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Autumn: Purification (Autumn... - David Moody

Autumn: Purification (Autumn...David Moody

A bastard hybrid of War of the Worlds and Night of the Living Dead, the Autumn series chronicles the struggle survivors are forced to contend with in a world torn apart by a deadly disease. 99% of the population of the planet has been kille… more

Autumn: Purification (Autumn series Book 3)
David Moody
St. Martin’s Griffin , English
Thunder and Ashes - Z.A. Recht

Thunder and AshesZ.A. Recht

1 rating

A LOT CAN CHANGE IN THREE MONTHS: Wars can be decided, nations can be forged … or entire species can be brought to the brink of annihilation. The Morningstar virus has swept the face of the planet, infecting billions. Its hosts rampage;… more

Thunder and Ashes
Z.A. Recht
Gallery Books , English
Rise & Walk - Gregory Solis

Rise & WalkGregory Solis

Average wait: < 1h

The walking dead descend upon a paintball competition in the mountains. Two brave young women join forces with two thrill seekers in a terror filled struggle against the undead.

Low on ammunition and supplies, the survivors use anything a… more

Rise & Walk
Gregory Solis
Wild Wolf Publishing , English
Isolation - David Moody

IsolationDavid Moody

Average wait: N/A

A collection of stunning zombie/ survival horror stories from David Moody, author of the AUTUMN and HATER novels (optioned for film by Guillermo del Toro).

Keith’s in his early twenties. No girlfriend, no hobbies, no future. He spends his … more

David Moody
Infected Books , English
Demon Days - Book Two - Richard Finney, D.L. Snell

Demon Days - Book TwoRichard Finney, D.L. Snell

Average wait: N/A

The DEMON DAYS saga continues with “DEMON DAYS - BOOK TWO” in the critically acclaimed thriller series that author David Moody calls “fast-moving… where nothing’s as you’d expect.”

Could NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES be the conduit to Satan’s… more

Demon Days - Book Two
Richard Finney, D.L. Snell
LONO Publishing , English
The Unconditioned Mind: J. K... - David Edmund Moody

The Unconditioned Mind: J. K...David Edmund Moody

“Like an iridescent diamond,” is how David Moody describes revered philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti in this intimate portrait of him at the Oak Grove School in California. Krishnamurti, once groomed by Theosophists to become the next World Te… more

The Unconditioned Mind: J. Krishnamurti and the Oak Grove School
David Edmund Moody
Quest Books , English
The Girl in the Basement - Wayne Simmons

The Girl in the BasementWayne Simmons

Average wait: N/A

In the UK, a teenager goes missing every three minutes.

Goth girl, Kayley Sands, is one of them.

After a night out in Manchester, Kayley wakes to find herself strapped to a bed in a damp, dingy basement. Her captor is insane, his intentio… more

The Girl in the Basement
Wayne Simmons
Infected Books , English
Remains of the Dead (Domain ... - Iain McKinnon

Remains of the Dead (Domain ...Iain McKinnon

Average wait: 299d, 1h

The world is dead, devoured by a plague of reanimated corpses.

Cahz and his squad of veteran soldiers are tasked with flying into abandoned cities and retrieving zombies for scientific study. Deep in infected territory, hundreds of miles … more

Remains of the Dead (Domain of the Dead Book 2)
Iain McKinnon
Permuted Press , English
Autumn: The Human Condition ... - David Moody

Autumn: The Human Condition ...David Moody

Average wait: N/A

David Moody presents the final book in the acclaimed AUTUMN series.

The human race is finished. Mankind is all but dead and only a handful of frightened individuals remain. These people have survived through chance, not skill, and they are… more

Autumn: The Human Condition (Autumn series Book 6)
David Moody
Infected Books , English
Waiting Room: A Return Man S... - V. M. Zito

Waiting Room: A Return Man S...V. M. Zito

Average wait: N/A

In the eerie abandoned corridors of St. Pius Hospital, professional corpse-finder Henry Marco is on a dangerous mission — to track and dispatch the Resurrected corpse of a man named Tim Patterson. The hunt will end in the dark waiting room… more

Waiting Room: A Return Man Short Story
V. M. Zito
Straight to You - David Moody

Straight to YouDavid Moody

Average wait: N/A

Straight To You deserves to be ranked alongside such classics as The Stand and Swan Song.’ —Ginger Nuts of Horror

The sun is dying. The temperature around the world is rising by the hour with no sign of any respite. At this rate the plane… more

Straight to You
David Moody
Infected Books , English
Flu - Wayne Simmons

FluWayne Simmons

1 rating
Average wait: < 1h

A deadly strain of flu mutates, causing the deaths of millions throughout Ireland and beyond. But the infected don’t stay dead for long, rising up to become flesh-eating monsters. Geri McConnell is a survivor. Through the graffiti-stained s… more

Wayne Simmons
Tantor eBooks , English
Tankbread - Paul Mannering

TankbreadPaul Mannering

Average wait: N/A

Ten years ago humanity lost the war for survival.

Now intelligent zombies rule the world. Feeding the undead of a steady diet of cloned people called Tankbread, the survivors live in a dangerous world on the brink of final extinction.

One… more

Paul Mannering
Permuted Press , English
The Infection (Beginnings) - Craig DiLouie

The Infection (Beginnings)Craig DiLouie

NOTE: This is part of the Permuted Press Beginnings series. Read the first third of some of our most popular novels for an extremely low price. For the entire story purchase the full novel in eBook or paperback via your favorite retailer…. more

The Infection (Beginnings)
Craig DiLouie
Permuted Press , English
THE SENTINEL (A Jane Harper ... - Jeremy Bishop

THE SENTINEL (A Jane Harper ...Jeremy Bishop

In the frigid waters off the Arctic Ocean, north of Greenland, the anti-whaling ship, The Sentinel, and her crew face off against a harpoon ship in search of Humpback whales. When the two ships collide and a suspicious explosion sends both … more

THE SENTINEL (A Jane Harper Horror Novel)
Jeremy Bishop
Breakneck Media , English
Soul Survivors Hometown Tale... - Shawn M Riddle, Jonathan Woo...

Soul Survivors Hometown Tale...Shawn M Riddle, Jonathan Woo...

Everyone you know is dead or dying. Your world is coming to an end. Could you do what’s necessary to survive? Would you even want to survive? Would you be able to face horrors like the undead relentlessly pounding at your door, and murderou… more

Soul Survivors Hometown Tales (Volume)
Shawn M Riddle, Jonathan Wood, Charlie Morgan, Sean M. Thompson, Patrick D’Orazio, Sean T. Page, Rebecca Besser, Theresa Derwin, Jeremy Mahan, Daniel J. McMurtry
KnightWatch Press , English
Tankbread - Paul Mannering

TankbreadPaul Mannering

Ten years ago humanity lost the war for survival against a spreading plague that brought the dead back to life as flesh eating monsters. Now intelligent zombies rule the world. Feeding the undead a steady diet of cloned people called Tankbr… more

Paul Mannering
BrokenSea Publishing , English
The Living Dead 2 - John Joseph Adams

The Living Dead 2John Joseph Adams

The Living Dead 2 has more of what zombie fans hunger for — more scares, more action, more… brains! Experience the indispensable series that defines the very best in zombie literature with original stories by Kelley Armstrong, Karina Sumn… more

The Living Dead 2
John Joseph Adams
Night Shade Books , English
Ultimate Undead Collection: ... - Joe McKinney, Bobby Adair, M...

Ultimate Undead Collection: ...Joe McKinney, Bobby Adair, M...

              Ultimate Undead Collection: The Zombie Apocalypse Best Sellers Boxed Set (10 Books)The genre's biggest collection is available for a limited time only! Grab your copy today!Pump up your adrenaline with 10 heart-pounding ta... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00RC6OY98/#editorial-review">more</a>
Ultimate Undead Collection: The Zombie Apocalypse Best Sellers Boxed Set (10 Books)
Joe McKinney, Bobby Adair, Michaelbrent Collings, David Moody, Shawn Chesser, Sarah Lyons Fleming, Timothy W. Long, Rachel Aukes, Eric A. Shelman, Armand Rosamilia, T.W. Piperbrook
IndieWrites, Inc. , English
TORMENT - A Novel of Dark Horror - Jeremy Bishop

TORMENT - A Novel of Dark HorrorJeremy Bishop

4 ratings
Average wait: 2d, 6h

Jeremy Bishop’s first pulse-pounding novel is a horrific tale of post-apocalyptic terror that is one part zombie story and one part Dante’s Inferno. The story asks hard questions and generates strong emotions in everyone who reads it—anger,… more

TORMENT - A Novel of Dark Horror
Jeremy Bishop
Breakneck Media , English