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Stay With Me - Sharon A. Austin

Stay With MeSharon A. Austin

Following the untimely death of his parents, Daniel, a teenage outcast, reluctantly moves into his uncle's home in the country where he's left feeling even more friendless and isolated. He discovers a lonely girl is haunting the old mansi... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00CLUG0WO/#editorial-review">more</a>
Stay With Me
Sharon A. Austin
Sharon A. Austin , English
Daniel ? ? Song: The leper, ... - Daniel  Song

Daniel ? ? Song: The leper, ...Daniel Song

Average wait: N/A

About the author, Daniel ? ? Song, and his writing about himself, his observations and attempt at understanding and describing life and himself in a kind of monologue.

Daniel ? ? Song: The leper, daniel : book a
Daniel Song
Booktango , English
Pony Play (Sealed with a Kin... - Sean Michael

Pony Play (Sealed with a Kin...Sean Michael

2 ratings
Average wait: 45d, 6h

Jack’s life is typical—typical barely-there boyfriend, typical shitty job, typical tiny apartment in the city. But when Jack is dropped off at Wellbrooke Pony Farm in the middle of nowhere, his life goes from typical to interesting in two s… more

Pony Play (Sealed with a Kink, Book Three) by Sean Michael
Sean Michael
Resplendence Publishing, LLC , English
Full Moon - She Wolf Series ... - Stephany Taylor

Full Moon - She Wolf Series ...Stephany Taylor

Eva has always been shy and considerate of everyone’s feelings.How will she take it when she meets her mate Daniel. Eva does not hide the fact that she is not interested in having a mate. But when their lives are constantly being thrown tog… more

Full Moon - She Wolf Series (She-Wolf Series)
Stephany Taylor
Hardening (Hard Series) - Jamieson Wolf

Hardening (Hard Series)Jamieson Wolf

Average wait: N/A

When Daniel leaves him, Owen wonders if he will ever love again. Thankfully, you don’t need love to have hot sex…Owen thought he had everything he’d ever wanted.In love with his best friend Daniel, Owen is thrilled when they finally explo… more

Hardening (Hard Series)
Jamieson Wolf
Breathless Press , English
The Beast Awakens, Tales of ... - Selena Noire

The Beast Awakens, Tales of ...Selena Noire

Average wait: N/A

Struggling to get used to his new home Deadfalls, student Daniel finds himself alone in the woods one fateful night where he’s stalked by some force hiding in the shadows. He wakes up the next day with no memory as to what happened, but soo… more

The Beast Awakens, Tales of the Wolf: Submission, Worship and Domination (Collected Edition: Volumes I, II & III)
Selena Noire
Package Deal - Bob Stein

Package DealBob Stein

Average wait: N/A

Fourteen year-old Daniel and two friends figure out a way to use a credit card they found in an old lady’s trash - but they aren’t the only ones making use of her conveniently vacant house. There’s an extra package mixed in with their stol… more

Package Deal
Bob Stein
Caught - A.B.  Gayle

CaughtA.B. Gayle

2 ratings
Average wait: 3d, 8h

Winner of third place for Gay Contemporary Romance in the 2011 Rainbow Awards.When Daniel’s invalid landlady asks for his help preventing a possible suicide from the clifftop near their home, he doesn’t want to disappoint her. So he grits h… more

A.B. Gayle
Dreamspinner Press , English
La última oportunidad (Spani... - Carlos Cuauhtémoc Sánchez

La última oportunidad (Spani...Carlos Cuauhtémoc Sánchez

Average wait: N/A

Una novela sobre matrimonio.Hay decisiones que marcan el futuro. Leer este libro puede ser una de ellas.Guillermo está convencido de que casarse con Shaden fue un error. Sus temperamentos chocan. Ella no se siente amada y él es sumamente e… more

La última oportunidad (Spanish Edition)
Carlos Cuauhtémoc Sánchez
Ediciones Selectas Diamante , Spanish
Daniel's Pet - C.L Gristwood

Daniel's PetC.L Gristwood

Average wait: N/A

Nine year old Daniel wants just one thing in life- his own pet…. So when a chance encounter with an injured fox cub results in him being given the opportunity to look after it, he jumps at the chance. Soon the quiet idyllic farm life of Dan… more

Daniel’s Pet
C.L Gristwood
Seventh Realm Productions , English
The Mystery In The Playhouse - Daniel Krygsveld

The Mystery In The PlayhouseDaniel Krygsveld

Average wait: N/A

The Mystery in the Playhouse Synopsis

Daniel is staying at his uncles farm for the summer. He discovers an old playhouse on the farm and is intrigued by it. His uncle has told him to stay out of the playhouse. Daniel is drawn to the play… more

The Mystery In The Playhouse
Daniel Krygsveld
Xlibris , English
For the Love of Daniel - Ann Goffe

For the Love of DanielAnn Goffe

Average wait: N/A

Daniel was a handsome, charismatic bundle of contradictions. Socially anxious, widely popular, he lived with the sensitivity of an angel, and the self-destructiveness of a demon. By his early teenage years he had been diagnosed with bipola… more

For the Love of Daniel
Ann Goffe
Open Door Publications , English
The Man at the Cemetery - Marcy Blesy

The Man at the CemeteryMarcy Blesy

When Daniel’s wife of forty years dies suddenly, he is thrown into his grief. He finds peace at the cemetery which he visits daily despite his adult children’s objections. Moving through the stages of grief, Daniel speaks with his wife, sha… more

The Man at the Cemetery
Marcy Blesy
Fisting the Pregnant Strange... - Pandora Box

Fisting the Pregnant Strange...Pandora Box

Average wait: N/A

18-year old Daniel has never so much as kissed a girl, let alone seen one in the nude. So when he walks in on the near-stranger that he lives with masturbating, he doesn’t know what to think - should he leave and pretend he hasn’t seen anyt… more

Fisting the Pregnant Stranger (Taboo Sex/First Time Fisting)
Pandora Box
Naked in the Sun - Dorla Moorehouse

Naked in the SunDorla Moorehouse

Average wait: N/A

Andy has spent the last year nursing his partner, Daniel, through an illness that left Daniel completely blind. Andy has been nothing but gentle, considerate, and careful with Daniel, who’s depressed and frustrated with the situation. Exact… more

Naked in the Sun
Dorla Moorehouse
Fantastic Fiction Publishing , English
Journey Into Babylon, Daniel... - Raymer Caddell

Journey Into Babylon, Daniel...Raymer Caddell

When sixteen-year-old Daniel wakes up from a terrifying dream, there are two things he knows without a doubt.1. That his life is about change. 2. That they are coming for him.Journey into Babylon is his story. Set in modern-day times, Journ… more

Journey Into Babylon, Daniel’s Story
Raymer Caddell
Raymer Caddell , English
The Joy of Fatherhood (A Sho... - Robert Lake

The Joy of Fatherhood (A Sho...Robert Lake

Daniel has just become a dad, and as a result, he believes his life is over. But Daniel’s father disagrees, and despite their rocky relationship, he’s determined to show his son that fatherhood has its rewards.

The Joy of Fatherhood (A Short Story)
Robert Lake
L & W Books , English
The Land of Empty Houses - John L. Moore

The Land of Empty HousesJohn L. Moore

Average wait: N/A

In the not-so-distant future a courageous soldier named Daniel may be the only hope for a world threatened by heretics, racists, and savages. Known for his bravery and pure heart, Daniel guides Deborah, a beautiful and mysterious woman, thr… more

The Land of Empty Houses
John L. Moore
Hammonasset Wild Child: An E... - Daniel R. Totz

Hammonasset Wild Child: An E...Daniel R. Totz

Average wait: N/A

“Hammonasset Wild Child” is a unique, true, personal account, a transformation and coming of age story of an only child who found an escape to a magical paradise camping at the beach, a state park in Madison Connecticut. These are the adve… more

Hammonasset Wild Child: An Escape to Paradise
Daniel R. Totz
Xlibris , English
Rough Cut Diamond - Marisa Mikel

Rough Cut DiamondMarisa Mikel

Lisa just wanted to have a normal life and when she met Daniel, it all seemed to be coming together. It was nothing like her life before him.Her past life was a distant memory, but you really couldn’t even call it a life. Michael controll… more

Rough Cut Diamond
Marisa Mikel