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The Coma Companion - M. S. Dobing

The Coma CompanionM. S. Dobing

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When Doctor David Baines creates a machine that allows him to directly enter the mind of a comatose patient, he encounters a twisted reality that, rather than being the inner workings of one person’s mind, is actually a limbo world beyond l… more

The Coma Companion
M. S. Dobing
M. S. Dobing , English
Being Buried: An Essay Explo... - David Bain

Being Buried: An Essay Explo...David Bain

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Of this essay, author David Bain says: “I wrote this essay several years ago. I wrote it almost exclusively for myself; I never sought, until now, to have it published. While I can’t say I never take a drink anymore, my relationship to alco… more

Being Buried: An Essay Exploring the Darker Origins of the Author’s Love/Hate Relationship with Alcohol
David Bain
War Wounds: A Civil War Ghost Story - David Bain

War Wounds: A Civil War Ghost StoryDavid Bain

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NOTE: “War Wounds: A Civil War Ghost Story” also appears in David Bain’s short story collection SHADOWS, WHISPERSSHIVERS

This is a short story about two brothers fighting for the north and their ghostly fates during the midst of the Civi… more

War Wounds: A Civil War Ghost Story
David Bain
a/a Productions , English
Brujas Behind Bars - David Bain

Brujas Behind BarsDavid Bain

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Brujas Behind Bars” - Marcy justs wants to do her prison time quietly, but a spell-caster from a rival coven incarcerated in the same facility has different ideas.

David Bain is the author of DEATH SIGHT: A WILL CASTLETON NOVEL and GRAYmore

Brujas Behind Bars
David Bain
a/a Productions , English
Under An Invisible Shadow - David Bain

Under An Invisible ShadowDavid Bain

An epistolarly post-apocalyptic road story detailing the dying-off of the zombie hordes and the rise of a new threat - though most of humanity can’t see it at all. This story is currently available in two print anthologies - Dead But Dreami… more

Under An Invisible Shadow
David Bain
A/A Productions , English
Dark Blue Shadows: A Campfire Story - David Bain

Dark Blue Shadows: A Campfire StoryDavid Bain

This is a very short story - about 1,000 words - designed specifically to be told around a campfire. The target age is children of approximately 10 or so. The story was previously published in KID VISIONS magazine.Of this story, author Davi… more

Dark Blue Shadows: A Campfire Story
David Bain
a/a Productions , English
THE PIT OF CORMAIR: A Shin a... - David Bain

THE PIT OF CORMAIR: A Shin a...David Bain

NOTE: “The Pit of Cormair” also appears in DAVID BAIN’S GRINDHOUSE QUINTUPLE FEATURE - a collection of novellettes inspired by over-the-top B movie cinema. Skulk the Skull-faced has wearied of adventuring and sunk into a despair of drink an… more

THE PIT OF CORMAIR: A Shin and Skulk High Fantasy Sword and Sorcery Adventure
David Bain
a/a Productions , English
David Bain's Grindhouse Quin... - David Bain

David Bain's Grindhouse Quin...David Bain

Coming soon to an e-reader near you! Five novelettes inspired by intentionally over-the-top, genre-jumping, smart-but-schlocky B-movie grindhouse cinema! For one low price you get David Bain’s CAULDRON CAR, BRUJAS BEHIND BARS, THE COWBOYS O… more

David Bain’s Grindhouse Quintuple Feature! (Stories Inspired by B-Movie Cinema)
David Bain
a/a Productions , English
Faith and Protection: Two Ta... - David Bain, Wayne Allen Sallee

Faith and Protection: Two Ta...David Bain, Wayne Allen Sallee

David Bain and Wayne Allen Sallee are known mostly for their dark thriller and horror fiction. These two tales are their individual responses to the events of September 11, 2001.

Faith: A 9-11 Story - A clergyman’s life changes when he dis… more

Faith and Protection: Two Tales of September 11, 2001 (Green River Crime & Horror)
David Bain, Wayne Allen Sallee
a/a Productions , English
The Trunk: A Killer Ghost St... - David Bain

The Trunk: A Killer Ghost St...David Bain

Note: “The Trunk” also appears in David Bain’s story collection DARKER CORRIDORS.

Mike has a problem. He’s done a shady deal or two and now he’s locked in the trunk of a car. The man who put him there said the trunk also contains one mean … more

The Trunk: A Killer Ghost Story (Green River Crime & Horror)
David Bain
a/a Productions , English
About the Stars, About the Rain - David Bain

About the Stars, About the RainDavid Bain

ABOUT THE STARS, ABOUT THE RAIN is a short story from David Bain’s collection NIGHT WRITING.

About a family on a camping trip trying to save their marriage, this is one of David Bain’s trademark genre-mixing tales. “About the Stars, About … more

About the Stars, About the Rain
David Bain
a/a Productions , English
Bigfoot Wars: Tales of The S... - Eric S. Brown

Bigfoot Wars: Tales of The S...Eric S. Brown

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Bigfoot Wars: Tales of the Sasquatch Apocalypse collects all the stories written in the universe of the Bigfoot War series over the years. It includes tales of Sasquatch attacks during the American Civil War and in the Dark Ages of Europe … more

Bigfoot Wars: Tales of The Sasquatch Apocalypse
Eric S. Brown
TWO KILLERS - David Bain, Wayne Allen Sallee

TWO KILLERSDavid Bain, Wayne Allen Sallee

Two stories. Two authors. TWO KILLERS.

In Wayne Allen Sallee’s “Let No Dogs Befoul Me”, an ex-con seeks revenge against the priest who abused him and set him off on a life of crime…

In “Hellcat Prom Night” by David Bain, a traveler me… more

David Bain, Wayne Allen Sallee
a/a Productions , English
House Cleaning: A Messy Ghos... - David Bain

House Cleaning: A Messy Ghos...David Bain

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This is a humorous short story about a family who, struggle as they might, just can’t manage to keep their house clean. Eventually, the man of the house begins to suspect a supernatural cause…

David Bain is the author of the Will Castlet… more

House Cleaning: A Messy Ghost Story (Green River Crime & Horror)
David Bain
a/a Productions , English
Those Who Can, Help (Green R... - David Bain

Those Who Can, Help (Green R...David Bain

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NOTE: “Those Who Can, Help” also appears in David Bain’s short story collection NIGHT WRITING.

Shelly works third shift in a home for developmentally disabled people. After accidentally falling asleep one night, she finds her chores are no… more

Those Who Can, Help (Green River Crime & Horror)
David Bain
a/a Productions , English
Gifts - David Bain

GiftsDavid Bain

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Gifts” is a very short story.

Her cheeks flushed. “I’m trying to get to Cleveland for Christmas. To my sister’s. I’m … I’m kinda broke.”

“Sure, I can help - but listen, let me buy you dinner. Whatever you want.”

Her name was Kathy and … more

David Bain
a/a Productions , English
Band of Gypsies - David Bain, C. Dennis Moore

Band of GypsiesDavid Bain, C. Dennis Moore

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Cosmic evil has returned to the Buckley farm… It starts with a dream, a warning. But it’s a warning that arrives too late. The Gypsies aren’t coming - they’re here. His grandmother and nephew are the first to fall to the demonic invaders,… more

Band of Gypsies
David Bain, C. Dennis Moore
a/a Productions , English
A Deeper Level (Green River ... - David Bain

A Deeper Level (Green River ...David Bain

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NOTE: This tale also appears in David Bain’s GREEN RIVER CRIME STORIES collection..

Heather is the only friend Jay has left, and she’s questioning him. And here’s Brenda, who just wants attention - and someone to fight her boyfriend. Alre… more

A Deeper Level (Green River Crime & Horror)
David Bain
a/a Productions , English
While the City Sleeps: Crime... - David Bain

While the City Sleeps: Crime...David Bain

This early collection by David Bain features nine gritty tales of small-city ghosts, crime and transgression, running the gamut from grim humor to stark horror. From the same mileu as David Bain’s novel of crime and the supernatural, GRAY L… more

While the City Sleeps: Crime and Ghost Stories from Green River
David Bain
a/a Productions , English
Terror Is Our Trade (Green R... - C. Dennis Moore, David Bain,...

Terror Is Our Trade (Green R...C. Dennis Moore, David Bain,...

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SPECIALLY PRICED SAMPLER!!!! C. Dennis Moore, author of the Amazon horror bestseller The Third Floor and Revelations, and David Bain, author of Gray Lake and Death Sight, have put together a collection trading ten terrifying tales back and… more

Terror Is Our Trade (Green River Crime & Horror/Angel Hill)
C. Dennis Moore, David Bain, Daryl Burns
a/a Productions , English