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Nikki has ventured into hosting an erotic art show at her gallery. While the sculptures and paintings expose the joys of sexuality, Nikki and her mate, Dancer, have discovered that certain visitors are exploring sexual spontaneity right und… more

David Reilly
David Reilly , English
Reborn To You - Kristal McKerrington, Joe E. Legend

Reborn To YouKristal McKerrington, Joe E. Legend

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From fighting for her life, children’s star, dancer then author. Kristal shares it all with the support of friends. What made this author who she is today, find out when Arthritis comes up against the Scottish Spitfire.”

Reborn To You
Kristal McKerrington, Joe E. Legend
Solstice Publishing , English
Ellie's Partner (Home Schooled) - Alexia Stark

Ellie's Partner (Home Schooled)Alexia Stark

Average wait: < 1h

“Yep. Go. You never finish what you start.” I’ve always been a dancer. When my partner – aka the man of the house - ruined my dance career and walked out of my life, I refused to quit.

I’m desperate to make a clean start, but when the pas… more

Ellie’s Partner (Home Schooled)
Alexia Stark
Stark Erotica , English
Comanche Flame - Madeline Baker

Comanche FlameMadeline Baker

Average wait: N/A

Dancer is a man of dark secrets and even darker passions. From the moment he saves Jessica from certain death, she is drawn to him with a fevered yearning. Even when Dancer returns to his people, Jessica can’t forget her once-in-a-lifetime … more

Comanche Flame
Madeline Baker
Montlake Romance , English
Drawing Down the Stars - Amanda McCarter

Drawing Down the StarsAmanda McCarter

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Light years away from Earth, the last remnants of humanity struggle to survive. A cataclysm hundreds of years ago knocked the planet off course, throwing the small colony into an endless, frigid night. With no light to heat their world, man… more

Drawing Down the Stars
Amanda McCarter
Evil Panda Press , English
The Millionaire's Secret - Susan Stevens, Jasmine Bowen

The Millionaire's SecretSusan Stevens, Jasmine Bowen

Average wait: 1h

Their marriage was a sham to begin with. The 19 year old dancer who grew up in foster care, needed a green card to continue to dance in the country. He didn’t believe in love, nor did he have any interest in a relationship. But when they fe… more

The Millionaire’s Secret
Susan Stevens, Jasmine Bowen
New Performer (Worlds Apart, #3) - Lisa Williamson

New Performer (Worlds Apart, #3)Lisa Williamson

A new woman has joined Tamio’s troop. A dancer, sleek and limber and more than she seems.  A star traveler who has never felt the pull of a planet’s moon.  She will learn much about a world and herself.   A Worlds Apart short story

New Performer (Worlds Apart, #3)
Lisa Williamson
Lisa Williamson , English
Grindr Diary: Real Life and ... - Tony Green

Grindr Diary: Real Life and ...Tony Green

Average wait: N/A

Three short stories are from the authors personal Cruising Diary. All identities of those involved have been made anonymous. Names, locations and other specifics have been substituted.

Warning: This is Hard Core Gay erotic story, unsuitabl… more

Grindr Diary: Real Life and True Cruising Stories: May 2014
Tony Green
Tony Green , English
Pinned by the Bowling Team - Cheri Verset

Pinned by the Bowling TeamCheri Verset

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For his birthday, Nick’s bowling team got him a dancer after hours. But it turns out he knows the not-so-innocent lady. Beautiful Krissy actually lives under his roof!

Will he stop his buddies from getting what they paid for with her, or w… more

Pinned by the Bowling Team
Cheri Verset
Licensed To Thrill : A Sexy ... - Georgia Dane

Licensed To Thrill : A Sexy ...Georgia Dane

Average wait: N/A

Synopsis : Anika, a beautiful and sexy secret agent seduces her target using all her womanly guiles to gain access to his secret knowledge. In the first in a series of short stories we follow Anika as she employs her various skills, both se… more

Licensed To Thrill : A Sexy Spy Thriller (Anika Book 1)
Georgia Dane
A Walk in the Park - My erot... - Bella Kate

A Walk in the Park - My erot...Bella Kate

Preview:Bones watched Cat as they walked along the edge of the park heading back to ‘her place.’ He loved his wife dearly and couldn’t wait to get her home to show her just home much. He had to remind himself about their roles tonight, she … more

A Walk in the Park - My erotic fantasy
Bella Kate
Try To Remember - Frank Herbert

Try To RememberFrank Herbert

Average wait: N/A

The science language―an overly-neglected field for the extrapolations science-fiction―is put brilliant use in this powerful story. Against a background ultimate peril from a galactic invader, man (in this case, woman) back beyond Babel to r… more

Try To Remember
Frank Herbert
Wonder eBooks , English
Wet Korea: Let's Get Married - Secret Love

Wet Korea: Let's Get MarriedSecret Love

Average wait: N/A

Hot Asian dancer ravages the tight, virgin snatch if his beautiful co-star and television “wife.” Horny sex goes Gangnam Style.Customer service, issues or feedback? secretloveworld@mixmail.com

Wet Korea: Let’s Get Married
Secret Love
JMC Worldwide Publishing , English


Average wait: N/A

Billy’s friends take him to a seedy strip club called “The Pleasure Palace” for his birthday and to forget about his ex girlfriend, but when they set him up with a dancer who bears an uncanny resemblance to her, he gets more than any of the… more

Jeff Chitty
The Monk and the Dancer - Arthur Cosslett Smith

The Monk and the DancerArthur Cosslett Smith

Average wait: N/A

A touching tale dated in the past about the forbidden love and lust of a monk and the dancer. “Ah, those cries are sweet for her”

The Monk and the Dancer
Arthur Cosslett Smith
Soaked On Stage (Couple Erotica) - Jane Morgan

Soaked On Stage (Couple Erotica)Jane Morgan

In this 2357 word erotic short story a female erotic dancer returns home from work and writes about the night in her diary. She explains how she works the crowd and gives them and a special guest a little something extra to remember her by…. more

Soaked On Stage (Couple Erotica)
Jane Morgan
Caran Books , English
Damage - Anya Parrish

DamageAnya Parrish

Average wait: N/A

There was a time when I prayed for Rachel to be real—it ended the night she tried to kill me. When Dani was eight, she fell from a building. No one believed her claim that she was pushed by Rachel, her imaginary friend. It took years of t… more

Anya Parrish
Flux , English
Photography For Beginners-Le... - Youssef Sherief

Photography For Beginners-Le...Youssef Sherief

To release yourѕеlf frоm thе ball аnd chain оf thе automatic mode аnd truly gain control ovеr yоur camera, you’ll nееd tо understand sоme basic concepts оf photography. In thiѕ article, wе talk abоut onе crucial element оf photography, time… more

Photography For Beginners-Learn How To Capture Motion With A Slow Shutter Speed
Youssef Sherief
Corruption - Jack Greene

CorruptionJack Greene

Average wait: N/A

When Tom went to a dance club with his friends, he wasn’t looking for love. What he found was a sexy young male dancer who turns his life inside out.Tom’s never had a male lover but when he meets Cameron he can’t get him out of his mind. To… more

Jack Greene
Phaze Books , English


DO you know how to dance? If you don’t, let’s do something aboutit. There are numerous occasions when you will wish you knewhow to dance—parties to which you will be invited where everyoneis dancing, or you may find yourself in the position… more

Betty White