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Rush, Rush Away War Angel - ipam

Rush, Rush Away War Angelipam

Teen love/hate/war/peace  101,000 words.Argus, Bo, Tina, Tilly, Jake, Dallas, and angels fight with Satan and his demons in a mall on Planet Earth.Thank you for reading my novels….ipam

Rush, Rush Away War Angel
Pamela Joan Barlow , English
On the Banks of Lethe - James L. Grant

On the Banks of LetheJames L. Grant

One day Charles receives a voicemail from a frantic woman who notes all the time they spent together when they were younger. She’s coming to Dallas to be with him; and she still loves him. Charles has no idea who she is. This is a story of … more

On the Banks of Lethe
James L. Grant
StoneGarden.net Publishing , English
Living Dead in Dallas by Cha... - BookRags

Living Dead in Dallas by Cha...BookRags

Average wait: N/A

Living Dead in Dallas Study Guide consists of approx. 32 pages of summaries and analysis on Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris.

This study guide includes the following sections: Plot Summary, Chapter Summaries & Analysis, Characters… more

Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris | Summary & Study Guide
Think Of A Pink Ship - Michael Canfield

Think Of A Pink ShipMichael Canfield

Clay has a choice: give up his new job in Dallas, or get a divorce. Clay doesn’t like thinking about the things that brought Molly and him to this point. Now, traversing the empty and terrifyingly beautiful southwestern badlands, he’ll have… more

Think Of A Pink Ship
Michael Canfield
Vauk House , English
Sweet Surrender - Maya Banks

Sweet SurrenderMaya Banks

4 ratings

First Book in the Sweet Series by Maya Banks, and it “might just singe your fingertips off.”—New York Times bestselling author Nalini SinghUnder Faith Malone’s soft exterior lies a woman who knows what she wants: A man who’ll take without a… more

Sweet Surrender
Maya Banks
Berkley , English
Crystal Ashe 4:Crystal Rises - Gunnar Lawrence

Crystal Ashe 4:Crystal RisesGunnar Lawrence

Crystal escapes the Sleeth onslaught only to find herself and Griffin chasing another traveler through time who is causing tidal wave sized ripples in the anomaly map. This time, the destination is Dallas, 1963 where they have to correct a … more

Crystal Ashe 4:Crystal Rises
Gunnar Lawrence
Gunnar Lawrence , English
The Final Addition (Wolf Har... - Flynn Eire

The Final Addition (Wolf Har...Flynn Eire

Average wait: N/A

Note: This title was previously published under Joyee Flynn. It has been re-edited, however, there are no significant changes. In the last book of the Wolf Harem series, all questions will be answered. Five will now become six, but will… more

The Final Addition (Wolf Harem Book 4)
Flynn Eire
Supernatural Script Inc. , English
Duffle Bag Bitches 2 - Alicia Howard

Duffle Bag Bitches 2Alicia Howard

1 rating
Average wait: 259d, 8h

Duffle Bag Bitches 2 brings back all of your favorite characters from the first book with even more twists and turns. Dallas returns with a new mission to pull off with the help of the Duffle Bag Boys and Duffle Bag Bitches. Will Zane and … more

Duffle Bag Bitches 2
Alicia Howard
SBR Publications , English
Justin (Dallas Billionaires Book 2) - Kirsten Osbourne

Justin (Dallas Billionaires Book 2)Kirsten Osbourne

Average wait: 206d, 12h

Book Two in the Dallas Billionaires Trilogy. When a relatively new employee comes to his office to talk about some trouble in the Human Resources department, Justin feels such a strong physical attraction to her, he’s ready to throw all hi… more

Justin (Dallas Billionaires Book 2)
Kirsten Osbourne
Unlimited Dreams Publishing , English
The Midnight Guest        A ... - Fred  M White

The Midnight Guest A ...Fred M White

Average wait: N/A

Ravenspur was speaking quietly and easily now. He had altogether regained control of himself save for an occasional twitching of his lips. He paced up and down the room thoughtfully for some time, utterly unconscious of Dallas’ sharp scruti… more

The Midnight Guest A Detective Story
Fred M White
Str8 Ballin' - Johnny Wilson

Str8 Ballin'Johnny Wilson

A riveting story from the streetz of Dallas, where money, power, and greed rule. Sex is everywhere, loyalty is everything, and betrayal’s always lurking. Jealousy and envy come with tha’ territory if you Str8 Ballin’. From block hustling to… more

Str8 Ballin’
Johnny Wilson
AuthorHouse , English
Final Boarding (Turbulence Book 8) - Jordan Castillo Price

Final Boarding (Turbulence Book 8)Jordan Castillo Price

2 ratings

Paul is desperate to find a way out of the turbulence. He’s located Marlin’s black box and found it full of random clippings. He’s matched Marlin’s final email to a snippet of a nursery rhyme. With his avenues of investigation exhausted, Pa… more

Final Boarding (Turbulence Book 8)
Jordan Castillo Price
JCP Books, LLC , English
Steven (Dallas Billionaires Book 1) - Kirsten Osbourne

Steven (Dallas Billionaires Book 1)Kirsten Osbourne

1 rating
Average wait: N/A

Book One in the Dallas Billionaires Trilogy. When the younger sister of a woman he used to date shows up at his house with a child she claims is his, he convinces her they’d be better off living with him than simply taking child support fr… more

Steven (Dallas Billionaires Book 1)
Kirsten Osbourne
Unlimited Dreams Publishing , English
Cheating Husbands Sex Storie... - Anna Horn

Cheating Husbands Sex Storie...Anna Horn

Billy had always remained faithful to his wife, but he never had to face a temptation like Dallas. After bringing him lunch, flirting, and then removing her shirt and inviting him to touch, Billy doesn’t have a chance. But if he’s going to … more

Cheating Husbands Sex Stories XXX: Gotta Play (Cheating Husband Sex Stories XXX)
Anna Horn
Dallas Seduces the Girls - Lucy Lick

Dallas Seduces the GirlsLucy Lick

Poor Dallas is tired of chauffeuring the girls around and doing their bidding, but things heat up when Dallas discovers the girls are keeping more than one secret—and this new one is far more dangerous and revealing than the last. Finally, … more

Dallas Seduces the Girls
Lucy Lick
Excessica Publishing , English
DALLAS KNIGHT'S SAVANNAH: "A... - Vernistene Dulin


Average wait: N/A

There is someone born for everyone. You just have to keep an open heart to know who they are and allow them in. I did that with Dallas and him with me. Savannah is the love of Dallas’s life. She is under his skin like fire in his veins. He … more

Vernistene Dulin
The Final Addition (Wolf Harem) - Joyee Flynn

The Final Addition (Wolf Harem)Joyee Flynn

In the last installment of the Wolf Harem series, all questions will be answered. Five will now become six, but will he be invited to their bed?Dallas showed up for the wrong reasons and Spencer biting him was an accident in the sense he di… more

The Final Addition (Wolf Harem)
Joyee Flynn
Silver Publishing , English
Ravaged by the Minotaur (Mon... - Audrey Grace

Ravaged by the Minotaur (Mon...Audrey Grace

Pam works on a farm, and a new farm hand is set to start. His name is Dallas, and he’s a gorgeous young man. Pam instantly has the hots for him. They find a moment alone, sitting together at sunset, and passion ignites. But everything goes … more

Ravaged by the Minotaur (Monster on the Farm)
Audrey Grace
Gay Hollywood Nights - Layla Hart

Gay Hollywood NightsLayla Hart

Average wait: N/A

When Cass tags along with his girlfriend to an acting class, the last person he expects to meet is Dallas Avery, the star of his favorite show. He can hardly believe his luck. Not only is Dallas totally down to earth, he’s also invited Cass… more

Gay Hollywood Nights
Layla Hart
Dallas and the Spitfire: An ... - Ted Kluck, Dallas Jahncke

Dallas and the Spitfire: An ...Ted Kluck, Dallas Jahncke

Average wait: N/A

A Suburban Dad and an Ex Con Show What Discipleship Looks LikeTed is an educated thirty-something father of two who’s been going to church his whole life. Dallas is a twenty-one-year-old former cocaine addict with a prison record who has re… more

Dallas and the Spitfire: An Old Car, an Ex-Con, and an Unlikely Friendship
Ted Kluck, Dallas Jahncke
Bethany House Publishers , English