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Contract: Deception - John Dowds

Contract: DeceptionJohn Dowds

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The story is set in post conflict Belfast, where organised criminal gangs take advantage of the vacuum left by the paramilitary groups. In this environment private detective Danny Quinn struggles to prevent his own life from imploding, and … more

Contract: Deception
John Dowds
J C Dowds , English
Luna Scura - John Dowds

Luna ScuraJohn Dowds

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Luna Scura was originally created in the 1950’s to sort out internal disputes within the Mafia. It has evolved into an organisation that uses hired assassins to murder people that wealthy, well-connected individual’s decide they want killed… more

Luna Scura
John Dowds
John Dowds , English
Friar's Bush Murder - John Dowds

Friar's Bush MurderJohn Dowds

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A killer searches Belfast for Joey Dickson, who is in hiding after he witnessed the man burning the body of one of his victim’s. In desperation Dickson turns to Private Detective, Danny Quinn, who, despite being deeply involved in the frant… more

Friar’s Bush Murder
John Dowds
The Mighty Quinns: Danny - Kate Hoffmann

The Mighty Quinns: DannyKate Hoffmann

Interior designer Jordan Kennally is furious when she’s shut out of the family business and assigned to convert an old mansion…in Ireland. So long, Big Apple; hello, Emerald Isle! But then Jordan catches a glimpse of blacksmith Danny Quinn…. more

The Mighty Quinns: Danny
Kate Hoffmann
Harlequin Blaze , English