard William) Church

The revision of these papers was a task to which the late Dean of St.Paul’s gave all the work he could during the last months of his life. Atthe time of his death, fourteen of the papers had, so far as can bejudged, received the form in whi… more

The Oxford Movement
R. W.(Richard William) Church
Give and Take - Ivana Havthun

Give and TakeIvana Havthun

Some people are natural givers, Alex is one such person. He loves to give of himself romantically and loves to make others feel pleasure. His boyfriend, Dean, is more of a taker. Sara has given all she has to her kids and her husband, an… more

Give and Take
Ivana Havthun
NECO Press , English
A Dialogue Between Dean Swif... - Anonymous

A Dialogue Between Dean Swif...Anonymous

PRIOR. Mr. Dean, I am sorry to see you up, if any of your private Affairs disturb you. I came to call at your Grave, and have a little Discourse with you; but unless ”tis the Publick has rouz”d you, I am troubled to find you walking as w… more

A Dialogue Between Dean Swift and Tho. Prior Esq
Latigo - BA Tortuga

LatigoBA Tortuga

Average wait: N/A

Dean’s been around the rodeo circuit long enough to know when a new kid is down on his luck. Giving Will a ride to the next event is just the neighborly thing to do, passing on some of the kindness strangers have shown him over the years.Wh… more

BA Tortuga
Torquere Press, Inc. , English
Prankzz - Harish Sharma

PrankzzHarish Sharma

The novel begins with six medical students in the same study group who are hand-picked by the dean of the college to become the best doctors of their batch. But instead of becoming friendly, their personalities clash dividing them into fact… more

Harish Sharma
Rupa Publications , English
The Dark Mirror - G.B Hobson

The Dark MirrorG.B Hobson

Powerful forces are at work in a group of country parishes undergoing renewal and charismatic revival, confusing reflections of reality. Emotions run riot. A supposed miracle birth during a previous revival haunts the present like a spectre… more

The Dark Mirror
G.B Hobson
Bits of Leather - BA Tortuga

Bits of LeatherBA Tortuga

Average wait: 413d, 18h

First introduced in BA Tortuga’s popular novel Latigo, cowboys Will and Dean are back, and happier than ever. Sometimes life is good, and this series of stories give the reader a sneak peek into the lives of these two proud, strong men. Se… more

Bits of Leather
BA Tortuga
Torquere Press , English
Three's a Dream: an Asher story - Zoe Nichols

Three's a Dream: an Asher storyZoe Nichols

Story 5 in the Asher series Asher’s at his wit’s end. It’s been two weeks of walking on eggshells around an increasingly bad-tempered Derek. Add in Dean finding a job right between their apartment and his place, and suddenly Asher is facing… more

Three’s a Dream: an Asher story
Zoe Nichols


After spending her whole eleventh grade in love with Dean, without as much as a goodbye he leaves for a new life overseas. Breaking Kaylah’s heart. Believing that a fresh start would be the best remedy to cure her heartbreak she enrols at … more

Katija O
A Brother's Love (taboo step... - Lyla Luray

A Brother's Love (taboo step...Lyla Luray

Shannon is a young virgin whose gorgeous stepbrother Dean has returned home from four years away. Now her hormones are raging, and she’s tired of Dean looking at every other girl but her. But Shannon’s in for a surprise, because it turns ou… more

A Brother’s Love (taboo stepbrother stepsister family sex)
Lyla Luray
Lyla Luray , English
Stephanie: A Cross-Dressing ... - Robbie Webb

Stephanie: A Cross-Dressing ...Robbie Webb

Dean had no right to lead Stephanie on. He should have told her from the start that he was gay and had a boyfriend. He had no right to play with Stephanie’s emotions like that. He had no right to deceive her. But maybe Stephanie deserved it… more

Stephanie: A Cross-Dressing Love Story Vol 3
Robbie Webb
Robbie Webb , English
Compliance (Erotic Demonic M... - Abby McGovern

Compliance (Erotic Demonic M...Abby McGovern

Average wait: N/A

Beautiful, lithe Christine and her handsome boyfriend Dean make for one attractive couple.

They’re also incredibly broke.

A chance encounter on a desert road brings them a strange bounty: one brand new refrigerator. Of course, nothing com… more

Compliance (Erotic Demonic Mating Romance)
Abby McGovern
Risk Arbitrage (Wiley Invest... - Guy Wyser-Pratte

Risk Arbitrage (Wiley Invest...Guy Wyser-Pratte

Average wait: N/A

Originally published in 1982, Risk Arbitrage has become a classic on arbitrage strategies by the “dean of the arbitrage community.” It provides an overview of risk arbitrage, how it has been used over the centuries and particularly in moder… more

Risk Arbitrage (Wiley Investment Classics)
Guy Wyser-Pratte
Wiley , English
Seymour Simon's Extreme Eart... - Seymour Simon

Seymour Simon's Extreme Eart...Seymour Simon

Average wait: N/A

Imagine exploring the most extreme parts of our amazing planet—trekking though the driest desert, climbing the snowiest mountaintops, and diving to the deepest regions of the ocean floor. Seymour Simon, the dean of children’s science nonfic… more

Seymour Simon’s Extreme Earth Records
Seymour Simon
Chronicle Books LLC , English