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Dana's Renaissance Romp - An...Amy Morrel

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Dana had a date and he was taking her to the Renaissance Fair. When he found out that she liked the fair he claimed to enjoy it as well before asking her to go with him. Unfortunately she found out that he had been lying. She abandoned him … more

Dana’s Renaissance Romp - An Erotic Tale
Amy Morrel
Amy Morrel , English

Seduction of the Slayer's Da...Chelsea Rockner

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This story is a mirror of Claiming the Slayer’s Son 2: Blood Training (Gay Vampire Paranormal Erotic Romance BDSM Yaoi)Dana loves her life and sex with her Vampiric Sire, Vallos, but as former vampire slayer still is very reluctant to d… more

Seduction of the Slayer’s Daughter 2 (Vampire Paranormal Erotic Romance BDSM) (Forbidden Blood)
Chelsea Rockner
Chelsea Rockner , English


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AUNTIE GETS TOUGHER-Dana’s unique adventures in flirty dresses, fitted skirts, silky lingerie, feminine makeup and high heels. Did he learn his lesson? Illustrated. Quote Board. In the Pink. TV FICTION CLASSICS #73. 80 pages

Sandy Thomas
Sandy Thomas Advertising , English

Dana of the Whispering Wood ...Lesley Speller

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In the kingdom of Sithein, almost everyone believes in the magic of the fairies. Unfortunately when the Red Dragon’s forces threaten the kingdom, the fairies can’t save them, but maybe the magic of one young woman can. Patrick doesn’t kno… more

Dana of the Whispering Wood (The Women of Sithein)
Lesley Speller

Dana's Mailman: A Story of P...Maura Rossi

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Dana, 45 and about to be divorced, feels that life has passed her by. Her husband and her body both betrayed her. She knows there will be no more excitement or romance for her. Someone unexpected offers her a very different, very passiona… more

Dana’s Mailman: A Story of Passion & Love in Mid-Life
Maura Rossi

The Wager, Forced into BondageAlan Gregory, Dana Gregory

Dana’s husband discovers her secret diary of sexual fantasy and learns of her desire to be taken and dominated by unknown men where her only function is to please them. Follow Dana on her unwilling journey as her husband sets in motion ev… more

The Wager, Forced into Bondage
Alan Gregory, Dana Gregory
Alan Gregory, Dana Gregory , English

Forcing Phil to SubmissionR. Harding

Phil is about to learn a hard lesson. He was straight and dated his girlfriend Dana. He had a real aversion about effeminate gay guys. Often he embarrassed her when they went out together when he made fun of them. She often warned him of hi… more

Forcing Phil to Submission
R. Harding

Jehovah's Key Witness (Josh ...Alex Wilson

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Josh and Dana have new neighbors and they’re not nice. What are these tattooed ex-cons up to? Josh and Dana cross paths with them with scary consequences. Will they lose their home…again? Can Dana’s ‘magic underwear’ allow her to be found… more

Jehovah’s Key Witness (Josh & Dana series)
Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson , English

Mysterious Nights, Séances, ...Jean Marie Rusin

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Dana, The Meduim, that sees and speaks to the “DEAD” Sometime I help them cross-over to the light. Sometime I take them home and they can say “Goodbye to there loved one’s. Then they crossed over, with my help, I also do Seances, and I visi… more

Mysterious Nights, Séances, Ghostly Hauntings!
Jean Marie Rusin
AuthorHouse , English

Body FamilyLinda Powell

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It all started Saturday morning at 11 am when Dana looked at her hair and said, “I don’t like you.” Her body parts panicked. Who would be next? This fear started a dissention among the body parts. They divided into two opposing camps. Dana’… more

Body Family
Linda Powell
Linda T. Powell , English

For a Knight or Two (Histori...Penelope Gaudreau

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The Lady Dana wants only one thing: to escape from marriage to the vile Lord Sincrest. When her flight is brought up short by two knights, she must choose: give up her virginity to join their Order, which is known for its debauched ways, or… more

For a Knight or Two (Historical Fantasy Erotica)
Penelope Gaudreau

Easy Ways To A Flat Belly: R...Dana Tebow

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Great Starter Report For Flat Belly Diet This is a full report on the reasons why men and women have trouble in achieving weight loss, and maintaining the loss and ultimately looks on how to get and keep a flat belly. This is only a brief … more

Easy Ways To A Flat Belly: Report On Flat Belly Lifestyle And Diet Get Fit & Firm At Any Age (Flat Belly Diet)
Dana Tebow
Blue Shift Publishing LLC , English

PostE.L Paraone

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Dana-May newly turned eighteen year old, has a series of horrible birthdays which dramatically changes her life and usually for the worse. But, this year she is determined to change her crappy fate and turn the tables, creating a Birthday B… more

E.L Paraone
E.L Paraone , English

Hazard (Josh & Dana)Alex Wilson

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Josh and Dana (introduced in ‘The Maine Event’) run into unexpected hostility in the hills of Eastern Kentucky while on an innocent history research visit. Some locals with secrets to keep suspect Dana of being a government snitch bent on d… more

Hazard (Josh & Dana)
Alex Wilson
Alex M. Wilson , English

Hard DriveAmbrielle Kirk

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When Dana seeks out Carlos’s computer expertise, he never expected the daring beauty would rev up his libido.Content with his computer business, Carlos is happy with his choices in life…until a confident Nubian beauty walks into his store. … more

Hard Drive
Ambrielle Kirk
Breathless Press , English

Anal Erotica: Three Quickies #1Michael California

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Anal Erotica” is an explicit and intense erotica series featuring some of the most scorching anal scenes online! “Anal Erotica: Three Quickies #1” features three stories from “Anal Erotica: Volume 1.”“Secret Anal Fun” - Ginger is a hot, yo… more

Anal Erotica: Three Quickies #1
Michael California

Hooks In MeAnna Black

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Vivion meets the man of her dreams Matthew by pureaccident, when she bumped into him on her first day of college. Theyimmediately connect, but Matthew has a secret. His secret is Dana, an ex thatis hooked on him too and doesn’t want to give… more

Hooks In Me
Anna Black
Black House Publishing , English

Tom's Deadly Revenge An Adu...Kathy Barnett

This ghost short story is for “Adults only.” It contains sexual content and is a psychological thriller.

We always want to think that our siblings will do anything to help us out when we are growing up or during our adult lives. This give… more

Tom’s Deadly Revenge An Adult Ghost Short Story
Kathy Barnett
Amazon.com , English

Decadent DelightsGail DeYoung

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Chocolate and sex—two of life’s most decadent pleasures—are the marketing tools Dana uses to lure customers to her erotic candy store. Her sexy dancing gets her customers hot and bothered for her confections, and Trevor, owner of Trevor’s T… more

Decadent Delights
Gail DeYoung
Ellora’s Cave , English

Cop Car: Back Seat (Alex's A...Musk Ryder

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Alex has to walk home from a lesbian nightclub, after Dana leaves her there, and she is stopped by a butch police woman who has just one thing in mind. Later, Dana and Alex get emotionally closer.

Enjoy this erotic short story!


Cop Car: Back Seat (Alex’s Adventures)
Musk Ryder